Stop Motion Film: Renewable vs NonRenewable Energy Sources

Rachel Crabtree
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This quick stop motion film asks & answers the question what makes an energy source renewable or nonrenewable. The material was originally made for middle school students learning about energy. Hope you enjoy it :) For more visit my portfolio at thunkenstein.com/



6 фев 2012





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Rodrigo Jarillo Bueno
Rodrigo Jarillo Bueno 23 дня назад
Hello gif muy five✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋👍
Julius Goze
Julius Goze 2 месяца назад
Thanks : ) ; )
Aidan Witry
Aidan Witry 2 месяца назад
im watching this in school helpppppppp
Sean Custodio
Sean Custodio 3 месяца назад
I like stop motion
Sage LovatoMartinez
Sage LovatoMartinez 3 месяца назад
mee to
Da musical NARWHAL
Da musical NARWHAL 7 месяцев назад
That’s not the sun u hacker
JoséAntonio 279
JoséAntonio 279 8 месяцев назад
I dont like this video
Kesha Borja
Kesha Borja 9 месяцев назад
Im using Avasva instructions to make it and I do it already :)
memey_boi 10 месяцев назад
ayy anyone hyped bo4
محمد عبدالغنى
محمد عبدالغنى 10 месяцев назад
thanks for the film i know stop motion and thanks for you and the cat with love from mallory
Aeliya Z Haider
Aeliya Z Haider 11 месяцев назад
This was a perfect video for my project! Thanks so much, keep up the awesome work!
GT20Modding Год назад
The problem with wind turbines is they fall apart and land on people and kill.
bella14470 Год назад
Lane Gaspar
Lane Gaspar Год назад
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Chester Erby
Chester Erby Год назад
*[Awesome Plan Here >>>**t.co/WqSHhReOxS** ] I love this book - I want to be more eco friendly and this book tells you what equipment you need to install solar panels, a bit of how it works, and how to maintain said solar panels. This is a great introductory book and gives you a rough estimate on how much each equipment would cost, and down to installing them (from location, to how much sunlight you need and getting all the parts to work)*
Si Markwick
Si Markwick Год назад
Si Markwick
Si Markwick Год назад
Kyle Georgiou
Kyle Georgiou Год назад
Sooooooo baddddddddd
Ellie Solmoon
Ellie Solmoon Год назад
This is actually not bad lol i was expecting this to be dull cuz my school made me watch this but it was pretty good
Mohammed Anas
Mohammed Anas Год назад
sammyboy Год назад
bum bum
CB XX08 Год назад
ItzKingOfAllDeadAndWolf's Год назад
this video is so stupid jk thanks for the ideas
OMGGAMER 21 Год назад
Qu'aimerais-tu commander? What does that mean?
Dbz Gamer21
Dbz Gamer21 Год назад
Osvel Perez
Osvel Perez 2 года назад
doing for school
unix_cats 2 года назад
its wierd
kelly yan
kelly yan 2 года назад
This video is very useful!!!!
ArielDe-Faulty 2 года назад
very funny
x DRAM4TIC x 2 года назад
x DRAM4TIC x 2 года назад
Im watching this for school :D:D:D
Tamara Alireza
Tamara Alireza 3 месяца назад
Bella maisie Tulloch
Bella maisie Tulloch 5 месяцев назад
Nadia Bloemstein
Nadia Bloemstein 6 месяцев назад
Joe Finch-Ludgate I am watching this for ns
JOEL COLLEGE 9 месяцев назад
me to
ChaoticGamer 101
ChaoticGamer 101 9 месяцев назад
xxYaluiqYT 2 года назад
science is my fav! :D
Jose 63
Jose 63 8 месяцев назад
Bitch nerd without friends
x DRAM4TIC x 2 года назад
science would disagree with that :D
Sadeem Alam
Sadeem Alam 2 года назад
You have no life
Brycen Cox
Brycen Cox 2 года назад
Brycen Cox
Brycen Cox 2 года назад
Dylan Bull
Dylan Bull 2 года назад
i like the food
Dylan Bull
Dylan Bull 2 года назад
Ian Prado
Ian Prado 2 года назад
The Thorium movement is our best solution. I will debate you.
Mekala 3 года назад
the sound or volume is low
Byrdee Entertainment
Byrdee Entertainment 3 года назад
tight vid!
