Stephen Curry EPIC Full Series Highlights vs Rockets | 2018 Playoffs West Finals

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Stephen Curry Full Highlights | Golden State Warriors vs Houston Rockets | Western Conf Finals | 2018 NBA Playoffs
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May 29, 2018




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Comments 80
Nel Gutz TV
Nel Gutz TV 16 days ago
exchange hug tyo
XRene Gallardo
XRene Gallardo Month ago
05:00 02:03 03:29
Jamey Strauss
Jamey Strauss Month ago
Rip clint capela in game 2
freshfade28 Month ago
We could be in the playoffs right now smh
Bryan Franklin
Bryan Franklin Month ago
I had to come back bc niggas trippin on espn saying harden better then curry
Sidney Atkins
Sidney Atkins Month ago
This team left a trail of bodies
Jeff Sun
Jeff Sun Month ago
8:38 21-6 4th quarter run by the rockets
Edmar Bactol
Edmar Bactol 2 months ago
One of the best,,because he did
Lisa Wallis
Lisa Wallis 2 months ago
Had the pleasure of being at game 5, the do or die game for the Warriors. That place was rocking, and when Klay went nuclear in the third you couldn't hear yourself saying anything. That don't call it Roacle for nothing.
Jimmy Choo
Jimmy Choo 2 months ago
Look at curry man
SC 2 months ago
Curry is most lethal on transition maybe best in the world
LoudPack 2 months ago
rockets gave the warriors the best fight out of anyone... but if you watch the series closely... the game changed when the warriors put javale in the starting lineup... i think game 3... warriors defensively too much with javale
Bregas Wasgapita
Bregas Wasgapita 3 months ago
Harden can’t play defense 😩🤣
Jaycelyn Christian Dumale
Youre up by 20pts but still in danger. Hahajajajja. #warriorsstrong
cp3 got owned in this series
Bentham Hu
Bentham Hu 3 months ago
1:03 that was literally the most obvious and fake flop of all time lmao
EjJj1823 3 months ago
8:48 fake Klay!!!
sean pae
sean pae 3 months ago
greatest point guard when its all said and done. dont @ me
Kyle Wenzel
Kyle Wenzel 3 months ago
Steph curry owns James harden
Gmaa 1522
Gmaa 1522 3 months ago
Defensively curry is small but he gets good position, move his feet. The lack of defense by harden is just sickening no effort
法蘭克 3 months ago
8:40 fake Thompson 😂
Theteller3 3 months ago
Game 7 basically if rockets win this game they would've won the chip Harden: 13:40
Joseph Gee
Joseph Gee 3 months ago
Who's here since there's no NBA?
Malcolm Antonio
Malcolm Antonio 3 months ago
5:51 "this is my fucking house" kkkk
tintman831 3 months ago
But according to people hes not clutch though? Lebron choked away a finals and people say he is. Just funny
Vedang Nijsure
Vedang Nijsure 3 months ago
whos here cus NBA suspended?
Frederic FOE
Frederic FOE 3 months ago
You know I've watched those games live, I've watched the highlights of each game, and now I'm watching this mini movie of the series and the same questions come back: Is Steph Curry human? Does James Harden just decides when stepping on a court that he simply won't play defense? Is this what the Warriors practice cause this sure looks like magic or something.... Back to Steph, man I love to see aggressive Steph, those drives in the paint, I don't know why during NBA finals he never gets like that.
Jamie Agoglia
Jamie Agoglia 3 months ago
james harden defense was exposed this series
Arguing With Stupid People
NBA has been so boring in 2020 without Curry. The most exciting player ever.
Dan Han
Dan Han 3 months ago
Curry sucks this performance so overrated by the chuggers in the comments. lebron does this shit every series
Alan Arguello
Alan Arguello 3 months ago
Anybody here after they shut down the NBA?
Wendell Lee
Wendell Lee 3 months ago
harden gets all the hate cuz he plays lazy defense and flops all day on o
Rose Ink Pictures
Rose Ink Pictures 3 months ago
Most underrated player
Itsugaya Diallo
Itsugaya Diallo 3 months ago
I agree he's also a good playmaker
Aki Sakurai
Aki Sakurai 3 months ago
christian christians
waterbuggg 4 months ago
u could literally change the title of this video to, "James Harden getting his ass busted" and still be 100% accurate
Dagarcd11 4 months ago
5:46 curry says "this is my F**king House"
Joseph Christopher Cõbíãñ Junior
In Jesus’Name John Ramirez is now seeing the results So that’s the only reason for these spiritual warfare educational lectures Guess I’m Patient 0 My Uncle Ray Anthony Cobíáñ & I would play sports video games game after game We played for 24 hours Wouldn’t even watch tv Sleep Play sports If my uncle Ray Anthony Cobíáñ is taking away from me physically My favorite uncle that I considered him my dad I don’t play video games because my favorite person to play sports video games is gone So I pretend we’re watching sports & praying for the win I seen my uncle Ray Anthony Cobíáñ pray during games Luke 1:37 “The rockets had no business in a game 7 western conference finals “Stephen Anthony Smith Against the super team of 2 MVPs in Wardell Stephen Curry Kevin Wayne Durant All defensive team players in Draymond Jamal Green Sr. Klay Alexander Thompson Former Finals MVP Andre Tyler Iguodala The Houston Rockets were up 3-2 in a western conference Against that Team In Jesus’Name Amen
Gopinath Karunanithi
All those layups are insane and beautiful to watch.
