Stop Investigating Me! Or Else!

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Donald Trump's contribution to Wednesday's infrastructure meeting was to donate one gigantic roadblock. #LSSC #Colbert #Monologue
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May 22, 2019




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Comments 80
Humphrey B
Humphrey B 5 days ago
This is over a year old. Steve isn't at home.
Trevor Burke
Trevor Burke 12 days ago
Mr. Colbert, I come from the future to tell you this doesn't go the way you wish. Now how do I send this back 13 months...
PATTY PERRY 13 days ago
i love you stephen ,your hilarious haha
Janelle McCoy
Janelle McCoy 17 days ago
Janelle McCoy
Janelle McCoy 17 days ago
Thank you, again ma'am.
tha Real Mike Zee
tha Real Mike Zee 3 months ago
sometimes search warrants are funny. Like..."Looking for firearms...seized one bag of green, leafy material." True story I saw that one
Caroline Morphis
Caroline Morphis 4 months ago
You dont suck you dont get
Caroline Morphis
Caroline Morphis 4 months ago
Love you Nancy you are good woman
柳岑焉 5 months ago
Richard Dastrup
Richard Dastrup 5 months ago
Oh look the circus clown Stephen Colbert has no talent no new material . Hes running reruns in Hope's he can get new viewers. What a waste of air time.
Garry Cartwright
Garry Cartwright 5 months ago
Who is surprised that we received all of these conflicting lies about the Trump action to kill a terrorist? Liars and sons of liars.
anna martinez
anna martinez 6 months ago
My gosh does he always has to do all that sniffing after every sentence. He just can't stop whining and no substance
Hector Plascencia
Hector Plascencia 6 months ago
Trump's denture is some kind of loose. Notice how awkward he talks.
TheTunaMaster 6 months ago
quid pro quo
Gilbert Jones
Gilbert Jones 6 months ago
Whenever he speaks he has to think about what he is trying to say. No preparedness and just slow-brained. Something is wrong with him. He committed CRIMES and thinks it is ok. One SICK moron...
Dingle Berry
Dingle Berry 6 months ago
Pelosi nailed it.
Alan Brown
Alan Brown 6 months ago
Oh my goodness! I don't touch that rhubarb! -John.
Anthony Rodriguez
Anthony Rodriguez 6 months ago
Let's not forget his declaration to eradicate aids? He sure did a good job of that. All his aides are either in prison or under investigation.
Renate Cox
Renate Cox 6 months ago
Infra structure. He is always saying this is what I do. Technology l, I heard him say the same thing. Deals, again he said the same thing. I did not hear him say Lying , that is what I do. That is what he does every day.
Julie Anne
Julie Anne 6 months ago
Trump never stops lying. He is an abhorrent man. Vote the Mess Out of DC.
Icoyu Christ
Icoyu Christ 6 months ago
Try to see the eyes moving into the nose in a 90 degree cross
Just Human
Just Human 6 months ago
I would not hire trump to clean my toilet. The guy is not only an idiot, he is illiterate and a drug addict. Only in America, would a white trailer trash drug addict become president because he is white and wears a suit.
Deep Dish
Deep Dish 6 months ago
#ConstitutionDead #GOPForPutin #Trump4King2020 #ComradesForJesus #MerryChristmasWarOnReality
Adam Frazer
Adam Frazer 6 months ago
I wish America had saved it's game before 2016 - you guys should probably start a new game but maybe on medium difficulty, because you're playing on NIGHTMARE and it shows...
Allison Bauch
Allison Bauch 6 months ago
It's that new math, Stephen.
Richard Dastrup
Richard Dastrup 7 months ago
Reruns based on rumors and gossip. Stephen Colbert has no talent. Reruns shows America he has no new material. Hes stuck in reruns.
Richard Dastrup
Richard Dastrup 7 months ago
And the reruns keep comming . The no talent guy has no new material. Terrance k Williams the king of comedy
Richard Dastrup
Richard Dastrup 7 months ago
@Jessica Thacker you to have a good day.
Jessica Thacker
Jessica Thacker 7 months ago
You think? I'm not gonna try to point out any contradictions about that because it would be argumentative and pointless. Instead I'll just say have a good day.
Richard Dastrup
Richard Dastrup 7 months ago
@Jessica Thacker oh yea right now poll approval is 52 percent so its awsome a great America after all . A great economy a great stock market. A great military taking out Baghdadi a well known terrorists. The do nouthing Democrats exposed.
Jessica Thacker
Jessica Thacker 7 months ago
Guess we will see in 2020 or maybe Trump could go ahead and resign so we could find out now.
