Stephen Curry 1st Championship, Full Series Highlights vs Cavaliers (2015 NBA Finals) - EPIC! HD

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Stephen Curry First Championship Ring, Full Highlights | Golden State Warriors vs Cleveland Cavaliers - All Games | 2015 NBA Finals
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Jun 16, 2018




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Brandon Gutierrez
Not king james King curry
Keelan Williams
Keelan Williams 13 days ago
“how sweet it must be for those crazy loyal Bay Area fans” you damn right Mike Breen!
Aksel Marazyan
Aksel Marazyan 16 days ago
first of curry's two robbed FMVP's
moshe marsha
moshe marsha 18 days ago
Iggy winning this finals mvp is like ad winning the finals mvp in the 2020 finals its very similiar if u ask me but one guy is lebron who won the award and steph who didnt won the award they gave it to iguodala because of his defence but ad was on another level defencivly in the finals but its ok if its steph
dean 18 days ago
The voters need to do better. You can't have a season and a game like Curry did in this finals not to get finals MVP. It's a small window and you have to get it right the firs time. The media screwed him two chances in FMVP. smh.
Paul Moody
Paul Moody 20 days ago
Its was 2 superstars and 1 allstarts vs 3 supstars
Tae Lew
Tae Lew 26 days ago
All I seen was Curry spring damnear every time he shot the ball. Curry probably gonna go down as one of the best players to ever do it! Jordan, Kobe, LeBron, KD, Curry!
nia savannah
nia savannah 27 days ago
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Ho Chen Fei
Ho Chen Fei Month ago
10:07 Wow this setup is so amazing.
maxiqum s1
maxiqum s1 Month ago
where's Iggy highlights? He was the main star here
Ergic Gaming
Ergic Gaming Month ago
Lebron fans: golden state will never beat lebron without kd. Golden state: beats lebron without kd Lebron fans: im gonna pretend i didn't see that.
Emily Punongbayan
Lebron fans cant watch this
uLtraRaziYT Month ago
Notice how KD wasn't here and LeChoke still got crushed?
Tan Month ago
that curry layup in game 2 would've been legendary if they had won.
Tan Month ago
2:44 im disappointed that bogut didn't do a backflip 😂
Vegeta’s Hairline
Not the goat but the goat at shooting
VELL 776
VELL 776 Month ago
And then Curry got robbed
Hunter Watkins
Hunter Watkins Month ago
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Marcus Smart
Marcus Smart Month ago
Afro + no beard = best Curry 😎 😎
Monkeys Uncle
Monkeys Uncle Month ago
Damn I used to hate the warriors especially curry .. that warriors dynasty was unstoppable! They literally ran the nba for 3-4 years seeing all the people in the arena makes me happy they enjoyed their time seeing this moment before covid came
Sean Roby
Sean Roby Month ago
Dubs wouldn't have this ring if CAVS had Kyrie and Love, tho I love Steph
Edjane angelo managaytay
Hes dad just a normal face but really. He really proud
Mg Gab
Mg Gab Month ago
7:03 Shumpert run for the rubound lol
Andrew Garcia
Andrew Garcia Month ago
The one at 16:45...
Ej Gammad
Ej Gammad Month ago
the media really be hating on Steph Curry what else does this Kid has to do to get FMP; robbed in 2015 and 2018 He out play KD 3 GAMES OUT 4.
