Mama and Babiee
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Hope you guys enjoy my story time!
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Apr 5, 2019




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Tealing 4 days ago
I literally just turned 14 and i've never even kissed a boy or found one attractive (i don't like girls in that way either) yet this idiotic girl managed to get pregnant at 14 and name her child "babiee" of all names, like.. what? Does she have zero common sense??
Brynn Lipham
Brynn Lipham 5 days ago
I heard Rihanna's "Umbrella" in the background and now I can't stop thinking of Tom Holland in the lip sync battle...
Misael Lopez
Misael Lopez 21 day ago
Who in here is pregnant?
RZ Twin
RZ Twin 26 days ago
Did it hurt giving birth to babiee
Elinor Parrish
Elinor Parrish Month ago
shrtlink.ca/xxx1ady865camm0del Its last message was the only one I ever altered. It helped facilitate our
Punkin Baby
Punkin Baby Month ago
there’s a girl at my school named baby and she loves her name and everyone else love it, leave the girl be🙏🏼✨
Alice Whocorn
Alice Whocorn Month ago
TaKEs a PRegNanCy tEst FoR Fun
Coleen Parker
Coleen Parker Month ago
shrtlink.ca/expertana146xxxhot ීත්, අපි debuggedසියලුම පාලන පද්ධතිය. ගමන් කළ හැකි හෙට.
royal enna
royal enna Month ago
you could really see that motherly love when she first made a noise i could see your eyes immediately light up
royal enna
royal enna Month ago
these comments are so rude! i havent seen a single one supporting her wtf!
Jemima Cool
Jemima Cool Month ago
she probably forgot to name her as she was so used to calling her the baby
britt eckstein
britt eckstein Month ago
Her shirt it so distracting
Sophia Gondy
Sophia Gondy Month ago
Game plan.....🤰🏻🤦🏻‍♀️
Kimberly Arrington
I don’t hate on her for name her child baby because I am a 36 year old woman but I just want to know the reason why lol 😂 but she is Adorable though
Cory Lathem
Cory Lathem Month ago
I am 16 in I am a teen dad in my daughter is almost 6 months
Rome Nikolayev
Rome Nikolayev Month ago
Not a boring video great story I had a daughter at age 19 not as young but there
Erin Brennan
Erin Brennan 2 months ago
everyones talking about the name like the daughter will just find a nickname if she doesn't like her name
zombie sideshows
zombie sideshows 2 months ago
If she ever becomes and ethot, she can say 'I'm baby' and mean it
Dreaddragon6382 2 months ago
I stopped backing attention after she named the kick BABY WTH
haydn riley
haydn riley 2 months ago
i kinda love the name tho
Cami Cami
Cami Cami 2 months ago
T'Mari Proctor
T'Mari Proctor 2 months ago
Babies is a good name if that’s what you decided I wonder why all these people are worried about YOUR child’s name. I think that they are not that child’s mother or father. People hating about a child’s name come on now do that make sense
i dunno man
i dunno man Month ago
T'Mari Proctor facts
송유나Yuna Song
송유나Yuna Song 2 months ago
I wouldn't play such heavy bassed music when the baby is sleeping..... Why am I telling you this, lol
Misteriosi81 2 months ago
Sounds like a pregnancy test is about the only test you'll pass....
Laila Martinez
Laila Martinez 2 months ago
Who tf names some one baby?
Sarah Alexcee
Sarah Alexcee 2 months ago
Awe you have an adorable baby girl and what a nice name🙂 *Nobody come at me in the comments plz it's just my opinion and I think it's actually pretty cute*🤷
Beth Dostin
Beth Dostin 2 months ago
I see all these comments referencing Birdbox because of the baby’s name..... HAVE NONE OF YALL SEEN DIRTY DANCING?! AM I THE ONLY ONE? Anyway, no puts Babiee in a corner.
Robin Vlogs
Robin Vlogs 2 months ago
I mean name your children what you want but yikes
Matiz 13
Matiz 13 2 months ago
Please change that little girls name .If not people and children will bully her as she grows up. Anyway if you don’t want to listen it is your child’s life.
Linda Cumber
Linda Cumber 2 months ago
Everyone stop hating on the babys name i think the name Babie is adorable
Abbie Randle
Abbie Randle 2 months ago
She can call her baby what she wants it's not up to all of you haters. I think it's great that you got pregnant, Baby is so cute! Congratulations!
Wiola Wiola
Wiola Wiola 3 months ago
A Child is raising a Child..........
Parisina Celce
Parisina Celce 3 months ago
Did you hear the song Umburlla by RHIANA
B.E.N. 3 months ago
I have never even been in a relationship and I'm 16 . Also your baby daddy sounds like a douchbag .
CJ 3 months ago
Really wondering what the father looks like cuz I wasn’t expecting her baby to look like that
Madison 3 months ago
naming your child babiee is the reason why children shouldn't have BABIEEs
i dunno man
i dunno man Month ago
Madison Oof
TRACEY CRAIG 3 months ago
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spookyzombiegirl 3 months ago
When i was 14 all my friends were snails and my pet rocks i couldnt possibly get pregnant even if i wanted to wtf
madyson x0x0
madyson x0x0 3 months ago
I just wanna know where I can get her shirt from🤔
Chanel Pegram
Chanel Pegram 3 months ago
Why do ya care so much about the babies name 🙄
Emaleigh Shaffer
Emaleigh Shaffer 3 months ago
Ella may... I kinda wish she had a name
neo cultured shiz
neo cultured shiz 3 months ago
Also,can everyone stop bullying baby for her name
neo cultured shiz
neo cultured shiz 3 months ago
She is so CUTE uwu!!!!!!!
