Steven Furtick - The Glitch That Keeps On Giving

Lakewood Church
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The God of your glitches is the God of all grace and He is able to make all grace abound to you. It is in your weakness that He is strong. You have exactly what you need in this season.

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May 16, 2019




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Madonna Tran
Madonna Tran Month ago
My husband and I have moved at least 7 times in the past 5 years. It's been draining, full of ups and downs emotionally. There were plenty of opportunities to despair and give up hope in God. In those times that we feel lost, discouraged, and feel like throwing in the towel and giving up in God, we listen to one of Steven Furtick's sermons and are always encouraged to keep our hope and faith in the promises of God.
Hau Paite
Hau Paite 2 months ago
Karla Horne
Karla Horne 4 months ago
LOVE This ♥️
Alana Mohan
Alana Mohan 4 months ago
where is the love button! can't tell you how many times this has blessed me and I love the opening how honouring he is to Joel! Joel is really one of the greatest blessings to our generation !!!
Ylhay Yayyy
Ylhay Yayyy 4 months ago
This was the first sermon I watched Steven Furtick and Ive been hook since then. Thank you for inviting him Lakewood
Paola Victoria
Paola Victoria 2 months ago
Pastor Steven is a blessing! A true man of God. I love hearing his sermons
Schatzen Liebe
Schatzen Liebe 6 months ago
Pastor Steven 🙏👏👏👏👏
Schatzen Liebe
Schatzen Liebe 6 months ago
Pastor Steven 🙏👏👏👏👏
chikita evans
chikita evans 7 months ago
I am Enough! Pastor Furtick
april florio
april florio 8 months ago
Don’t sell yourself out to Satan !!I watched you at Lakeview you seem uncomfortable you seem more insecure it’s all Satan there you don’t belong at that church stick to your on the laudableovide
Jen&Daniel Elliott
Jen&Daniel Elliott 10 months ago
I just wanted someone to know I'm here
Jen&Daniel Elliott
Jen&Daniel Elliott 10 months ago
Cerebro Mind
Cerebro Mind 11 months ago
29:47 “ don’t be taking my message out of context” The irony. God probably feels the same way!!
Ephraim Mohammed
Ephraim Mohammed 11 months ago
at first i was think i would see Joel Osteen but there is pst. furtick. Thumbs up!! listening from Nigeria
Gordon Marshall
Gordon Marshall 11 months ago
Just because you do the sinners prayer means you belong to Jesus.
Gordon Marshall
Gordon Marshall 11 months ago
Do you listen to good voice before you act.
Tevin Gordon
Tevin Gordon 11 months ago
This sermon had me crying.... thank you God and so it is amen!!
Jen Ostrom
Jen Ostrom 11 months ago
Wow thanks pastor steven, this was so good and I needed to hear this tonight.I have felt less than but I am called and I am thankful.Thank you pastor and thanks Joel for changing my life and saving my life at my very lowest.
Lucem Year ago
Great motivational speaker.
Dennis Tomasino
I love God so much. This word really spoke to me and what i am going through today. God bless you Steven Furtick! Keep working with God 😁
Benjamin Sztankovics
Steven is now showing us a lot. So you want to be like OSTEEN?!!!
Robin McKinney
People, please..... in your moments of doubt, pain, despair...Please, please cry out to Jesus that He will show Himself to you.... Not 'preachers' who tickle the ears; saying things only that you WANT to hear.... but those who speak Biblical Truth.... Do you want to be certain of your Salvation?! Dont listen to what I say... but check out other preachers... like Charles Stanley, DTBM (discover the Bible Ministries), or Micah Bell... give yourself the opportunity to listen to Biblical TRUTH....
Gelli Danielle
Gelli Danielle 11 months ago
Robin McKinney that’s the sad truth today! People prefer to listen to “preachers” who tickle the ears.
Brenda G
Brenda G Year ago
Since they’re talking about your image before God why don’t they mention the part where Jesus says “repent and no longer do what you’ve done”? or the part where Jesus says “no one is my brother if they are not pure before my Father”? try the spirits and see if they really are true
Steven Fennell
Steven Fennell 5 months ago
@Gelli Danielle Anyone preaching and teaching 1 Peter 1:15-16 is labeled as fanatical, just very passionate or extreme
Nix Weldon
Nix Weldon 5 months ago
@Steven Fennell cool...
Steven Fennell
Steven Fennell 5 months ago
@Nix Weldon I understood what Suhaid said. My Sister is right on point with the Spirit of God. She doesn't need help she is already being guided by the best helper she can have! God's spirit convicts an unbeliever and calls them to repentance. When the Spirit of God lives and dwells on the inside of a believer his spirit leads guides and reveals the truth of God. His spirit enables us to live holy. The Spirit of God also will reveal and uncover the deception of the enemy covered by anecdotes and comedic side notes and no power as well.
Steven Fennell
Steven Fennell 5 months ago
Gelli Danielle
Gelli Danielle 11 months ago
Suhaid González ikr. It’s all about motivation these days and nothing about repentance.
Ramesh Fire
Ramesh Fire Year ago
You guys are wolf in sheep clothing
Jacob Bates
Jacob Bates 8 months ago
@Nix Weldon hes talking about the leaders
Fit Jeremy
Fit Jeremy 10 months ago
Ramesh I'm glad you got to watch shows your still searching keep it up bro God will make himself known when stand with him.
Gelli Danielle
Gelli Danielle 11 months ago
Ramesh Fire 👏🏼
Ramesh Fire
Ramesh Fire 11 months ago
