Stop Investigating Me! Or Else!

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Donald Trump's contribution to Wednesday's infrastructure meeting was to donate one gigantic roadblock. #LSSC #Colbert #Monologue
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May 23, 2019

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Comments 5 285
CAMera Productions
CAMera Productions 9 hours ago
I think steven just suffered what is commonly known as karma
Peggy Trawick
Impeach and/or imprison Donald (duck) Trump
Laurie Bolles
Laurie Bolles 4 days ago
Oh the 'I' word is imagine?
Tzayiaffaahla Productions
Pray for the ronin spirit.
sawsan mccloskey
sawsan mccloskey 5 days ago
Why he always breath like a pig out of oxygen
Corrado Campisano
4:40 then you wake up with pence
Peggy Trawick
Peggy Trawick 14 days ago
Impeachable offense
Peggy Trawick
Peggy Trawick 14 days ago
Impeach and / or imprison Donald F. Trump
Hong Fei Bai
Hong Fei Bai 16 days ago
No collusion, no obstruction, could mean that if there was collusion, it would be considered obstruction.
big john
big john 19 days ago
instead of tweeting why not repeal and replace
Erin Thesystem
Erin Thesystem 21 day ago
It would be so refreshing if the idea of being a public servant entered into this president's calculations, even just once. And I am so sick of politics being reduced to an abstraction, a mere game in which "winning"- at any and all costs- is the only thing which matters. Also, Rupert Murdoch, the late Roger Ailes, Breitbart, etc.- everybody who went into making FOXNews what it is today does not have a functioning conscience and definitely DOES NOT care about this country; otherwise, they would report honestly and not portray half the country as enemies- which is done, in part, by making up ridiculous stances and claiming that those on the Left hold such positions or believe nonsensical or impractical things. This president shouldn't discourage the straight media sources, either (major newspapers), as these are NOT liberal media but factual, middle-of-the-road publications which he happens to find PERSONALLY threatening because they do not flatter him the way propaganda or slanted/biased sources with clear agendas do. (There ARE liberal media- several news magazines come to mind- but the Wash.Post and NY Times aren't them.) No matter what, it's good to read and watch as much of a variety as possible, but it's ESPECIALLY important for us to not take one another as enemies. Assumptions are being made about what others believe, and we don't even know one another yet! Does even a potential disagreement make someone irredeemable- ? We know better than to act this way. Maybe our leaders are obsessed with besting one another, but that isn't a behavior which we, the people, are obligated to imitate. They are meant to work for us- that is ALL of them. For ALL OF US. If we're going to restore even a little sociability here, then it will be up to us regular people to take the lead; all these others are too busy right now, too consumed with avoiding the messy work of actually doing their jobs.
jessica M
jessica M 25 days ago
I mean if a president can get impeach for a blow job WHY?!?!?! IS THIS CHEETOO WANABE STILL IN OFFICE ,OR ALIVE 🤷🤦
jessica M
jessica M 25 days ago
Everyone who goes against trump mysteriously gets fired,or bashed in public etc..
Kathy Vogel
Kathy Vogel 27 days ago
It’s the ignorant who believe in trump. Trump lies.
Frank B.
Frank B. 28 days ago
Please don’t re-elect him America. We’re scared. Love, Canada.
Dean Everlean
Dean Everlean 29 days ago
This guy is not funny and acts like a child to get his point across.
Michael Quarry
Michael Quarry Month ago
Trump is nuts. Trump shut up clown or get shut up
The Weldor
The Weldor Month ago
hey colbert , i see yr name on the frequent flier list fr pedo island with kimmel . Hows come the list is all democrats ? Kinda speaks for it self . Trump banned epstien after he tried to molest a friends daughter . So Trump banned the looser ! The dems , bill , hillary , kimmel , colbert , they all went epstien , SCORE , High Five ! Teenage molesting baby murdering idiots ! And for what ? A potential vote . Wow
Robin Potter
Robin Potter Month ago
Or you can go down the investigation track and seize Trump organization's assets as proceeds from a criminal enterprise, like money laundering for which he's been fined twice while admitting guilt. Just look at the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network press release dated 3/6/15. People who said the Mueller investigation was too expensive, Manafort's assets seized actually turned a profit. Investigate trump & Giuliani's ties with the Khrapunovs running from #MoneyLaundering in Kazakhstan, shell company Kazbay that Giuliani setup involves trump's other crime buddy, Felix Sater of Bayrock and Trump SoHo, where three units were sold to the Khrapunovs who used dirty money. Trump has been in trouble over and over for not caring where the money comes from. Failure to do due diligence. Money laundering his way around the world. Violates the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and wants it gone, said it's a stupid law because bribery is necessary to do business with foreign governments. He's got a virtual cemetery of skeletons in the closet that have nothing to do with his "presidency" which is a reality show for likes and ratings. I don't think our adversaries, whom he thinks are such close personal friendships, give a rat's ass about followers and ratings. Putin looks at trump with derision and trump doesn't even notice, instead he shakes his hand and says you didn't interfere in the election, did you... Putin feared Hillary Clinton and laughs at trump. Trump is such a narcissist he thinks Putin is laughing with him.
mw izzie
mw izzie Month ago
Is be really good at it, what an exotic comment. They can't get past your scandals to do work.