Keilly Valdez
Keilly Valdez 3 months ago
It’s a baby but you call her Baby But that’s all right she wants to call her whatever she wants but it’s OK you could call her whatever you want you could have you could call her Jennifer Jenny or Jennifer Lopez I think but my baby is name Kennya
L Dakota
L Dakota 3 months ago
Poor child
L Dakota
L Dakota 3 months ago
Jesus Christ man
King Guy
King Guy 3 months ago
Bro I’m not allowed to have a gf at 14
Angel 3 months ago
WTF the name bro 💀
Abigail Ginter
Abigail Ginter 4 months ago
Thank God for good, loving, supportive women 💕 praying all the best for you and your little girl. You both have a bright future ahead of you!
Jacquetta Rose
Jacquetta Rose 4 months ago
When I was 13 I dated a 13 year old who kept trying to get me pregnant and kept telling me he wanted me to have his children
loviejames13 4 months ago
i’m so proud you decided to have her🤍 babies are perfect and don’t deserve to be aborted for any reason!
evalia santorski
evalia santorski 4 months ago
That name is stupid
mkkk xx
mkkk xx 4 months ago
how’d u buy the pregnancy test and where did u do it? PLEASE HELP
Angie Yo Nigg4
Angie Yo Nigg4 3 months ago
Are you ok bb?💕
Life With Kryss
Life With Kryss 4 months ago
From dollar tree
mkkk xx
mkkk xx 4 months ago
you do know you’re baby isn’t gonna be a “baby” forever right?😹
britt eckstein
britt eckstein 4 months ago
Then you meet the man of your dreams at 26. The most handsome man ever.
Ella Animates
Ella Animates 4 months ago
When the baby started sneezing 🥰
ONSILVER STARS 4 months ago
Her options in life may be hindered by having the name Babiee.
Ari Banks
Ari Banks 4 months ago
I didn’t even kiss a boy until I was 15 lmaooo
Dancing Aubrie
Dancing Aubrie 4 months ago
OK OK I’m not making fun of you for being pregnant at 14 none of that I totally except it but naming your child baby seriously, child’s going to get made fun of and have the worst life I think you should at least change it
• RoseMary •
• RoseMary • 4 months ago
Not tryna push my luck but I think... she’s a nice mom and if I told her she’d be disappointed wouldn’t talk to me for a while but when the baby comes she gonna love it more than me (the little brat waking us up at 5)
Kaharie Sanford
Kaharie Sanford 4 months ago
I can’t stress this enough change that babies name 🤦🏽‍♀️
lily alexander
lily alexander 4 months ago
i'm 14 and cant get a guy to look at me
Lexi & Jasmine
Lexi & Jasmine 4 months ago
Her - * gets pregnant at 14 * Me - * at 14 * still trying to figure out how long it takes for your fridge light goes out before it closes
Lexi & Jasmine
Lexi & Jasmine 4 months ago
Aweeee she is the cutest little girl ever !!!! ❤️ im happy for you guysd
Olive Edits
Olive Edits 4 months ago
Re-name her like Ashely Riley Allie even like bunny or something just NOT BABIEE
ItsBanks 4 months ago
If I had a kid at 15 and my baby mama named my baby “baby” I’d beat the shit out of her.
chris gima
chris gima 4 months ago
Maybe that's not the real name
Hayla Box
Hayla Box 4 months ago
u did the dirty at 14 why????
Laraline Scott
Laraline Scott 5 months ago
but im glad she didnt have an abortion
Laraline Scott
Laraline Scott 5 months ago
baby her name is babiee.... this is the literal reason why 14 year olds should not get pregnant.
Jorge Suazo
Jorge Suazo 5 months ago
Pretty ladies hmu
Jorge Suazo
Jorge Suazo 5 months ago
Sup girls
Diana Yang
Diana Yang 5 months ago
Oh geez.... Good luck in life little girl.
Aves Bailey
Aves Bailey 5 months ago
Her naming her child baby is the equivalent of the lady in bird box naming her children girl and boy
Amber Heywood
Amber Heywood 5 months ago
Imagine the teacher calling out “babie” on the register.. the teacher would be called a pedo 😂
Abby Marriner
Abby Marriner 5 months ago
Who names there baby “baby” 😂
Elaina Mullendore
Elaina Mullendore 5 months ago
No matter what anyone tells you, as long as you keep your head on straight and take of yourself and your baby it’ll be alright. Life is never easy, but everything that happens is for a reason and your daughter is a miracle. Just make sure you’re doing what’s best for the both of you. Don’t let people tell you that you’ll never finish school, or go to college. I’ve seen many young women go on to graduate college, and be wonderful mothers. Life is learning process, doll. Just take it day by day. Everything will be fine.
Inspired GummyBear
Inspired GummyBear 5 months ago
14 year olds shouldnt be sexually active at all. Shit I was obsessed with puffy stickers. The worst I did was skip school.
almaa rdz
almaa rdz 5 months ago
she gonna be a Bhad Bhabie, jokes
almaa rdz
almaa rdz 5 months ago
if you hid your pregnancy for that long, how did they not notice your belly bump?
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