Lavar Master Ball
Lavar Master Ball 4 months ago
Ryan Anderson lmaoooooooo
Ryszard Kiliński
Ryszard Kiliński 4 months ago
He is pure JOY to watch. BB maestro - doing work!
lee博 4 months ago
I miss the warriors TT
chris prince
chris prince 4 months ago
dont know why a lot of people hate curry
Deshaun Pheonix
Deshaun Pheonix 4 months ago
💀💀curry abused james harden in this series
War Machine
War Machine 5 months ago
He didn’t hit too many threes either
Marcos Bueno Murillo
13:40 that g7 intensity 🔥
Jayke_01 Mc
Jayke_01 Mc 5 months ago
And that's when curry got robbed for the finals mvp.. yet again.
Tae Kim
Tae Kim 6 months ago
@1:36 - Harden's defense is a joke. Let's a guy go pass him with little effort and just watched the drive. ROFL. Next play. 3 of his teammates are playing defense. 1 later shows up. Where's Harden? Defense negates any positive you get from him in offense. It's disgusting.
Jason Joseph
Jason Joseph 7 months ago
Harden defense is so lacks. The way he gives up half way on defense is is crazy. First 3 minutes of this video, and I’m yelling at my phone, play defense 🤣
tellthetruthg 8 months ago
Harden guarding Curry is a bucket waiting to happen .
tellthetruthg 8 months ago
Scoring machine
Major King
Major King 8 months ago
Probably the best shooter of all times, and best all around player in the last 2-decades. Forget MJ. He did not have the skills that Curry has.
Elann Suvat
Elann Suvat 11 months ago
Stephen Curry and Jeremy Lin are few point guards that can easily get to the rim and score. Smart, crafty players.
Omar Usmani
Omar Usmani 10 months ago
jeremy lin? hahahaha u stupid.
skymar813 11 months ago
This is the video you suggest to ALL the numb nuts who INSIST that all he does is shoot 3s!!! He didn't just drive & attack in 1 game.....he did it for an ENTIRE fukin 7gm series!!!! FOH
K Y R E E Year ago
Make this blue if Stephen Curry is the Greatest shooter of all time !! 👇🏽
The NBA Storyteller
folks forget - so, u just gotta remind them
MrAVGNdude Year ago
RIP to this curry :( we’ll never see him again
Mixezz 6 months ago
MrAVGNdude he’ll be back nxt yr
The NBA Storyteller
ur an idiot
Manny Miyagi
Manny Miyagi Year ago
where is this right now steph
Tevarious Tyner
Just here wondering how quick people forget that despite his performances so far in this year's playoffs that steph can turn up anytime yall acting like he's not playing with a dislocated finger and a hurt ankle otherwise he'd be pulling up from forty ❗❗❗And he's still contributing either way him and klay just been having a few miscues here and there stop playing with this man and put some respect on his name I bet he in the lab right now putting in some overtime cause game 4 he droppin 40+ mark my words steph don't get along with the media like that he gone show out if not next game,when he get back at oracle for sure lets get it 💙💛💙💛
JUS GREG Year ago
@5:59 is a double dribble and a travel
Coral Reef
Coral Reef Year ago
Bigdawstv dawson 👀
Kirbeast Year ago
Danil ishutin
Danil ishutin Year ago
Should have won FMVP.
BIGROO Year ago
Steph Curry is Simply Put.... The greatest
BIGROO Year ago
If james harden was just an Ounce Better on D rockets woulda Won this series hahaha everytime James in the pplay Warriors score its insane
Jhunree Timtiman
ColdHeartedBandit 1
I hate this nigga on god but this nigga hard yo 🤷🏾‍♂️
Ibnziyad Tariq
we need a playoff MVP for this kind of performences, FMVP doesnt mean everything
Ayara Yashar'al
Curry abused Harden...wow
Fallou Lo
Fallou Lo Year ago
Rass B
Rass B Year ago
this is what happen to the opponent when curry is playing,,unlike now durant can't dominate a season game and without curry 4 streak loss..
KJ3 Year ago
They was running him off the 3 point line the whole series so he said fuck it ima give em hell in the paint lol crazy
one FangYuan
one FangYuan Year ago
lml dz
lml dz Year ago
Alexia Is On Fire
if you take in to account everything he brings to the court, he is the best player in the world
Omar Usmani
Omar Usmani Year ago
I agree.. but there is not a clear cut best player in the world.. You can make a strong argument for Lebron, KD and Curry.. Lebron has the strongest argument because you have to respect his longevity.
Rollie Raydden
Am I the only who thinks Curry moves more freely in the Town Jersey, the black uniform ?? Like he is actually lighter and has more speed.. Idk bruh.. Maybe I'm just trippin'
Riqui Year ago
he sunk the rockets during that game 7. Second best player in the world
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