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What happens when matter can’t get any denser yet somehow does? The answer - it becomes “strange.” Strange Stars may be the most massive stellar remnant that is just shy of forming a black hole. And they could be even cooler than black holes.
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Neutron stars are made of a substance known as Neutronium. It was thought that this was the densest form of matter possible but some theoretical physicists believe that at the core of some neutron stars the Neutronium breaks down even further, into quark matter. It may even evolve one step further into “strange matter", the densest and most stable substance in the universe.
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Written and hosted by Matt O’Dowd
Produced by Rusty Ward
Graphics by Grayson Blackmon
Made by Kornhaber Brown (www.kornhaberbrown.com)
Comments answered by Matt:
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Nov 16, 2016




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Comments 80
zeek placeholder
zeek placeholder 4 days ago
"...and I don't mean that in the same way your parents probably use the word" sadly rips cone alone in bed at 4am Really know your audience, huh PBS?
Darrell Campbell
Darrell Campbell 7 days ago
10,000 BC caveman with PhD
IMAN7THRYLOS 7 days ago
So super advanced aliens use weapons that fire neutronium shells and bombs out of strangelets. Just imagine such a species firing such weapons against planets and stars.
Robert Newhart
Robert Newhart 7 days ago
Would strange stars react with the electroweak force? Could that be what dark matter is made up of? Strange quarks?
Matthew Fodell
Matthew Fodell 8 days ago
Can someone ELI5: If protons consist of 2 up quarks & 1 down quark, & electrons aren’t made of quarks at all, then how does mashing electrons & protons together produce a mass of neutrons (which consist of 2 down quarks & 1 up quark)? Growing up I didn’t know much about quarks, so it seemed intuitive- electrons are negatively charged, protons are positively charged, so compress them together & you get a neutral charge... But thinking about it on the level of quarks & electrons it seems harder to wrap my head around.
TheOneAndOnlySame 12 days ago
7:20 good thing! enough of these theoretical physicists gangs !
Karl West
Karl West 17 days ago
The weird in this video goes to 11
GD Spam King
GD Spam King 19 days ago
Hey, an idea: BEC of Na Atoms, heated up to 10000° With a laser, and see what happens
david c akers
david c akers 21 day ago
llm ( 2 finger salute )
Joshua Witt
Joshua Witt 22 days ago
Kill the land fish drug bees. "Community narrative preference is a lie", not land fish drug bees?
Joshua Witt
Joshua Witt 22 days ago
All of your ancestors
Bleach 23 days ago
Madness! Pure madness!
Daniel Bonnett
Daniel Bonnett 26 days ago
Oh dumb, that’s a small and reliable word. Just like the motorcycle, it’s performs when called upon get;
zzasdfwas Month ago
Well, if there are strange stars, why not charmed stars? And top/bottom stars? Is there a sweet spot in mass that could allow that without collapsing into a black hole?
Mario Todorov
Mario Todorov Month ago
Scientis have observed supernovas, but have they ever observed or witnessed the birt of a star? Are New Stars being born in the Last century?
Sababugs112 22 days ago
I am no expert so dont quote me but stars from gradually with condensing dust and air mostly hydrogen so its hard to observe on a human time scale
Black bones
Black bones Month ago
Why strange matter is so stable ???
Lumity 6 Production
Patreon ...where we come...!!
checky monkey
checky monkey Month ago
That was a very dense vid pun very much intended 😈
Dave Month ago
1987A neutron star found last year in december!
Narcat Month ago
WTQ Strange Matter... AKA... What The Quark? Ahhh Australia, even our Nerds are cool... (sorry Hank)
Peter Whitlock
Peter Whitlock Month ago
I am impressed with the data I am pleased.
slimj091 Month ago
Strange Stars like Gary Busey?
Rick Fox
Rick Fox Month ago
Why does the Strange Star have to stop there? Why not Bottom Stars?
Sunanda Gupta
Sunanda Gupta Month ago
Lets be honest here. Neutron stars are just failed black holes.
Darkblade 1995221
So what would black holes be made of? They must be squished even further then quarks in strange stars.
Supersonic Tumbleweed
Cool. Add the remaining difference in mass and get a perfect black hole on demand! With minimal mass possible! Very convenient. Imagine sending a probe into a strange star and accidentally causing it to further it's collapse. Someone's going to be fired lol
Derek Stockley
Derek Stockley Month ago
Don't call me "comrade"! 😡
Kyle Gruber
Kyle Gruber Month ago
Monsters in the math should be a series. Give us more monsters.