Diego Suarez
Diego Suarez Month ago
Mr grand stander! Just wants to look good. Doesn't care if the country goes down the toilet.
Common Sense
Common Sense Month ago
Good Golly Miss Polly
"Let them have all they want." They want your Tax Returns for the last 7 year's. Maybe 10, not sure.
Good Golly Miss Polly
I think I'll be riding the rails with the investigating feds, quite frankly.
1DumBunny Month ago
Trump is a Lethal Buffoon, but Pence is Satan.
Ellen Henry
Ellen Henry Month ago
When I get down about all this vileness. You make me laugh, thanks.
Just Human
Just Human Month ago
Just looking at trump and hearing his voice, fills me with gross disgust. Why couldn't he spend the rest of his presidency in north korea?
Beverly Vinson
Beverly Vinson Month ago
Nanny needs to glue her teeth in better ..they are slipping.
Reggie Koval
Reggie Koval Month ago
It has just occurred to me that Trump is nothing more than a Salesman.! A slimy dirty salesman who is trying to sell us all something in convincing us that we need it in a lot of us have bought into it because we're just consumers and we fall in for the advertisements. Think about it when he wants you to buy something he repeats it over and over and over again but if he wants to skip pass something he tries to not even bring it up and casein point he refers to impeachment as the I word because he doesn't even want the word to come out of his mouth because he knows that if he does that it might catch on the way he intends what he repeats to catch on. The dude is a New York City mob boss criminal pussy grabbing lying narcissistic racist dividing a****** who thinks of himself as a dictator or a king and we should all be so lucky as to kiss his ass! Will Republicans a lot of us are not going to trade what you call a good economy which is simply your version of really really rich people throwing us a few crumbs because I don't see anybody's life around me improving financially. I don't have any investments in the stock market do you? I am not going to buy what he's selling because what he's selling is our patriotism, our moral High Ground, our consistent belief that we are all in this together, and if you all simply vote for him because he has an r in front of his name remember that he spent most of his life as a Democrat and he even gave Hillary Clinton a million dollars for her campaign. Those are facts deal with it.
Just Human
Just Human Month ago
Hey, out of oxygen 300 lb tub of lard, why don't you take a whiff of oxygen before you start breathing through the congested traffic in your nose!
Just Human
Just Human Month ago
Nancy Pelosi is trump's biggest enabler in the trump criminal enterprise. Nancy, you need to step down. You are not worth the position in the most important office in the legislature.
carol gancos
carol gancos Month ago
Nancy, do your damn job!!! Get him out of there. If you can't do that at least make his life and his freak show life a misery.
Sandra Walker
Sandra Walker Month ago
Get use to the investigation, Trump!!not going to stop till your bankrupt Trump criminal Organization falls along with you!!lol what a dangerous nut!
Yang Liu
Yang Liu Month ago
8 more years
Zack Reynolds
Zack Reynolds Month ago
“Welcome to the Late Show, a show that used to be comedy, used to be respected, but now is nothing but Liberal shilling disguised as “Entertainment”. I’m your propagandist,Stephen Colbert. Hey,did you guys know-Orange Man Bad?” [mindless laughter and applause of an audience with TDS] EVERYTIME,ALWAYS
Just Me
Just Me Month ago
Really Nancy.. if you really believe hes despicable you would get him and his henchmen out of the White House into prison
PinFish53 Month ago
Look at all the Ignorant Brainless Liberal Shit for Brain's, Look they are still trying to learn how to Wipe their own ASS
Hoodoo Man
Hoodoo Man Month ago
The I word? I prefer the P word. Prison. And then throw away the key.
Kim jaxson
Kim jaxson Month ago
Gone through hell my ass!! He went through hell about like trump did. If he wasn't a crook like his daddy he wouldn't have to worry about it.
A. Lerner
A. Lerner Month ago
this guy is the biggest criminal since the great Al Capone... something he will lay claim to ...tremendous crimes.. watch him ... he and his crew (family - even his son is called "DON" --- irony or what) are filling their pockets with the with your taxes.... yet he paid none himself.
