STORM AREA 51: What They Aren't Telling You

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The Storm Area 51 event has gone INSANE. Over 1,000,000 people have pledged to be going or interested. Here's what they aren't telling you...
24 HOUR CHALLENGE: ruvid.net/video/video-zGa-rgoNHOE.html
TALKING TO CAMO DUDES: ruvid.net/video/video-QkCBcZPb98o.html
WHAT HAPPENS IF YOU ENTER: ruvid.net/video/video-05IPC-GoYGc.html
WE WEREN'T EXPECTING THIS: ruvid.net/video/video-GDXve6jAGX8.html
RUNNING INTO CAMO DUDES: ruvid.net/video/video-GkwdYFThz8o.html
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Jul 14, 2019




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Comments 60
Socrate G
Socrate G Year ago
PewDiePie needs to lead the Charge
-CFW. Magic-
-CFW. Magic- 10 months ago
*he walks out of area 51 menacingly, followed by all his pets*
chubbchubb 11 months ago
Donald trump should lead......Lol
John Secord
John Secord 11 months ago
He would be the first pussy running away when they start shooting at u morons.
• GachaYxnn_ YT •
• GachaYxnn_ YT • 11 months ago
@Leo彡Ravi Richie tf
• GachaYxnn_ YT •
• GachaYxnn_ YT • 11 months ago
ikr, Heck yeah 😎
osmar martinez
osmar martinez 2 months ago
i can't believe that Area 51 is a thing I thought aliens don't exist🤨🤔👽
The succes is 1000 people with 500 cars from 5 diferent points at the same time to invade the area AND TAKE A LOOK HOW THE STUPID CAMO DUDES RUN LIKE ....RABBITS!!!!!
Jacob Smith
Jacob Smith 3 months ago
Read Areas 51 by Annie Jacobsen. Enough said.
iziEdi M8
iziEdi M8 4 months ago
pls use samsung s20 to see what is inside area 51
Banks consilio
Banks consilio 6 months ago
Yet nobody invaded ???
Kyubei 6 months ago
They should *_naruto storm area 51_* comment if you get the joke
NEO HDTV 7 months ago
HEY EWU HAPPY NEW 2020 YEAR.....................................................LUV YALL PEACE
EXPLORE WITH US 7 months ago
Thank you and Happy New Year lil Neo!
NEO HDTV 7 months ago
NEO HDTV 7 months ago
Dorota Galas
Dorota Galas 7 months ago
Kevin Rodriguez
Kevin Rodriguez 9 months ago
No no no no no👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽Area 51
Free Man
Free Man 9 months ago
I was looking forward to seeing all those useless libtards getting shot.
Wray Smith
Wray Smith 10 months ago
lets go there an sneak past camo guys .. 😂😂🙏👍👍🙋‍♂️
Gideon Budd
Gideon Budd 10 months ago
Is someone crosses the area 51 barrier they will most likely be arrested as an example for the others...
Thaulopi 10 months ago
I do not care if your cause is just or vindicated, it is well to see that some people are willing to actually DO something about our conditions, our knowledge and our freedoms as one race. FFF has given me new hope and so do you guys. Even if you do not find anything there, just summoning people to do something FOR something instead of AGAINST something boosts my morale. Thus, I believe in this generation and its potential. Godspeed.
Antonio Vlassa
Antonio Vlassa 10 months ago
Xas Arba
Xas Arba 10 months ago
You Guys
Cathie Wilson
Cathie Wilson 10 months ago
I think a lot of people believed it because we wanted to. I love the idea of the people taking their power back, and the idea -- even the possibility of the idea -- is making the power that be (the real ones) shit themselves. More people than ever are waking up and starting to ask the right sorts of questions. #AgeOfAquarius
Ray Liams
Ray Liams 10 months ago
I thought you were gonna cover the event if you got over 50k likes?
Becki 10 months ago
It’s no secret that extraterrestrials 👽 exist. But no reason to go to Area 51 or depend on or involve the government to prove this.