Alexander Denney
"Its strange" "Perhaps. who am I to judge."
kbryancourville Month ago
Sounds like we're getting closer to understanding what a black hole really is
quark is the german word for cottage cheese
go man
go man Month ago
Hindi subtitles ☺️☺️
Stephan Marinovic
Great video series. I have been hooked on these for a few days. I love the response to the question at 11:20.
Rey'sWorld 2 months ago
Anyone else speed up the video because if not it's boring?
mack FN
mack FN 2 months ago
5:08 is this about stars or cheat codes in gta
MendedBTW 2 months ago
If quark matter does exist doesn’t that mean all black holes are made up of quark matter.
Darcy Vance
Darcy Vance 2 months ago
This host irks me, just read the script mate, no need to practice your acting the whole time.
Mini Pooh
Mini Pooh 2 months ago
Is black hole the machine of forming the planet to be roundshape?
Jack Black
Jack Black 2 months ago
why can this dude not pronuciate? i'm so confused, isn't he learned?
Anarchy Antz
Anarchy Antz 2 months ago
Strange Stars. The Lindsey Lohan's of the universe.
Noxmiles 2 months ago
Did he say Mon-Star?
Crusher O'Lies
Crusher O'Lies 2 months ago
it makes perfect sense that more mass and more gravity forces neutrons into their constituent parts. quark stars would be the last phase before singularity, unless there is something smaller than quarks and their associated sub-atomic particles. eventually youll squish stuff down with enough mass to turn back into an all energy no matter state like the time at the beginning of this universe.
AnimeShinigami13 2 months ago
I'm curious what would happen to our bodies if we touched a few random quarks from a particle accelerator.
BradleySevenfold 2 months ago
Anyone else get judged for being interested in all of this? Yeah me to...
kevin Leonard
kevin Leonard 2 months ago
QuantenMagier 2 months ago
How can a neutron star have a magnetic field, when neutrons are not charged?
Protheus 2 months ago
This is my favourite episode of PBS SpaceTime.
i thought i was big on learning astronomy and physics....Im over here totally confused.
John Buick
John Buick 2 months ago
Just checked all the comments and don't see any in all CAPS so you must have NOT said anything dumb. Great video, I love STRANGE.
SAP 23
SAP 23 2 months ago
Bruh, if I can believe "we evolved through monkeys from legged fish, from bacteria from the ocean soup, inevitabley at random at a Gawagawagawagillionth to .000001 odds... I can believe there are "planets" made of Italian wafer biscuits and chocolate oceans where if it doesn't rain gummy bears it storms maple ketchup. That's 10 to the twillyun biwyun catillilianth, and you don't want to be there when that goes off..or on.
eessppeenn001 2 months ago
For ever and ever and ever and ever... huh? I'mma chack back in year 267 495
PrussianBoi 3 months ago
2020 is the best year of my life
Brian Beswick
Brian Beswick 3 months ago
How can down quarks convert to strange quarks? Aren’t they elementary particles? Doesn’t such a conversion indicator that they aren’t elementary particles and have internal structures? Is it possible that quarks are composed of gluons and that gluons are more than just a force carrying particles, and under these extreme conditions the gluons are packed together at near plank length density. Perhaps the core of a strange star is the proposed gluball?
Michael Kelligan
Michael Kelligan 3 months ago
Strange stars.....Kevin Spacey,John Travolta and Tom Cruise to name three. 😂😂😂😉
Lutz der Lurch
Lutz der Lurch 3 months ago
I really would apreciate if , for once, things like ‚thin crust‘ woul be quantified. In astronomy, things are often relative, and neutron stars are especially weird. So: how thin is ‚thin‘? A few mm? A few m? A few kilometers? Just a general hint at the order of magnitude would be neat
Simon Tracer
Simon Tracer 3 months ago
What about when you mention taking measurement or stars and galaxy drift. Are you aware you didn't mention that 2 billion light years away is in the past. And the current position needs to be worked out? Because that's what i heard you not say. But you know better. I am sure of it.
Casey Ray Harris. Esquire
General theory of relativity and quantum mechanics dont jive, the rules of one don't apply to the other. What are the implications of this?
