Sting - Desert Rose (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Sting performing Desert Rose. (C) 1999 A\u0026M Records

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Jun 16, 2009




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Mahdi Kacimo
Mahdi Kacimo 43 minutes ago
Amir Zayn
Amir Zayn 44 minutes ago
I love ❤😘 Cheb Mami
ismajl ibrahimi
ismajl ibrahimi 53 minutes ago
i remeber all with my love but i.m broken man 🚬
Ahmed moustafa
No one on earth like Cheb Mami voice, his voice take you to another world legend
Aljosa Ilic
Aljosa Ilic Hour ago
Cheb fuckin' Mami!
Volkan BLLR
Volkan BLLR 2 hours ago
Mustafa Ali Kılıç
Eley eleey🇹🇷👍🏻2021
Татьяна Пипериди
Lara 1
Lara 1 3 hours ago
O Clone (this was the best soundtrack for the beast brazilian soap opera EVER)
Si Ham
Si Ham 4 hours ago
Cheb Mami 🇵🇸🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿😍😍🇵🇸🇩🇿🇩🇿
Антон Петров
Сериал Клон❤️
Антон Петров
showroom seller
showroom seller 4 hours ago
Even in 2021 this song still make me feel the same feeling as it's the first time that I heard it
مجاهد السعدي
ايه الاخبار
Dina Elbatt
Dina Elbatt 5 hours ago
Still listening 2021 Many kisses to Sting and Cheb Mami for this amazing duo
Zinou Var
Zinou Var 6 hours ago
مامي صوت عجيب سبحان الله لاحال يدوم 16 juin 2021
derrar mohamed
derrar mohamed 8 hours ago
مامي حاجة كبيرة بزاف الراي ولد لكي يكون جزائري 🇩🇿❤️🤍💚
Karlmax Kiap Komun
Karlmax Kiap Komun 9 hours ago
Listening to this in quarantine....👍❤👍
Tracey Nugent
Tracey Nugent 9 hours ago
One of my all time favourite songs out there
Вячеслав Голубев
Мечтаю побывать в пустыне и включить там на полную эту песню!
Relax 9 hours ago
Elkama Wiego
Elkama Wiego 10 hours ago
The Malaysians are remember this song cause the Celcom 2000 ad.
inspire Me
inspire Me 10 hours ago
i'm in love with this cover of Desert rose ruvid.net/video/video-bDsLbwe7pAE.html
Vera Bujor
Vera Bujor 11 hours ago
Mary Fox
Mary Fox 11 hours ago
Стинг как всегда на высоте. Таких как Вы единицы.Это Божий Дар.
Татьяна Дмитриева
Благодарю !!! Привет из Одессы💚☀️
no name
no name 13 hours ago
16 /5 /2021 my best beautiful music
MORAD HACINE 14 hours ago
The voice of Mami incryoable
Haji Mani33
Haji Mani33 14 hours ago
Frank Adonis
Frank Adonis 14 hours ago
Mami 2021❤️
indran subramaniam
indran subramaniam 15 hours ago
Love this song absolutely ...since it got released...almost playing in every house and party in mumbai back then...
Bêrîvan kano
Bêrîvan kano 16 hours ago
Love it,, but what is the language?
Илья Меланин
This song is forever
Kacem Abdaoui
Kacem Abdaoui 23 hours ago
Kacem Abdaoui
Kacem Abdaoui 23 hours ago
Kacem Abdaoui
Kacem Abdaoui 23 hours ago
Kacem Abdaoui
Kacem Abdaoui 23 hours ago
Kacem Abdaoui
Kacem Abdaoui 23 hours ago
Kacem Abdaoui
Kacem Abdaoui 23 hours ago
Kacem Abdaoui
Kacem Abdaoui 23 hours ago
Arhangel Mihael 33
Arhangel Mihael 33 23 hours ago
tvome pacenju nema kraja
1/2Cupp Day ago
Just recently heard this beautiful masterpiece during dinner on our 1st wedding anniversary. ❤❤❤❤❤❤ 6/13/21
Mami Ft Sting 2021👏💗💗
Houda Slimi
Houda Slimi Day ago
The legend cheb mami ♥with legend sting ♥
Nathalie Schweighoefer
I am like a desert rose and now I want to take a trip to the Sahara
Alesya Mamedova
وليد لبلاد
1.. 2.. 3.. Viva algerie ❤🇩🇿
زهرة النرجس
Cheb mami ❤️
Stephanie Black
What comes to my mind is mom laundry vision airplaine .
Lisa Johnson
Lisa Johnson Day ago
When people still drove beautiful cars instead of SUVs. Perfect song and perfect video.
