Strange Condiments Taste Test

Good Mythical Morning
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We try and guess where condiments are from just by their taste. GMM #956!
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Aug 12, 2016




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Comments 60
XAutumnXFlowerX 2 days ago
I think tartar sauce is also pretty common in the US.
Bailey Martin
Bailey Martin 3 days ago
They miss calculated the score at the beginning after the second round link had 82 but Rhett should have had 95 instead he had 80
Rebecca Watts
Rebecca Watts 4 days ago
Sometimes I come back to this episode just for the jufran joke
Christian Pederson
I own the same shirt rhett’s wearing! 🤤
Dati Barbakadze
Dati Barbakadze 7 days ago
honnimint won
honnimint won 10 days ago
arabella skarke
arabella skarke 11 days ago
whos jufran? me. amazing content
VictimInSuburbia 11 days ago
My family's from Paraguay!!
Victoria Caedo
Victoria Caedo 14 days ago
Rhett and the crew keep forgetting that Link won the first ever game of "Where in the World" :D
Devan Boffa
Devan Boffa 17 days ago
this is like in jeopardy when they purposely win by one point
Jake Koehler
Jake Koehler 19 days ago
This episode was so awkward with no Stevie :(
Bryson Rock
Bryson Rock 19 days ago
Link leads 1-0
Nagham Elbanna
Nagham Elbanna 20 days ago
and that’s ladies and gentlemen where this masterpiece series started
Nagham Elbanna
Nagham Elbanna 20 days ago
i kinda miss this intro
Malvina Sarjveladze
Tkemali is very good with scrambled eggs
tarra wells
tarra wells 21 day ago
I wish you guys would do an international school lunch dart game.
Daniel Powers
Daniel Powers 24 days ago
We dont get to see link win a game straight up no cheats nice
Ahmed Khan
Ahmed Khan 24 days ago
Why isn’t Stevie hereee I’m soo used to her
Carrus Brick Productions
Love the carmen San Diego intro
Megan Davis
Megan Davis Month ago
Bovril is NOT a condiment!!!
NCR Ranger
NCR Ranger Month ago
5:08 Rhett should have 95 instead of 80
Tim’s Hot Takes
The one that started it all...
christian Month ago
That was some wonky math. Too many millennials working on set lol
jess ayre
jess ayre Month ago
that is not how you consume bovril
Kevin Hicks
Kevin Hicks Month ago
bad way to start
Jesse Groomes
Jesse Groomes Month ago
Yah girl knows I got the sauce. Raw sauce
thefourshowflip Month ago
“In America, when you say condiment, we think: 1) mustard 2) mayo 3) ketchup Or any combination of the two...” Umm...combination of the three? 🤣
Jack William Taylor
I’m planning on spending my day watching all of these. Can’t think of a better way to spend an evening than 6 and a half hours of these dumbasses
Lethal Chicken
Lethal Chicken Month ago
35 + 60 =/= 80
Jon Hohensee
Jon Hohensee Month ago
Gee... another food episode.
Fenrir 0__0
Fenrir 0__0 Month ago
Where are all the comments about the 2 round fives.
JonO387 Month ago
Was this the first dart challenge?
Jade Month ago
Omg the way Americans say “bovril” 😂😂😂😂😂😂 it’s pronounced “bov-rul”
TokuTickler Month ago
"That's not a mustache. That's a Bovril smudge." - Noel Fielding
Scott Evdo
Scott Evdo Month ago
Oh nvm they adjusted it and fixed it after the third round. I hadn't watched the third round until just now, my bad. Keep up the great content guys, I love you're channel👍🤙
Hamdi Month ago
harissa its actually a tunisian thing just saying
Sypher Rogue
Sypher Rogue Month ago
Bovril is not a sauce, not is vegimite they are both spreads, you eat Bovril on toast,not on other foods like a sauce,
David peters
David peters 10 days ago
But your using Bovril on toast. Isn’t toast another food. So bovril is then a sauce.
Jeff Pray
Jeff Pray Month ago
Who's rewatching GMM series during the Corona isolation?..
Jeff Pray
Jeff Pray Month ago
I'm hung like an elephant🥒🐘
Sarah Flanigan
Sarah Flanigan Month ago
"I was feelin peens!" - Link Neal
Anthony M
Anthony M Month ago
who did the math in this episode??
Stephanie Collins
I like that stevie wasn't involved
kimii xDD
kimii xDD 2 months ago
Mention the Philippines and watch the entire country flood you with comments 🇵🇭
kimii xDD
kimii xDD 2 months ago
Laura —
Laura — 2 months ago
“It’s like golf but with darts because you aim to get the lowest score”. So it’s like darts??
DieWespe 2 months ago
That's...that's not how you pronounce Bovril. Why are Americans incapable of pronouncing anything English properlu?
Krum Petrov
Krum Petrov 2 months ago
Yeah, 35 + 60 is definitely 80 :) gj GMM
Rachel Sato
Rachel Sato 2 months ago
You could literally make a joke about almost everything R&L say, they’re just so funny😂
hooliodevil6996 2 months ago
OMG is this the first of many epic dart throwing games?? And link actually won??
E E Month ago
Came here to find this answer
Angie Ando
Angie Ando 2 months ago
You are totally mispronouncing BOVRIL...!
cassandra sotos
cassandra sotos 2 months ago
I love Link
Nick Stoker
Nick Stoker 2 months ago
Yung VR3P
Yung VR3P 2 months ago
Hello corona
A R K 2 months ago
That Bovir- whatever isn't from the UK, i lived here my whole life and i've never seen or heard of it
Steve Jayes
Steve Jayes 2 months ago
Bovril is NOT a sauce, it's a drink
Jenna Rush
Jenna Rush 2 months ago
This quarantine has got me re watching EVERY SINGLE GMM video. Not complaining tho.
IglooEH 2 months ago
35 + 60 is 95 not 80 5:07
Sir Underbridge
Sir Underbridge 2 months ago
In Italy, the only condiment they use is olive oil. Want ketchup? have some olive oil on your fries. want mustard? put some olive oil on your sandwich. In america restaruants have little caddies for ketchup mustard salt and pepper, in Italy you just get 4 olive oils and everyone gets their own.
RED REBEL 2 months ago
When I had my mum tried my Vegemite she definitely thought it was Bovril, I guess those two taste practically the same.
SIDEMEN BANTS 2 months ago
The only episode where Link seems to play reasonably well with his loogic lol
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