Stop Investigating Me! Or Else!

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Donald Trump's contribution to Wednesday's infrastructure meeting was to donate one gigantic roadblock. #LSSC #Colbert #Monologue
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May 23, 2019




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George Costarica
George Costarica 11 hours ago
Any president would look good after Trump.
Hoodoo Man
Hoodoo Man 17 hours ago
Wants to do infrastructure? Well, we could start with a high speed rail system and perhaps even fill in with some new dam's, roads and interplanetary space travel. Now that is infrastructure. Also a global network that includes solar and wind power would be nice. Our country is crumbling into ruin. And will end up with nothing if we keep electing morons who get free rent on the public dime and living in the White House.
Juan Carlos López Padilla
Hey guys ...keep an eye on D.J Trump..cuz knowing his personality..he probably will do something even worse like terrorist attack then suicide ..!!!!! suicide
lincoln dasema
lincoln dasema 4 days ago
Demicrates vs Trumpicons 2020
Theodore Villamizar
Hi, Theodore I am confirming that Election Held Hostage is not available through our PBS Video database. Your only other option would be to see if a local video store carries the documentary, or go through your local library's interlibrary loan service which might be able to borrow the item from one of the libraries in North America that carry this video. You can see a list if you go to the worldcat.org catalog. See: Election Held Hostage www.worldcat.org/oclc/25769123 and www.worldcat.org/oclc/31486780 (You might even contact PBS at search.alexanderstreet.com/pbsv) Good luck in finding the video and thanks for asking us. ---- Mark, AskUs Services, UW Libraries Seattle ----------------------- Please take a moment to fill out a survey at: www.questionpoint.org/crs/servlet/org.oclc.ask.Patr onSurveyForm?&language=1&type=ask&qid=14666174 ----------------------- Question History: Patron: Chat Transcript: I want to view PBS Frontline "Election Held Hostage" Librarian 1: Librarian 'QP Librarian Lisa' has joined the session. Librarian 1: Hi, Theodore, this is Lisa, in Washington State. I'm helping your librarians answer questions today. I am reading your question now to see how I can help you. Librarian 1: I'll look for that. Did you look already too? Patron: Somewhat; it seems to have been marginally acceptable to the legacy of dis-information in our Illustrious Bush hierarchism Librarian 1: Interesting! I think that will be in your PBS Video database accessible from Librarian 1: guides.lib.uw.edu/az.php?a=p Librarian 1: I'll log in and look too Patron: Thanks, CyberSpace is void for the non-prescriptively ungleanable Librarian 1: I don't see it in there. I'll look more Patron: Yeah, a piece of history... Librarian 1: Interesting! Would you like me to look more, or would you like your librarians to email you to help? Patron: Yes, surely! Pleeease. Patron: Thanks very much, bye from the east San Francisco bay area, south of Oakland, where today was very uncharacteristically hot! Librarian 1: Bye for now! Stay cool and come back anytime! Patron: up in the corner of this window "This page is trying to load scripts from unauthenticated sources: Patron: Bye Librarian 1: Thanks, your librarians will see that note too. Bye Librarian 1: Librarian ended chat session. Librarian 2: Hi, Theodore I am confirming that Election Held Hostage is not available through our PBS Video database. Your only other option would be to see if a local video store carries the documentary, or go through your local library's interlibrary loan service which might be able to borrow the item from one of the libraries in North America that carry this video. You can see a list if you go to the worldcat.org catalog. See: Election Held Hostage www.worldcat.org/oclc/25769123 www.worldcat.org/oclc/25769123 and www.worldcat.org/oclc/31486780 www.worldcat.org/oclc/31486780 (You might even contact PBS at search.alexanderstreet.com/pbsv search.alexanderstreet.com/pbsv ) Good luck in finding the video and thanks for asking us. ---- Mark, AskUs Services, UW Libraries Seattle To check the status or the history of your library question(s), go to: www.questionpoint.org/crs/servlet/org.oclc.ask.PatronDirect?&language=1&email=theodorevillamizar@gmail.com&qid=14666174
J Burns
J Burns 7 days ago
I think Trump may be lying, he has a classic tell for anyone who hasn't caught on to it yet........He talks! The biggest con artist and liar in U.S. history. He's also by all accounts of those who know him (without a vested interest to protect him) tell of cruel, manipulative, womanizing, racist, hypocritical, and adderall snorting asshole who is destroying our country.
jewell charles
jewell charles 8 days ago
has anyone alerted Lona from orangutan island that one of her juvenile orangutans has escaped,and it would be a great relief to America if she came and retrieved him...please...
