Steve Jobs introduces iPhone in 2007

John Schroter
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This is the iPhone introduction excerpt from the Macworld San Francisco 2007 Keynote Address January 9th, 2007. Steve Jobs made the claim that it was 5 years ahead of any other phone. AppleTV was also introduced that day.

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Oct 8, 2011




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Josh Adams
Josh Adams 3 months ago
This press conference literally changed the world forever
Iman K.
Iman K. 8 hours ago
@Corby Dinzen I you truly believe this go ahead and destroy your phone. So?
Rafa 9 hours ago
for worst. thousands adicted to this crap.
Eliezer3838 19 hours ago
Tik tok
Copter Cop
Copter Cop Day ago
Actually it was the iPhone that changed the world. The actual press conference simply announced the product. In and of itself, the press conference didn’t change anything.
vibarva 6 minutes ago
Musk came to replace him as the face of the us technological advance(most investment is made by the us government).
Donovan Noble
Donovan Noble 36 minutes ago
Ya Allah ampunilah dosa kami semua yang setuju like
Baldwin Lorenzo
Baldwin Lorenzo 58 minutes ago
Ya Allah ampunilah dosa kami semua yang setuju like
Vladimir Putin
El Jobso and all his adoring sycophants.
zxKAOS1 2 hours ago
I wonder if there was anybody in the audience who uses prosthetic hands. They would've been in for a rude awakening!
Jon Weiss
Jon Weiss 2 hours ago
Legendary speech and tech businessman! “Easy to use!” Brilliant. I saw movie and have an iPhone & iPad. Jonny Weiss 🎶
Pottan Kala
Pottan Kala 2 hours ago
Now looks at Samsung😎 🤣 at Apple. Tables have turned..
Gaming Highlights
Gaming Highlights 3 hours ago
He has so much respect from the audience R.I.P Steve Jobs
smokepepes 3 hours ago
too much talk for such a shit, overpriced, underperforming and over marketed piece of junk.
Finley_ Firefly
Finley_ Firefly 3 hours ago
Kids watching this on iPhone 11 Pro Maxs be like: 👁👄👁
Greer Lewis
Greer Lewis 3 hours ago
Yang milih allah like 40000 ya
Cormorant0512 3 hours ago
I remember this day. No one really knew the implications of what they were looking at
smokepepes 3 hours ago
what implications? it's less than mediocre, underperforming and overpriced junk. you must be a fucking moron to buy it instead of anything else available on the market.
hakantunaTV 3 hours ago
This and Facebook = The beginning of the end for mankind
rgb stm
rgb stm 4 hours ago
it was at this conference that nokia plummeted
Gaboutzo Loves games
Rest In Peace steve
Dragiboom 5 hours ago
i should be flking sleeping but youtube wants me to see this video before
MC Vac
MC Vac 5 hours ago
I love Steve Jobs. A true innovator. If only I had seen this live when it came out. But here I am, 13 years later watching the video for the first time and feeling amazed. I am so excited for the future and the next Steve Jobs, someone's gotta do it. We need more innovation. I feel like Apple has lost its Innovation along with Steve Jobs which is a shame. But I need more of this sort of content. These have been the best 10 minutes of my life and I'm grateful it.
Tre Simons
Tre Simons 5 hours ago
"and boy have we patented it"
Geomextry 5 hours ago
Is it just me or did everyone get this on their recommended page?
Parker Sorensen
Parker Sorensen 5 hours ago
First of all, wtf is a stylus
Keekekdmcmc Mekelrkfmfc
Iya ya Allah
Luca Musio
Luca Musio 6 hours ago
Watching this in 2020
Alex Maggio
Alex Maggio 6 hours ago
Who els got a Samsung add for this video
Funny videos
Funny videos 7 hours ago
This Steve guy has such a good idea, maybe he’ll be a millionaire someday who knows
Veronica 7 hours ago
Aleksandar Nevski
Aleksandar Nevski 7 hours ago
And its got a Samsung touch screen bahahahaha xDD
James Toop
James Toop 7 hours ago
BOOM! ya dead
Edoardo Romanin
Edoardo Romanin 7 hours ago
In 2020, through an iPhone 11, this video makes me smile
Miller 8 hours ago
hasal hussain
hasal hussain 8 hours ago
2020: haha cameras go brrr
Mohit 9 hours ago
Jeans , shirt , shoes no fancy stuffs and suits , simplicity level 💯
Miggels 9 hours ago
why is this recommended to me?
