Mama and Babiee
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Hope you guys enjoy my story time!
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Apr 5, 2019




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Comments 12 534
laura soto
laura soto 23 hours ago
Ofc she would listen to Mickey minach
Yara akk
Yara akk Day ago
All due respect but what the hell is that naaame!!
Faith Victor
Faith Victor Day ago
I'm legit 14 now and can't even look inna another boys direction without blushing like a fool or my dad shooting him down lmao😂
Alice's Hazel Rose
Besides the point but your hair is Gorgeous!
Sara Gonzalez
Watching your video brought back so many memories I was also a Teen Mom babies are amazing they're the best gift God can ever give
ExZabriel Phelps
ExZabriel Phelps 2 days ago
babiee is so cute
Alana Bachman
Alana Bachman 2 days ago
I just figured out that my best friend’s mom had her older sister at 18
Yoraima Mejia
Yoraima Mejia 2 days ago
Weird name but it's her choice and it's cute unique for her
Sherrilyn Granell
Have you seen in the video something weird by the girl when she have the baby like a gost in the minute 13:36 her right side
Samariah D Mims
Samariah D Mims 2 days ago
Her: somebody’s up Me: ahaha yeah somebody’s up u
Samariah D Mims
Samariah D Mims 2 days ago
Who the heck names there baby babiee like I’m confused
Sara Berete
Sara Berete 3 days ago
My mom would find a time machine go back and time during her pregnancy with me and have an abortion
Sara Berete
Sara Berete 3 days ago
This is why you don’t have kids at 14 and name them baby
Aiyana Hilderbrand
I wish you the best ☺
Bronsy SCD
Bronsy SCD 3 days ago
At 4:32 there’s an orb behind her head to the left that flies up😳
Juanita Collins Collins
She so cute
Samantha Melendez
estas creativa con el nombre
Kelli Kocha
Kelli Kocha 4 days ago
I’m sorry but who takes a pregnancy test as fun especially at 14?
Shyann Taylor
Shyann Taylor 4 days ago
Naming a child baby is like calling a dog dog
Nathaly Osorio
Nathaly Osorio 5 days ago
This lil girl it’s making me soooo mad 😡
SoldMyHo3OnEbay -
Yo when I was 14 I wasn’t busting nuts in girls nigga I was running from the cops
Jojo's Universe
Jojo's Universe 6 days ago
Babiee looks more like a Charolette. Super cute!!
Sophia Unicorn
Sophia Unicorn 7 days ago
Who tf would name their child baby
Emine Karabekir
Emine Karabekir 7 days ago
I think its fake because you cant have sev at the AGE OF 14 plus i bett its your lil sister btw not hate commend its just like its hard to belive at your age you have a baby i have respect for you:)
Emily Pérez-Elias
Her: yes the baby’s name Is baby Me: say sike right now !!
becky 3hunna
becky 3hunna 8 days ago
when you’re a baby having a baby and decide to name the baby baby
Olivia O'Rourke
Olivia O'Rourke 8 days ago
Woah, you are so comfortable with the Baibee.
A&J squad Squad
A&J squad Squad 8 days ago
Who names they baby babies
Trying to get -69 subscribers with no videos
Im turning 14 in 3 days *im not ready for pregnancy*
Liana L
Liana L 9 days ago
I don’t know why some people are so shook about her naming her kid babiee, she’s 14 what do you expect?💀
Lauren Pannell
Lauren Pannell 9 days ago
Dactyl 9 days ago
Wtf why would you have s3x at 14 geez
Georgia Herondale if ykyk
You can tell she’s a dumbass
Chloe Snowwhite
Chloe Snowwhite 10 days ago
Oh my God... She's so slow... Talks so show...
bitchin wolfhard
bitchin wolfhard 10 days ago
she named her child baby...wtf 🤦🏻‍♀️
Stea1lh 10 days ago
Baby only sounds like a remotely good name because I have watched dragon ball gt (Someone else here has to know what dragon ball z is right... right?)
Esidai Sabore
Esidai Sabore 10 days ago
Wow your so strong😭😭😭😍😍😍❤
willa dove
willa dove 10 days ago
i think i’m pregnant right now lmao fuck
Sophia Unicorn
Sophia Unicorn 7 days ago
Caroline Countryman
The mom was 15 when she got pregnant... she didn’t think to talk about birth control with her daughter? My mom was 15 and pregnant and ingrained it in her children. I will say she is VERY mature for her age and I think she will do better than 90% of moms in this situation. 🖤
Lilly Lewis
Lilly Lewis 11 days ago
You both are so beautiful! 😍
Erin Rose
Erin Rose 11 days ago
This would’ve been an ideal situation for adoption or abortion. Babies have no business raising babies.