CharlestonW 801st
CharlestonW 801st 2 months ago
This is a perfect example of where Lebron quits on DEFENSE and then blaaayyyy ALWAYS yells at his teammates on defenseEVEN THO I WASN'T DOING IT!!! something he knows nothing about. Hence why he neeeeeeded HELP from AD to help him buy THIS BITCH ASS FAKE RING They're celebrating! hahahahah fuck em
Nic19 2 months ago
I'll never get it. 2015 stats: steph > iggy but they say impact wise, steph so they gave it to iggy 2018 stats: kd > steph but we all knew steph had the bigger impact in that team. (double teamed, tripled teamed, and the system runs through him) but still gave it to kd
krakenz playz
krakenz playz 2 months ago
they gave it to kd on purpose the warriors staff told them to so kevin durant could stay in golden state
Gigamonsters 2 months ago
Comment "free my mans asian nba youngboy" on my latest instagram post so I can get out of my toxic relationship Instagram: @asianjordon
Christ Aeron
Christ Aeron 2 months ago
Why does he didnt get selected to be a Finals Mvp?
NEXUS LEGEND 2 months ago
1:52 Green has no enemy
Foot fungas Number 15
Who ever thinks curry deserved a finals mvp should quit watching basketball iggy was locking up Lebrun was makin hella points was keeping Lebrun on the perimeter and was playin every game he also had a lot of assists the only thing curry did very well in the finals was pass his scoring was alright and in 2016 finals he was even worse and iggy was still doing the same only cause draymond got injured they lost
maxiqum s1
maxiqum s1 Month ago
agree Curry is a bum, even top-50 pg in the league could be instead of Curry and still 73-9
Jhun Mar Damo
Jhun Mar Damo 2 months ago
The team that have worst organization turn into dynasty
Retro Cat
Retro Cat 2 months ago
Best GSW team.
BrylinInUse 2 months ago
Curry legit had the whole team hooping
joey gonzales
joey gonzales 2 months ago
One of the biggest tragedies in NBA Finals history is this guy not winning Finals MVP in 2015... What a joke...
AndoT 2 months ago
I really don't get why Iggy wins the FMVP here..
Lance Sennin
Lance Sennin 2 months ago
And he didn't get Finals MVP, smh. I'm no Warriors fan, but he clearly deserved it.
Cédric Sougang
Cédric Sougang 2 months ago
Watching this and i am still wondering how Iggy got FMVP Jesus !!!!!!
KelsoBallers 2 months ago
Steph got snubbed of finals mvp
Andi H
Andi H 2 months ago
damn where did that ball go from steph curry after they won ? :D:D:D:D
Syber 2 months ago
Oracle Arena's energy was unreal.
ThickestThetis Btw
ThickestThetis Btw 2 months ago
tim levesque
tim levesque 2 months ago
MrDjLights 2 months ago
Such a nasty player. He made 10+ leads look like mole hills
Gino Pobre
Gino Pobre 2 months ago
This is Iggy's Championship :D
suckyamuva 2 months ago
respect to iguadala, but curry definitely should’ve won finals mvp
Black Manba
Black Manba 3 months ago
I feel Lebron’s crazy talent by Curry’s highlights
riu chen
riu chen 3 months ago
curry at his peak!
Bob Contreras
Bob Contreras 3 months ago
No kd no problem
Nick Ryan
Nick Ryan 3 months ago
How he didn't win MVP ....is beyond me .
Kristelle Maris
Kristelle Maris 3 months ago
i love curry and james ❤️💜❤️💜❤️
Jonathan Overfelt
Jonathan Overfelt 3 months ago
Did y’all see when curry blocked James 😂
NY 3 months ago
Prime Curry, the most unbelievable player I've ever seen.
Akiro Sakuragi
Akiro Sakuragi 3 months ago
The reason Iggy got the mvp www.si.com/nba/2015/06/12/warriors-steve-kerr-nick-uren-andre-iguodala-andrew-bogut-nba-finals-cavaliers P.S In short, it's for his defense of LBJ
ahmed Ahmed ali
ahmed Ahmed ali 3 months ago
That’s just not fair
Mehdi Eliass
Mehdi Eliass 3 months ago
so smoth , he is lionel messi of the NBA
Ali Mhanna
Ali Mhanna 3 months ago
can't believe he was actually robbed of the fmvp
Ricardo Sierer
Ricardo Sierer 3 months ago
He was way better then than he is now or ever will he his timing feel for the game and touched he lost it all sorry lifhtskin brother
UsapangInvestment 3 months ago
2020 is for Lakers. 2021 is for Warriors again.