Darby we are all sinner remember got a had to take the from of a man to die for our sins it is written into scripture all They wannabe hypocrite Pastor know the truth And they lie to the people no preacher or pastor should get paid to preach the word of God did need to get a real job and still do the work of God these hypocrites take house and make it in to a Casino The Lord said it is easy for a camel to go through the eyes of a needle than a rich man to enter into the kingdom of heaven and everything these hypocrite are ripping people off God is going to take it away from them
Lucem Year ago
Many wolves in sheep's clothing. One among many.
Ramesh Fire
Ramesh Fire Year ago
What a bunch a hypocrite stealing from the poor
Nix Weldon
Nix Weldon Year ago
Who are u directing this to? I think u got it twisted. U realize u are sinful too, and none of us are worthy? But ALL u have to do is repent and ask for forgiveness. Not everybody steals from the poor, but we are all sinful.
justin case
justin case Year ago
Gelli Danielle
Gelli Danielle 11 months ago
justin case i was losing hope in the comments when I saw this! Finally someone said it here.
Lucas Mooibroek
Ahh two jokes sharing a stage
Awesome! Wow!
Awesome! Wow! 8 months ago
I hope you guys pray for them as much as you criticize 🙏🏿 We need to correct each other in love not bitterness
Gelli Danielle
Gelli Danielle 11 months ago
Lucas Mooibroek i know. I just cant help but laugh though, the way you said it. 😬
Lucas Mooibroek
Lucas Mooibroek 11 months ago
Gelli Danielle Gelilang it’s the facts 🤷🏽‍♀️
Gelli Danielle
Gelli Danielle 11 months ago
Lucas Mooibroek hahaha
Pamela Flusche
Pastor Steven is one of the best ever Pastors!! I watch him on his Elevation sermons all the time, but this Lakewood one sure was a divine one!
that's technology
Robin McKinney
If you want to know Truth...pl ease read your Bible. .. your Salvation depends on it
Scott Marcy
Scott Marcy Year ago
I've watched this sermon three times. I really spoke to a need in my life. I want to make sure I learned the lesson God was teaching me.
Clouseauish Year ago
is it possible that Steven Furtick ever opens a Bible? Didn't the Holy Spirit write through Paul?
Gelli Danielle
Gelli Danielle 11 months ago
Robin McKinney “ear tickling emptiness” on point!
Robin McKinney
Amen .... ankle-deep shallowness... ear tickling emptiness... please, please, seek JESUS... ask Him to reveal Himself !!! Ask that He reveal Himself and His Wisdom to you...get a NEW KING JAMES OR KING JAMES BIBLE ; begin to seek and search for truth. Your Salvation and eternity depend on it.
Clouseauish Year ago
All about himself as usual. He is so not called. T.D. Jake is his mentor? Really blasphemous and lame. Preaching in a 'Law of Attraction' church Word of Faith witchcraft church of positive thinking. Osteen is recognized by everyone with any discernment as a false teacher. He said that Hindus love God as well Unsaved Hindus. Lakewood Church of slime.
Paola Victoria
Paola Victoria 2 months ago
Chad Macullough they literally have nothing to back up their claims. It’s insane.
Chad Macullough
Chad Macullough 5 months ago
You guys are idiots! Who made you the judge of Pastors? I am sure YOU are not the standard for Christian living. Look in the mirror, and one other tidbit of information that might help you is stop listening if you don't want to hear it. Why are you even here?
Gelli Danielle
Gelli Danielle 11 months ago
Michelle Chetty
We pray for all these people sitting under this type of messages . The Gospel needs to be preached all the time and so you can point people for Jesus. This is really sad ... all about himself .. where is Jesus ?
fjcbroht Year ago
Clouseauish y u here then
I T Mosley
I T Mosley Year ago
I am believing God's promise MORE than I believe my situation. Thank you Pastor Furtick for allowing God to use you to help people like me.
Rodney Muganzi
Shanta Reid
Shanta Reid Year ago
He has a real testimony.
Beyond To Glam
Romi N. Andrews
Amazing, powerful sermon. Thank you Pastor Steven, you BELONG there/behind the podium in Lakewood! We love you & your family.
Paola Victoria
Paola Victoria 2 months ago
Robin McKinney you are extremely confused or just plain ignorant if you really believe Pastor Steven isn’t a real man of God. He has never said nor acted like he is the one who knows the truth. Literally every single one of his sermons comes directly from the word of God. He isn’t just making stuff up to act like he is the mighty one..
Gelli Danielle
Gelli Danielle 11 months ago
Robin McKinney i applaud you for commenting!
Robin McKinney
Please.. if you seek Jesus' face, His Truth and wisdom, instead of Fertick's shallow teachings.... you will know the difference between Truth and those that pretend to know truth....
Jennifer Labayan
Thank you for uploading! 🙏🙂
maria malheiro
Miracle Sierra
Amen I needed this today 💙🙏🏼
Rossana Palombo
❤🙏💙🙏❤🙏💙🙏❤🙏💙 Thanks to Osteen end .....
Robin McKinney
Do you have a Bible...? Please read it and ask Jesus to reveal His Truth.... it varies GREATLY from Furtick's empty teachings. I say this only because I care about your Salvation....
Pem Schubert
Pem Schubert Year ago
I'm always online from Germany
Jesudas Solomon - Official
Am from India❤❤
Mariam Musa
Mariam Musa Year ago
This is for me.... Great message
Praise Rita Idahosa
A Great Thanks for Sharing this Message! Amen!🙋🙋🙋🙋
memunatu saffa
Yes. I've had my Praise Report be my Prayer request. Glory to God
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