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Steve Jobs handling a tough question at the 1997 Worldwide Developer Conference. He had just returned to Apple as an advisor and was guiding sweeping change at the company. The full video is here - ruvid.net/video/video-6iACK-LNnzM.html - this interactions is at 50:25.

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Dec 1, 2016




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Qyqheuwhe Suwueuwhe
Yang milih allah like yg Mili dajal hirawkan 1:39.........m
Unlucky Keys
Unlucky Keys Hour ago
"where can we take the customer?" to the fuckin cleaners, with that 900 dollar stand
Dakhir Urusov
Dakhir Urusov 2 hours ago
I think its my favorite video with a legendary Steve, great experience to watch too
Abdu 4 hours ago
This Steve guy should make a technology company.
Rex Alfie Lee
Rex Alfie Lee 6 hours ago
He died fighting android rather than fighting cancer. He was a fool.
Beyond Infinity
Beyond Infinity 7 hours ago
If Steve was so smart how come he’s dead?
Edward Stephens
Edward Stephens 8 hours ago
Very inspirational. Should be watched by every entrepreneur
Spencer Sanders
Spencer Sanders 9 hours ago
Roses are red violets are blue if you give a like God will forgive you 0:22xx
Samuel Carriger
Samuel Carriger 9 hours ago
Sort of a comparison of the Xbox One Launch... pushing the 24/7 Media box rather than gaming and now look what happened to Series X... It gets better for gamers..
oneraceonedestiny 10 hours ago
Apparentky he had a BO problem....
Bona Fide
Bona Fide 10 hours ago
This was definitely NOT “Shot on an iphone”.
Bouk de Water
Bouk de Water 11 hours ago
Mo Kno
Mo Kno 11 hours ago
Bill Burr told that guy to ask that question
copywriter9 Steve
copywriter9 Steve 15 hours ago
The person who asked these questions looks like a very unhappy man. Don't think he has many friends either. Let's see now, hmm I wonder how many billion dollar corporations this sad sack person piloted and steered to success? How many successful pioneers have established success and greatness after many failures? Without testing and failures, we would not have those successes. Steve Jobs was a visionary, and the entire world and beyond is rocketed light years forward because of his vision to help and better mankind. The questioner should be asking himself why he is in the same room with Steve! Yet, Jobs was eloquent in his answer. The questioner left that day talking to his shoes!
Mohammad B
Mohammad B 17 hours ago
This is like when a student asks the teacher a question that makes you roll your eyes, but then the teacher gives such an amazing you response you want to go hug and thank the person who asked the question.
playlists 18 hours ago
Stonewashed jeans and black polo neck
playlists 18 hours ago
That's a douchey question though
kakoo ly
kakoo ly 19 hours ago
Why this garbage was recommended!! Fk apple
Emmanuel Goldstein
Emmanuel Goldstein 20 hours ago
Java was shit, end of. This dude was based and correct. Jobs was just a spruiker with no actual talent besides spruiking.
Γιάννης Αποστολόπουλος
What have you been doing these past 7 years though? Oh I forgot , your mom.
Jay Home
Jay Home Day ago
I think that's the most human I've ever seen Steve Jobs be.
Eric Anderson
Great thoughtful answer to the OpenDoc question, but curiously OpenDoc came back 20 years latter. So it was just too soon, and Jobs could see that.
BioStuff415 Day ago
And the rest was history... he saved the company from the very brink.
0 bomb
0 bomb Day ago
what WAS he doing for 7 years tho
Marklar Day ago
The tucked-in shirt without the belt? The tucked-in shirt without the belt.
Candy Shoppers
the old problem engineering (tech side) vs. money (selling and marketing) how do you get an engineer that is seeing the world most important for his tech he develops to understand this? he is basically mostly isolated on just one side of the coin well he can be quite skilled no offense on that but still isolated and the world consist of the whole coin even for him. i mean he works for getting paid. so he sees meaning in his payment as well. jobs made a decision. not walking this isolated tech part anymore all the time. so how do you expect him to understand relations to opendoc software at points that had already been outside of where he directed his own work for the company more into? he trusted his engineering team. they build it for him. he was more interested into the selling and marketing part but to sell precisely the fact that there even is a product even more a company and that is based on newest latest tech (well at that times) it develops. basically just what the job of a good CEO just is!
Timothy Thompson
He gave a bs cult of personality answer.