Zay Wrld
Zay Wrld 3 months ago
Klay looks like the Tortilla from sausage party
Zay Wrld
Zay Wrld 3 months ago
I feel like people just look at how good Curry is at 3s that they forget how good he is at almost everything he does
Ian Neil Valeriano
Ian Neil Valeriano 3 months ago
it took 4 years before lebron realizes he needs to knock on the Lakers to build a team around him for the Title
Ian Neil Valeriano
Ian Neil Valeriano 3 months ago
and they robbed curry with the Finals MVP
Terrence Burnette
Terrence Burnette 3 months ago
He put LeBron on ice skates!
lcj2046 3 months ago
Curry was robbed from the MVP
INID Bil 3 months ago
I love the warriors, what an amazing group of guys, coaches organization owners etc, something to be proud of, I've even considered moving to Auckland just for that, lebron is a very good player but if he was as great as MJ, no way he is loosing to steph curry. I think other players get intimidated by Lebron in the finals and Lebron has gotten intimidated in the finals by Dirk, the whole spurs team and steph and the warriors.
somi park
somi park 3 months ago
somi park
somi park 3 months ago
somi park
somi park 3 months ago
somi park
somi park 3 months ago
somi park
somi park 3 months ago
somi park
somi park 3 months ago
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somi park 3 months ago
somi park
somi park 3 months ago
somi park
somi park 3 months ago
somi park
somi park 3 months ago
somi park
somi park 3 months ago
somi park
somi park 3 months ago
somi park
somi park 3 months ago
Mark YT
Mark YT 3 months ago
robbed fmvp
JANTONI GAMING 3 months ago
Lets Go Golden States Warriors!!! Yeah!!!!!!
Subi Windoro
Subi Windoro 3 months ago
Curry put Matthew Dellavedova in the hospital during this series - LITERALLY - from exhaustion.
TheNotoriousM0E 3 months ago
This would've been an all time series if the Cavs were all healthy. We've seen that the year after
SC Arin Tumver
SC Arin Tumver 3 months ago
He shoule be the fmvp ..Curry 30 the best
Giacomo Puccini
Giacomo Puccini 3 months ago
Hoping for another curry and lebron series next season... GS💯
jumpman23823 3 months ago
How LeBron king when u can't stop do shit on de fense u the bulls could not stop this u have to be shape and all five guys have to be in condition
Jam 3 months ago
Who’s here after Bron
GDaMan00 3 months ago
Such a deserving ring I miss that dream season
Riddler 5
Riddler 5 3 months ago
This ring should be tainted. The same way yall loved to point out that the Raptors only won the title due to injuries. Thats how the 2015 Warriors won.
Sean Rodriguez
Sean Rodriguez 3 months ago
Steph deserved the final mvp more
돼지맴 3 months ago
0 Fmvp
要钱不要命 3 months ago
curry FMVP
Truly Steph
Truly Steph 3 months ago
I don’t know how he didn’t win. Just cause he wasn’t a LeBron stopper. What’s sad is that iggy can’t play that defense when he on the heat facing Lebron and now they down 3-1
Your Buddy AK
Your Buddy AK 3 months ago
LeBron had him back in 2016 tho
Steven Gragg
Steven Gragg 3 months ago
fcking miss thiss
Zion Williamson
Zion Williamson 3 months ago
He deserved the FMVP
Ramzxx 3 months ago
warriors dynasty over
varickooo 3 months ago
19:03 shitted on em
varickooo 3 months ago
yea that was not iggys fmvp, curry went fucking dumb, not even a curry dr i just see it
Sedric Saddi
Sedric Saddi 3 months ago
Yall cant be forgetting about this man right here!! Curry is a hall famer without a doubt
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