Al- Amer
Al- Amer 10 months ago
what if EVERYONE from entire world will participate? The answer: World War 3
Gary Bea
Gary Bea 10 months ago
It would be easy to get in there. Put a mini camera with transmitter on the road with a trigger circuit that causes it to stick under the white security car using magnets. Then let the security car carry the camera in.
RABID FLY87* 10 months ago
I believe we have all the wrong folks in office and believe there are aliens . The anaki
Pistola SAS
Pistola SAS 10 months ago
Mom said no xD
Skyhawk _452
Skyhawk _452 10 months ago
So... I know you guys said you're here to clear up misconceptions, and I think you did with some, but you also created a lot more misconceptions along the way. First, the "Use of Deadly Force Authorized" signage still exits - just not where you were filming. This signage actually exists at the boundaries of all "Restricted Areas" on Air Force and other military installations everywhere. The key is not that it's posted at the entrance to the base, but at the entrance to the "Restricted Areas" within the base. Most bases have small Restricted Areas that are limited to certain areas on the flight line or to certain buildings housing things or information vital to National Security. At Area 51, the "restricted area" just happens to be most of the inner base. Second, the USAF press release about the USAF "defending America and its assets" is not controversial at all, and in no way suggests that the government is willing or planning to "kill a million people" to protect its secrets. For one, a million people are never going to show up, so that's a just a non-starter. And if a handful of people (which is more likely) do try to "storm" the base, they will be apprehended with minimal force and prosecuted either by the District Attorney in the county of the occurrence, or by the Federal Government if they so choose. There would only be deadly force used if one or more of those people presented a real threat to the National Security or the personnel trying to stop them, and/or could not be stopped by lesser means of force.
Khenty-imentiu 10 months ago
Great way to selectively remove the low IQ Gene from the pool. Some things you don't need to understand. It's been moved to save you idiots from your stupidity. Now it's spreading.... Thanks a lot Nancy Drew
kittylynnlpn 2006
kittylynnlpn 2006 10 months ago
I hope no one is really serious about going tomorrow. I grew up in the air force. There are secrets that no one needs to know. I talked to my dad who worked as a security police officer in the Air Force for 28 years. There of course not going to kill a million civilians. There are already two RUvidrs that have been arrested.they already have more security and local law enforcement ready they're ready for tomorrow. People will be arrested for trying to get on a military installation that is the size of Connecticut in the middle of the desert. Stay safe and don't try to do something stupid to get clicks and likes on RUvid. It's not worth it.look on the news about the two RUvidrs who were just arrested from the Netherlands. They have to spend three days in jail and then are sent back to the Netherlands. If they didn't go back they would spend a year in jail. This is not a joke. Especially since over 2 million people are now signed up. Just advise. Stay safe
just some kid
just some kid 10 months ago
8ts to day
Starburst 10 months ago
One more day until Area 51
Drive 2 Dive Outdoor Sportsman
If anyone's dumb enough to try to breach the base.. 1 million,people show up...lol look up Spectre gunship. Talk about thinning the herd.. I got my popcorn ready
apagoogoo 10 months ago
the idea that it's fatally dangerous to storm area 51 is not a deterrent to the kind of people who plan to storm area 51. meme nerds vs camo dudes = stupid vs stupidwithguns. i don't see this ending civilly.
SandboxArrow 10 months ago
How did it feel to clap alien cheeks?
Red Bull
Red Bull 10 months ago
The military industrial complex is scrubbing this because they don’t really want any type of mass gathering of any kind. Wether it be this event or another....the 3% elite don’t want that kind of insubordination. 🤷🏻‍♂️
John Griffin
John Griffin 10 months ago
Good luck doing a whole bunch of nothing. Not the way I want to spend my vacation. Oh and that felony on your record will look great on your background check when you finally get a job as a gas station attendant.
John Griffin
John Griffin 10 months ago
You know that as peaceful as 99 percent of the people will be, there will be some lunatic that will bring an automatic weapon along to storm the base. He will be the one responsible for starting the bloodshed, yet the government will get the blame for firing back.
