Steve Buscemi Apologizes to P!nk for Blowing Her Off Before Her Debut

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
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Steve Buscemi talks about how he became friends with Paul McCartney on the same day he blew off P!nk right before she released her debut album.
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Steve Buscemi Apologizes to P!nk for Blowing Her Off Before Her Debut




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Comments 80
Gary Priestley
Gary Priestley 25 days ago
What a genuinely lovely human being 😍🤩
God Loves Movies Too
This show is sooo bad.
gregory hudson
gregory hudson Month ago
Punk ass Buscemi waited til Frank Vincent passed away now he’s out and about doing interviews
Erma Cardenas
Erma Cardenas Month ago
The Death Of Stalin... Watch The Movie It’s Freaking Hilarious 😅😂🤣 One Of Steve Very Best Work...
projectzip Month ago
Is it just me or is Steve getting better looking the older he gets. Hope that works for me 😃
Tina Wible
Tina Wible Month ago
It's you!
Celtic Jay
Celtic Jay Month ago
Nuccy what the fuck are you doin? You cant be half a gangsta Nuc
Bryan waggoner
Bryan waggoner Month ago
Man we are all getting old .....
Josh Klein
Josh Klein Month ago
Love this guy. Was great in his hay day. Fallon- dont assume everyone watch's your show. Your not that funny, your no Ferguson or conan
Theodore J Mariner
Pink's a hermaphrodite anyway. Who cares. Piece of dirt
Enabler Month ago
Thank you for your service, Theodore!
James Dawson
James Dawson Month ago
Can anyone please tell me what roots song is that they use at the end of his clips? Been killing me and is impossible to find
ԋαɳʂ ωolʇ
ԋαɳʂ ωolʇ Month ago
could watch him 24/7 more of him, dude is an amazing talent great story teller
Elizabeth White
Elizabeth White Month ago
Crazy eyes should have dropped him for that remark about his mom.
Elizabeth White
Elizabeth White Month ago
justingutube Month ago
Love him, he's an incredible character actor and a great human being!
Bran Stark
Bran Stark Month ago
Jeff De Kimpe
Jeff De Kimpe Month ago
Jimmy Fallon is brutal.
azwris Month ago
One of the best actors ever!
vincentjflorio Month ago
Aidan Quinn isn't a name I hear a lot any more but I've always liked him in anything he was in.
Baldi Locks
Baldi Locks Month ago
Johnny must be rolling in his grave
Phil Dawson
Phil Dawson Month ago
Never apologise
pm273 Month ago
Don’t worry Steve you were just being the asshole that you are.
Mark Wilson
Mark Wilson Month ago
Real Gentlemen
Al Anderson
Al Anderson Month ago
His greatest role was off screen as a hero fireman on 9/11
Jeff Schall
Jeff Schall Month ago
He's wrong about P!nk's name (though I love the idea that she got it from Reservoir Dogs) --- she was first called Pink by Mike Epps and everyone in Philly called her that. She used to say, "We're all pink on the inside," and she had short pink hair (which is likely why Epps called her that).
a little bit of everything
She literely said herself that she got it from reservoir dogs
CodyDTD Month ago
Steve is such a treasure. I love his movies, he's a phenomenal performer.
J A Month ago
Is there an interview with *Pinks* story?
MrJamberee Month ago
Idiot Fallon asked him if he remembered the first time he met Paul McCartney. As if anyone would forget.
Lunnah The Wolf
Lunnah The Wolf Month ago
Why does Steve sound like Angel from Hazbin??
J-Roc D
J-Roc D Month ago
To all the moms (from a man with a single mother) HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY
Mcfishy First
Mcfishy First Month ago
#ithoughtyouweredead lol 😂
Reuben Manuel
Reuben Manuel Month ago
Would like a movie with this guy and Christopher Walken.
Reuben Manuel
Reuben Manuel Month ago
Meant like as the main characters. They could play brothers or rivals, and they both speak in a similar manner lol.
Amanda Foote
Amanda Foote Month ago
That movie exists! It’s called King of New York.
FinkleDinkles Month ago
Shut the fuck up Donny.
T OB Month ago
God! Movie stars just aren't supposed to get old are they!
John Spartan
John Spartan Month ago
Jimmy Fallon is Jimmy Kimmels annoying little cousin #fuckthisguy
#down!with!TRUMP!!! go blue!
lets get #DUMPtrump going plz!!!
Marcus Powell
Marcus Powell Month ago
P!nk did what to Steve Buscemi?
Richard Calisi
Richard Calisi Month ago
i fuckin hate beatles!!!!
Elmo Bolan
Elmo Bolan Month ago
How has time moved so fast, when did he get old!!
Kenny O'Connor
Kenny O'Connor Month ago
Jimmy interrupted both his talking to Pink and his Mom. Jimmy, let your guest talk.
S. P.
S. P. Month ago
Love you
John Carlos
John Carlos Month ago
The least he can do as a chronic interruptor is invite them both to be on together
Chris Serpicø
Chris Serpicø Month ago
CHET! Only true fans will get that reference. Barton Fink is one of the most underrated films ever.
Ivar B
Ivar B Month ago
Mr. Pink blows off P!nk, who'da thunk it
Michael McDonald
Jimmy and the guest host, I forget who, did a parody of that Two of Us movie on SNL.
XSkillz 450
XSkillz 450 Month ago
Mannn Buscemi got old
Christopher David Suryanarayan
As I am watching this interview all I can think about is him playing “Crazy Eyes” from “Mr. Deeds” with Sandler.
