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Sup dudes and dudettes,
I promise I’m not having an identity crisis, just wanted to switch it up a lil ;)
Alfredo was not fond of my new hair do :(
hugs and kisses,
Jennelle and Alfredo
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Nov 13, 2019




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Comments 11 015
Laura Monica
Laura Monica 41 minute ago
Can you Tell me what flat iron she use?
Californiaman 1122
Californiaman 1122 56 minutes ago
You're amazing,no flattery 👌
lolxlmao Hour ago
Come to the UK in the van
anxiety & sadness
anxiety & sadness 2 hours ago
Nobody: Literally no one: Jennelle: *today is the day*
Amelka_05 2 hours ago
What kind of snake is this? ❤️
Andrea Solorzano
Andrea Solorzano 3 hours ago
i dont even care if ur channel is fake, you're so cute & entertaining to watch lol
Yey Facebook
Yey Facebook 3 hours ago
I love her life☺️
Shayar Muradkhan
Shayar Muradkhan 4 hours ago
You haven’t posted in a while, is everything okay...?
Aditi Mishra
Aditi Mishra 5 hours ago
she was in the yt rewind:PP
K. Brassi
K. Brassi 5 hours ago
We miss you & Alfredo ☹️
chyna Jimenez
chyna Jimenez 7 hours ago
😓Girl you gotta upload a video i miss y'all♥
Wonder Hazell
Wonder Hazell 8 hours ago
Corliss Baker
Corliss Baker 9 hours ago
Am i the only one who was super happy when i sent her on tv
Anawio saquri
Anawio saquri 9 hours ago
Este es el canal artificial? ;o
Mighty DaMouse
Mighty DaMouse 9 hours ago
Your so 😍
Temp Email
Temp Email 10 hours ago
This is an intelligent amazing women
Eric Simpson
Eric Simpson 10 hours ago
Looks like you made it on "Ozzy Man" review 2019...
Joshua Santiago
Joshua Santiago 11 hours ago
Nicee van, kinda inspires me to travel in one with someone. Could use some advice
xXBubblers Xx
xXBubblers Xx 11 hours ago
I saw your ad it was really good
Catherine Terry
Catherine Terry 11 hours ago
Shakila Kelly
Shakila Kelly 12 hours ago
We need more Post
Oliwia 13 hours ago
Today is a day this make my day
That Random girl
That Random girl 13 hours ago
I love your channel your van is so cozy it's like an asmr video just makes me happy 😁
Angie Escobar
Angie Escobar 13 hours ago
Mom: Watch something educational on RUvid! Me:FINE!! Still me:maybe I can watch a little bit of Jenelle? Still me:😮😮😮so that’s how you eat a cupcake!! Mom:so wut did you learn?! Me:MOM I LEARN HOW TO EAT A CUPCAKE!! Mom:REally😒 Idk why I made a whole story in the comments 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😩😂😂
Han_a 7777
Han_a 7777 13 hours ago
She’s So cute and beautiful💜💜
Evelyn TVD
Evelyn TVD 13 hours ago
I hate snakes!!
Aundreya Clopton
Aundreya Clopton 13 hours ago
I love your culy hair
Zed Kosso
Zed Kosso 13 hours ago
U quit ur job to post once a month really jennelle
Gaming Raja
Gaming Raja 14 hours ago
Just checking ... From rewind 😬
Felix Rosana
Felix Rosana 14 hours ago
Bro what kind of snake is that?
evaliannex 14 hours ago
im afraid of snakes but your amazing help
Arianna Turtles
Arianna Turtles 15 hours ago
You haven’t posted in a month are u ok
Alia Ahten
Alia Ahten 15 hours ago
Jennelle: Idk. Am I going through something....? Me: Same
Katie Orr
Katie Orr 15 hours ago
Where you been we miss you
Caterina Maesegaglia
Hai dell'elettricità nel tuo van?
madeby Mimi
madeby Mimi 16 hours ago
what app do u edit on
Ally Mae
Ally Mae 16 hours ago
Why does she live in the rv where are ur parents????🤔
Briana Garibay
Briana Garibay 16 hours ago
Girl I love you your my fav❤️ life hack : for clothes roll your clothes for more space! People think it wrinkles but if you roll them you will have 2x space!!❤️❤️😘😘💕💕 love ya
Music _Gacha
Music _Gacha 16 hours ago
She looks like cardi when she gets her extensions (but it looks great!)
Eliana aka LED
Eliana aka LED 17 hours ago
I just clicked on this video and then I saw she had the same name as me lol
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