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Viewers of Steven Universe have cultivated many alternate realities throughout the years, but none is more interesting than Diamond AUs where Steven has a mother of a different Diamond gemstone. What if Steven's mother was Blue Diamond, Yellow Diamond or White Diamond? Let's dig in a little bit into those realities and how Steven would behave!
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Roundtable Hosts and Crew:
Written by: Kevin Williams
Hosted by: Kevin Williams
Edited by: Kevin Williams
Produced by: Kevin Williams
Graphics by CabooseJr
Artwork by Kaitrin Snodgras, Nikki Thompson, MikeCatSU & Kitsune Zakuro!
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Comments 80
The Roundtable
The Roundtable 7 months ago
Which Steven would YOU want to follow for a full episode, if they ever dipped their toes in alternate realities? Let us know! NECK GANG: teespring.com/neck-gang THUMBNAIL ART BY ARTWITHKODA: artwithkoda.tumblr.com/ instagram.com/artwithkoda/ ruvid.net/show-UCzNnvLLuJ7qhu1c9-_d5oKg
Gacha Amya
Gacha Amya 2 days ago
I say I like blue diamond since I will be a good friend with blue Steven
William Greenhouse
White Steven
carl Pappa
carl Pappa 5 days ago
Blue Steven
I say White Steven I love that au
Cutie Gaming
Cutie Gaming 13 days ago
idk....ALL OF THEM >:D
Darth Vader
Darth Vader 3 hours ago
What if 2
Darth Vader
Darth Vader 3 hours ago
Sas staeven
Lemon Soft studios
Lemon Soft studios 6 hours ago
3:02 he looks like sans as a human and both eyes turned blue when using magic
Merpy Derpy
Merpy Derpy 11 hours ago
the fact that these are still, technically comics white Stevan being a orphan, abused and rose quartz still exista
yeee hypeee
yeee hypeee 16 hours ago
steven has a therapist, the internet is never gonna get it go
nightmare killer
nightmare killer 19 hours ago
I want blue steven blue is cool
SomeThing Dizzy
i know i'm late, but i think violet quarts would fit for the blue steven au.
Ayo Agbomuserin
It's sad that the show is over now :(
Ari Dvorak
Ari Dvorak Day ago
Ayo Agbomuserin I know :(
Yeshua Espiritu
My favourite one is blue Steven
Erin Nilsson
Erin Nilsson Day ago
Wait Steven as blue diamond looks like anxiety/Virgil from sanders sides •o•
Conner Tan
Conner Tan Day ago
“Has a tendency to bottle up and explode” *oh the irony*
victer mclellan
victer mclellan 2 days ago
bule steven!
Kurt Cobain
Kurt Cobain 2 days ago
Blue Steven
DINO AHMAD 2 days ago
STEVEN DIAMOND AU TIMESTAMPS: 1:34 Blue Steven 6:11 Yellow Steven 9:35 White Steven
Joynal Abdin
Joynal Abdin 2 days ago
Would the diamonds be Steven’s aunt?
sparke storys
sparke storys 2 days ago
What would Roses room look like in other AUS
arron frias
arron frias 2 days ago
Blue she is so nice and kind
Elidh Gacha Llama
hugo Gamer
hugo Gamer 2 days ago
No entiendo una mierda😒😠
bernitha green
bernitha green 2 days ago
Or red Diamond Hes rill
David’s Production
0:12 nook goog
Riley Arnold
Riley Arnold 3 days ago
Pink is Rose Quartz, Blue is Azurite, Yellow is Citrine, And White is Milky Quartz
Man Of Magic
Man Of Magic 3 days ago
What about a universe where pink diamond comes back and steven is able to also live at the same time, how do you think everything will go?
Matei Gagiu
Matei Gagiu 3 days ago
🔶️ steven haves blue pearl 🔷️ steven haves yellow pearl 💎 steven haves pink pearl
Thembani Lucas Barnes- Lusinga
blue stevens best
Lina Hasdo
Lina Hasdo 3 days ago
10:04 so white steven- *FBI:FBI OPEN UP*
Retro Gnomes
Retro Gnomes 3 days ago
Steven = Pearl White Steven = Pink Pearl Yellow Steven = Blue Pearl Blue Steven = Yellow Pearl Steven is Pink Diamond, Steven is with Pearl, Pearl is White Pearl, White Diamond has Pink Pearl which became White Pearl.
Louis BARRETT 3 days ago
You seem to be under the impression that a) pink has her shield before becoming Rise Quartz. b) Yellow and Blue are stronger than Pink.
Maxwell Lee
Maxwell Lee 3 days ago
Dang Greg got game
tilaaa 4 days ago
Gems don’t get smaller or bigger when they fuse or take another form so right now all I can see is White Steven just having a giant diamond for his head
Frosty The Wolf
Frosty The Wolf 4 days ago
I thought of a alternate universe where connie and steven switched, like connie would be half gem, steven would... well.. have glasses.., i dunno just everything switches except for the gender... i dunno
Nediojon 4 days ago
Onion is the anti christ we don't need two of them
Jayden c
Jayden c 4 days ago
who's watching this after steven goes super saiyan on jasper?