Christopher David Suryanarayan
Miguel haha 😆
Miguel Month ago
Pizza with Oreos and french fries. My favourite!
Bluth Month ago
Steve Buscemi eyes
Patrick Gardner
Patrick Gardner Month ago
He did a pretty good performance as a scumbag on homicide - life on the street
spreadthelove77 Month ago
It’s lovely to see him smile and joke. It’s just over a year since his wife passed❤️
BRDSX Month ago
He looks like a long lost brother of Billy Bob Thornton or the other way around. Regardless, two treasures, love them.
Nick Lengyel
Nick Lengyel Month ago
Times i have seen Steve,he is always, always stopping for the fans,one down to earth guy
Liam 1234
Liam 1234 Month ago
I wasn’t talking to you Deeds I was talking to that squirrel over there
dmed Month ago
If she didn't rise to stardom, Steve woudn't give a shit what shit thinks.
Franklin Jackson
We love you Steve. A true American hero
Carr Rexx
Carr Rexx Month ago
It's official, the two Jimmies are sub-par.
Carr Rexx
Carr Rexx Month ago
Does Fallon own any testosterone? What a milk weed.
C Allen
C Allen Month ago
She got her name from two things. She blushed as a grade-schooler when she was pantsed and also from reservoir dogs Mr. Pink
C Allen
C Allen Month ago
Crop Modz Gaming
Here because i typed “P”
Wop God
Wop God Month ago
Steve should work in horror movies. It’ll save make up loads of time
TonesterStrudel Month ago
I Love It! Happy Valentine's Day To Everyone! I love You Pink & Buscemi!
philip pocock
philip pocock Month ago
Lady Pink downtown graffiti performance 80s
gomcoclamp Month ago
Refreshing to see a hollywood actor who hasn't got fake bleached teeth
Jimmy Siu
Jimmy Siu Month ago
He is legendary, has a long career and can play wide range of characters, genres....I am a big fan.
Swagger Juice
Swagger Juice Month ago
This man has made me laugh so many times. So many iconic roles, legend.
Kailee heht
Kailee heht Month ago
He lives up where I worked!!! I met him a dozen times!! Him xand Aiden Quinn came in monthly or every few months. They were so pleasant to deal with
Nina Month ago
Love Steve! Absolute favorite 😊
Phil New
Phil New Month ago
Now i want to see respond from Pink :)
Walt Locke
Walt Locke Month ago
He is a gem!
Half-fist Month ago
Steve is such a lovely person who talks so decently, with low voice...pretty much in opposite of what he depicted in some of his movies, loud guy with strange attitude (excluding Boardwalk Empire).
Scott Dinges
Scott Dinges Month ago
Hahahaha don't forget Fargo😂😂😂, very strange little escapades
SimplyCal Month ago
I think we need a follow-up interview with Pink to confirm she seen this and forgives him
Billy K.
Billy K. Month ago
I know Steve's nephew. Poor guy looks just like his uncle.
k9 aid
k9 aid Month ago
PInk at one time told the story on how she got her name, she was a kid in her bedroom with a black friend of hers. She showed him her vag and he said its so pink
C Allen
C Allen Month ago
K9 aid- cool quote I could link to a random “news site” too. ‘K9 aid quoted as saying’ “ I love big dicks in all holes- the bigger the better, I want to be air tight” maybe try alex Jones next? We all know he spouts the truth and nothing else
k9 aid
k9 aid Month ago
@C Allen Pink has admitted she was given the nickname pink because of her genitals. The 'What About Us' singer - whose real name is Alecia Moore -famously took her nickname from Steve Buscemi's character Mr. Pink in 'Reservoir Dogs' but has admitted the origin of why that became her moniker is very raunchy.Nov 6, 2017 www.iol.co.za/entertainment/celebrity-news/international/pnk-reveals-story-behind-her-stage-name-11874322
k9 aid
k9 aid Month ago
@C Allen She (PInk) actually said that in an interview
C Allen
C Allen Month ago
Bullshit- cool story tho bro
Danilo Diniz
Danilo Diniz Month ago
den a
den a Month ago
Love this guy
zlameli Month ago
He's got the whole world in his hands, he's got the whole wide world in his hands 🎶
Ri Em
Ri Em 23 days ago
Thats Satan's song
Syed A
Syed A Month ago
Put the bunny back in the box
Adam Karczewski
Adam Karczewski Month ago
Define irony...
RareHarmony Month ago
After 9/11, I had a new respect for Steve Buscemi. He's an absolute hero, a terrific actor, and all around nice guy.
Tom Taylor
Tom Taylor Month ago
@Rainbow Styx LOL
michael Henderson
He was a former firefighter before he got into acting, so on 9/11 he volunteered
Rainbow Styx
Rainbow Styx Month ago
What do you mean? What's the connection?
Cash Taylor
Cash Taylor Month ago
I just love this guy! When I was in college, I wrote a paper on him. When I said his name in a class of 300+, most didn't know who I was talking about. When I showed a picture of him, EVERYONE started to cheer & applaud! Steve B. might underrated but, he's definitely loved by MANY😎
Jimmy Droid
Jimmy Droid Month ago
I wonder if he still hates tipping.
spreadthelove77 Month ago
The irony is he’s a great tipper on B.E!
0:10 Celebrity bragging to each other about how spoiled their lives are
tyrone loki
tyrone loki Month ago
DUDE garland greene is doing well i see
LordZachary6295 Month ago
His voice is different.
Paul D
Paul D Month ago
Loved him in con air
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