Strange Video Games I Played as a Kid

Jaiden Animations
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These games almost gave me a nostalgic aneurysm
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And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D Hope you have as great a day as those conga line barbies

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Jul 14, 2019




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Comments 80
amy pizza
amy pizza Hour ago
I got an ad right after she sad" I love this part" I was like wow then I relize it's an real ad so yeah
emerald Gacha
emerald Gacha 4 hours ago
when i was young my parents gave me and my siblings each 100 dollars and i decided to get a gaming console and a few games for it
Demiya Robertson
Demiya Robertson 4 hours ago
The last one I have at my grandma house yes I love it
Ilana Scher
Ilana Scher 7 hours ago
maybe in the first spongebob game the reason that the gravity is bricks is because you are bricks
psycho and sans
psycho and sans 8 hours ago
I also will 100 lose at connect 4
mR pEnCiL
mR pEnCiL 10 hours ago
Battle for bikini bottom is getting a remake
Prism 12 hours ago
Maddy Mutis
Maddy Mutis 13 hours ago
¿you are a friend of theodds1out right?
Gely Davila
Gely Davila 15 hours ago
I played zoo tycoon D's when I was a kid
Jenny Hoegdwyer
Jenny Hoegdwyer 15 hours ago
1:27 How I feel about fortnite
Itz_hayzie playz
Itz_hayzie playz 16 hours ago
Im was begging dad for a nintendo and the game tomodachi life
Liam 123
Liam 123 16 hours ago
Jaden they have Battle for bikini bottom remastered lol
Samantha Basabas
Samantha Basabas 18 hours ago
My favourite parts: 0:00 1:25 1:39 3:48 4:35 7:55
Myron Zoe Cameron
Jaiden do u know about SpongeBob BFBB Rehydrated (Well Remastered) U gotta live stream two parts 1 half to the other
bubblymations yt
JAIDEN is sadistic She ran over the children
Leafsprout Day ago
i lowkey had barbie groovy games '--'
Kill Me
Kill Me Day ago
Jaiden:and this is my favorite par.. Ad:PaMpErS BuY ThEm NOw
E Barker
E Barker Day ago
1:18 you littery did a new game yesterday
Purplefox_xx Afton
Misti Sharp
Misti Sharp Day ago
TheMystery Channel
Me also
Mireya Meza
Mireya Meza Day ago
At my house i have a game boi color :3 :D :B
Starstable lover13
I have the game boy Advanced and the Pokémon gold Version game
Hollow Potato
0:12 Jaden is being a psychopath
chrager143 2
chrager143 2 Day ago
0:12 getting hit by a car
flame_ Gaming09
Did anyone notice that Jadien hates ALL the games she played as a kid? Besides the last 2 Games
Adam ODonnell
i have that same gameboy advenced divice
Simon Williams
Draughts is the British name! *Goes outside and yells* I am a brit and proud.
whatsup BOIZ
whatsup BOIZ Day ago
Play "Spongebob: battle for bikini bottom rehydrated"
Zack The hedgehog
Why didn’t you get sonic advance 2 or just advance?
Frida Lawrence
jaiden: I like this part *ad*
Gabbiez_5 Day ago
My first videogame experience is my Nintendo switch lite.
Brandon Carbone
Brandon Carbone 2 days ago
Remastered Verizon
Zeferino Resendiz
3:09 there making a new version of spongebob battle for bikini bottom coming in June 2020
Zeferino Resendiz
0:49 early meatton
Floyd Flowers
Floyd Flowers 2 days ago
I had the spongeBob plug-in and the Nickelodeon plug-in
Misa Ticha
Misa Ticha 2 days ago
Botswana way and then and people were scared and then you can walk and you can drive a house underwater in nodosus I think because I thought you to school I know I said you are stupid going on a game about it bye-bye
SUN_ IS44C21
SUN_ IS44C21 2 days ago
3:14 I noticed you had a chicken spongebob under yo dresser but Little Yellow Book came out in 2013
Nathan Taal
Nathan Taal 2 days ago
The SpongeBob game... Im a teen and played it alot ago like a year ago on a Gameboy/DS untill the divice broke. It was really fun and i missed every jump as well
