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Mama and Babiee
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Hope you guys enjoy my story time!
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Apr 5, 2019




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Comments 10 638
Harry Hemmings
Harry Hemmings 2 hours ago
Her at 14: *pregnant* Me at 17: *watching cartoons*
Megan Harris
Megan Harris 2 hours ago
*looks at child coughing likes it’s interrupting the video*
Catherine Kinard
Catherine Kinard 3 hours ago
*takes pregnancy test and comes out positive* “nope. i’m not pregnant” WhAt Do YoU mEaN nO?!¿¡
zamariah carter
zamariah carter 3 hours ago
LIKES represent How many times she said AND 😭
Willow W.
Willow W. 3 hours ago
You can buy condoms at a gas station for like 5 bucks. Any protection is better than no protection.
Sierra C
Sierra C 3 hours ago
You guys are fucking assholes and bullies your selves! Support her don’t pull her down it’s never easy for anyone at first at her age or even people older having there first baby. I seen no issue with this video! Grow up and act like adults and maybe people like you in the world wouldn’t be hated!
girlygirl1447 4 hours ago
Can someone tell me why I watched this for 15 minutes?
Madison Helton
Madison Helton 4 hours ago
Mama: She is asleep but I will show you her when she wakes up. ~Later~ *Baby sneezes* Me:WTF
Brittany Fife
Brittany Fife 5 hours ago
Full support
Danica Thornton
Danica Thornton 5 hours ago
Are you ganna keep her name babie
Rhianna Bramble
Rhianna Bramble 5 hours ago
her smile is so pretty wth
makenzie kerns
makenzie kerns 6 hours ago
her - *talks about how her OWN baby was born* also her -* sorry this was a Boring video*
makenzie kerns
makenzie kerns 6 hours ago
baby- *coughs* her-*gets mad at baby for coughing*
makenzie kerns
makenzie kerns 6 hours ago
how tf did noone notice she had a big ass bump at almost 6 months 🤦🏻‍♀️‼️
Lil Tay
Lil Tay 6 hours ago
No one gives a fuck about you or your life you stupid little hoe it's money way bitch
Marie Dysfunctional
That’s a cute kid
Lil Tay
Lil Tay 6 hours ago
I wish I was a fourteen-year-old slut then I'd have 50k subscribers
Crypto_ Sloth_
Crypto_ Sloth_ 6 hours ago
Best of luck now and for the future x
Kaylee Clifton
Kaylee Clifton 7 hours ago
Girl , I really love this for you . So so much . Young moms out here really making it work. ❤️
Shawny Marg
Shawny Marg 7 hours ago
fuck the haters, you’re strong for talking and posting about such a sensitive subject. i wish the best for you and your baby
Ahmya Ksisi
Ahmya Ksisi 7 hours ago
H.O.E you're fucking dirty
Rachel Rae
Rachel Rae 7 hours ago
*sees on RUvid recommended* *sees again on recommended* Okay, RUvid. You win. I'm watching the video. ... Nope, I'm sorry but I can't sit through that.
Chubb N Puff Lewis
Chubb N Puff Lewis 7 hours ago
Why in the world name your baby "baby"
Jazlyn Hill
Jazlyn Hill 8 hours ago
“mY pArEnTs wErE SuPpOrTiVe” My parents would have drowned me 😂💀
Harmony 8 hours ago
No hate I think its a cute name but when did you name her baby like i said no hate love the name
black taco bell
black taco bell 8 hours ago
all you do is party and you never let brayden see the baby
andrea reyes
andrea reyes 8 hours ago
Did anyone else notice the 2 orbs at 13:37
kyleigh Jannisch
kyleigh Jannisch 8 hours ago
Baby is quite the name
Piano Master
Piano Master 8 hours ago
You could’ve atleast gave the baby a better name 🤦🏻‍♀️😂 cmon poor thing.
Nereschka Saavedra
Nereschka Saavedra 8 hours ago
Just wondering y did you name her babiee?
Beanie Boos
Beanie Boos 9 hours ago
At 14 i was worrying about homework, decorating my room and playing dress up with my dog 😶
Sophie M
Sophie M 9 hours ago
imagine how many people in the future are gonna think everyone is creepin on her
BemBem Plaz
BemBem Plaz 9 hours ago
Tbh, who would name their child “babiee” ??
Alyssa Mccain
Alyssa Mccain 9 hours ago
How old are u in this video
Adisynne Perez
Adisynne Perez 10 hours ago
I see all these comments about y’all making fun her of child’s name. Like shut up it’s her child she can name her whatever she wants!