Erin Rose
Erin Rose 11 days ago
A baby having a babiee. This is so sad.
Xhappy Girl
Xhappy Girl 12 days ago
Baby is a really special name, and Beautifull.
VibesWithAyanna 12 days ago
her name remind me from jane the virgin her dad named his child baby 😂
Kelly Waffles
Kelly Waffles 13 days ago
Hey its like in the show Jane the Virgin...
Ashley Polizzi
Ashley Polizzi 14 days ago
Why y'all enjoy hateimg on her
Claira Eastman
Claira Eastman 14 days ago
I can’t even imagine telling my mom about being pregnant at 14 I probably would have just waited until I had the baby and then just be like surprise
Adventure Clout
Adventure Clout 14 days ago
I don’t even get out of the house enough at 14 to have this possibly happen to me
Jayden20509 Lol
Jayden20509 Lol 14 days ago
Jayden20509 Lol
Jayden20509 Lol 14 days ago
Tanya Jones
Tanya Jones 14 days ago
I really hope u and ur baby have a good life!! I know it's got to be very hard!!
Tanya Jones
Tanya Jones 14 days ago
She got a pregnancy test and took for fun?
Amelia Xoxo
Amelia Xoxo 14 days ago
Wait at 5:50 she said she was 15 and pregnant
qt. tayyy
qt. tayyy 15 days ago
Im sorry... You named your *child* baibee?.. I- out of all the names in the world...
cynthia lynn
cynthia lynn 15 days ago
Mama: "its gonna ruin our dinner." Her sister: " just tell me I'm ur sister" I WOULD NEVER TRUST MY SISTER LMAO
Madison Lemons
Madison Lemons 15 days ago
I’m a teen mom and I make videos. I got pregnant at 15, had my daughter at 16. I’m now 18 & my daughter will be 2 this month
DRYYP DA WOLF 15 days ago
If I got a girl pregnant at 15 it’s gonna be a cold case on god😅
Ashley Rood
Ashley Rood 15 days ago
How old are you
abigail Deprey
abigail Deprey 16 days ago
you guys should defintatly legally change her name
Rebekah Minnick
Rebekah Minnick 16 days ago
sooo at 5:51 in the video she says shes 15 but the title says shes 14 sooo how old are you?
Susan K
Susan K 16 days ago
is her name rlly baby-
Babyy_ Marii
Babyy_ Marii 16 days ago
Her:hey baby Baby:hey mommy Her:not u sweetie your father Baby:oh your a meanie Her:baby come back here Baby:I'm changing my name Her:no your not Me:that's stuff
Jackie Tomas
Jackie Tomas 16 days ago
such a horrible name
m o o n l i g h t
m o o n l i g h t 16 days ago
im sorry if i sound rude, but i dont think *_babiee_* is a normal name...
Killa Kay
Killa Kay 17 days ago
the dad is so pathetic ...
Harley Renae
Harley Renae 17 days ago
sis. im 16 and had a baby. you are 14 and had a baby. no judgment here. but that is a terrible name. 🤧
K Smith
K Smith 17 days ago
I’m 25 and still afraid to tell my parents I’m pregnant when I do have children🤣
Kirsten Dash
Kirsten Dash 17 days ago
what it do babiee
sonja s
sonja s 19 days ago
Who else I'd here cuz of LOKEY?!?
Jose Almaguer
Jose Almaguer 19 days ago
U seem like a TERRIFIC mom
Skrtt Nickyy
Skrtt Nickyy 21 day ago
How does this girl say she was hiding it for 6 months but at 12:43 She says 7 months or 8 months.Like what?
Alia Mohamed
Alia Mohamed 21 day ago
Her child: Her: *baby*
Nini Nicole
Nini Nicole 21 day ago
RUvid channel coming soon. How I Got Pregnant At 18 | My story. Hope yall can subscribe ♡ & show support , promise y'all won't regret ittt!!
melloxmello 21 day ago
im laughing thinking about when shes 80 at a doctors appointment they gonna call out baby and a old lady gonna get up
Mckenzie Tobin
Mckenzie Tobin 22 days ago
She’s a cutie!💗
Greta Helfter
Greta Helfter 22 days ago
I’m not hating but she should really go by her middle name unless if it is worse
MM M 22 days ago
You should put that baby up for adoption, then she could actually have a decent life with someone who is actually qualified to raise a child and won't give her a crap name. Good luck with the rest of your shitty life😂.
britt eckstein
britt eckstein 22 days ago
When I was 12, I punched a guy because he said he liked me
Ella Hancock
Ella Hancock 23 days ago
imagine being an adult called babiee
Ella Marsden
Ella Marsden 23 days ago
who TF names a baby baby, like im sorry do you want your child to be fucking bullied
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