Stephen Curry 1st Championship, Full Series Highlights vs Cavaliers (2015 NBA Finals) - EPIC! HD

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Stephen Curry First Championship Ring, Full Highlights | Golden State Warriors vs Cleveland Cavaliers - All Games | 2015 NBA Finals
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Jun 16, 2018




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Comments 80
Violet Penny
Violet Penny Day ago
11:18 05:01 16:42
Turtle neck
Turtle neck 4 days ago
Livingston and Iggy a big part of this success. ✊🏽
The Universe Within
Shooting is impressive, but this isn't really basketball compared to the 90s. Boring AF. Basketball is dead. It died with the 90s.😢
James Curtina
James Curtina 6 days ago
He deserves to be a fmvp.
Alter Ego
Alter Ego 7 days ago
I think this is the best GSW roster. Very balanced team and everyone contributed
bnarnold 9 days ago
Different beast
Marco Sanchez
Marco Sanchez 11 days ago
Lebum ain’t no goat when you get cross over by the baby assassin
Marco Sanchez
Marco Sanchez 11 days ago
A little baby beat Queen James 😂🤣🤣
Marco Sanchez
Marco Sanchez 11 days ago
A grown ass man that’s like 4 inches or more taller than baby assassin
Paris 11 days ago
All the cavs has to do was play d
Gavino Montano
Gavino Montano 14 days ago
Lebron deserved to be Finals MVP took the warriors to 6 games by himself averaging 35.8 points, 8.8 assists, and 13.3 rebounds. But sure, iguadalla deserves it because he stopped Lebron 😂😂
Gavino Montano
Gavino Montano 11 days ago
@thug8200 the percentage couldn't matter any less. Warriors packed the paint for him and doubled and still took six games to beat him. Plus curry and iguadala both put up weak ass numbers.
thug8200 11 days ago
They MF shot 30. Shots stop with the bullshit numbers
sheesh keesh
sheesh keesh 14 days ago
everyone wanna talk about lebrons chase down blocks but nobody wants to talk about curry exposing his defense again and again.
Joshua Pendergrass
Joshua Pendergrass 14 days ago
How didn’t he win Finals MVP lol
T 14 days ago
I mean the fact that Curry did not get a SINGLE vote for FMVP...
Assaulttwosword 14 days ago
I feel like crap for sleeping on him
Zedrick Padua
Zedrick Padua 15 days ago
They can win w/out durant
Migmar Pelkong
Migmar Pelkong 15 days ago
I would pay to watch Curry every time over Lebron even though many considers him as the best player of all time which i dont agree.
Guthrie Henderson-Clark
damn, a lot of these look like and ones but the ref wont call it?
Carlos Caro
Carlos Caro 18 days ago
This Warriors team is one of the best teams ever, they changed the game
Sasuke Uchiha
Sasuke Uchiha 22 days ago
Curry should've won finals MVP in this series over Iggy who I know played great defense on Lebron making him shoot 39% from the field but Curry impact was bigger.That being said I disagree with some people saying that he should've have won it in 2018 too. Durant was the deserving Finals MVP in those finals. He averaged more points,rebounds and assists than Curry and shot much better from the field.
MÉNG LIN QI 24 days ago
13-MAY-2020......ANYONE ELSE???
Dead Pool
Dead Pool 24 days ago
Even thought steph curry is now my 2nd favorite player and Lebron James always my 1st, this was by far the most remembered nba finals in history to me.
Typical Rysome
Typical Rysome 24 days ago
Nobody remembers that kyrie was injured and Kevin love 😑
Tiktok Compilation
Tiktok Compilation 25 days ago
Scottie Pippen:Jump Shooting Teams Don't Win Championship
Alissandro Gonzalez
Let’s get Oprah side to react to this 😤😂
tubenachos Month ago
Iguodala got MVP though
shady killer
shady killer Month ago
1000 comment
The Real JayNice
LOST 20 games in the FINALS not even close to being the GOAT... Finals is the most important game and u choke or make excuses So many players better than BRON:: NOT TOP 10 1 Kareem Abdul Jabber 2 Michael Jordan 4 Shaquille O’Neal 5 Magic Johnson 6 Tim Duncan 7 Kobe Bryant 8 Steph Curry 9 Larry Bird 10 Wilt Chamberlain
DyLemma Month ago
I've been a Lebron fan since he came into the league and idk man... looking back.. even without Kevin Love with how great Lebron is I think he shouldn't be losing this finals. But then again I remember watching this live and it's like dude golden state doesn't miss 3s man like fuck off
Harry Anderson
Harry Anderson Month ago
Curry didn’t win FMVP because voters are scared to vote for a normal looking guy who beat the athletic freak that is lebron james
Izzy 91
Izzy 91 Month ago
Curry got rob blatantly here of FMVP. Iggy averaged 16 , 6, 4 and when defending lebron, lebron still average 35 pts. Curry averaged 26, 6, 5. Plain robbery here.