Ramon Garay
Ramon Garay 3 года назад
usando gato en fuga trapeando las letras
Mercury 3 года назад
good job Luna Ü
Mustafa Mahmoud
Mustafa Mahmoud 3 года назад
it is so nice video
Brantley Schnell
Brantley Schnell 3 года назад
Quit your tree-huggin new oil is formed everyday from leaves and animals dying. Your saying that for there to be more oil a mass extinction would have to happen, how? Animals die everyday and that leave you just watched fall they are all created something. Some oil some natural gas they all are carbon based. The only way fossil fuels will go away is if all the carbon on earth just rose out and went to space.
8BitOrange 11 месяцев назад
Brantley Schnell fossil fuels can just leave into space, they are trapped under the earths atmosphere and that’s what global warming is
Justin H - Innovated Cliché
Justin H - Innovated Cliché 3 года назад
+Brantley Schnell We can use up all of the fuel until the millions of years are up. In the video they mentioned mass extinction is needed to make a lot of fuel. The meteor that hit the earth made many of animals go extinct. This is the time where a LOT of potential fossil fuel could have been created. Also, we are using it up fast. We use fossil fuels for a LOT of things. soon we will catch up. Not every death becomes fossil fuel you know.
Brantley Schnell
Brantley Schnell 3 года назад
+StoneBrickProductions I understand that but animals didn't just die a million years ago. They have died everyday since then. Not just that one day a million years ago. Which would result in new oil forming all the time if animals died everyday like they do. What you are saying is true. Fossil Fuels would run out in a little bit because animals only died millions of years ago. But that's not true because animals have died everyday for millions of years making new oil around the globe.
Justin H - Innovated Cliché
Justin H - Innovated Cliché 3 года назад
+Brantley Schnell Fossil fuels and oil are made of many different types of animals. Why did you think I meant only dinosaurs? I did not imply that. Fossil fuels are create when dead animals are buried underground. They are compressed under extreme pressure and heat. It can take a very long time for them to become fossil fuels. Some scientist say it could take millions of years.
Brantley Schnell
Brantley Schnell 3 года назад
Oil is made out of the element carbon. Do you know what is made out of Carbon? Oh yeah, that's right everything that lives, including plants. Isn't it a coincident that all things living are made of Carbon and Carbon forms oil, huh. Wonder if when something dies it goes to the ground to take form of some sort of Carbon or it just leaves Earth? Ask yourself that stuff before you come back with a poor argument. Oil was not just created when dinosaurs died. As soon as one dinosaur died then another animal died... If oil was created from dinosaurs dying, think about how many animals and humans have died since then and plants. Think about all the wars and funerals you have learned about. Think about how many trees have died and leaves have fell. That is all carbon that is put back into the ground. It is a never ending cycle that will go on forever. When something dies it all doesn't got to oil but some of it does and with all the things on Earth that have died it can form a lot of oil from that small percentage of dead things making oil.
Sylvia Lenze
Sylvia Lenze 3 года назад
I think you are going to make a great teacher! I loved the vegetables in your artwork! I think your students will love you as they learn much needed information in an interesting (as opposed to boring) way!
Trust 3 года назад
THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR MY SCIENCE REVISION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sam Jack
Sam Jack 3 года назад
Biftu Khalil
Biftu Khalil 3 года назад
thanks a lot it really helped me with my home work:)
Rachael van Rijn
Rachael van Rijn 3 года назад
Amazing! You are so creative
JustSurvivin' 3 года назад
"Natural Gas" otherwise known as methane is a renewable resource. Ask a farmer what cow farts are! Or any other farts for that matter. Look up Methane boidigesters.
Kim Dewit
Kim Dewit 3 года назад
Hi... This is REALLY GOOD!!! It must have taken a very long time! I love it! I plan to show it to my English Language Learners as an intro to the topic. Again, thank you!
TheFreeForever 3 года назад
Here is a website with just a list of renewable resources: www.renewableresourceslist.com May not have the most amount of info, but it does the job of compiling a list of renewable resources kind of like a shopping list with pictures.
Errol Espanya
Errol Espanya 4 года назад
a cute way to let kids know how renewable energy works and how it save us more..