Padmanabhan JR
Anybody getting a saul goodman look alike vibe from hin or is it just me?
EmanTsrif EmanTsal
no apple memes here :(
J 336
J 336 Day ago
After we die, what happens?
J 336
J 336 Day ago
@Thomas M check this out: ruvid.net/video/video-Pi3e16JY6UM.html
Thomas M
Thomas M Day ago
No one can answer your question, because no one knows. But if you had any concerns about the question, it's a useful mental exercise to consider the biliions of years that preceded your birth, and ask yourself if that near - eternity causes you any anxiety. Probably not, because you did not exist then, and that enormous stretch of time is irrelevant to you. There is no fundamental difference between the time that preceded our birth and the time that follows our death. Both are equally irrelevant to us. What matters is how we spend the very brief time that we are alive.
J 336
J 336 Day ago
Sean Cullen
Sean Cullen 2 days ago
It's ironic that many of the commenters here don't get it, and have no idea that they don't get it, just like the guy in the video that asked the question.
Eric Anderson
It helps to have lived through in real time.
Big ‘ol bag of meatballs
Bill Burr’s thoughts about Steve Jobs are awesome. Watch the Conan clip.
Roj C
Roj C 2 days ago
he didn't answer the questions
Armando Somersault
Fun fact: Employees at Apple would often call him Skippy behind his back
Mike Smith
Mike Smith 5 hours ago
fladave99 Mills
fladave99 Mills 2 days ago
Question for Steve. Steve, did you ever envision your computers being built by SLAVES in PRISONS supporting the largest COMMUNIST PARTY in history that has killed over 100 million people? All run by a gay traitor to the Constitution using the i phone as a CIA bug to select Americans to be droned, imprisoned used by Bill Gates to murder the population with vaccines in 2021.
Hernan Rivera
Hernan Rivera 2 days ago
He has iPhone XX pockets in his pants.
David Buxton
David Buxton 2 days ago
Those were vindictive accusations, not tough questions.
imajeff Smith
imajeff Smith 2 days ago
When you're selling the dream, the problem is eventually the buyer's gonna wake up
imajeff Smith
imajeff Smith 3 hours ago
@Wyatt Arent I started my software engineering career about 1993 (27 years). I do not enjoy Apple products but I am curious what products you made that you think someone like me enjoys; I don't have friends and I'm not like you assume. My point is your point: Trillion dollars rich and the only thing to show for it is comparable to my PC/Android which cost FAR less per year. The difference is apparently how much the palace costs that you sell it in. If you want to rob everyone, the evidence is you are rich but not them, and the best time for a robber is when we are sleeping (aka dreaming). That's why I say, Good night.
Asdfghjkl Lkjhgfdsa
Wyatt Arent The whole point of the damn video is that apple products are inferior but whatever. You could of spent less money on better equipment. I would never choose to buy apple products over something else. Apple sucks. People are probably bad with money. People waste money on nonsense because it looks better than it is all the time. It is very simple and it is a logical point. You calling someone a troll is devoid of substance. I don’t care if you respond or not nobody does.
Wyatt Arent
Wyatt Arent 4 hours ago
I'm a professional software engineer with 5 years of experience and have worked on a variety of products that are enjoyed by millions of people like you and your friends every day. All my work is done on MacBooks. Apple products are excellent. There is zero substance to calling Apple users "stupid and bad with money." It is, on its face, false with the only purpose of being inflammatory. It's an edgy meme perpetuated mostly by trolls and the uninformed. This is the last comment I'm posting here.
Asdfghjkl Lkjhgfdsa
Wyatt Arent I mean it really doesn’t require much more detail. Just because my point is simple doesn’t make illogical or lack substance. You received a response directly to what you said. YOU are the one replying without a point
Wyatt Arent
Wyatt Arent 4 hours ago
These are very reasonable, logical refutations of great substance. Thanks for sharing
KWP 2 days ago
Wish I had bought stock at this point in time
Johan Ek
Johan Ek 2 days ago
It's staged... Of course having an answer like this on a controversial question like that is not how Jobs would have handled it if spontaneous
Ingrid K
Ingrid K 2 days ago
Yes I agree. In fact Steve Jobs had a terrible temper and showed no restraint as he loudly humiliated whoever was close by. He was like a 5 year old when things didn't go his way.
Graeme Gunn
Graeme Gunn 2 days ago
Lol that guy is an asshole! Wow, the balls on him.