Katie Wheeler
Katie Wheeler 10 hours ago
1. You had a positive pregnancy test and had the symptoms! Hint hint your obviously pregnant 2. You shouldn’t have even been having sex at 14! 3. CONDOMS! If you have sex 4. BIRTH CONTROL! If you’re sexually active 5. WHERE THE HELL WERE YOUR PARENTS! 6. Why the hell would you even take a pregnancy test if you had no indication that you were pregnant? 7. It’s not unfortunate that you got pregnant seems how you didn’t do anything to protect yourself from it happening when it is absolutely PREVENTABLE! 8. Hopefully you learned a lesson from this!
Nicole Lee
Nicole Lee 10 hours ago
I like that she looks over eveytime babie makes a noise
A C 11 hours ago
Girl, you should have been practicing fixing your eyebrows like every other 14 year old.
destiny nolan
destiny nolan 11 hours ago
'hEr & i hAvE a bOnD kInD oF lIkE a mOtHeR dAuGhTeR bOnD' . this bitch
Jazmin K
Jazmin K 11 hours ago
damn she 15 rn ugh yo family better then mine im getting kicked out baby or not😂
alexis thornburgh
alexis thornburgh 11 hours ago
Also since you aren’t old enough to get a job, it’s implied that your just expecting your parents to fund this entire child’s life ????? Like what the actual fuck girl .....
alexis thornburgh
alexis thornburgh 11 hours ago
Wait .... but why would you name your child babiee??? Like was that part of joke 😅😅😅 I fucking hope so
Thxng 2
Thxng 2 11 hours ago
....I’m so glad I’m gay💀
Brittany Nicole
Brittany Nicole 11 hours ago
Literally the dumbest name she could've thought of
Ocean Blue
Ocean Blue 11 hours ago
Did you mean to have, uh, s**
CherGal 12 hours ago
I just subscribed and liked and hit the bell to your channel. This is the first video of yours that I have watched, but heading now to watch more. You are very mature for your age and can tell you are a wonderful mommy with lots of love for your daughter. Blessings to you and your family. Keep the video's coming.
Nina Goldsmith
Nina Goldsmith 12 hours ago
So she made a yt channel just for this...?
Reneece Meredith
Reneece Meredith 13 hours ago
No hate the girl didn’t mean it so stop hating #you go girl
Josie M
Josie M 13 hours ago
Is your name teenager? Just wanna know
Nina Goldsmith
Nina Goldsmith 13 hours ago
Anyone ever: Name her Ella Coulda been anyone: Name her Sophie Anybody at all: Name her Chloe The whole world: Name her Amelia Nobody EVER: Name her Babiee
Yelena Smith
Yelena Smith 13 hours ago
Who names their kid babiee? I’m confused
Kristen alyse
Kristen alyse 13 hours ago
I’m too broke to have the time to even think about being pregnant at 14 😂
Lego K
Lego K 13 hours ago
Why do I feel like this is fake? lol.
Reilly I won’t tell you
Oml you so lucky your mom had a baby when she was 15, if she didn’t, somebody would be getting wooped.
Tyler E.
Tyler E. 14 hours ago
This is the irl version of not naming your Pokémon
Abbie ramsay
Abbie ramsay 14 hours ago
This is creepy it’s on my recommendations and last night I had a dream I was pregnant and gave birth...
Annelise Mann
Annelise Mann 14 hours ago
y’all over here hatin so much oml 💀
Jennifer Petterson
Jennifer Petterson 14 hours ago
I think she got the name "babiee" from Jane the virgin. Am i right? Hahaha
Jennifer Petterson
Jennifer Petterson 14 hours ago
If you watched this serie yk where i talk about 😉😂
Girl life Girl_xox
Girl life Girl_xox 15 hours ago
She is gorg xxx
Destiny Hosford
Destiny Hosford 15 hours ago
Why would you name your baby baby😒that is like the weirdest name why....
