Stop Motion Film: Renewable vs NonRenewable Energy Sources

Rachel C
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This quick stop motion film asks & answers the question what makes an energy source renewable or nonrenewable. The material was originally made for middle school students learning about energy. Hope you enjoy it :) For more visit my portfolio at thunkenstein.com/

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Feb 6, 2012





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Lantoy Clarion
Lantoy Clarion 2 months ago
*Fracking, Bottled Water Companies and Extreme Drought, are all having huge impacts on Our Water. ( **tinyurl.com/y3gpstue** ) Add California's water supply to your list of "things headed for imminent collapse." The state has only one year of reserves remaining, warns Jay Famiglietti, the senior water scientist at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory at Caltech.*
narellewebber 2 months ago
Rodrigo Jarillo Bueno
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Julius Goze
Julius Goze 7 months ago
Thanks : ) ; )
Aidan Witry
Aidan Witry 7 months ago
im watching this in school helpppppppp
Sean Custodio
Sean Custodio 8 months ago
I like stop motion
Sage Lovato-Martinez
mee to
Da musical NARWHAL
That’s not the sun u hacker
I dont like this video
Kesha Borja
Kesha Borja Year ago
Im using Avasva instructions to make it and I do it already :)
memey_boi Year ago
ayy anyone hyped bo4
محمد عبدالغنى
thanks for the film i know stop motion and thanks for you and the cat with love from mallory
Aeliya Z Haider
This was a perfect video for my project! Thanks so much, keep up the awesome work!
GT20Modding Year ago
The problem with wind turbines is they fall apart and land on people and kill.
Aadam Khattak
Aadam Khattak Month ago
shut up
Lane Gaspar
Lane Gaspar Year ago
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Chester Erby
Chester Erby Year ago
*[Awesome Plan Here >>>**t.co/WqSHhReOxS** ] I love this book - I want to be more eco friendly and this book tells you what equipment you need to install solar panels, a bit of how it works, and how to maintain said solar panels. This is a great introductory book and gives you a rough estimate on how much each equipment would cost, and down to installing them (from location, to how much sunlight you need and getting all the parts to work)*
Si Markwick
Si Markwick Year ago
Kyle Georgiou
Kyle Georgiou Year ago
Sooooooo baddddddddd
El Sol
El Sol Year ago
This is actually not bad lol i was expecting this to be dull cuz my school made me watch this but it was pretty good
Kristian Adlianitski
Mohammed Anas
Mohammed Anas 2 years ago
sammyboy 2 years ago
bum bum
CB XX08 2 years ago
Mewtwo 2 years ago
this video is so stupid jk thanks for the ideas
Λ S T Λ T I C 2 years ago
Λ S T Λ T I C 2 years ago
Qu'aimerais-tu commander? What does that mean?
Dbz Gamer21
Dbz Gamer21 2 years ago
Osvel Perez
Osvel Perez 2 years ago
doing for school
unix_cats 2 years ago
its wierd
kelly yan
kelly yan 2 years ago
This video is very useful!!!!
Slxy-Faulty 2 years ago
very funny
x DRAM4TIC x 2 years ago
x DRAM4TIC x 2 years ago
Im watching this for school :D:D:D
Tamara Alireza
Tamara Alireza 8 months ago
Bella Tulloch
Bella Tulloch 10 months ago
Nadia Bloemstein
Nadia Bloemstein 11 months ago
Joe Finch-Ludgate I am watching this for ns
me to
ChaoticGamer 101
xLavishLogan 2 years ago
science is my fav! :D
Jose 63
Jose 63 Year ago
Bitch nerd without friends
x DRAM4TIC x 2 years ago
science would disagree with that :D
Sadeem Alam
Sadeem Alam 2 years ago
You have no life
Brycen Cox
Brycen Cox 3 years ago
Brycen Cox
Brycen Cox 3 years ago
Dylan Bull
Dylan Bull 3 years ago
i like the food
Dylan Bull
Dylan Bull 3 years ago
Ian Prado
Ian Prado 3 years ago
The Thorium movement is our best solution. I will debate you.
Mekala 3 years ago
the sound or volume is low
Byrdee Entertainment
tight vid!
RotrixGAmer3000 3 years ago
usando gato en fuga trapeando las letras
Its_Luna_Duhh Month ago
using cat in flight trapping the letters?
Mercury 3 years ago
good job Luna Ü
Mustafa Mahmoud
Mustafa Mahmoud 3 years ago
it is so nice video
Brantley Schnell
Brantley Schnell 3 years ago