EH UB 2 days ago
Steve Jobs is Thomas Edison He stole an idea and sold it - he was a good sales man - that’s it !! The little chunky dude was nikola Tesla the actual brain / inventor
jp4revolt 2 days ago
Nobody cares about java.
EchoChamber 2 days ago
Not a big fan of angry losers not adding ideas
BC 2 days ago
You know, I've owned some Apple devices trough the years. But none of them could really hold up. It was either bad battery life or insufficient software. I've followed Apple since 1983/4 and to me they were always an outsider. Looking back Apple is still that outsider. Too distinctive. Too local. Never able to merge with the rest of the world.
Jose Murillo
Jose Murillo 2 days ago
This Steve Jobs guys looks like he’s got a bright future ahead of him, might excel in electronics or tech idk
Inspirational Goosebumps
When highest quality is also 144p
Damonx360x 3 days ago
Iduno shit about software, but i do know this... Jobs got owned with that one
Mike Tayon
Mike Tayon 3 days ago
The only guy that could sell ice cubes to an Eskimo! ;) RIP Steve Jobs.
Slick Migillicutty
Answers like a true politician
Rebecca Black
Rebecca Black 3 days ago
the Alex jones show ruvid.net/video/video-W4WJEal15dc.html
Steve Kuiper
Steve Kuiper 3 days ago
Jobs was another tard liberal except more savvy to sway the minds of nerd overachievers who need a digital demagogue. History will prove this was the birth of the nerd revolution. Oracle versus apple, microsoft versus everyone.....a true binary nerd fight! No winner were all losers thanks to cloud computing.
LowLinK 3 days ago
I don't get how he was insulted, this video is good but the title is a fucking clickbait joke Just sad
LL L 3 days ago
Hi 🍁Cool Breeze❤
swahili ranger
swahili ranger 3 days ago
Fuck apple. Even after Job's "few" new ideas and a shockingly large amount of terrible business decisions, its anyone's guess as to how they managed to not drop off the fucking map and be bought out by some other tech company decades ago. Its amazing that they've lasted as long as they have, but now its an endless rollercoaster of piggy-backing off the same shit with the same name- even people KNOW they're getting the same thing as the year before, yet the Apple logo gives it some sort of unobtainable prestige. If more people were tech literate, Apple would've been sidelined years ago.
Work Device
Work Device 3 days ago
Facebook, Twitter: make the technology first, spy on what the people are doing, then figure out how to make money out of the content they own in this empty box you gave them.
Akashi-赤司 3 days ago
he is my guide and my hero and my example of genius I wish he was alive I would like to meet him and ask him few questions and just sitting ans listening to his life philosophy and what he gonna make next.. I mess him without meeting him💔
Lex Ham
Lex Ham 3 days ago
At 4.15 """people work below them""" what a horrible thing to say. Like worker ants, faceless, no names, just people working below....in the pits of despair probably on a minimum wage....my opinion is do not buy Apple products because the company appear to have no morals.
Qyyqysuwey Shuwdhuehd
ఆ ఆi love u girl
The XboxNoob
The XboxNoob 3 days ago
When apple had a vision
John Green
John Green 3 days ago
Steve Jobs was a thief... and it's too bad it wasn't recognized until years later.
Prime Decanus
Prime Decanus 2 days ago
More of a Conman then a thief. He may have taken someone else product, but the way he presents the "product" is what makes you want to buy it. Say what you want about his business endeavors, he made Apple the tycoon it is now.
Mr. Toms
Mr. Toms 3 days ago
At first I was like, this video looks like crap for being 2016, but Steve Jobs looks great for being dead!
DSP Even darker
DSP Even darker 3 days ago
Interesting how he is right
CA. B.
CA. B. 3 days ago
I don't like Apple products, but I am facinated by Steve.
John Trussell
John Trussell 3 days ago
Paffio Sultano
Paffio Sultano 3 days ago
ruvid.net/video/video-sHCbraiMw3g.html elites are not human.. if you are awake, please share this video. instagram.com/banda_di_balbettantibabbuini/
Filling the Void
Filling the Void 3 days ago
So, finally found out that Steve Jobs did the main character at that 70s show
Edoardo S.
