Stephen Jackson thinks Aaron Gordon should be dunk contest champion | NBA | UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
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Stephen Jackson joins Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe to discuss the NBA dunk contest. Hear why Skip believes LeBron James has refused to participate in the dunk contest in the past.
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About Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED:
UNDISPUTED is a daily two-and-a-half hour sports debate show starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. Every day, Skip and Shannon will give their unfiltered, incisive, passionate opinions on the biggest sports topics of the day.
Stephen Jackson thinks Aaron Gordon should be dunk contest champion | NBA | UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED


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Feb 17, 2020




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Comments 80
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
Was Aaron Gordon snubbed for dunk contest champion?
Sergio Bejar
Sergio Bejar 3 months ago
@willie mustard I'm not a big fan of lebron but u have to respect the man if he didn't want to dunk in a rigged contest the man puts on a show every night
Herbalizer28 3 months ago
@Julio Nieves Not a bad idea ..That or accumulate total scores ...Aaron would have won both contest he lost which is what should have happened ! Also, not have judges that give 50 on every dunk !!
Herbalizer28 3 months ago
Absolutely !! For the 2nd time !
Jay Will
Jay Will 3 months ago
@Ford Millis so you pretty much feel a person can win doing the exact same dunk the whole contest?! I don't think Jordan would've ever won if he dunked from the free throw line or did the kiss the rim the entire contest! Every dunk Jones did was a left hand windmill thru the legs! Every one. And making the case Gordon didn't clear Tacko, c'mon man! Look at the dunk again from the front angle. He hit Tacko's hands & Tacko started to duck. But ok, he can't jump over a 7'4" man. But Shaq at 7'2" would've easily been cleared. But to feel that wasn't deserving of a 50 is wack!!!!
qazi faisal
qazi faisal 3 months ago
BHB Month ago
10:00 After what happened to Lavar, i thought it was an unwritten rule that the phrase "switching gears" was banned
Tzalia Ben Israel
This nicca Shannon is awesome!! Pure comedy
mango 305
mango 305 Month ago
dang yall doin jones dirty. a lot of people know who jones was before the contest, especially heat fans. btw the judging is always subjective.
Dr. Elaine
Dr. Elaine Month ago
6:40 Shannon’s dunk contest story. 🤣🤣🤣
Maphack Month ago
"goats, they chill" - shannon
CaRL DJuSTIceD 2 months ago
Htf would lebron win against dunks by Gordon and DjJ? Jesus Skip smh
George H
George H 2 months ago
Why is every moderator (except for 1 male that they haven't brought back on this show) better than molly on first take. Asking for a friend
Marquis Long
Marquis Long 2 months ago
I could care less about a damn dunk contest. I’ve seen him dunk enough times during the game.
Nathan Rose
Nathan Rose 3 months ago
7:13 - you took off?...I took offff!! 🚀
1-800-Busy Mom
1-800-Busy Mom 3 months ago
LbJ don't have to do a dunk contest if he don't want to.
Lil One
Lil One 3 months ago
😂😂🤣🤣😅😅💯🔥💀I TOOK OFF😅🤣😂U TOOK OFF... I TOOK OFF😂🤣😅🔥💯💀
BRYAN LOW SENG TECK 3 months ago
rfausta1 3 months ago
Shannon Sharp is good for Tv😂😂😂😂💯
Chris Wilson
Chris Wilson 3 months ago
Why they never show the cut away😂😂😂
Fly solo 28
Fly solo 28 3 months ago
Do any of them look at basketball Derek Jones is constantly in the top 10 in ESPN SportsCenter. He is raw.
Fly solo 28
Fly solo 28 3 months ago
Why didn’t he do it his rookie year
Brew J
Brew J 3 months ago
Lebron never doing this contest proves his mental toughness, I mean damn, it's a exhibition contest, smh. scary dude.
hottubtony1980 3 months ago
Gordon was robbed with no ski mask
Nathan Rose
Nathan Rose 3 months ago
7:20 Stacks reaction is priceless 😂
D. Hickey
D. Hickey 3 months ago
I agree with skip lebron should’ve been did the dunk contest !