oliver tambo
oliver tambo Month ago
To me he's way better than lebron
Can't Beat The BAY!
2:53 Iggy really hit a 3 with no shoe on... in front of Mike Miller... the original shoeless 3!
Editha Juanico
Editha Juanico Month ago
Im like that shot
if Lebron played any defense at all, he might have been a top 5 greatest player
youngBrys Month ago
Fuck the Chinese Virus
The Cavs would have won if they had KI and Love
Bright Wiser
Bright Wiser Month ago
NBA don't want curry as MVP Cause he is believer, but the whole world fund deserve to their mvp
Ken Ken
Ken Ken Month ago
Gsw scored mostly when LeBron is the defender..
Jevon Johnson
Jevon Johnson Month ago
and yet watching this still don’t get why the FMVP didn’t go to Curry and never will like TRAVESTY smh straight got robbed in this finals AND this recent finals but it’s ok keep doin you 🐐💍💍💍 they gon hate on you regardless
PM Month ago
19:45 great defense
William Knapp
William Knapp Month ago
No disrespect to iggy at all but how did he win this finals m.v.p ?
Janeah Month ago
Warriors can win without Durant.
Malik Thomas Tv
Malik Thomas Tv Month ago
Dimitris Solaris
Dimitris Solaris 20 days ago
@Malik Thomas Tv yeah i figured from the start that's why i said 3-6, but being #2 all time is not bad, it's extraordinary so you should respect that like i do, cause very few people get to be in the convo for top 2-3 all time.
Malik Thomas Tv
Malik Thomas Tv 20 days ago
Dimitris Solaris I am going to leave the conversation like this. LeBron is the greatest player to ever pick up a basketball even with Some of his final losses
Dimitris Solaris
Dimitris Solaris 20 days ago
@Malik Thomas Tv typical bronsexual excuses....2014 it was wade's fault that kawhi locked lebron? 2015 lebron had the chance to go up 3-1 vs gsw but he choked game 4, and 2018 lebron changed his teammates 2 times and he chosed to have jr on his team despite the fact that he never contributes in the finals and has multiple 0 point games, oh and idgaf if lebron had no help in 2018 cause many players had no help in the east playoffs during lebron's 8 straight finals but i didn't see you complain about that being "unfair".
Malik Thomas Tv
Malik Thomas Tv 20 days ago
Dimitris Solaris Lebron only have 3 Legitimate finals losses. 2007 2011 2017. 2015 no kyrie no Love. (Let’s not speak on what happened in 2016 😂) 2014 wade was done. 2018 jr was off the henny
Dimitris Solaris
Dimitris Solaris 20 days ago
@Malik Thomas Tv it says it all
Malik Thomas Tv
Malik Thomas Tv Month ago
HE GOT LUCKY THIS YEAR. No Love No Ervin just saying.
Abraham Miller
Abraham Miller Month ago
@ 18:34 J.R. Smith face is priceless!!😄😄
Abraham Miller
Abraham Miller Month ago
He gave Shumpert the business ALLLLLL series long😆😆
hmmm hmmm
hmmm hmmm 2 months ago
look at curry man
Mark Deniel Odevilas
I like how Mike Breen and the fans got silent momentarily and then ooz @ 6:23 when curry tied the game with a layup.😂
Legendary One
Legendary One 2 months ago
He really changed the game.The impossible points deficit became possible bcoz of him 👍👍👍
Skyler IsMyNameSon
Skyler IsMyNameSon 2 months ago
Look at curry man
Carlim Corretor de Imóveis
Everyone here in Brazil, is unanimous in affirming, Curry the most brilliant Player of all time.
twostars35PlaysRBLX 2 months ago
Little did Curry know, he won a ring in Cleveland before LeBron did.