Joshua Bonner
Joshua Bonner 4 года назад
how do you spell gieser
Memez 10 месяцев назад
Ilir Kumi
Ilir Kumi 4 года назад
NON renwewable resources provide more energy than renewable resources. I live in New England and winters get cold, could I heat my home with a windmill? Nighttime is the coldest so how would i use a solar panel then? Could i gaurantee energy when my demand is highest? I think people underestimate the energy in fossil fuels "cuz their gross" and overestimate the renewables, like "Solar freakin' roadways."
daniella 2 года назад
Yes, we know that non renewable resources provide more energy, but the fact is; it's ruining the environment/atmosphere fast. The renewable resources need to be used just as much as the non renewable resources if humanity wants to stand a chance.
AgapiPistiElpida 4 года назад
Thank you, you made me smile :)
Azeez Abubakr
Azeez Abubakr 4 года назад
Hi, Please see this truly remarkable campaign to build the world's very first crowdfunded Wind Farm! www.indiegogo.com/projects/a-m-r-e-a-z-renewables/x/5391112
Juan Freire
Juan Freire 4 года назад
perfect to study
Ronald Tefora
Ronald Tefora 4 года назад
I love this video.. can I use this for my science class... I want to share this to my class.. thnx..
savehomeefficient 4 года назад
i still go to renewables... since its clean affordable and green!
Brantley Schnell
Brantley Schnell 3 года назад
+savehomeefficient How is it affordable. One solar panel is like 12,000 dollars.
Ilir Kumi
Ilir Kumi 4 года назад
It is most certainly is not affordable. And acres of land turned into construction sites isn't very green.
Shavonnya Williams
Shavonnya Williams 4 года назад
Someone 4 года назад
Science Teacher's Sometimes....xDD Make us watch Videos that are probably not gonna help us much, because we're THAT stupid, Right?
Adam Sinapi
Adam Sinapi 4 года назад
Adam Sinapi
Adam Sinapi 4 года назад
I hatedit
Adam Sinapi
Adam Sinapi 4 года назад
keeps pausing yo not my internet dawg supposed to be watching this for science
Someone 4 года назад
Yea, mine's fine too
Mofojuju Art
Mofojuju Art 4 года назад
That's your problem with your internet, because mine does not do this.
Someone 4 года назад
I Need to do the same xDD
Internet Opportunities Unlimited
Internet Opportunities Unlimited 4 года назад
Great stuff! Nice work. The public really needs to see more of this. Have you heard anything about a new system called Optimal Future Energy Deployment (it should be on Google)? I’ve heard some interesting things about it and my brother got some amazing results. I’ve also been searching for solutions to the problem of wind turbines killing birds and bats. Ultrasonic acoustics looks like a possible answer to saving bats, but I haven’t read anything lately about the best way to keep birds away from wind turbines. Have you heard anything?
Nina Thomas
Nina Thomas 5 лет назад
Hey! This is a great example of storytelling in sustainability! You might be interested in GLP's Student Film Project, a film contest for students from middle school to graduate level to submit their short films (5 minutes or less) documenting any sustainability-related story. For more information follow the link glpfilms.com/education/student-film-project/
Nerualle 5 лет назад
I LUV THE CAT IN THE END. But seriously I learned a lot from this video. The candy was a great way to keep me watching. lol
Kuldeep M.
Kuldeep M. 5 лет назад
Such a Creative way to Teach an audience Excellent Video thumbs up! :)
juan davis
juan davis 5 лет назад
Reduce your energy consumption with ease ABOUTSOLARCELLS.COMXA.COM
Zilla 5 лет назад
3:19 I think that came from Phineas and Ferb. "Why yes, yes it is."
Tri Mai
Tri Mai 5 лет назад
...cause maybe it is?
Commander_Cow 5 лет назад
Do u mean that solar isn't renewable? u said it NEVER runs out the sun will in 3 billion or so years ;D
ThatGamesGuy 5 лет назад
Dynamitemonkey500 5 лет назад
Auto correct
Dynamitemonkey500 5 лет назад
Natural gas can be Renewable we'll atleast till humans are gone
Kitty Bun-bee
Kitty Bun-bee 5 лет назад
That really helped, thanks;)
Your Grandad
Your Grandad 5 лет назад
thanks rachel this is great study for my test. Cheers;)
baghadan leris
baghadan leris 5 лет назад
try this thread: ABOUTSOLARCELLS.COMXA.COM me and my friends are happy, more can be found on page,we reduced budget home and now we are thinking to sell energy
sparrow ma
sparrow ma 5 лет назад
Neomi Lewis
Neomi Lewis 5 лет назад
Do you still need that transcript because I could whip it up for you?
pilotpig 5 лет назад
dinosars existed before the comet hit and created the moon and there might be dead dinosars on the moon so now its fuel and we never drilled there
CubeMediaTV 5 лет назад
i made also a documentary about the renewable energy. Check it out in my channel
Leilani T
Leilani T 6 лет назад
so creative!!!