V Denton
V Denton 8 days ago
He's just a distraction While Nazis on the SCOTUS finished destroying the Bill of Rights and Constitution
Ivan Kazakov
Ivan Kazakov 9 days ago
Can you imagine talking about the I word after everything that happened
kulturfreund66 10 days ago
Hey man, yo looks like Clark Kent !
Dennis Huffman
Dennis Huffman 10 days ago
"For some reason, maybe for lack of confidence on his part that he couldn't match the greatness of the challenge that we before us". - Rep. Nancy Pelosi
Henri van der Waard
Minute waltz 1:55. Heh
I Created An Account For This
I really liked this phphffssssssh...
Jorge González
Jorge González 12 days ago
No one is really doing anything, it seems everybody is in on it, democracy is done... Not a good sign for human kind.
Rob Wilson
Rob Wilson 12 days ago
HkRedPill 13 days ago
As of this moment, there are 37k likes and 1.6k dislike (only 4%). The 37% Trump supporters are lagging way behind.
DanielVegan Land
DanielVegan Land 13 days ago
Why does such a Pathetic Man with such a big mouth have such Tiny hands?
Malina Fiolek
Malina Fiolek 13 days ago
Oh.. and what is the I word? oh! IMPEACHMENT. Trump is afraid to say impeachment. Donny JR., young man? yeah, comparing with Chuck Grassley, who is 100 years old. He is an old man with children, divorced like his daddy.
Margo Mason
Margo Mason 13 days ago
"Winning winning", says Trump!
K. B.
K. B. 13 days ago
'Minute'-Waltz! :D
Mike Stevens
Mike Stevens 13 days ago
Rico ,Rico ,gitmo ! Bronzer ahoy! Impeach Rasputin first!
Bento Lun
Bento Lun 13 days ago
Thank you Steven for keeping its real!!
Bento Lun
Bento Lun 13 days ago
What it do ??? Congress get on your job!!!
Kategari 13 days ago
Why does Trump think that congress can't multitask? This is the same guy who wants to lower taxes and build a wall and introduce tariffs comma so he wants to do three stupid things at once but he thinks that congress only do one thing at a time?
Jerry K
Jerry K 13 days ago
Hey!! Everybody were so gracious about that black guy in both his terms.........
Tan Hiang Ching
Tan Hiang Ching 13 days ago
Heroes and Villains. I watched movies a lot. Yesterday I went to the biggest theatre here. There are 12 theater playing, godzilla, alladin and so on. But I never watched any. Just no urge to part with my money. I realised today we are watching the biggest super villain in action live. What movie can match the villain that threatens world peace? Only Thanos, the villain that threaten universe peace, I watched that and that was the last. Its very exciting and of course depressing because its real. So who is going to stop this villain, is it the congress, the people, or the rest of world united? Its exciting, after all he is sitting in the most powerful position in the world.
Ted Talkz
Ted Talkz 13 days ago
Wow Some real garbage humor.
Mike Allan
Mike Allan 13 days ago
How does anyone with a half a brain watch this no talent liberal idiot..
Al Clark
Al Clark 11 days ago
That's half a brain more than Trumpanzee's have.