Richard Dastrup
Richard Dastrup 7 months ago
@Jessica Thacker I know it's like hes got nouthing else. It's like a broken record. It's like hes a mental and hes stuck on one thing in his life. The guy is going to be lost after Trump presidency. He will have to join the circus
Bill Baldwin
Bill Baldwin 7 months ago
We have an elected dictator,,,,,
Sandy 7 months ago
Moscow Remember this limerick: This is the way we drain the swam....drain the swamp...drain the swam ...this is the way we drain the swamp and eradicate toxic trump!......okay so it doesn’t work and hat well!
Michael Atkins
Michael Atkins 7 months ago
Getting things done for the American people and investigating Spanky is the same track MAGA My Administration Getting Arrested #resist
Dark Rainbow
Dark Rainbow 7 months ago
Infrastructure puns... Are you my dad?
Shelia Waymon
Shelia Waymon 7 months ago
Colbert great job. I've never laughed so hard. Enjoy your show keep it coming
L S 7 months ago
Someone...please plug this man's nose
Dana Hilp
Dana Hilp 7 months ago
Oh, buy the way trumb is going to go through some bad stuff.. I don't think anyone new that.
Jim Rowe
Jim Rowe 7 months ago
When he says he will be really good at something! You know he is “not”
Willie Brooks
Willie Brooks 7 months ago
Infrastructure is what pissed me off about Trump also. Why wasn't he focused on what he says he is proficient in??? America is in dire need for upgrades on bridges, interstates; roads etc.. That good old boy crooked bs fascinated his stupid ass. Everybody wants to be a bully gangster ahole. He has throughly embarassed the Presidential Office of the United States of America. The Repubs are far more concerned about maintaining power than the well being of America and the rest of the world. I could never be one of the idiotic lemmings that are scrambling to try and cover Trump's many wrongs. At voting time: Americans will remember who put them at risks. Just lies and dumb actions all around from the Trump adminstration.
dee bugza
dee bugza 7 months ago
IWORD good bye
Valerie Paulsen
Valerie Paulsen 7 months ago
7:00 Lord help us.
Valerie Paulsen
Valerie Paulsen 7 months ago
He seems to enjoy the applause just a little too much.
Valerie Paulsen
Valerie Paulsen 7 months ago
I can no longer stomach Colbert.
fiona swann
fiona swann 7 months ago
Mandy Heaven
Mandy Heaven 7 months ago
well donald if you stop telling lies and be honest to your country then would not have to be investigated even your supporters wish they were not supporting you as you made promises that you can not keep allyou think of is money and power but thats your fault for making people to belive in you but you are showing your true colours so maybe think before you open your mouth evry word is a compelet lie wonder your nose is not getting any longer you are making yourself looking like a right fool
Frances Glenn
Frances Glenn 7 months ago
Hot to get trump out of office!!!
Frances Glenn
Frances Glenn 7 months ago
Get trump out !!!!
NEVER EVER 8 months ago
What is this a SHAKE DOWN??
Georganna Smaltz
Georganna Smaltz 8 months ago
Every single time Trump opens his mouth, it's a lie!!! So tired of the imbarrisment of Trump!!! 🇺🇸
Wwe Fanatic
Wwe Fanatic 8 months ago
God bless the president of the United States of America Donald j Trump and keep Mr President safe from this evils puppets.🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈
Shawn Begley
Shawn Begley 8 months ago
It's all about the Ethics at the End of the Day "! Bad Ethics Cause Bad Thing's Steven You Know what I Mean !?,,,, ,,,, Thing's !!!,,,, 👑💀🗡⚡
Shawn Begley
Shawn Begley 8 months ago
I knew before the Election there was a Serious Conflict of Interest $$$,,,, 👑#SpottedOwl
Dave k
Dave k 8 months ago
That's why Jim's shooting me from the waist up 😂😂😂
Annie Sue
Annie Sue 8 months ago
Really he threatens the house on film wtf
2 years &
2 years & 8 months ago
Ur president is cuckoo
2Ohm CD5
2Ohm CD5 8 months ago
Ben Franklin said it best. All Presidents should be for impeachment. Assassination is the alternate choice.
Margie Reyes
Margie Reyes 8 months ago
Sweet Jesus, Trump's useless.
William Peterson
William Peterson 8 months ago
But how many indictments were there? 34!
Olla Garbas
Olla Garbas 8 months ago
Trump..you raised your son to lie.steal,cheat you did a really good job.he turned out exactly like you wanted him to...you should be happy you raised an Idiot..
Ready 80
Ready 80 8 months ago
Like the 7:42 his song was great!