Ashley Perez
Ashley Perez 4 days ago
So you’re telling me that if Steven changed into a different diamonds then spinel will be blue spinel yellow spinel or white spinel lol
ger:za nigga ger
ger:za nigga ger 4 days ago
Does black steven exist
Ducky 77
Ducky 77 4 days ago
Blue Steven Is my fravoute version of Steven
spinel the spinal cord
That one Yellow Steven AU, it’s full of blood and basically Greg is just.. acting like a dark king. cool.
Let's come With Steven alson
Steven the original:corrupted Blue steven:Runs away Yellow steven:starts a big war White steven:is too bossy
Edgarfilms 5 days ago
Y'all imagine Yellow Steven fighting Jasper in "Fragments."
2023: Catalina Flórez
Meanwhile the gone wrong au is over here fuckin killing children
Stevens: hi Me: I KNEW IT!!!!!!
No. 5 days ago
Blue Steven is an E-Boy if I've ever seen one.
Little Bunny
Little Bunny 5 days ago
wait how would the crystal gems exist if there was no rebellion i thought rose created the group so how-
Zany The Dragon
Zany The Dragon 5 days ago
The REAL question: How would Greg do the other Diamonds?
• [ r u n e ] •
Are you kidding me-
Sworn Sinister
Sworn Sinister 5 days ago
If the diamonds did asume a new identity how would the postion their diamond so go un notice because it still pretty much look like a diamond aleast i am guessing it would and i wonder what they would look like in their new identiy forms
Nate The mega suck
I like pink Steven most
Odin Fontanez
Odin Fontanez 6 days ago
Greg be banging all the diamonds
elliyana Williams
Lol imagining Greg and a 500 feet tall woman 😂😂
Real question for yellow and blue how would there gem shift to not look like a diamond
Emoni Alcon
Emoni Alcon 6 days ago
Peridot 6 days ago
Types of Outbursts: Pink Steven: Super stressed Blue Steven: Super sad Yellow Steven: Super angry White Steven (sorry): OMG HOW CAN I NOT BE SO PERFECTORKFKWOFOGOEPWPWAOOFELXKD
BeanBurgh _09
BeanBurgh _09 6 days ago
The fusions including Steven or Pearl would be a lot different.
Chaos Channel
Chaos Channel 6 days ago
Normal Steven ~ Lawful Good Blue Steven ~ Neutral Good Yellow Steven ~ Chaotic Neutral White Steven ~ Chaotic Good
Blue Steven Has Cool Hair I Like Him But Its The One In The Thumbnail Of Course! 🙃
Parxxx Y3
Parxxx Y3 6 days ago
I can’t I can’t I can’t
Ms Sketch
Ms Sketch 6 days ago
Now going off of what we know about Stevens powers and how he hasn't been able to use the huge powers pink diamond has until this point, I'm not sure if he would be able to use the great emotional powers (or at least to the extent, if at all) that blue diamond does
Awsome Farren
Awsome Farren 6 days ago
God I am so white if my mom were a diamond it would be white diamonds
BirdotheBert 6 days ago
What if (white, yellow, blue) Steven was from the Human zoo??
Jeremyplayz gaming
White diamond steven would not exist according to your theory
Alejandro Kaplan
Alejandro Kaplan 6 days ago
Who else like the ask white Steven and pearl au
Padee Xiong
Padee Xiong 7 days ago
Janeen Stalnaker
Janeen Stalnaker 7 days ago
It wouldn’t be Blue Pearl, It would be Yellow, The yellow AU would have Blue Pearl, and the White AU would have Pink Pearl or Volleyball (Edit) So yea...That would only happen with a diamond Swap, but the White Diamond one would still be with Volley Ball
Murad Al-Bakri
Murad Al-Bakri 7 days ago
○ / / / / \ \ \ \ \ \ /- -\
Roman Chuquimarca
make a video draw my life please
Potatochip 7 days ago
Never let Steven workout, especially yellow Steven. If you’ve seen Fragments from SUF then you know what I’m talking about.
daniel garcia
daniel garcia 8 days ago
It’s actually a “cell” oh
Extensive Form
Extensive Form 8 days ago
Guys you know white Steven wouldn’t exist do to the gem being to huge
ViewSpace 44
ViewSpace 44 8 days ago
Yellow Steven is better
princess lps TV
princess lps TV 8 days ago
I'd say the blue diamond one is a more interesting one ^~^
Anonymous Xio
Anonymous Xio 8 days ago
The Steven universe future Kaiju au includes the Steven universe multiverse au, inorder to make the Kaiju corruptions to make sense.
Its TKB 8 days ago
Oh my god I just realized Steven now has a neck
7leon Lee
7leon Lee 8 days ago
Um how does anyone not notice Steven universe had a neck when Steven was 14 on his birthday
Gaming Gamerz
Gaming Gamerz 9 days ago
Someone:necks dont matter Me:*gasp* NECK GANG
Buff Helpy
Buff Helpy 9 days ago
Hey.. Who made the diamonds? Who made white?
Oliander Scheving
If Steven would be like onion then i would NOT watch it!!!
robert jones
robert jones 10 days ago
I know this is an old video but pandemic going on lol. So I was thinking since pink had to transform into one of her gems she makes, would blue transform into a blue made gem like a lapis or sapphire? Or yellow and white too.
Lori Harvey
Lori Harvey 11 days ago
Lechuguilla Lechuguilla
Blue Steven is depression steffon
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