STORM AREA 51: The First Raid Already Happened

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Today, we have an update on the STORM AREA 51: THEY CAN'T STOP ALL OF US Facebook event. The first raid has already happened - an INSANE story you've never heard of!
FIRST VIDEO COVERING THE EVENT: ruvid.net/video/video-XgHBAWZPFC8.html
AREA 51 HIDE & SEEK: ruvid.net/video/video-AOvT-eo8KaM.html
WHAT HAPPENS IF YOU ENTER? ruvid.net/video/video-05IPC-GoYGc.html
RUNNING INTO THE CAMO DUDES: ruvid.net/video/video-GkwdYFThz8o.html
TALKING TO THE CAMO DUDES: ruvid.net/video/video-QkCBcZPb98o.html
24 HOUR CHALLENGE: ruvid.net/video/video-zGa-rgoNHOE.html
BUS & WORKERS REVEALED: ruvid.net/video/video-ITeFCCjEI6w.html
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Jul 16, 2019




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EXPLORE WITH US 2 months ago
EWU CREW! 🐺💛 If you enjoyed this video, don't forget to SMASH the subscribe button! 📺 WATCH MORE AREA 51 VIDEOS: ruvid.net/group/PLJW3xeb_4nWuTRioVxfFWpTlBFm06p9Xv
Windows 95
Windows 95 Month ago
decode it hex
Windows 95
Windows 95 Month ago
68 65 6c 6c 6f
Brothers 208 Zhou
Brothers 208 Zhou 2 months ago
Tim Williams camp dude
Elaine Adams
Elaine Adams 2 months ago
uwu crew C
Raymond Rose
Raymond Rose 2 months ago
So basically everyone pussied out.
Steven Gadzinski
Steven Gadzinski 15 hours ago
If I decide to try walking into a military base, you mean t tell me that I don't have a chance at being killed? All Area 51 is, is just a military base used to test top secret planes and such.
Aracely Perez
Aracely Perez 2 days ago
Oh Moy
Oh Moy 4 days ago
Area 51 is a hotel for outsiders.
Shade Blackfield
Shade Blackfield 15 days ago
After this raid is over... *I'll raid the Moon,because that's where more aliens hide and I'll do it all on my own!*
Veronica Miller
Veronica Miller 15 days ago
I made everybody know to run into area 51 because there are a person who wants to know I made 5000 people running to area 51 come on come at me it was Meat Khalil come at my house my house is every likes 74 400 building 204 come come to my house now apartment 204 apartment boy
Karlo Boticki
Karlo Boticki 18 days ago
Well I think if 100.000 show hack if a 300 people show thay really can't areast all of them,other thing some guys still don't now is that sighn sayin LETAN FORCE WILL BE USED was removed to if you get cought your just looking at prison for a year and 1000 dolar fine if thay choose to play nice.
Sophia the Star
Sophia the Star 24 days ago
Andrew Tornadoboy
Andrew Tornadoboy 26 days ago
This just in from reality.... If there ever was an alien ship there it has LONG since been moved to a more secret location that all the conspiracy addicts never heard of. The government is stupid, in fact very stupid, but not THAT stupid. And while they may not be able to arrest thousands of people they can arrest the people who organized it and throw their asses in jail for VERY long times.
Jonathan Paulin
Jonathan Paulin 29 days ago
I Dede
Peace_123 Month ago
Storm the Bermuda Triangle 😏some secret stuff are there
Gary Morris
Gary Morris Month ago
Everyone will get shot
Coyotey 57
Coyotey 57 Month ago
I am an expert naruto runner. Bullets can’t hit
Nicholas Vaters
Nicholas Vaters Month ago
yes drones can be shot down, ther's plenty of options.
Mprincess Seguerra
Help in in im being experementttttt
Eating crap
Eating crap Month ago
i stormed the base and i almost survive i had 2 bullets in my ches
Hiren Patel
Hiren Patel Month ago
i will i am crazy bitches4 ok just kidding
JJV MEDIA Month ago
can the president go inside?
Windows 95
Windows 95 Month ago
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mart peters
mart peters Month ago
Gideon Budd
Gideon Budd Month ago
I have a question think about it why would area 51 frontgate have the lights but all the other Gates Don't maybe the front gate is the closest to area 51 the other Gates are just ways to maneuver around the base...
Joseph DuPont
Joseph DuPont Month ago
Instead of having everybody threatened to converge on Area 51 why don't we converging on the 15 million dollar mansion Obama bought right at sea level on Martha's Vineyard. It would seem we would want to warn him that when the ice caps melt his house will be underwater and we wouldn't want that to happen would we?
Luis Angelo S. Aynaga
its only about 10 Days Left to Raid the Base Like Clash of clans
Luis Angelo S. Aynaga
my Friend said That his friends Aliens Are. there
soinelle85 Month ago
I really hoped these morons made an attempt at raiding Area 51. Would thin out the stupid herd. But nothing happened.
Master HD
Master HD Month ago
Hmmm hard to beilive idk even know if theres aliens in Area 51 Is there?
I'll be on here next-
Pat Yaws
Pat Yaws 2 months ago
If y'all storm area 51 tall will get the government Trying to kill us because He doesn't want us to Know ;(
Daniel Trimboli
Daniel Trimboli 2 months ago
Go Storm Area 51..... Let Me Know What You Find. 😎
juventin gonzalez
juventin gonzalez 2 months ago
Area 51 is has gone far
larsonb33 2 months ago
this is all bs janis is how the workers get there and if you go within 50 miles of mercury you can get shot
George Paranihi19
George Paranihi19 2 months ago
i think that at least 86 people are going to die then most people will run
Bobbyboy532 2 months ago
Darrell Knox
Darrell Knox 2 months ago
Some people did something?
MarksMan36050 2 months ago
María calfin
María calfin 2 months ago
Happy Savage
Happy Savage 2 months ago
Ok. What? I’m glad our taxes were fought for. There has to be more to the story about the Russians flying over Area 51. Maybe they are doing it someone.
MUHAMMAD SHAH 2 months ago
😂 they distract us with alien rumours in order to hide their mass destruction wepons
Chrystus Zbawiciel Jeden Jedyny
That bird was alien or spy camera!
JackF 2 months ago
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