Bookish Nymph85
Bookish Nymph85 14 days ago
"Two bonus minutes" LMAO
Khurram Aziz
Khurram Aziz 14 days ago
What no videos happened Stephen? Did Trump silence you?!
sly cat
sly cat 14 days ago
Colbert. Your such a loser. Trump 2020. Lol
salas7146 14 days ago
The Trump family are big criminal liar's they should be locked up already
don reed
don reed 14 days ago
THE STUDIO 14 days ago
Colbert has been losing ever since the election. You lost the collusion narrative! Your comedy now sucks! lol
Mo Do
Mo Do 14 days ago
I fall asleep every night to boring Colbert clips.
Eugenio Colussi filho
Leanna Geyer
Leanna Geyer 14 days ago
Wish he could use some nasal spray or Vick’s vapor rub so we don’t have to listen to him trying to breathe
Dennis Tienesen
Dennis Tienesen 14 days ago
Trump is destroying his country to cover up the fact that Huawei and Iran grabbed the US by the balls and that the world is bringing them down to their knees to confess all their criminal activities, their lies, theft, betrayal and creating excuses to justify war. No boundaries to protect world domination in technology and economy. Nazis at their finest. They are bringing them to justice. The truth and all the proof is out there. He can try what he want but there's just no way out. Either way civil war is inevitable. US government is doomed, US tech industry is doomed and US economy is doomed. Huawei, make the impossible possible. 🇮🇷🇨🇳💪🏼💪🏼 Huawei, China and Iran. Creators of world peace ✌🏻
刘宇龙 15 days ago
喔,叔叔,拜託,咩众看睡多次,懐錶找无,也无揪出加害組,还連累教父組商和驱伏邪妖人以及囚獄試驱伏压組,更拖連累瓊斯組(本束是动物組),三合組共济弄哪麼久??,铁騎糾組可沒耐性受压,,,SO??。 但,,,还是禁用鴿子論和禁止入科普,,,。 追遡到簽而互助駐衛,,,SO。
Luboman411 15 days ago
Why does this Orange moron breathe so heavily like a fucking baboon? It's bizarre. Is it all the cocaine Trump's done over the decades? That would explain the labored breathing so much...
Pradip Kumar
Pradip Kumar 15 days ago
The Late Show with Stephen Colbert = Trump Smearing Show
Monica u65yy7g66t
Monica u65yy7g66t 15 days ago
Don't hate me everyone but here's an unpopular opinion.... the hate on Trump is getting old. Get over it. Before he ran everybody including...especially black people were all about Trump. Now because he did what most can't we hate him? Get over it! He's your president! He loses , you do too! Maybe stand by your leader! Oh and you used to be funny Stephen Colbert! Try to find different material other then ripping on your commander in Chief. I bet you'll be retiring when his term is up good luck
Luboman411 15 days ago
No, that ain't gonna happen. He's extremely corrupt, he's a con man, he's incompetent. We hate him so, so, so much, and not because he did "what most can't." We hate him because he is a truly foul, awful human being. Not my President. And that's something your constant whining and the whining of your Trumpist companions will never get. We will never respect him. He's your leader, not our leader. If you decide to go back to your senses and elect someone moral and decent and non-corrupt, then we can talk. But this man--he will never earn our respect.
David DeLaney
David DeLaney 15 days ago
"an impeachable Filet-o-Fish"? --Dave, ... add. to. lunch tray!!1!
David Anewman
David Anewman 15 days ago
Everybody is involved in a coverup. Jesus is covering people's sins, Democrats are covering their sins. Trump is covering the rest.
byindani 15 days ago
At first I was mad... but it’s so effing funny to see this Trump guy go. So freaking funny
Steve Miller
Steve Miller 15 days ago
TRUMP 2020 silly lefty liberals
SophyaAgain 15 days ago
At least you folks can make a joke of your president . . . Meanwhile in Brazil . . .
John Knowles
John Knowles 15 days ago
You need to find another job flipping or something cuz you aren't funny and you haven't got a clue what is going on you're an idiot. Dennis Miller walks all over you. Semper-Fi WWG1WGA
Anna Mathews
Anna Mathews 15 days ago
Please see my FB 970.852.9010 can PLEASE YOU HELP ME PROBONO MALPRACTICE PSYCHIATRIC HOSPITAL local????? PLEASE thank YOU leave message only. Thx bless
Anna Mathews
Anna Mathews 15 days ago
I have multiple personality disorder. Any help getting abuses cease AND desist welcomed!!!!!! Blessing and thank YOU!!!!!!