Angela Rodriguez-Lopez
Goat after Kobe and LeBron
Toya Caprice
Toya Caprice 2 months ago
💪🏿curry 🐐
Bright Wiser
Bright Wiser 2 months ago
KD will never taste championship anymore, he only experience championship and stole mvp only he join the gsw team. But now mark my word no mo more. He should be thankful to curry and his team, because he taste championship in the NBA.
Pedro Ibarra
Pedro Ibarra 2 months ago
Curry should've been 2015 finals MVP.
Kenneth Castro
Kenneth Castro 2 months ago
1:05 that quick three is so deadly af #killa
Kwame Villa
Kwame Villa 2 months ago
10:36 that was and one
4 BabyTraa
4 BabyTraa 2 months ago
3:23 This y I love watching him play #SilentAssasian
juan carlos canto perez
Stephen curry cover designs ruvid.net/video/video-kIqmG_q5rJo.html
Carlos Núñez
Carlos Núñez 2 months ago
Always good to go back to watch sc greatness
dcwriter11769 2 months ago
No idea how Curry wasn’t the MVP of this series. He dominated the last three games and in particular, just took over Game 5 when the series was tied 2-2. Ridiculous he wasn’t the MVP of the series.
Cyber Face
Cyber Face 2 months ago
3:38 “The family extremely excited for the mvp” everyone is cheering besides them 😂
Shawn Jacob
Shawn Jacob 2 months ago
I really don't understand how he didn't get finals MVP
junjun patag
junjun patag 2 months ago
Curry is robbed!
Sandra Contreras
Sandra Contreras 2 months ago
That was pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty. Wow, wow, wow. Thank you 2015-16 Warriors
Yuxuan Chen
Yuxuan Chen 2 months ago
I love this OG crew
Flava4TheSoul 2 months ago
The Cavs couldn't run with the Warriors, they were winded by the second half. The Warriors know how to run!
El Comedy Rogue
El Comedy Rogue 2 months ago
You have to do way better editing game 2. You ended it at curry's made freethrows Warriors were UP n skip to game 3 n didnt even show how Cavs won game 2. What the shit with as many as subs u have atleast like your job n do it good bro
El Comedy Rogue
El Comedy Rogue 2 months ago
This was literally, Good (Curry) vs Evil (Lebron) and God never lies he ALWAYS wins. Lebrons a sucka breh look at 12:25 he a fucking diva haha All of the Warriors Players, make all other teams besides that teams superstar look trash as fuck say what yall will but iggy barnes klay green Bogut and everyone else play way better then the Cavs sorry players besides LeBron. The Cavs players needed lebron to like FIRE under they asses breh playing weak during a Championship and im From the Bay Area haha but come on in a championship every fuckin player better pull they weight and even over perform they was sleep haha LeBron saw how good this warrior's team was and then they got Kyrie haha
Butch Lago
Butch Lago 2 months ago
4:46 joe harris
sphynqz 2 months ago
Yesterday bought my dream sports car paid in c@sh thanks to, *Fun Online Work .c om*
OrangePeanutyGuy 2 months ago
Delluvadova is the worst defender and player I have ever seen
Jay Douangdara
Jay Douangdara 2 months ago
Imma tell it like this Curry always showed up the dude that never did was Klay. Iggy did what Klay was supposed to do.
Creative Exlporer
Creative Exlporer 2 months ago
Who's here with me watching nba vids because the league has been suspended for a while? Btw. This warriors team is amazing i miss seeing them like this
CJUNIOR05 2 months ago
like' if you're here for basketball withdraws due to COVID-19 loll
Will Serrano
Will Serrano 2 months ago
Curry"s impact on the NBA is crazy .has not been the same without him
sean herring
sean herring 2 months ago
Shoulda been tha MVP
Ondo Vids
Ondo Vids 2 months ago
Like how tf aren’t like some of these fouls like wtf
varickooo 2 months ago
3:15 scary sight
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