Stina Kayy & Cyrus Dobre - Me and You (Official Music Video)

Cyrus and Christina
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Shot by @alexhassanx
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Stina Kayy & Cyrus Dobre - Me and You (Official Music Video)

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Comments 100
Cyrus and Christina
Did you guys miss us? We hope you enjoy our new music video!
tori joy Vasquez
Cyrus and Christina Hi my name is tired and I didn’t see more videos Victoria love you I love you show much you are my favorite
gacha queen queen
gacha queen queen 12 days ago
Christina ur voice 😍😍😍😍
Vivian Lee
Vivian Lee 19 days ago
Cyrus and Christina I love y’all how do y’all get those lit cats
odette B
odette B Month ago
So Lit🏖🏟⛰💈🎰🌙🌗💚💚💚💛💙
Erica Gonzalez
Erica Gonzalez Month ago
Alfredo Infante
Alfredo Infante 6 hours ago
Love you guys together and the song
Two Awsom Kids
Two Awsom Kids 6 hours ago
I am confused is your hair black or brown
Lina Pano
Lina Pano 6 hours ago
I like the thest💞💞💞💞
Grace Bastendorff
Grace Bastendorff 7 hours ago
Are you saying f****
Zana Yilmaz
Zana Yilmaz 8 hours ago
Allison Briones
Allison Briones 9 hours ago
Never give up
Allison Briones
Allison Briones 9 hours ago
Love you tubers
Allison Briones
Allison Briones 9 hours ago
Stay positive
Allison Briones
Allison Briones 9 hours ago
She wrote stay strong omg i looked carefully
Cassidy Nickerson
Cassidy Nickerson 9 hours ago
Best song ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Riles Vigi
Riles Vigi 10 hours ago
So bad at music videos I have the best videos ever if you want to check it out my name is riles vigi
rictor1982 10 hours ago
Love your song🥺🥺🤪🤪😊😊💕💕💕😻😻
Chloe Lynch
Chloe Lynch 10 hours ago
I love Christina dress💙💙💙
Antonia Padilla
Antonia Padilla 12 hours ago
You Guys Are So Beautiful❤❤❤❤❤❤
Payton Clark
Payton Clark 12 hours ago
I 💘 your so good I love your voice Christina
Sandra Bryant
Sandra Bryant 13 hours ago
I love this song I sing it every day 🤩😻🙀
Roderick Kimball
Roderick Kimball 13 hours ago
So cool
Love with brothers #5 brothers
This is my forever favorite channel
Malaika Hussain
Malaika Hussain 14 hours ago
Mariana Calderon
Mariana Calderon 14 hours ago
I love this song
Ramona Nelson
Ramona Nelson 15 hours ago
Jessie Leviner
Jessie Leviner 15 hours ago
I like this
Mia Depetris
Mia Depetris 15 hours ago
I love you guys😍😇
Jordan Guyton
Jordan Guyton 16 hours ago
dida xo mania
dida xo mania 16 hours ago
I freaken love this song this is the best song i have ever heard christina how is your voice so beautiful like this and you to cryrus it's really nice i love you guys so so much cyrus and christina and dobre brothers love all of the dobre brothes love you guys 😘😘😘😘❤️❤️❤️
Katherine Rivas
Katherine Rivas 17 hours ago
My voice is like my voice when sing💖💖❤️❤️😘😘😘🍼🍼🍼🎂🎂
Ruby-Lee Howard
Ruby-Lee Howard 19 hours ago
I love Christina’s dress
Veto Vinca
Veto Vinca 19 hours ago
Veto Vinca
Veto Vinca 19 hours ago
Stina keyy
Dawandee Mokoondee
Dawandee Mokoondee 21 hour ago
I love christina voice and cyrus
Seanese Boglin
Seanese Boglin 23 hours ago
This is how many people LOVE Y'ALL!!! ⬇️
DeClue Graff
DeClue Graff Day ago
I love this song
IMAGOAT 87 Day ago
Remember the shower prank on stina she sang some of this lyrics
megan spatz
megan spatz Day ago
Do more songs
Ramona Rivera
I love you vedeos love you stina and cyrus say hi for you all
Greidy Herrera
I love this song you guys are the best but when are you guys going to have a baby?
lispyleaf real
Like dis song sksksk her voice is so beautiful if u agree like there video
Searchin For Thots
i love your video and get 1m likes
Jazzys World
Jazzys World Day ago
Love u guys
Fry Family
Fry Family Day ago
I. Love you guys
Theresa Goodson
wow thats awsome
Glenda Reed
Glenda Reed Day ago
You are so cute make more video.can I come to you house.