Jannah Bint Al Yusuf aka Jannah225
Cheb Mami “Amazing” 🤲🏻
Олеся Баранова
Потрясающе ❤️❤️
Nour dz
Nour dz Day ago
Mami le meilleur the best mieux que Khaled il a une superbe voix, sa voix on dirait un instrument musicale sobhanalah c'est dommage qu'il a arrêté de chanté il restera le meilleur chanteur du rai
Leila Leila
Leila Leila Day ago
Waaw perfect song...I LOVE it 💗💗
Dušica Day ago
Totti Totti
Totti Totti Day ago
15/06/2021 legend mami 🇩🇿
Зепа Алекси
The best song ever
Chermiti Ghaith
i don't understand why the title doesn't read " Feat. Cheb Mami" this song wouldn't turn out to be half as good without his contribution. Credit should be given where it's due!
maryem alouane
Лариса Михайлова
❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ 👌
Oussama boutayeb
Amina KB
Amina KB Day ago
Love this song
L 7 A J الحاج
Juin 2021 🔥🔥
J J Day ago
J J Day ago
Buenos Aires, Matttaderos - caba -
C’est la seule chanson que j’aime de cheb mami
Disha Mathur
Disha Mathur Day ago
I can't believe it hasn't crossed 1B views like people has no taste of music seriously This song is soooooooo chill giving and goosebumps one I literally have the STING in my whole body and the 2:36 part omg I am dead seriously I am dead All the Arabian people out there your songs are lit 🔥👌🙌👏💯
Shawn Elliott
I heard this song many times, but I never knew who Cheb Mami was until I heard his song Parisien du Nord in a movie a few years later, and I never knew he sang backup in this song.
Basma Rayan
Basma Rayan Day ago
He is a famous raï singer..very known in arab world and north africa..then all worl..very special voice and memory for years and years
mar theo
mar theo Day ago
I listen this song , over and over again and again and again because of CHEB MAMI ❤️❤️❤️
steven perez
steven perez 16 hours ago
@Naveen chandra Pathak your very welcome
Naveen chandra Pathak
@steven perez Thanks for the information.
steven perez
steven perez 17 hours ago
@Naveen chandra Pathak cheb mami is the person who is singing in Arabic that's who that is and then there is sting
Naveen chandra Pathak
What or whois CHEB MAMI. PLEASE DISCLOSE. I have no IDEA.
steven perez
steven perez Day ago
You and me both I love it I was in myocal cvs the other day I heard this song on the radio in the store now I'm hooked
Khuraman Isgandarova
The name of Cheb Mami needs to be in titles
Simit sever
Simit sever 12 hours ago
jas Smin
jas Smin Day ago
Isabel Gaby
Isabel Gaby Day ago
This song is🔥🔥🔥
Gegham Barseghyan
This song must be listened every day, and if you are so sad listening to this song, remember that we dont wake in vain. Just smile!
Zaki Ski
Zaki Ski Day ago
Mamii love this🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿 ❤️
you you
you you 2 days ago
I love this man's voice..Cheb Mami 😄
rayyona 11
rayyona 11 2 days ago
So zauberhaften Musik von meine Kindheit 💫💫💫💫💫💫
Manal 2 days ago
ĐUKA.19 2 days ago
Samir yahia
Samir yahia 2 days ago
Qyere Wright
Qyere Wright 2 days ago
I am proposing to myself, Sting, do I feel like a game of Oware?
Qyere Wright
Qyere Wright 2 days ago
I do...
Chikh Fodil
Chikh Fodil 2 days ago
كاش جزائرين هنا ولا راني وحدي
nazzli.. uysal
nazzli.. uysal 2 days ago
kadyou akay
kadyou akay 2 days ago
Rogy get up is my place
V V 2 days ago
Как же больно жить
V V 2 days ago
Как хочется кречать.и орать.
Ирина Попова
Люблю его. Сколько лет и не устаю слушать.
Ramil Samedov
Ramil Samedov 2 days ago
george gkagka
george gkagka 2 days ago
Unfortunately Cheb Mami isnt mentioned as a feat. in the title because he was convicted for abusing his ex wife
mousSa 213
mousSa 213 2 days ago
Where is the name of the Prince MAMI, it's not only your song Sting....
L Т 2 days ago
C'est magnifique!
Ajay Kangra
Ajay Kangra 2 days ago
S 2 days ago
Featuring Cheb Mami
Ana bella
Ana bella 2 days ago
Mami 😍😍🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿
Irina 2 days ago
Обожаю 🤤
DREAMQ 83 2 days ago
2021 and still mami name isn't on the video 😟🤯😕😵😳😖
Айдын Саги
Who's watching in 2031?
Blanca M
Blanca M 2 days ago
Yesss 💖
Jake Smith
Jake Smith 2 days ago
Eco-Warrior Sting - endorses a V12 combustion engine.
Ms.KDozier 2 days ago
Why isn’t the singer ( Ched Mami ) next to Sting not listed as a feature on video? Like he sings throughout the song.
just another channel
How did i miss this 11 years old song ? Absolute beauty ❤️
Amilton Barbosa
Amilton Barbosa 2 days ago
What does ya leel mean?
ℓσvєℓy αиɢєℓ
Ohh night !💔
Yusuf Maxkamivich
Socorro Camacho
Socorro Camacho 2 days ago
Siento la musica en mi alma.
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