The Idiot Squad
The Idiot Squad 6 лет назад
i hate science
unfa 6 лет назад
This is really nicely done! I Iove the look and feel of this animation - the sound effects also help very much!
Nimra Aslam
Nimra Aslam 6 лет назад
This video is a treat to watch
Rachel Crabtree
Rachel Crabtree 6 лет назад
That's the best kind of comment I've received! Thank you ;)
Indiee Smith
Indiee Smith 6 лет назад
My Teacher Showed this in class and now I'm inspired :D
Rachel Crabtree
Rachel Crabtree 6 лет назад
If you combine the material in this video (i.e. What is a (non)renewable source) with the module's (i.e. What is the difference between source/resource) then your learners would be able to identify renewable resources based upon the energy source being utilized. Feel free to email me for the eLearning module if it would help :)
Rachel Crabtree
Rachel Crabtree 6 лет назад
I just finished a module, which explains the difference between energy "sources" vs "resources". A resource is usually considered renewable based upon two things. 1st: Is the original energy source renewable (i.e. wind or coal). 2nd Is it sustainable (i.e. it can been maintained w/out causing severe ecological damage).
Rachel Crabtree
Rachel Crabtree 6 лет назад
There is a finite amount. The original source of most fossil fuels is left over plant and animals remains, which took millions of years to convert into the fossil fuels we use now. That process can't be realistically reproduced any time soon. Please research "peak oil production and reserves" to find out more. Make sure to search for scientifically valid, peer reviewed, and nonpartisan funded studies for trustworthy information.
Rachel Crabtree
Rachel Crabtree 6 лет назад
Please pass it on - I made it for teachers! :)
Thomas Wagner
Thomas Wagner 6 лет назад
That's great ! Please check out my first stop motion animation ... "wagi filmz intro"
Shelley Fort
Shelley Fort 6 лет назад
Hey Rachael ,.we have made some progress the last 45 days on our website, but it seems our most important job is educating...if you ever have a few minutes I would love you to watch what we have put together so far ...I would love you to critique, it really needs to be simple and to the point. my personal email is shelleyfort@yahoo.was wondering if you had finished your other interactive program? Thanks loads..shelley I look forward to your new links
Maria Price
Maria Price 6 лет назад
This helped me get an a in social studies
spartanlegit1 6 лет назад
Actually gasoline can last forever their are many unexpected areas that harvest energy so we can never run out of gas coal we just have to make diffrent ways to find it
Austin Kelly
Austin Kelly 6 лет назад
Rachel Crabtree
Rachel Crabtree 6 лет назад
Great! Share as you like :) Also, I'm finishing an interactive multimedia Flash program for kids regarding renewable energy. If you would like a link to the program, please let me know! Should be complete & polished for public viewing by the end of the month. Also a lot of my renewable energy stuff is on my online portfolio - if it helps I'll put the portfolio link in the video description for you to take a look, share, and/or grab resources :D
Shelley Fort
Shelley Fort 6 лет назад
Awesome Video , I am stuck to these youtube video's learning as much as I can while preparing for our launch nationwide in the partnering with Renewable Wind Energy Program....prospect of being part of the solution while being incentivised is very enticing....I'm going to share this outside explaination with all I know
Rachel Crabtree
Rachel Crabtree 6 лет назад
Try adding to the end of your answer the type of resource that is using the chemical energy source and define whether it's nonrenewable or renewable. For example, the sun initially uses a chemical energy source and solar is considered renewable. Whereas, fossil fuel burning power plants use a chemical energy source, but they are nonrenewable.
Rachel Crabtree
Rachel Crabtree 6 лет назад
Sounds like you answered a resource question with an energy source. There is a difference between resources (methods that transform energy to something usable - like a powerplant) and energy sources (these are the initial energy sources like sound energy). There are both nonrenewable and renewable resources that use chemical energy sources.
FunFan23 8 месяцев назад
heh, don't forget to use the reply button instead of the "add a public comment" box
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