A. Lerner
A. Lerner Month ago
what is really sad is that this egotistical megalomaniac who is undeniably a paranoid narcissist, a pathological liar yet a patriot..... and so you choose him as your leader. sums up the American psyche ! thanks America..... so tremendous Democracy is such a gift ... so true
Kef Kutuch
Kef Kutuch Month ago
It's called bronzer Nancy. LMFAO
moudy m
moudy m Month ago
Does that include your taxes.
George Costarica
George Costarica 2 months ago
Any president would look good after Trump.
Hoodoo Man
Hoodoo Man 2 months ago
Wants to do infrastructure? Well, we could start with a high speed rail system and perhaps even fill in with some new dam's, roads and interplanetary space travel. Now that is infrastructure. Also a global network that includes solar and wind power would be nice. Our country is crumbling into ruin. And will end up with nothing if we keep electing morons who get free rent on the public dime and living in the White House.
Juan Carlos López Padilla
Hey guys ...keep an eye on D.J Trump..cuz knowing his personality..he probably will do something even worse like terrorist attack then suicide ..!!!!! suicide
lincoln dasema
lincoln dasema 2 months ago
Demicrates vs Trumpicons 2020
Theodore Villamizar
Theodore Villamizar 2 months ago
Hi, Theodore I am confirming that Election Held Hostage is not available through our PBS Video database. Your only other option would be to see if a local video store carries the documentary, or go through your local library's interlibrary loan service which might be able to borrow the item from one of the libraries in North America that carry this video. You can see a list if you go to the worldcat.org catalog. See: Election Held Hostage www.worldcat.org/oclc/25769123 and www.worldcat.org/oclc/31486780 (You might even contact PBS at search.alexanderstreet.com/pbsv) Good luck in finding the video and thanks for asking us. ---- Mark, AskUs Services, UW Libraries Seattle ----------------------- Please take a moment to fill out a survey at: www.questionpoint.org/crs/servlet/org.oclc.ask.Patr onSurveyForm?&language=1&type=ask&qid=14666174 ----------------------- Question History: Patron: Chat Transcript: I want to view PBS Frontline "Election Held Hostage" Librarian 1: Librarian 'QP Librarian Lisa' has joined the session. Librarian 1: Hi, Theodore, this is Lisa, in Washington State. I'm helping your librarians answer questions today. I am reading your question now to see how I can help you. Librarian 1: I'll look for that. Did you look already too? Patron: Somewhat; it seems to have been marginally acceptable to the legacy of dis-information in our Illustrious Bush hierarchism Librarian 1: Interesting! I think that will be in your PBS Video database accessible from Librarian 1: guides.lib.uw.edu/az.php?a=p Librarian 1: I'll log in and look too Patron: Thanks, CyberSpace is void for the non-prescriptively ungleanable Librarian 1: I don't see it in there. I'll look more Patron: Yeah, a piece of history... Librarian 1: Interesting! Would you like me to look more, or would you like your librarians to email you to help? Patron: Yes, surely! Pleeease. Patron: Thanks very much, bye from the east San Francisco bay area, south of Oakland, where today was very uncharacteristically hot! Librarian 1: Bye for now! Stay cool and come back anytime! Patron: up in the corner of this window "This page is trying to load scripts from unauthenticated sources: Patron: Bye Librarian 1: Thanks, your librarians will see that note too. Bye Librarian 1: Librarian ended chat session. Librarian 2: Hi, Theodore I am confirming that Election Held Hostage is not available through our PBS Video database. Your only other option would be to see if a local video store carries the documentary, or go through your local library's interlibrary loan service which might be able to borrow the item from one of the libraries in North America that carry this video. You can see a list if you go to the worldcat.org catalog. See: Election Held Hostage www.worldcat.org/oclc/25769123 www.worldcat.org/oclc/25769123 and www.worldcat.org/oclc/31486780 www.worldcat.org/oclc/31486780 (You might even contact PBS at search.alexanderstreet.com/pbsv search.alexanderstreet.com/pbsv ) Good luck in finding the video and thanks for asking us. ---- Mark, AskUs Services, UW Libraries Seattle To check the status or the history of your library question(s), go to: www.questionpoint.org/crs/servlet/org.oclc.ask.PatronDirect?&language=1&email=theodorevillamizar@gmail.com&qid=14666174
J Burns
J Burns 2 months ago
I think Trump may be lying, he has a classic tell for anyone who hasn't caught on to it yet........He talks! The biggest con artist and liar in U.S. history. He's also by all accounts of those who know him (without a vested interest to protect him) tell of cruel, manipulative, womanizing, racist, hypocritical, and adderall snorting asshole who is destroying our country.
jewell charles
jewell charles 2 months ago
has anyone alerted Lona from orangutan island that one of her juvenile orangutans has escaped,and it would be a great relief to America if she came and retrieved him...please...