Sheri Tasker
Sheri Tasker Day ago
I love it you guys Should make another one
Olivia Mendoza
Make a baby! This is how much we want you to have a baby! 👇🏼
Jessica Sanchez
If your going to have. Baby he or she would come out cute
Hannah Akhtar
I think you wrote never give up
I miss you I love your video l love the song
Lilli-jaye Lawson
Cyrus looks 12 in that thumbnail 😂😂😂
Admijana Adenine tutt
I love you
bibi ali
bibi ali Day ago
You are the best
bibi ali
bibi ali Day ago
I love you cyrus and Christian
Brieanna colbert
I Love yall so much
Nichola Bryce
Cristina is hot I'm a girl to soooo LOVE U GUYS
asheily Pichardo
Red_ Starj
Red_ Starj Day ago
1:28 christina mest up her lip singing for the song..lol
Carol Wagner
Carol Wagner Day ago
You should make a new one😅💓
Rhiannon metters
i love the song
It was the best one
Zana Yilmaz
Zana Yilmaz Day ago
ttvmrbeastyboyz ftw
best song of 2019 so far keep up the good work and the dobre brothers.
Leilany Perez
sexys i love you guys
Eskarleth Rivera
This song is the best IT also got stuck In my head is my favorite love you so much guys
Ashlyn Willis
I love it
Harry Griffiths
That’s lit
Cookiesarethebest_ay Cookies
Cyrus and Christina are cute couple
Cookiesarethebest_ay Cookies
You're so pretty Christina
Alexiaaa Tailorrr
have a baby
Hunter Pickard
I'm against the world too
Pamela Kennedy
Why was that person chasing after you in the music video
Jayla2554love Hernandez
You ever don't like this song have no heart at all just pain
Patrish Juryn Alerta
Ilove you christina i am your fan
Travis LOWE
Travis LOWE Day ago
love u guys
Gabriel6 Abdullah
Vanessa Valenzuela
Have you ever heard of a shirt and someone give her some singing lessons😁
Vanessa Vega
Vanessa Vega Day ago
Kristina cussed
Ariana Brogdon
I got dobre mrch today
Betty Rodriguez
Betty Rodriguez 2 days ago
You guys are my favorite
pinkkxtty 2 days ago
All of that for an adorable couple drawing on a drive way *Smart*
Hannah Childs
Hannah Childs 2 days ago
i like this song you all are cute together and you have a nice car i love your dress christina
Lulu Perez
Lulu Perez 2 days ago
This one is so cool I love your new song is you guys should make more
Marty Myers
Marty Myers 2 days ago
You guys should have kids.
Amber Bradley
Amber Bradley 2 days ago
There was a little girl in the background
Natalia Chitzab
Natalia Chitzab 2 days ago
I think Christina and Cyrus should have a baby
Francisco Rodarte
Nice song
Jielle Rogers
Jielle Rogers 2 days ago
I like her voice too
Jielle Rogers
Jielle Rogers 2 days ago
Danielle Dickerson
I wish you were my mom and dad I love this song
Joslyn Fuentes
Joslyn Fuentes 2 days ago
CC stands for Cyrus Christiana
Fifol Vasquez
Fifol Vasquez 2 days ago
Like if cryrus and christina are a great couple💗
Briana Allen
Briana Allen 2 days ago
I love Christina’s shoes in that song and her dress to I love your voice and I love your channel
Cyn Blue
Cyn Blue 2 days ago
I like her prom dress and her car wash dance moves wax on was off definitely can tell she don't dance auto tune did some wonders 🤦🤷 why does she always cover her mouth anytime the camera catches her off guard ? Other than that the video is dope n song is cute
Leah Zyla
Leah Zyla 2 days ago
may 17th and still listing to this everyday ever since april 15 ive been listing to this. April 15- May 17 so on.....
Kd Kd ulm
Kd Kd ulm Day ago
It qute
Kd Kd ulm
Kd Kd ulm Day ago
Skye Potter
Skye Potter 2 days ago
Yous are so good
Nia McPherson
Nia McPherson 2 days ago
I love your song until I die I have been replaying it all the time
jessca lily
jessca lily 2 days ago
love this song
Furious Dropper
Furious Dropper 2 days ago
Stina and cyris are like rameo and juilet 😂
Herline Pradere
Herline Pradere 2 days ago
Copycats you guys copy that song
Xavier Pickney
Xavier Pickney 2 days ago
I like this song because it is something to cheer someone up
Muffin Jones
Muffin Jones 2 days ago
GOOD job 😍😍😍😍😍
Kimberly Barnett
Kimberly Barnett 2 days ago
Christina you have a pretty voice like this is if you think Christina has a pretty voice like this and she is very nice and pretty
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