Edoardo S. 3 days ago
elites are not human expose share redpill everything ruvid.net/video/video-sHCbraiMw3g.html
A T 3 days ago
Y'all are getting real creative with your comments these days... "ah youtube is recommending this to everyone" .... yawn....
informative channel
Heavy weight and beautifilul bull ruvid.net/video/video-dit1OqVMs6I.html
Aadhar Bhatnagar
Aadhar Bhatnagar 3 days ago
FantacistI 4 days ago
Where or what did he become so intelligent from at a young age? Who taught him how to think these ways?
Pedro Mondragón
Pedro Mondragón 4 days ago
This feels like an episode of Sillicon Valley
Julien Taming
Julien Taming 4 days ago
I just want to say, everybody is so focus on what he is saying, no phones, no smartwatches, no laptops, just listening.
Julien Taming
@Ted I know that obviously, that wasn't my point.
shelby lane
shelby lane 3 days ago
@Ted exactly.. back then best anyone had was an early version of Blackberry for corporate use and celebrities, most consumers were excited when a new flip phone was released.
Ted 3 days ago
Yes. There are no smart phones or smartwatches because they virtually didn't exist. This is a video recorded in 1997.
/V\aketas /V\
/V\aketas /V\ 4 days ago
$teve Job$
Pe Pet
Pe Pet 4 days ago
Steve was a business man first and foremost. He knew how to sell to people and he knew what he didn't know about.
Steven Amato
Steven Amato 4 days ago
How about answering the two questions that the gentleman asked you
Stuart Begg
Stuart Begg 4 days ago
And Java?
Zoarkado Zenos
Zoarkado Zenos 4 days ago
0:22 I wonder what was his reaction 10 years later.
εντροπιας γονος
Steve Jobs was amazing at knowing nothing about the shit he was selling and giving none answers.
Society Unplugged
1:53 3 years later Steve Balmer still believes you start with the developers.
ubiquity 4 days ago
Wth is opendoc? Dude sounds like a broken record
Justin Dawson
Justin Dawson 4 days ago
This is inspirational 💯
Taylor Bee
Taylor Bee 4 days ago
So basically Steve Jobs is verbally explaining ux.
shane1 4 days ago
I wonder what the iPhone will be like today if jobs were to be alive
attila bodi
attila bodi 4 days ago
trolling the heckler at its best
Qwert Voltaire
Qwert Voltaire 4 days ago
Cancer loves assholes.
Neil Miranda
Neil Miranda 4 days ago
He used Epicterus approach turning into a constructive criticism.
not doingmeth
not doingmeth 4 days ago
Steve jobs looks like someone cosplaying Steve jobs
Baron Montesqieu
Baron Montesqieu 4 days ago
Adam Smith
Adam Smith 4 days ago
We've got some things that other companies have made.
Illogical Gaming
Illogical Gaming 4 days ago
The guy is probably pissed because he learned open doc language and it became obsolete. He didn't need to be a dick about it but he was just upset. Imagine learning to write an app and then someone takes that ability from you by changing the language you write in. If you don't write software, imagine your high school English teacher returning your paper and saying, OK write it in Arabic now. Only Arabic is still being developed.
UltraGamez 6 hours ago
@greeknigga2003 it was just an example ffs dude
how is the arabic language still being developed, wtf
Aravind Pattar
@Jack Meriwether I agree, that's uncalled for.
Jack Meriwether
I could understand his frustration, but that "what have you been doing for the last 7 years" was petty
Aravind Pattar
Aravind Pattar 2 days ago
Easily underrated comment
xri xro
xri xro 4 days ago
I still didn't get an answer
homes24 5 days ago
Sadly Apple is strayed far away from this customer first experience
David Bolden
David Bolden 5 days ago
People who exist to impugn others are forever lost to obscurity, while Steve will be remembered as the man behind the most important technologies ever developed. He wrote the template of the 21st century and changed the world forever. Small men criticize greatness. Great men ignore them.
Tonnah Xiong Her
Tonnah Xiong Her 5 days ago
Genius with his answers. The man is visionary and thinks, he doesn't BS. He knows what to say and how to say it.
m.ruvid.net/video/video-BwjkI7GqKoc.html. Steve come back
Stein Franken
Stein Franken 5 days ago
Classy, classy response. The questioner should feel like a heel.
Feel The Hertz
Feel The Hertz 5 days ago
This is literally Samsung vs Apple to this day; Apple innovates, for the right real reasons. Samsung's just a "wow" for 2 seconds @ a tech event company. Nothing more. Good RAM tho
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