Anna Mathews
Anna Mathews 15 days ago
Please PLEASE dont let my pain be in vein!!!! Bless thx!!!!!!
unreal011 16 days ago
have i offended you? i'm sorry. again, idk. i'm glad you didn't have to hear my voice. :))
unreal011 16 days ago
3:30 investigation / investment OR ...things. still 2.
Dennis 16 days ago
Colbert should stop acting like an asshole or else!
Jacqueline Banal
Jacqueline Banal 16 days ago
Trump is a master con man!
FREE SPEECH 16 days ago
Cesar Cataldi
Cesar Cataldi 16 days ago
"My dear and late Father who had an extraordinary ability and examine reality and human behavior, being an excellent psychoanalyst himself, he told me something important for my life He told me, you can not do two things at once !! Either you do one, well done, one thing , or you do the other thing well !! Both are not possible at the same time to do well . Either you are the President of the USA or you will call the citizens of the USA stupid !! Simple ! Both things are not possible !! I'm sorry for this President.
barfyman362 16 days ago
I was watching the Central Park Five netflix show today; reminded me of what a scummy move Donald Trump pulled back then to put more pressure towards the public outrage towards the five men.
Rita Vautour
Rita Vautour 16 days ago
God is going to give Trump his just reward. Hell is going to be a whole lot hotter.
Cosmical.- 16 days ago
If you ever want to know what the Left is up to, just pay attention to what they accuse the Right of.
a mountain's a mammal
Really people, what it worse? Who is the bigger asshat? Trump or these suck up talk show host douchebags who run their mouths nonstop about Trump? It’s all so very nauseating.
Bright Flash
Bright Flash 16 days ago
President Trump will win reelection and Attorney General Barr will begin handing out indictments .
Whitney Tarkington
Whitney Tarkington 16 days ago
Russia interfered with our elections. No one is talking about that. Trump is an orange herring.
chezfun 16 days ago
What an A$$
Michael Quallet
Michael Quallet 16 days ago
Those ratings are the funniest thing about the LS anymore. One trick hack joke.
h .chen
h .chen 16 days ago
these days whenever the camera cuts to jon I DIE. his comedic timing has improved so much in the last year!! as if he wasn't talented enough already?!?!?!
Star Lord
Star Lord 16 days ago
You suck cobert
Paul Rice
Paul Rice 16 days ago
Steven Colbert 🤨 a typical trader to America, he is the typical type of politician that has been running 🏃🏾 this country into the ground. The do nothing politicians.
Dylan L
Dylan L 16 days ago
What a bunch of beady eyed rejects
Jesse Leinard
Jesse Leinard 16 days ago
Pathedic little comedian Hollywood idiot ... un American pos. ....ps libtard s are done we have seen your true colors
Emmett Pickles
Emmett Pickles 16 days ago
Scripted late night partisan politics. Isn't CNN enough for your small minds?
willl 88
willl 88 16 days ago
what a hack
tiny dancer
tiny dancer 16 days ago
I think it's called "turning water into wine?""mind-blowing?""moonlighting?"
tiny dancer
tiny dancer 16 days ago
Is that what means physical comedy shots????
tiny dancer
tiny dancer 16 days ago
Hands down...I love when those comedians do physical comedy.
tiny dancer
tiny dancer 16 days ago
And then he said "Take to the highway, won't you lend me your name" "Your way and my way seems to be one in the same"
Nah!!Hey!HEY,hooray! James
No the word dysfunction,brain is totally orbiting,maybe visiting on Jupiter👻
Dennis Martens
Dennis Martens 16 days ago
Trump 2020
jason godin
jason godin 16 days ago
FU Colbert
jason godin
jason godin 16 days ago
I thought Colbert was smart I failed
jason godin
jason godin 16 days ago
Colbert thinks Hillary would be worst but needs to stfu
Mark Eaton
Mark Eaton 16 days ago
Colbert is such a commie puppet got the left.. Keep reading that bs on the cue cards, Steven, you traitor to America. This show use to to be great , until it became a platform for communist China propaganda. Better be funny Colbert, or they will take you out to the firing squad. They have killed over 100 million people already, what is another puppet to them.. WAKE UP AMERICA TO THIS BS. COLBERT YOU STINK OF BS.