Glenys Thomson
Glenys Thomson 8 months ago
Ofcourse he is the most transparent president in history, anyone with a brain can see right through him.
Ronald Campbell
Ronald Campbell 8 months ago
Did I hear that right? Nancy just said due to lack of confidence, the President could not rise to her challenge!!!!! A most amusing presidency!!!!!!!!
Henry Coats
Henry Coats 8 months ago
You gotta love the way Nancy tags trump.
Rod Parker
Rod Parker 8 months ago
He’s my son and doesn’t pay taxes .
Tim Cotterill
Tim Cotterill 8 months ago
Steven, I love the way you take the most merciless rip out of everything and everyone establishment, most of all that Big Orange Idiot (BOI). Irony, sarcasm, irreverence, hyperbole & some truly wicked word plays. Taking the rip out of the establishment was the driving force behind Monty Python, as I’m sure you know dot, dot, dot, I’m sure they would be impressed and get a lot of enjoyment out of your work. You, John Stewart, Jimmy Kimmel, and Chelsea Handler, are beacons of light in this darkest of times (good grief, I sound like a twat). Pion is you people keep reminding me that there are still good, intelligent, funny, decent people in the US of A. Wish we got your shows here in Oz, but we don’t, so the intermynet will have to do. Your fan TimC (bats eyelids coyly.... nah, not really, but I did crack another stubby {beer} while I watched this. Cheers)
Elena Belacastre
Elena Belacastre 8 months ago
I CRACK UP EVERYTIME I SEE YOUR SHOW!! 🚩🚩👁👁🚩🚩 3 TRACKS. made from 2 !!! 3 CALLS, one was 🐙👁👁🐙 DOUBLE. His TROUBLE!! 🎭 Loool
Debra Slack
Debra Slack 8 months ago
Lmao! I literally watch these old videos cos there so funny 🤣
Sinead Quilter
Sinead Quilter 8 months ago
I love Nancy
Mary-Anne Bourke
Mary-Anne Bourke 8 months ago
Another Nancy sang a great song about these boots ....and one of these days these boots are going to walk all over you
Mary-Anne Bourke
Mary-Anne Bourke 8 months ago
Oh Donny just shut up!!!
Mary-Anne Bourke
Mary-Anne Bourke 8 months ago
Another quid pro quo???
MÉNG LIN QI 8 months ago
Sabrina Estep
Sabrina Estep 8 months ago
Bill Baldwin
Bill Baldwin 8 months ago
A sociopathic narcissist. A mild description of this traitor. Lock him up.
Curtis Whitehead Jr
Curtis Whitehead Jr 8 months ago
So we "elected?" Grandpaw Simpson? 😂
LadyHotdogOfTheBun 8 months ago
Sounds like a shakedown...
Michael Quarry
Michael Quarry 8 months ago
Trump the totally brain dead bozo. He still a child in his undeveloped brain. Trump is to be impeach the idiot is all mouth. Stupid fruitcake
Richard Dastrup
Richard Dastrup 8 months ago
Trump syndrome much
Stefan Schleps
Stefan Schleps 8 months ago
The I word? The good old I word. I stands for idiot. I stands for insane. I stands for insecure. I stands for inarticulate. I stands for insufferable. I stands for indefferent. I stands for insensitive. I stands for inoperable. I stands for improper. I stands for immesdiately impeach that insufferable imposter impersonating the presidency and imprison him. Yes, lil donnie, we can imagine. And we are. 😷😈😎😷😈😎😷😈😎😷😈😎 Impeachment
gary doss
gary doss 8 months ago
T-rump sounded a little like Christopher Walken
Gregory Smith
Gregory Smith 8 months ago
Listening to him talk about how he's such a victim. I mean for real. His son went through hell. Get real
Rebecca Hopkins
Rebecca Hopkins 8 months ago
I’ve come up with Trump’s 2020 campaign slogan: “Trump, putting the reason back in treason since 2016-keep America great and vote against your conscience this November”
Serious Viewer
Serious Viewer 8 months ago
Dump Trump Ditch Mitch Fits much better on a bumper sticker.
Phazelvos FreqDetector
I thought you were going to say... .
rex alvin Land
rex alvin Land 8 months ago
Lock him up
Tina Saenger
Tina Saenger 8 months ago
I can’t believe that anyone supports this man. He is a liar, con man, and fakes being religious.
M Murase
M Murase 8 months ago
Those who are powerful think they will get rich quick. Those who are not are easily conned.
gtmuse329A 8 months ago
Jon’s “piano reactions” are really getting sneaky lately...The Minute Waltz was so great for that bit! Well played sir. 🎹
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