Hugo Cabrera
Hugo Cabrera 2 days ago
Bubbles more like buffles
Gaming With the Bunny
Jaiden: I liked this RUvid: *gives me ad. Me: f u RUvid
The video I watched before this I had a ad for battle for bikini bottom rehydrated. It’s a game that’s coming out idk when but I was wondering if you are going to make a video about it
Ava Ebel
Ava Ebel 2 days ago
I saw that too
Xiurong Chen
Xiurong Chen 2 days ago
I thought when you said your name this is what I thought this is like my name cause my name is Jayden
Su Clement
Su Clement 2 days ago
Seriously Jaiden why do you like games
Fiona 2 days ago
I was watching this video and then, An ad called: “Play SpongeBob”
Iluminotidoge23 2 days ago
I thought if you went under light the game would be dark
The Gamer Bros
The Gamer Bros 2 days ago
why is the water in the water?????????/
Toaster 2 days ago
you know battle for bikini bottom 2 is coming out
Cute Gamer Girl
Cute Gamer Girl 2 days ago
The best feelings ever is starting a new game. Very true, it feels amazing, almost as amazing as eating healthy food 🙂
dragon born is life
Their remaking the spongbob game
Aga Taupo
Aga Taupo 3 days ago
Game boi
Jaiden: but i liked this part Ad: LOOKS CLEAN BUT SMELLS DIRTY
Omega werewolf
Omega werewolf 3 days ago
8:11 that is terrifyingly accurate animation to the show
sarko Syr
sarko Syr 3 days ago
I like how she drew sponge bob characters its like the the real sponge bob artists
Kirby Sonic Pikachu fan 2432
New Battle of bikini bottom is this on steroids
Kirby Sonic Pikachu fan 2432
:Me 11 What kind of trash is this :also me play Mario maker 2 hot garbage
That sponge bob game is how people should be how they deal with restaurants right now lol
Jiuruzart 3 days ago
Why is she jaitaro at 0:43
Jiuruzart 3 days ago
0:42 Jaiden is Jaitaro
Cameron Molloy
Cameron Molloy 3 days ago
Play the GameCube battle for bikini bottom, it’s considered to be on the same level as stuff like Mario 64
Timmi Tanga
Timmi Tanga 3 days ago
hey Jaiden there making a new remake of battle for bikini bottom
rhino Rizi
rhino Rizi 3 days ago
If you really like plug'n'play you should play the Spiderman plug'n'play
Jayden Destroyer0
When I watched the pokemon animal first I WAS OBSESSED WITH POKEMON AND I LOVE IT STILL BUT I HAVE A NEW FAVORITE VIDEO GAMES and yes until I was 11 ahem until last year my favorite color was Pink BUT NOW I LOVE BLACK AND RED
Jayden Destroyer0
I was like 2 when I first played my gamboy Advanced.
vicki runnion
vicki runnion 3 days ago
hi i am a big fan i am 8 you are so funny!!!!
JALR 1976
JALR 1976 3 days ago
She ruined my childhood of spongebob ):
Crystal hu3ueuejen
Jayden boy by you do the Mario on your on your Game Boy play Mario on your Game Boy
Ana Igranje
Ana Igranje 3 days ago
Random Child
Random Child 3 days ago
0:50 what should we name this game sir? Hmmmm..... let’s call it A GAME.
Beta Firewolf
Beta Firewolf 4 days ago
Hey Jaiden there's a new Spongebob game coming out called battle for bikini bottom rehydrated which seems sooooo much better than the one you played you should try it.
Gaming pro bros Kim
Jadien don't let your self down.
buiebros 4 days ago
The robots in BFBB are more evil in the GameCube version
Monisha browning
Monisha browning 4 days ago
jaiden there remakeing spongebob bftkb on nintendo switch can you buy it
a guy who makes videos
Yay spongebob
Noble Destin
Noble Destin 4 days ago
Hey Jaiden look at 5:10 - 5:13
sharkbait 123
sharkbait 123 4 days ago
I had the sponge bob plug and play game.
Roman Nichols
Roman Nichols 4 days ago
Jaiden: and this was my Fav... ( ad comes ) Me: -_-
BC TV 4 days ago
“This dude straight up has a gun” ***30 Years Later*** Jaiden: I’M A CRIMINAL ON THE RUN LOLOLOL
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