VOLËNA Love 15 hours ago
My mom would have been more mad about me naming her babiee
Nima Rahman
Nima Rahman 15 hours ago
i feel sorry for you ngl
Jenna Watson
Jenna Watson 15 hours ago
“Nobody puts baby in a corner” sorry I had too lol
Nima Rahman
Nima Rahman 15 hours ago
why would you name your child 'baby'? but you do you girl whatever
Lola Tangerine
Lola Tangerine 15 hours ago
Why was she ignoring the kid when it kept sneezing or coughing like I would at least check she’s alright
Keely Hale
Keely Hale 16 hours ago
Why is this a trend now?? Its ridiculous I'm 22 and cant even imaging having a child right now
Madison Ambrose
Madison Ambrose 16 hours ago
I mean the name Babiee isn’t as bad as stormy. Like how Kylie named her baby stormy. Sooo guys just don’t even freak out bc of it
Meeah Kerr
Meeah Kerr 16 hours ago
Omg I am shaking
Caitlin Hancock
Caitlin Hancock 17 hours ago
i dIDiN’t tHiNk i waS pREGnaNt... sis😂
Pun ni
Pun ni 17 hours ago
Friend: hEy babie Babie:HAy Cash register person: This is ur BF? Babie: NO my name is babie
Jennie Janelle
Jennie Janelle 17 hours ago
Oh my goodness she is SOOOOOOOO ADORABLE!!!!! So precious!!!! Congratulations!!!! I'm so glad everyone ended up being supportive!!!
kkyynnssiieee !!!
kkyynnssiieee !!! 17 hours ago
My dogs name is baby
Ikram 17 hours ago
You live with your mom and your stepmom at the same house ? 🤔
Brooklyn Besz
Brooklyn Besz 17 hours ago
awhh! she’s adorable💞
Mollie Byrne
Mollie Byrne 17 hours ago
She’s adorable 😍
Gro Bøe
Gro Bøe 18 hours ago
Ok but why does the babie have "pierced" ears
Cassie Martin
Cassie Martin 18 hours ago
The kid is so cute🥰
Payton04 18 hours ago
The child’s name is fucking Babie???? Prime example of why kids shouldn’t have kids 🤦🏼‍♀️
Yamel Camel
Yamel Camel 18 hours ago
Babiee: *cough* *CoUgh* *COugH* *COUGH* Her: *looks annoyed* Omgosh poor child she just wants to have attentionnnnn
Chocolate Lhuv
Chocolate Lhuv 18 hours ago
Who names a baby babieee? 😂
Destiny Maines
Destiny Maines 19 hours ago
What made you think yhu could do the nasty at 14
Natalie 19 hours ago
Why would you name your kid that 😩
Madison Janet
Madison Janet 19 hours ago
both mother and daughter just 😍😍
Madison Janet
Madison Janet 19 hours ago
wow she is beautiful
Liliac Moonlight
Liliac Moonlight 22 hours ago
Actually my mom had my oldest brother at age of 14 too.. and now well I have 25 step brothers, 7 from the same mom, the rest from my dad side.and I’m the Only girl🙋🏼‍♀️😢 in the family other than my moms and dads.
Frosty Azallya
I'm sorry but this poor BABY'S fucking name is babiee... No hate but This is why 14 year olds dont have children...
Sienna Cosgrove
Why did you call your baby baby
Nah Dhhdh
Nah Dhhdh Day ago
now her daughter can say “I’m baby” and actually mean it
Alycia Hall
Alycia Hall Day ago
Good job girly...just plz hold and support Babie's head
Andrea Powers
Well done for taking responsibility! That was so brave of you and I wish you all the best with her! 😍
Alev Alev
Alev Alev Day ago
My parents would of kicked my ass and kicked me out the house if I came home pregnant at 14. 😕 KIDS STAY IN SCHOOL EDUCATION IS IMPORTANT
Ruby Xx
Ruby Xx Day ago
As if you would be willing to give up your childhood to a fucking baby. You should of definitely aborted it
Hey it's Mak Mak
Anyone else just focusing on the music in the background. My heart goes out to you Rihanna.
Billie's Angels
No offense but why would you wanna take a pregnancy test for fun? That’s like asking for it like “ hey let’s take pregnancy test for fun”. You should have also took the responsibility and used a condom.
Alexis Davidson
Sis I’m bouta come over their and slap every single person in your family 💀
Perla Galan
Perla Galan Day ago
That babiee needs some head support
Lily Bug
Lily Bug Day ago
when you don’t know what to name your baby so you just name it baby.
Allie McIntyre
it’s not her fault that her parents aren’t strict enough or pay attention to her enough to even notice. this type of thing COMPLETELY changes a child’s life. it forces children to grow up faster than they should. she doesn’t deserve this. i get that they were supportive and everything but she should have been able to be comfortable enough to tell her parents about something so important. :(
jordyn james
jordyn james Day ago
“ oh I didn’t know I was pregnant even though I was throwing up and missing my period
jordyn james
jordyn james Day ago
Who names their kid babiee
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