Stirling Engines - the power of the future?

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Stirling engines are having a bit of a revival. What are they, and how do they work? Could they generate our electricity in the future?
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I like machines that show their workings. You can see all the parts of a stirling engine doing their jobs. Stirling engines are simple, but use a principle that may be unfamiliar to many viewers. One thing that you have to remember from your science classes is that gases expand and contract very rapidly indeed, making this sort of engine practical.
Stirling engines are not very powerful nor do they have great power to weight ratios. I know of one annual boat race that takes place in England on a river using stirling engines, and it is somewhat sedate.
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Nov 28, 2016




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Comments 5 444
Snarky FourSeven
Flea Power of the future??
Daniel Aguilera
They did found a lava lake in Antarctica, so this may work down there!
Upto Me
Upto Me 2 days ago
Great video very entertaining just like kryton 😉😉
Isaac Murrell
Isaac Murrell 2 days ago
What if you made a boiler system for the winter month months and put one out side to spin a large alternator off of a truck or something and put a gear box in it. Would that work to make a good amount of electricity?
rickm09 3 days ago
he would be better at narrating the breeding cycle of the dung beetle
Mihai Ilie
Mihai Ilie 6 days ago
Diesel its just 20 % efficient not 50. Max efficiency now a days its reached by steam turbines and that @ 40 %.
Johan Bengter
Johan Bengter 6 days ago
The Swedish subs runs on Stirling engines, which makes them very stealthy. ruvid.net/video/video-saCdvAp5cow.html
Ron Demarco
Ron Demarco 7 days ago
Talk talk talk. Your Boring. GET TO THE POINT.!!!! It’s a shame the material is good but your delivery is dragged out.
Robert Aegidius
Robert Aegidius 7 days ago
Fucking British people.
Fredministrator 7 days ago
now and then I come back here just to watch the first 20 seconds again
David Bliss
David Bliss 8 days ago
TO quote adam savage "this is not free energy but it is free to me energy"
electro1622 9 days ago
the most lame explanation of how a sterling engine works ever.
Susan Montgomery
Susan Montgomery 10 days ago
The principle of generating small amounts of finite improbability by simply hooking the logic circuits of a Bambleweeny 57 Sub-Meson Brain to an atomic vector plotter suspended in a strong Brownian Motion producer (say a nice hot cup of tea) were of course well understood- and such generators were often used to break the ice at parties by making all the molecules in the hostess's undergarments leap simultaneously one foot to the left, in accordance with the Theory of Indeterminacy. - Douglas Adams (if this is the 5000th time for this quote do I win a prize?)
elektrinis 10 days ago
Thank you for interesting video. Micro cogeneration is still in it's infancy, but these things are slowly coming to residential market. In my case I am heating my house with natural gas (from pipes, not bottles), which is 3 times cheaper here, compared to electricity. So I started looking in to electricity generation from heat. Found your video. All is nice, youtube is full of these demonstration units, however I am still to find a working unit at 10kW or so.
Dillan Baker
Dillan Baker 11 days ago
Good gracious, get on with the explanation already!!
Paul Davidson
Paul Davidson 12 days ago
So the answer is no .
Yannick Li
Yannick Li 13 days ago
how does it work? starts @7:10
Megredy P
Megredy P 14 days ago
paper is not dirty fuel to burn. paper is made of wood, wood is made of trees. the future is electric. the sun provides in one single day more energy that we all need for a full year. we harvest just a little.. because its "expensive"
Child of God
Child of God 14 days ago
we need to tap into a volcano & plant a massive one of these into it. Ok crack on
JOYBG 15 days ago
in the USA a man created a combination between Stirling engine and Air conditioner and Electricity generator - result was Free Energy from Air. This man was killed soon showed this invention to the public...
martin jefferies
martin jefferies 15 days ago
Can it power a drone
Common Sense
Common Sense 16 days ago
BLAIR M Schirmer
BLAIR M Schirmer 16 days ago
Dear god, GET ON WITH IT.