V Denton
V Denton 2 months ago
He's just a distraction While Nazis on the SCOTUS finished destroying the Bill of Rights and Constitution
Ivan Kaz
Ivan Kaz 2 months ago
Can you imagine talking about the I word after everything that happened
kulturfreund66 2 months ago
Hey man, yo looks like Clark Kent !
Dennis Huffman
Dennis Huffman 2 months ago
"For some reason, maybe for lack of confidence on his part that he couldn't match the greatness of the challenge that we before us". - Rep. Nancy Pelosi
Henri van der Waard
Henri van der Waard 2 months ago
Minute waltz 1:55. Heh
I Created An Account For This
I really liked this phphffssssssh...
Jorge González
Jorge González 2 months ago
No one is really doing anything, it seems everybody is in on it, democracy is done... Not a good sign for human kind.
Rob Wilson
Rob Wilson 2 months ago
HkRedPill 2 months ago
As of this moment, there are 37k likes and 1.6k dislike (only 4%). The 37% Trump supporters are lagging way behind.
PinFish53 Month ago
That's because they don't waste their time with Ignorant Liberals with Shit for Brian's, Continue drinking your Koolaid and trying to learn how to wipe your own ass. Good Luck
DanielVegan Land
DanielVegan Land 2 months ago
Why does such a Pathetic Man with such a big mouth have such Tiny hands?
PinFish53 Month ago
At least there not as small as your Brain
Malina Fiolek
Malina Fiolek 2 months ago
Oh.. and what is the I word? oh! IMPEACHMENT. Trump is afraid to say impeachment. Donny JR., young man? yeah, comparing with Chuck Grassley, who is 100 years old. He is an old man with children, divorced like his daddy.
Margo Mason
Margo Mason 2 months ago
"Winning winning", says Trump!
K. B.
K. B. 2 months ago
'Minute'-Waltz! :D
Mike Stevens
Mike Stevens 2 months ago
Rico ,Rico ,gitmo ! Bronzer ahoy! Impeach Rasputin first!
Bento Lun
Bento Lun 2 months ago
Thank you Steven for keeping its real!!
Bento Lun
Bento Lun 2 months ago
What it do ??? Congress get on your job!!!
Kategari 2 months ago
Why does Trump think that congress can't multitask? This is the same guy who wants to lower taxes and build a wall and introduce tariffs comma so he wants to do three stupid things at once but he thinks that congress only do one thing at a time?
Jerry K
Jerry K 2 months ago
Hey!! Everybody were so gracious about that black guy in both his terms.........
Tan Hiang Ching
Tan Hiang Ching 2 months ago
Heroes and Villains. I watched movies a lot. Yesterday I went to the biggest theatre here. There are 12 theater playing, godzilla, alladin and so on. But I never watched any. Just no urge to part with my money. I realised today we are watching the biggest super villain in action live. What movie can match the villain that threatens world peace? Only Thanos, the villain that threaten universe peace, I watched that and that was the last. Its very exciting and of course depressing because its real. So who is going to stop this villain, is it the congress, the people, or the rest of world united? Its exciting, after all he is sitting in the most powerful position in the world.
Ted Talkz
Ted Talkz 2 months ago
Wow Some real garbage humor.
Mike Allan
Mike Allan 2 months ago
How does anyone with a half a brain watch this no talent liberal idiot..
Al Clark
Al Clark Month ago
@PinFish53 Face it, you're a Trumpkin, aka "Trumpanzee", one of the dumbest animals on the face of the earth, that spend their days grazing on right wing blogs, listening to right wing talk radio, watching Fox News and right wing propaganda channels like Ben Shapiro and Stephen Crowder, inhaling Trump farts, and going on RUvid to regurgitate the shit they were fed.
PinFish53 Month ago
@Al Clark Sorry u missed School Al
Al Clark
Al Clark 2 months ago
That's half a brain more than Trumpanzee's have.
Bookish Nymph85
Bookish Nymph85 2 months ago
"Two bonus minutes" LMAO
Khurram Aziz
Khurram Aziz 2 months ago
What no videos happened Stephen? Did Trump silence you?!
sly cat
sly cat 2 months ago
Colbert. Your such a loser. Trump 2020. Lol
salas7146 2 months ago
The Trump family are big criminal liar's they should be locked up already
don reed
don reed 2 months ago
THE STUDIO 2 months ago
Colbert has been losing ever since the election. You lost the collusion narrative! Your comedy now sucks! lol
Mo Do
Mo Do 2 months ago
I fall asleep every night to boring Colbert clips.
Eugenio Colussi filho
Leanna Geyer
Leanna Geyer 2 months ago
Wish he could use some nasal spray or Vick’s vapor rub so we don’t have to listen to him trying to breathe
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