Gerald Chisley
Gerald Chisley 3 months ago
Reading the thread they said LeBron was scared to enter the dunk contest, it's like him taking the game winner or shooting free throws. 😂
Goran Hrastovik
Goran Hrastovik 3 months ago
preach Stephen..i'm like watching and seeing..common..and some guy sitting in judges seat..next shot..dr j and dominique wilkins sitting on the sidelines watching...not judging..wtf...but MJ is not the best dunker..he's up there..but like Shannon said...VINCE CARTER..the kaaang
Reuben Ahmed
Reuben Ahmed 3 months ago
How does she smile for 10 minutes straight
Alex 3 months ago
Skip should be in a dunk contest
Laughing bro
Laughing bro 3 months ago
derick smith who? a bum. nobody other than heat fans knew who this dude is
DM 3 months ago
always tuning in when Stak in town
Rush Muzik
Rush Muzik 3 months ago
All hype. Derrick Jones was jumping out the Gym. Taco falls? Not that spectacular
Felix Chavarria
Felix Chavarria 3 months ago
Damn the excuses just keep on coming, that's why Lechoke ain't my goat not even a top 10 in my list just a stat padder.
JayBells 777
JayBells 777 3 months ago
Shannon is funny af
Chris Smith
Chris Smith 3 months ago
Look at his high school dunk contest lebron was weak he won cuz of his name.
Ned Bass
Ned Bass 3 months ago
Why aren’t they showing what they’re watching?
WHITE HOT 3 months ago
The disrespected towards DJJ. Unbelievable.
H0LidAyyy Hitsugaya
H0LidAyyy Hitsugaya 3 months ago
the older skip gets the more he doesn’t know wtf he talking about
B Plus
B Plus 3 months ago
6:40 , Uncle Shay's Dunk Contest story WAS HILARIOUS! I need the receipts....need to see that pic! LOL!!!! I know it's true...Uncle Shay tells NO LIES!
Adam Granados
Adam Granados 3 months ago
I used to love Stephen Jackson as a kid but I hate him now I just think he’s a fake gangster
SAT Scott
SAT Scott 3 months ago
Give me Morant, Zion, Lavine, and Gordon. Let the public vote via cell phone.
J 3 months ago
They don’t fail to mention lebrons name in EVERYTHING, this has nothing to do with him lmao
BlackMAGIC TV 3 months ago
Skip just wants to say LeBron couldn't win a dunk contest. C'mon LeBron is 35. Let's not tell him to go perform at a dunk contest. He has different goals.
Shane Ticknor
Shane Ticknor 3 months ago
What's up girlie hippie pigtail braids..are you trying to look like a girl
Shyo Rayn
Shyo Rayn 3 months ago
What's this women's name
Arm Jo
Arm Jo 3 months ago
Shannon sound like he just left a Southern Plantation 😂
Caleb Spencer
Caleb Spencer 3 months ago
I like how Shannon says "WE" when he talks about Lebron. 😂
Si Ta
Si Ta 3 months ago
The reason why LBJ doesn’t do slam dunk contest cause he doesn’t have help lol 😂.
Berserker_Maro 3 months ago
someone should sign a petition to give Aaron Gordon his trophy back.
Marwavy Gaming
Marwavy Gaming 3 months ago
“How can you judge a dunk contest and you’ve never dunked on you life”.
Jay Will
Jay Will 3 months ago
I'm one of the biggest Jordan fans & from the Chi. The Human Highlight Film got robbed in Chicago!!! No question!
carolinadoughboy 3 months ago
Mike should’ve lost to Dominique👀👀👀🤦🏾‍♂️
Yoel's Lemonade
Yoel's Lemonade 3 months ago
Skip is spot on I think with why lebron doesnt do the dunk contest...
Tanner Cox
Tanner Cox 3 months ago
No he shouldn’t be in the contest. He’d get snubbed like Aaron Gordon.
E. Burks
E. Burks 3 months ago
Let’s not disrespect Derrick Jones Jr. He definitely did his thing
PJrackmack Aka JayBabyEars
My thing with Bron is why would he say he would enter the dunk contest Then not do it?
Alejandro Gómez
Alejandro Gómez 3 months ago
This has an easy fix... If 2 or more players get 50's, the judges pick the winner of each round as a tie breaker. That's it...
King C
King C 3 months ago
Based on Skip logic that Lebron deserve to win the dunk contest purely on the fact that he is Lebron, don't make sense ; if Lebron does enter next year; all great dunkers should decline to dunk, no one want to be known as the dunker that lost to a 36 year old man.