Quit your tree-huggin new oil is formed everyday from leaves and animals dying. Your saying that for there to be more oil a mass extinction would have to happen, how? Animals die everyday and that leave you just watched fall they are all created something. Some oil some natural gas they all are carbon based. The only way fossil fuels will go away is if all the carbon on earth just rose out and went to space.
Grub Year ago
Brantley Schnell fossil fuels can just leave into space, they are trapped under the earths atmosphere and that’s what global warming is
InnovatedCliché 3 years ago
@Brantley Schnell We can use up all of the fuel until the millions of years are up. In the video they mentioned mass extinction is needed to make a lot of fuel. The meteor that hit the earth made many of animals go extinct. This is the time where a LOT of potential fossil fuel could have been created. Also, we are using it up fast. We use fossil fuels for a LOT of things. soon we will catch up. Not every death becomes fossil fuel you know.
Brantley Schnell
Brantley Schnell 3 years ago
+StoneBrickProductions I understand that but animals didn't just die a million years ago. They have died everyday since then. Not just that one day a million years ago. Which would result in new oil forming all the time if animals died everyday like they do. What you are saying is true. Fossil Fuels would run out in a little bit because animals only died millions of years ago. But that's not true because animals have died everyday for millions of years making new oil around the globe.
InnovatedCliché 3 years ago
@Brantley Schnell Fossil fuels and oil are made of many different types of animals. Why did you think I meant only dinosaurs? I did not imply that. Fossil fuels are create when dead animals are buried underground. They are compressed under extreme pressure and heat. It can take a very long time for them to become fossil fuels. Some scientist say it could take millions of years.
Brantley Schnell
Brantley Schnell 3 years ago
Oil is made out of the element carbon. Do you know what is made out of Carbon? Oh yeah, that's right everything that lives, including plants. Isn't it a coincident that all things living are made of Carbon and Carbon forms oil, huh. Wonder if when something dies it goes to the ground to take form of some sort of Carbon or it just leaves Earth? Ask yourself that stuff before you come back with a poor argument. Oil was not just created when dinosaurs died. As soon as one dinosaur died then another animal died... If oil was created from dinosaurs dying, think about how many animals and humans have died since then and plants. Think about all the wars and funerals you have learned about. Think about how many trees have died and leaves have fell. That is all carbon that is put back into the ground. It is a never ending cycle that will go on forever. When something dies it all doesn't got to oil but some of it does and with all the things on Earth that have died it can form a lot of oil from that small percentage of dead things making oil.
Sylvia Lenze
Sylvia Lenze 3 years ago
I think you are going to make a great teacher! I loved the vegetables in your artwork! I think your students will love you as they learn much needed information in an interesting (as opposed to boring) way!
Trust 3 years ago
THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR MY SCIENCE REVISION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sam Jack
Sam Jack 4 years ago
Biftu Khalil
Biftu Khalil 4 years ago
thanks a lot it really helped me with my home work:)
Rachael van Rijn
Rachael van Rijn 4 years ago
Amazing! You are so creative
JustSurvivin' 4 years ago
"Natural Gas" otherwise known as methane is a renewable resource. Ask a farmer what cow farts are! Or any other farts for that matter. Look up Methane boidigesters.
Kim Dewit
Kim Dewit 4 years ago
Hi... This is REALLY GOOD!!! It must have taken a very long time! I love it! I plan to show it to my English Language Learners as an intro to the topic. Again, thank you!
TheFreeForever 4 years ago
Here is a website with just a list of renewable resources: www.renewableresourceslist.com May not have the most amount of info, but it does the job of compiling a list of renewable resources kind of like a shopping list with pictures.
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