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Gordon Ramsay
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This is not an April Fools Joke. A month ago Gordon invited Jackass' Steve-O to his kitchen to attempt to make a delicious Southwestern Omelette. Instead, Steve-O brought his antics to Gordon's kitchen while trying to do his best to keep up with Gordon. Needless to say, Steve-O came ready to have some fun....knives, hot sauce and all! His final dish and crazy stories are something some of us can relate to.
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Apr 1, 2020




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Comments 80
donald bell
donald bell 37 minutes ago
Its all great
erick martinez
watched every mother fukking minute of this
Phillip Slivov
If you get paranoid from grass do not watch this shit high
Rideforfun 2 hours ago
damn his voice
Brenna Barkley
Brenna Barkley 2 hours ago
Think any health insurance provider would ever cover Steve-o? lmfao
Gabriel Huertas
Gabriel Huertas 2 hours ago
Steve-O is the most chaotic wholesome energy in the planet currently lol
miles davies
miles davies 4 hours ago
good to see gordon with the sub zero fridges
Mark Henderson
Mark Henderson 6 hours ago
Two of my favorite heroes in one video! I'm spoiled this morning! Sorry I didn't see this in April!
ABD0ZALL 7 hours ago
Is it just me or when Steve-O put the sauce in his eye there eye started watering a little
Parklawn Bandit
Parklawn Bandit 8 hours ago
Steve's looked better
8211edgar 8 hours ago
Gordon: I’m gonna wait till the.. Steve-O : dont wait *shakes head* , don’t wait for nothing *very Steve-o like flips omelette*
Miss Anthropy
Miss Anthropy 10 hours ago
super disappointed in Steve-O for breaking veganism.
X X 11 hours ago
Ik gordon called it a mess but that mess looks much more appetizing to my born poor @$$
Jerry Gamez
Jerry Gamez 11 hours ago
"However..." "Steve...O_o?"
Jacob Castoria
Jacob Castoria 12 hours ago
honor GOD'S name try not to say his name in vain GOD and JESUS loves you
landon lengyel
landon lengyel 13 hours ago
what happenes to steve os voice?
Cerberus 11 hours ago
landon lengyel drugs
Smith 14 hours ago
more like Dad-O
Just a Man
Just a Man 18 hours ago
Finally! Gordon’s doing Ready, Steady, Twat
RevHerEnd Basa
RevHerEnd Basa 18 hours ago
Eye candy lmao
James Chauvet
James Chauvet 18 hours ago
How did you know you will make the perfect hotsause "I want it hot I want it tasty" and I swear he was going to say "and I tried it in my eyeball" never cut off steve o when he is explaining something lol
Michael Steven Martin
9:25 Steve-O handles that pan like it has snakes inside.
Ruben Verpalen
Ruben Verpalen 18 hours ago
Youre doing well Gordon and Steve o
Your Mom
Your Mom 19 hours ago
....but why though....
Chantelle du Toit
Chantelle du Toit 19 hours ago
Is his throat okay? It makes me feel like I have something in my throat.
Kray Kray
Kray Kray 19 hours ago
Gordon: are you okay?! Steve-o: yeeeeaaahhhhhhhhhhh
Monose 20 hours ago
Came to watch Steve-o pour hot sauce in his eye, ended up watching the whole video, and forgot that's what I initially came for.
Richard Bentley
Richard Bentley 20 hours ago
Steve-o did a better job then i could have done myself :P
kyle amaral
kyle amaral 21 hour ago
Steve o is the once a circus clown always a circus clown kinda guy
Jan Kowalski
Jan Kowalski 21 hour ago
yeah, every medic has eye drops in his pocket just in case...totally not set up ....
Kevin *********
Kevin ********* 21 hour ago
These two guys are like the opposite kinds of people and its so funny seeing them interact
John Scannell
John Scannell 21 hour ago
Steve'O went to clown college... Crazy but true fact
randy Baker
randy Baker 22 hours ago
y did stever do that don t get it
Jacko Wacko
Jacko Wacko 22 hours ago
I’m sorry but is this the nicest Gordon has been to someone
Maestro 22 hours ago
f*cking delicious
HuskIsDum 23 hours ago
If you've watched Quackity, you would know this... "My name is Steve-O and I'm gonna eat a fucking turtle."
Louie Bartlett
Louie Bartlett 23 hours ago
Why would he put that fucking hot sauce into his eyeball? I dont feel so good after watching this. Ughhh
Names Nicco
Names Nicco Day ago
this is fucking gold.