CGB Gaming
CGB Gaming 9 hours ago
Imagine you sue Samsung for copying their ideas and YOU FIND OUT THAT YOU COPIED LG WELL DONE APPLE
xstelplayer 360 Weekly
Y did I even search for this?
Vivian Harper
Vivian Harper 10 hours ago
Is my is my mother goose club out
Lidija Lincender
Lidija Lincender 10 hours ago
Würde ihm gerne Scheide geben.
Flameva 10 hours ago
Watching this in my smart fridge
Alex Martins
Alex Martins 10 hours ago
Ese día no era para estar viendo la presentación.. Era para comprar acciones!
Saulo Araujo
Saulo Araujo 10 hours ago
Anyone in 2020 give a like. 13 years after 2007 and we don't have anywhere else to go with the smartphones. They are already too smart hahaha
Sidhant Bàrsinge
Sidhant Bàrsinge 10 hours ago
Its never gonna work!
JohnCenaXD 11 hours ago
Remember when phones had keyboards and were thick? You’re too old if you remember
KA __
KA __ 6 hours ago
No I'm 19
Nellie Ballard
Nellie Ballard 11 hours ago
Yang milih allah like 40000 ya
Huy Lê
Huy Lê 11 hours ago
The video that changed how technology works.
Trying to get to 1K before 2020 ends
does anyone else just love mr Beast or just me?
Sahil Kate
Sahil Kate 11 hours ago
Steve jobs is the kind of the guy who will put memes on the presentation
Insta Travel
Insta Travel 11 hours ago
Now I’m watching his press confreres in his product (iPhone) 😂😎. Xoxoxo🥳
Jean Mackinnon
Jean Mackinnon 12 hours ago
THIS was a cultural reset.
Temitope Akinkugbe
Temitope Akinkugbe 12 hours ago
I was recommended to *cybernet_hacker* on Instagram by my coworkers after explaining to her what I’m passing through with my boyfriend in our relationship.things were not fine so I had no choice than to figure what’s wrong by hacking his iCloud,iMessage and Snapchat to monitor him without notification
flomine 12 hours ago
When our grand children will discover this video they will hate us for how we wasted our resources so quickly and stupidly.
Wisepatrolpeace 12 hours ago
The CEO of motorolla was there that night.
JM F 12 hours ago
this guy was so full of s--t. The mouse idea was stolen tech. I cant stand mac they are money vampire. always need an adpator
md ayan
md ayan 12 hours ago
Crabcake 304
Crabcake 304 12 hours ago
*me watching this video on my galaxy phone*
JohnCenaXD 11 hours ago
*me watching this in my iPhone*
Cartoon Mania
Cartoon Mania 13 hours ago
the phone that started it all
Tfue 14 hours ago
rest in peace steve jobs
SeanGo 14 hours ago
Tim Cook can’t be this funny. He needs to stop being the presenter. He just doesn’t have it and needs to be honest about it.
Eemeli Isoniemi
Eemeli Isoniemi 15 hours ago
Android💪 (and nokia🇫🇮)
William Bender
William Bender 16 hours ago
Gunasekaran Elamaran
Once in a lifetime man with once in a life time devices
Game is life
Game is life 17 hours ago
the audience is amazing
Knowledge Gained
Knowledge Gained 17 hours ago
Take this video of the first iphone and compare it to the newest iphone with ios 14 that you're watching this video on....
Battle galaxy Pro
Battle galaxy Pro 17 hours ago
watch this in 2020?!
sergio martin
sergio martin 17 hours ago
americans will cheer anything
Ekal D'blood
Ekal D'blood 17 hours ago
301 views video brought me here
gavin g
gavin g 19 hours ago
great respect for you sir
Jossua exsant
Jossua exsant 19 hours ago
Telat 8 tahun bjir :v
Eowkzngx Dysijzvx
Eowkzngx Dysijzvx 19 hours ago
Yang pilih allah like.
The Trash
The Trash 19 hours ago
rrrrright, produced in China by chineze children in horrible conditions *RIGHT ?!?* up yours dude, *UP YOURS*
Marek Stirling
Marek Stirling 19 hours ago
a BREAKTHROUGH internet communications device *slow clap* ..
Marek Stirling
Marek Stirling 19 hours ago
The birth of the brand sheep.
FURYMITTENS 19 hours ago
Watching this while taking a shit. The future!!!!