Jj The 13th
Jj The 13th 3 months ago
*B R O A D D A Y L I G H T R O B B E R Y*
KYNG Sea 3 months ago
Reporter: what did you think about the Dunk Contest Aaron Aaron: I'm just here so I don't get find
B 1
B 1 3 months ago
First of all, Lebron don’t owe no one nothing. Stop tryna compare lebron to MJ all the time, some ppl just want to be their own individual and walk their own path in life. Second of all, if all the judges will just let lebron win just coz he’s lebron then I dnt wanna see that. Coz there’s no point of him going into the dunk contest if the judges are just gonna give him the trophy for free, what’s the point of everyone else being there. The dunk contest is supposed to be competitive. And thirdly how can skip say Aaron Gordon got robbed but then be like ‘let lebron do it so he can just win” bro what’s the point, u can’t say one guy got robbed but then be like just give the other guy the trophy for free. Coz what if lebron and Gordon where in the same contest, would skip of been like “I think we should let lebron win it for free but Aaron Gordon got robbed”. 🤣🤣🤦🏽‍♂️ it’s dumb.
A Mason
A Mason 3 months ago
They should always have Dr. J and Dominique as the judges of the Slam Dunk Comp, along with other judges but Dr. J is the one who started it all bk in the day!
M J 3 months ago
Yeah there were years with Jordan,Wilkins,Vince Carter etc but what about the year Dee Brown won? Or Cedric Ceballos? Or Barry? Isaiah Ryder,Spudd Webb etc. People remember these dunk contests a lot differently than how they actually went down. It wasn’t just Jordan,Drexler,Wilkins every year. Half or more of the dunkers in the completions were random dudes nobody remembers other than the dunk contests or they were role players.
Its Yo Boi xMirage Gaming
Lebron: *breathes* Skip: STAT PADDING!
nimo rivera
nimo rivera 3 months ago
We? We?
VivaLa GeeGee
VivaLa GeeGee 3 months ago
Skip is bashing Jones because he wasn’t drafted....yet Skip sits around and analyzes players all day and also wasn’t drafted....or even played past high school. The irony and disrespect. Smh.
Ultimate Roryor
Ultimate Roryor 3 months ago
Skip still mad Bron never did a dunk contest
iamlegend148 3 months ago
Lmaoo ooohhh ahhh we cant see the damn video. Oh my bad this not ESPN
RONJ 25 3 months ago
I hope in 2021 dunk contest Judges are VINCE CARTER NATE ROBINSON MJ and all former dunk contest champions
RONJ 25 3 months ago
3x between the legs and win in the end so bias repeated dunks is lack of uniqueness #AGALLTHEWAY!! Bias bias bias dunk contest Hahahahaha
Scoring Machine
Scoring Machine 3 months ago
How does Bron not doing the stupid contest take away from him being the goat??
Davalian Scents
Davalian Scents 3 months ago
All this complaining about LeBron, if you notice on fast breaks he only does two dunks. Maybe LeBron is not the creative dunk type.
Skip 3 months ago
I always thought Lebron was scared to lose it.
PatrickStarfist 3 months ago
Jumping over 7'5 guy unheard of. Why are they're afraid to give AG a win? Now they need end up being played by DWade, screwing AG so bad we'll probably never seen one of the greatest dunker in history ever again
Benjamin Plancarte
Benjamin Plancarte 3 months ago
드래곤곤 3 months ago
Lebron can EASILY pull off tomahawk+off the backboard. He can throw it down with force in any position even including under the leg. Its too late for him to enter the contest now, but he could've easily won multiple before turning 30. He obviously doesnt wanna handle the pressure. SAD
Robert Garner
Robert Garner 3 months ago
Bro dont do my guy Derrick Jones Jr. Put some respect on his name 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Awful madden plays.
Awful madden plays. 3 months ago
Omg he hit taco falls head so technically he did not clear him also they gave Jones a 9 because he took one step in from the free throw line so gordon got penalized to for his dunk
Supahot Fire
Supahot Fire 3 months ago
Ive seen lebrons high school McDonald's dunk contest. Not impressive. He won because hes lebron
Godmarz Popy
Godmarz Popy 3 months ago
Whoever won this year dunk contest got the puma sneaker deal go figure
Bob Narama
Bob Narama 3 months ago
Chris Dee
Chris Dee 3 months ago
Skip says this knowing that if LeBron were to compete and lose or if Skip thought he should lose (which he would) he'd be on here monologuing all show long.
Allen Christopher
Allen Christopher 3 months ago
I bet they will get Kevin Hart to be a judge next year
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