Alison Hilll
Alison Hilll 16 days ago
Please can you do a video that just gets to the point , thank you .
Conrad Smith
Conrad Smith 18 days ago
Annoying announcer...
Robert Douville
Robert Douville 18 days ago
Bravo, I love it, I add today to my knowledge in mechanics, the counter part of what I was familiar with the electric thermocouples, who can use the differences in temperature to create energy also.
GriM AoD
GriM AoD 19 days ago
I kind of want to see how much you could generate with a nuclear stirling engine
Cristina Vekos
Cristina Vekos 20 days ago
An entropy device, takes any differential in energy, pressure, temperature. or force, and converts it to motion.. an enthalpy device goes boom.
Jesus My Savior
Jesus My Savior 20 days ago
After 150 years it still just a toy for Kids and Seniors.
nevermore from past
also powers a seatlh sub that can sink amircan carries w/o been heard ;)
Cyborg Lion
Cyborg Lion 20 days ago
Something I have always wondered is could you use the same principles used in heatpumo air conditioners to power these. Geothermal heat pumps use the ground as a place to cool things down in the summer or warm them in the winter because underground temperatures are always between 10 and 15 celcius. If you made an alpha type Stirling engine (2 pistons , not in line) and had one under ground and one above would that be a sufficient temperature gradient to make an engine that could be useful.
Cyborg Lion
Cyborg Lion 20 days ago
Probably get a consistent 15 degree difference. Also I uncomfortable with celcius if any of my temperature math is confusing.
Cyborg Lion
Cyborg Lion 20 days ago
You mentioned volcanic heat in Antarctica but it doesn't need to be volcanic. Passive geothermal has just as much potential In Stirlings. Also if you add that dish to the goethermal cooled one in in the summer , and then in winter time cover the above ground piston in cold water. You get and even bigger temperature gradient
Jonathan Maingot
Jonathan Maingot 21 day ago
Video starts at 3:00.
jeric_ synergy
jeric_ synergy 21 day ago
I'm pretty sure LB here isn't an engineer, or he'd see potential in a motor that can work from ANY kind of temperature differential. Stick to obsolete weapons.
James Arte
James Arte 22 days ago
Holy crap, that was strangely fascinating. Thank you.
Buzzard Beaks
Buzzard Beaks 22 days ago
At 2:22 predicting it runs on expanding gasses coming from the ice as it thaws. Will update after full viewing Okay I was wrong. Its even cooler
Patrick Porco
Patrick Porco 23 days ago
Seems to me this could easily be made into a bicycle assist...an insulated cold pack on one side and an insulated hand warmer on the other...attached at the drink holder and to the wheel..by a brake device that would disconnect when you want to slow and/or stop...more or less...lol..need to eliminate the need for heavy liquids...good video
AnarchistMetalhead 23 days ago
my takeaway from the video is that someone should produce moving churches
Zevin X
Zevin X 24 days ago
3:55 power a machine that does GOOD! "19th century child slave worker, wipes away tears, at least I'm helping do good!" *Hand gets caught in drive wheel.*
____ 25 days ago
could be used in space or mars were heat could be stored during day and cold of the night to generate electricity/heat to keep rover / greenhouse there warm
Isaac Posselt
Isaac Posselt 26 days ago
Sterling engines don't need much to any resources but heat and a little lubrication. Some people make sterling engines out of old air compressor pumps and pumps from cars, easy because you already have a sturdy cast iron base and the duel pumps are already designed 90 degrees out of revolution from each other. So it is already half made, just a couple modifications, to make it sterling! Also some people have put a valve in the air transfer tube to control the speed! How cool is that! You ask the clerk at menards you want just a air compressor pump, he replies "what?! Don't you want an air compressor ?" You just reply "I'm only obsessed with compressor pumps!" Of course mostly the whole sterling engine idea is extremely captivating! I want to make one myself.
pointer2null 26 days ago
Where did you get that Stirling engine?
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