Jerry Poch
Jerry Poch 20 hours ago
dont do market research you TELL THEM what they want allegedly steve
POKE TECH 21 hour ago
Why is RUvid recommending me 9 years later in an Android phone ??
许迦南 21 hour ago
I'm listening to ruvid.net/video/video-yHEZL2CxqiA.html in the background and it sounds epic
Owen West
Owen West 21 hour ago
got to love youtube recommendations...
A Péaceful Søul
A Péaceful Søul 23 hours ago
Steve Jobs: *How to sell $400 for $1000*
Sarah C
Sarah C Day ago
Who's watching this on an Apple device
Aof Cost
Aof Cost Day ago
i love
Abdul wahab Aatif
If he was still alive it could have beat Android
Copter Cop
Copter Cop Day ago
George Floyd was a crackhead criminal!
Owen West
Owen West 21 hour ago
@Jack Fenton but he was???
Jack Fenton
Jack Fenton Day ago
Copter Cop if you think that then you have mental health issues ! Go fuck yourself
JadenManU10 Day ago
As I’m watching this on my iPhone
Copter Cop
Copter Cop Day ago
What is this iPhone thing that everyone keeps talking about??
Nuke blox
Nuke blox Day ago
Steve Jobs: We are all born with them we’re gonna use our fingers People with no fingers: *am I a joke to you?*
Rusiru Mendis
Who’s after IOS 14 ?
Eduardo Vilar
Steve: a Everyone: uuuhhhhh *claps*
Branden Mcgee
1:40 dog: help my please
YouTube User
YouTube User Day ago
This dude doesn't get the recognition he deserves.
Sabriie Day ago
Steve Jobs is a sadist abusing his wife and his niece, he is not dead. He lives in Kirovo, Crimea, Titova Street, 2. His name is Teyfikh Kurpedinov. Why everybody keeps silent??? You're enslaved?
Tom Moger
Tom Moger Day ago
Steve Jobs: “nobody wants a stylus” Apple: *releases iPencil*
zxKAOS1 2 hours ago
@1212patatina Or snap them off as they're inserted into the iPad, charging :D
1212patatina 6 hours ago
Ipencils invented to lose them!
Lidija Lincender
Lidija Lincender 10 hours ago
Glitchy_RBLX Day ago
Welp now we have like 11 camera Iphone X Lite 321123 Max Pro™ and Airpods Max XLS Lite 231 TechnicalGibberish™ in our pockets...
Zero Blank94
Zero Blank94 Day ago
this is the first time I do not do the 5sec skip, Steve Jobs is something.
content because yeah
steve jobs would be proud to see his work still amazing today.
Lorene Robertson
The poor doggie had to suffer and watch dis XD
Megan Schroeder
Who else is watching this for school
Baldwin Lorenzo
Yang milih allah like 40000 ya
Samuel Campbell
Very sad to watch this, life is so fragile
Nick Barr
Nick Barr Day ago
I watched this live. Was awesome. Then the phone came out and I was underwhelmed. Thank god for Android.
and Now we have Android devices And iPhones, both capable for editing Videos using software like iMovie and Power director. You see folks, they are no longer phones, they are micro computers that can operate independently from the phone. If you were to remove the phone, you would have a micro PC or MAC. just take a look : 1 a computer can use an external Monitor (android can use an External Monitor Not sure on the iPhone) 2 A computer can use external Storage Devices Both iPhone and Droids can access not just one but a multitude of external devices 3 here is something sneaky both Iphone and Droid have put all there best tech in to phone rather than their tablets. 4 Both iPhones and Android Camera technologies are starting to replace cameras. 5 Today's Phones on both ends have Video Ram for graphics as well as separate ram for computing 6 Today's Phones are the ALL in One devices and will become the future computers where we will eliminate laptops altogether. 7 What do you think Samsung DEX is all about? replacing your laptop , getting you used to a new Idea, making your micro computer in to a full fledged computer. they only thing keeping phones from taking over your PC are all the games that are out there.. todays phones could easily port over to either iPhone or Android. Games Like FFXI, FFXIV, and many more. 8 My Android has barametrick Pressure sensors which I use, and external Thermometer, that I use, a magnetic Compass that I use with out GPS, and much more. while self build PCS are great, the future could become, Self Built phones. ones that you can assemble your self.
Emil Svingen
Emil Svingen Day ago
Ooh shit bruh
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