Quentin Styger
Quentin Styger 16 days ago
Donald Trump has people who support him; so did Hitler. America is the fourth reich.
Brian Gosik
Brian Gosik 16 days ago
Crazy thing is Donald seems to believe himself
Zach 16 days ago
Looking forward to all the late night hosts bitching and complaining for another 4 years after Trump wins re-election.
Faith Rada
Faith Rada 16 days ago
IF.. Americans are foolish enough to re-elect Trump... America would likely no longer exist in 2024. Putin 1 - America 0
Secular Guy
Secular Guy 16 days ago
When in doubt, just go with the opposite of whatever that fat tub of lard says. "I am the most", becomes "I am the least".
seanman1231 17 days ago
Or else what? You blimp
Lisa 17 days ago
I'm right there with ya Stephen! 😌 I can Imagine!
Michael Pondo
Michael Pondo 17 days ago
Dick tater is runming his lying mouth again and again. His discord is the biggest instegator in out history. He s made fools of these evangelicals because they worship our sjit in chief.
Isaiah Gauthier
Isaiah Gauthier 17 days ago
Looks like not only is journalism dead but also comedy: proof- watch the NERD ...LOL🤣😂🤣
Pablo Ramirez de Arellano
Colbert's such a douche, pelosi's hand gesturing is regretable
Rob Lav
Rob Lav 17 days ago
Steve, you've made a lot of money cracking on people with questionable morals. Your fearlessness and bravado are unmatched. What say you about the latest MLK reports? Do you have the balls to address the issue?
BigTime Ray
BigTime Ray 17 days ago
Stephen, I've never watched your show, I wouldn't stoop that low! But I remember you in the headlines begging Trump to run for president, you even said you'd donate his first campaign check! You're just a scrode! Don't get quiet now! And that goes for all of y'all! You're disgraceful! You don't respond to honor and you're counterproductive to making America great again, Get ready for TRUMP 2020, put that in your pipe and smoke it!👍😂
BigTime Ray
BigTime Ray 16 days ago
@wendy woodward Will you at least acknowledge that Colbert asked Trump to run and offer his first campaign donation?
wendy woodward
wendy woodward 16 days ago
A wimp has emerged....trump 2020 yeah....with this pos in the whitehouse we may not even see a 2020.....anything....im sure this turd would love to blow us all up if it keeps him from being exposed for what he is and. the crimes hes done!!!!!
debbie541 17 days ago
no multi tasking allowed when your president wow just can't be done lol
TheTruthIsRacist 17 days ago
TRUMP 2020! It's going to be so easy this time. lol
Joseph Carl Breil
Joseph Carl Breil 17 days ago
Trump is just about the biggest disgrace in American politics.
Chris Hristov
Chris Hristov 17 days ago
Has anyone wondered what looks like to live in a circus? Well, nearly 330 million people experienced it first hand for two long years. The worst thing is that the clown plays with stuff a lot more dangerous than juggling pins and balls.
Marty ponish
Marty ponish 18 days ago
i used to watch this show and never laugh then someone told me it was a comedy show and this guy was funny now i can't stop laughing
Kenneth Kustren
Kenneth Kustren 18 days ago
Soldiers unity of the cross W
A good president does not go into a tempertans Meaning not mature to be there
Soldiers unity of the cross W
Whoohoo show more lol. Search
Bruce Caid
Bruce Caid 18 days ago
Dirty Donald doesn't care one whit about infrastructure. He's just trying to keep his @ss out of the wringer.
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