Je Bradda Jwz
Je Bradda Jwz 10 months ago
How many money give the government to you to say this?
Ginger Snaps
Ginger Snaps 10 months ago
That Cop isn't chasing anyone, ha ha ha.
Killshotgalaxy 10 months ago
I have a feeling that area 51 is a nuclear zone that they havent cleared yet or can't clear so they build a base around it to protect people from going into it and dying
Raiju 10 months ago
Only 5 days left
Damsko King
Damsko King 10 months ago
So say, 1 mill will go: who is going to help traffic, with so many people, their will come some stupid conflicts, whatever it is. What would you do if government will test bombs on the 20th of September 🤔😬😳🤣. You can run and hide, but remember don't cry if they shoot you with real bullets. LICENCE TO KILL
joey Cummings
joey Cummings 10 months ago
And area 51 has snipers in key points of the base
joey Cummings
joey Cummings 10 months ago
camo dude is air force security
Eh Soe
Eh Soe 10 months ago
Let's storm Arie51😡😡😡😡😡
KL Sounds
KL Sounds 10 months ago
👍 cakey
DevilFox 10 months ago
The russian thing is a lie is a no fly zone c'mon
Shawn Wright
Shawn Wright 10 months ago
that'll be a million idiots we don't ever have to worry about if they decided to start shooting them
Antonio Collenzo
Antonio Collenzo 10 months ago
We got to stand up against those scumbags.About time.
Norio Hayakawa
Norio Hayakawa 10 months ago
'STORM AREA 51' AND 'ALIENSTOCK' EVENTS CANCELLED IN NEVADA - - Sept. 10, 2019:noriohayakawa.wordpress.com/2019/09/10/storm-area-51-and-alienstock-events-in-rachel-nevada-cancelled/
chuck bertram
chuck bertram 10 months ago
Elvis is in charge of Area 51
Todd Jennings
Todd Jennings 10 months ago
The thing is if they cross and have been warned and get shot or killed then you get what you deserve. I'm retired military and a soldier is going to follow orders.
chubbchubb 11 months ago
Come on though there has to be internet out there somewhere, a top secret military base would have to have some kind of awesome top secret internet reception, unless they just file everything.
stephen lang
stephen lang 11 months ago
O.k,...How many People here are actually taking the advice at the end of this video to treat others with kindness? Well of course it SHOULD be that way, but this is RUvid and there ARE a lot of abusive trolls on RUvid!!
Quinton238 11 months ago
My prediction: About 1000 people will show up with actual intent to storm the base. Base security won't actually try to stop them from crossing the perimeter. They will make it to some hangars or other buildings on the base and realise that everything is locked up tight. Queue hundreds of livestreams with people shouting dumb things and standing around awkwardly. Base security makes their move now with busses and tear gas to encircle the group and arrest them with minimal force.
Marsha Phillips
Marsha Phillips 11 months ago
Meet your public with God PR but make it plain entry is out of the question , shut down the road getting to the base and set up security for 50,miles around the base. Or u could just throw a party,!!!!!
Marsha Phillips
Marsha Phillips 11 months ago
Ok. Honestly. This could get really dangerous and I really hope people don't really try this I still say if area 51 ,does get company they really need to be good about people curiosity, but definitely stop and attempts at entering this base!!!!!
N3ON _Pugglez
N3ON _Pugglez 11 months ago
Pew die pie and the 9 yr olds watching this 69 times 👌
Ryan Bennett
Ryan Bennett 11 months ago
I love this but unfortunately I am in New Zealand so I won't be there.
Tallow Walker
Tallow Walker 11 months ago
there has gotta be aliens we can't be the only planet with beings
Jo W
Jo W 11 months ago
Don't believe in aliens? Go watch Witness 101 videos and alien hunter videos, you'll believe then. I say forget area 51, storm the Vatican city's 15 mile tunnel, that'll tell you everything we need to know about our history! It's not very fair, that the Pope gets to know the truth and not US! Freaking money hungry groups, think they can suppress everything from the people!
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