Casey Ray Harris. Esquire
@Lünkel i didn't need PBS to figure that out
Lünkel 3 months ago
The implications are that we are bad at understanding the universe
HenryManson 3 months ago
would a neutron star collapse into a black hole, if you could slow down their spin?! isnt that the only force stopping their collapse? or are there "slow" or not rotating neutron stars out there, or even possible?!
CRY0RAPT0R 4 months ago
Would you like some cheese with those quarkers?
Aкула 4 months ago
Joshua Bonner
Joshua Bonner 4 months ago
It bugs the sh** out of me that people refer to black holes into which things fall. A black hole is anything whose escape velocity is greater than the speed of light. It's not a hole into which things fall. Also, I've never seen a video talking about hawking radiation causing a black hole to revert either. If you had a black hole whose escape velocity was just barely greater than C and hawking radiation caused the black hole to slowly lose mass, then eventually, the escape velocity would be less than C and the black hole should revert. The basic laws of Physics dictate that information can't disappear from the universe so that implies that blacks holes can't be infinitely dense with infinitely small size which in turn implies that a black hole has a surface, albeit a surface within the event horizon.
och-er nee
och-er nee 4 months ago
chuckschilling 4 months ago
"Dark energy is real" In the sense that physicists still do not understand what it is that is causing the universe to expand at an accelerative rate and have named this gap in their knowledge "dark energy", you are completely correct!
Den O
Den O 4 months ago
If there was ever a guy who was secretly a werewolf...
Nicole Paul
Nicole Paul 4 months ago
What if new space(dark energy) spawns inside of a strange quark star?
NegativeBurn 4 months ago
you are a gross shill
joshua ray Indac
joshua ray Indac 4 months ago
This guys reminds me of negan from the walking dead 😃
Rittermann 4 months ago
Would a strange star emmit any light. And if yes, what kind of?
Hafiz H. Barakzahi
Hafiz H. Barakzahi 4 months ago
7:44 that's mewtoo
alan smithee
alan smithee 4 months ago
Doesn't strangeness have to be conserved? How does this work?
dustysoodak 4 months ago
Just realized that the starfield background is slowly moving.
Michael O
Michael O 4 months ago
"Stars made entirely of quarks" Well technically...
CommissionerSleer 19 days ago
@GD Spam King If by that you mean "they have quarks in them" then... well... obviously... like everything else. My point is no star is made "entirely" of quarks.
GD Spam King
GD Spam King 19 days ago
@CommissionerSleer he means all stars are made of quarks
CommissionerSleer 2 months ago
Not really. The mass of electrons, neutrinos, etc. in the sun would be not inconsiderable. A tiny fraction of course but not negligible.
Larsanator 4 months ago
Patreon is ANTI Free Speech. Do Not use their service. medium.com/@louisarthuroneill/the-fall-of-patreon-the-narrowing-of-free-speech-68798148f05c
randolph timm
randolph timm 4 months ago
This question probably isn't addressed in this article, but perhaps can be in another. Crab's pulsar rotates around 30 rps I believe. Is that, then, the frequency of the RF? If not, then what is and how is it generated?
What Ever
What Ever 4 months ago
My god, I just realised I am too old to understand this and we have to leave this for younger generations, who actually care for this bullshit
Himm True
Himm True 5 months ago
just wandering, hypothetically, if there are 3 infinite things, and you were to randomly select from them, which one would be selected? each of them are infinitely larger than the others meaning there would constantly be infinitely more of a chance for one out of the three to be selected. In this scenario, would you just give up and assume that they are all equally infinite, thus making them all just as likely, or would you instead keep chasing the fact that each is infinitely more likely than the last?
moody rick
moody rick 5 months ago
Please clear up the confusion, is a supernova the most powerful explosion, or are GBR's?
Benny Marshall
Benny Marshall 5 months ago
It can't be easy to deliver physics with charisma.
Vinson 5 months ago
I went from battle of the PBS stars straight to this.
Trylon 5 months ago
I'm confused, are all neutron stars pulsars? Or all pulsars are neutron stars, but some just stay more calm as neutron stars?
Trylon 4 months ago
Thank you.
randolph timm
randolph timm 4 months ago
I'm going to go out on a limb here and hope someone corrects me if I'm wrong. A neutron is merely a proton that has absorbed an electron. The masses add up as far as I can tell and the charges do, too.
randolph timm
randolph timm 4 months ago
A pulsar (from pulse and -ar as in quasar)[1] is a highly magnetized rotating neutron star that emits beams of electromagnetic radiation out of its magnetic poles.
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