Jack Williams
this is why he has glasses
Chruska Day ago
this is pure gold
B bert
B bert Day ago
he's just totaly idiot...
Unsynqed Day ago
Steve-O's voice just makes me want to clear my throat
Daniel Kim
Daniel Kim Day ago
Gordon should get sterling from Hell’s Kitchen on here.
they both look delicious
de cuul dude
de cuul dude Day ago
Steve-o's voice is gone
Jarthen Greenmeadow
Steve-O is so baked in that one eye. I swear I have not laughed this hard for this long in ages. Not just Steve-O just Gordon Ramsay experiencing Steve-O first hand as well. Steve-O didnt realize he was there to cook at all and Gordon Ramsay didnt realize he was gonna see stunts. Brilliant.
Jarthen Greenmeadow
Gordon did not know what to do with Steve-O cracking eggs on his head.
Jarthen Greenmeadow
about the 3rd added egg gordon wanted to hit him I think.
Jarthen Greenmeadow
I'm laughing so hard at this whole thing. Steve-O messing up consistently is so quality.
Vokun Day ago
That voice makes me want to clear my throat.
Mike Walton
Mike Walton Day ago
V Bravo
V Bravo Day ago
Feel like Chef Gordon wants to beat his ass haha
not funny to watch an old man doing stupid teen skater stuff anymore, it's like this guy never grew up
Evan Day ago
For a guy who is a genuine medical marvel, I think he did ok on the cooking
Lautaro Segatto
This is like if the Joker and Batman got thrown into a cooking show, one has the perfect plan and the other is just delights in chaos
T-gan 13
T-gan 13 Day ago
PLEASE make more episodes/videos of you two cooking together.
7Vighti Day ago
Steve-O is gonna be a Fallout series ghoul when he's 80.
T-gan 13
T-gan 13 Day ago
This was beautiful. This was a combination of Gordon from Hell's Kitchen and Master Chief Jr. with Steve-O XD
Marta Haine
Marta Haine Day ago
Gostaria muito se fosse dublado ou legendas
TheRigger92r Day ago
Steve'os looked better
Goron had Hells Kitchen flashbacks when Steve-O was talking about the worst things IRL being the best thing on television
This is one of the best fucking things I’ve seen in a while
BeastyBeard Day ago
F*cking Ramsay was loving this shit!
Sean Glennon
Sean Glennon Day ago
the sizzling of the fucking pans is louder than Steve-O's voice
Michael Roberts
Didnt know you had a channel but steve killed. Love the show
Ok, so what's the difference now between "a professional chef and a cook", as I guess, professional also counts for the cook in this context.
Josh Day ago
god i fucking love stevo HAHAHA
My childhood has been collided in one video.
Miss Stephanie
Steve sounds like he’s struggling to talk. Lmao. Kinda sounds like a old granny. Knife trick on the nose was impressive to Gordon and I like seeing Gordon having fun
BJ V Day ago
Gotta love todays Steve-O. He seems so nice. Kind of dumb like a dog but nice like a dog.
Afro Desiac
Afro Desiac Day ago
Steve-O is like a masochist Joker.
Striver 2 days ago
hahaha man this guy is so freakin living the life!! haha what an absolute viking!!
the major
the major 2 days ago
If you can hear a knife chopping its not sharp......
Dark Dark
Dark Dark 2 days ago
so much balls in that kitchen
George Geo
George Geo 2 days ago
There should be hundreds of episodes of these two.
Kyle Lewcock
Kyle Lewcock 2 days ago
What's wrong with stevos voice? It didn't sound like that in any of the jackassess
Lalix 21 hour ago
That's the after effects of a shit ton of cocaine hitting the back of your throat every day for most of your life
Oh Well
Oh Well 2 days ago
"Ok, let's eat" 12:37
Oh Well
Oh Well 2 days ago
Yes,Yes, Yes Gordon reading the disclaimer at the start. Yes. Christmas came early this year. Thank you.
sammich Contained
looking at how old steve-o looks now, makes me feel very old
Connor Parsons
Connor Parsons 2 days ago
anyone else click this think it was steve will do it this is my second time falling for the bait
Radiant Shadow
Radiant Shadow 2 days ago
"The same skin on your butthole is on your mouth" maybe that's why lips are so kissable.
Mike Wazowski
Mike Wazowski 2 days ago
Can we please add Gordon's "medic!" line into tf2?
David Ringo
David Ringo 2 days ago
I dont think ive ever seen Gordon laugh so much or look so happy before.
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