Stephen A. reacts to Patrick Beverley downplaying guarding LeBron | First Take

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Stephen A. Smith, Max Kellerman and Jay Williams react to LA Clippers guard Patrick Beverley’s comments about defending Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James.
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Published on


Mar 9, 2020




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Comments 100
Car3fr33 Gaming
Justin Matthew
Justin Matthew 2 days ago
lol came here to see their analysis and ooops clippers choked
cookietote 2 days ago
Six months later me :Who else is looking at this after the thorough thrashing of the clippers by the Denver Nuggets 🤣🤣🤣
Rubio227 2 days ago
Lmfaooo who here after the clips got own by Nuggets?
Wayne Gates
Wayne Gates 25 days ago
Max used to be a rapper 😂🤣😂
Sean Norman
Sean Norman Month ago
Manu Ginobili is better than Lebron James! Infact go back to each of LBJ years, when was he the best? Since 2003, kobe, Wade, Melo, all treated LBJ, not to mention Kawhi Leonard in San Antonio dismantled the heat 2 years in a row! Kevin Durant dog walked LBJ. Yes LBJ is having a sensation of a year at 35. But he, as the "King" has never dominated nor reigned in the NBA consistently! Tim Duncan is better than LBJ! Scottie pippen is neck and neck with LBJ for greatest 3 to play! LBJ always is neck and for the best, but never clearly the best, or undisputed best!!! "Never "
Darryl Wallace
Darryl Wallace 2 months ago
Lol Beverley is a legend in his own mind.
Karthikeyan Loganathan
Jay Williams: LeBron James has seen way more physical teams tryna stop him 😂😂😂😂 Boston Celtics Detroit Pistons San Antonio Spurs Golden state warriors have all tried to bully him 😂 Clippers ain't even 50% of those teams 😂😂😂
Reido S
Reido S 2 months ago
Everybody keep saying if if if with the clippers like at some point we gotta go with what your eyes see. Ain't been no ifs with the Lakers they been looking like the better team all year that's facts bro. Yea the clippers 2-1 against them but the Lakers gave that second game away on Christmas...
Mickey Ari
Mickey Ari 2 months ago
After listening to nick writght and ryan hollins for half a segment i can understand why stephen A and MAx are the industry leaders as far as sports analysts.
Swaggy KD
Swaggy KD 2 months ago
Boy pat bev from Chicago he don’t care he said what he said
Jay Strong
Jay Strong 3 months ago
ok,landry shamet,ok marcus morris,ok patrick beverly..beat us
Zekeizme 3 months ago
Pressure guard Lefraud James end to end bringing the ball up and make him shoot brick 3's and make him dribble to his left to shoot and then you can block his weak jumper all day long.
hlu#senpai 3 months ago
He get under their skin , he made opponent mad, thats a genius
Brett Harpt
Brett Harpt 3 months ago
Nobody: Kellerman: Beverly is 5'11"
nasir ali
nasir ali 4 months ago
Pat is just frustrated cause he never gets in someone head
Caio Leal
Caio Leal 4 months ago
The fact that Kyle Kuzma is not even mentioned tells you what his season has been like...
marlonsmith924 4 months ago
Hope he keeps talking it brings more out of Bron
Jesse Diaz
Jesse Diaz 4 months ago
Said the same thing about the Slim Reaper. KD and LeBron are, God forbid, the last two people you wanna say guarding is easy.
Elias Dixon Gilbert
Elias Dixon Gilbert 4 months ago
Aye idc what YALL say in the comments, pat is a good defender and he is underrated, he has heart, I like his confidence
NAT BASKETBALL 4 months ago
Its funny how he says Pat cant guard Bron on an island like what happened on Christmas then?
KRS Afoa
KRS Afoa 4 months ago
PAT..IT'S like a HOUSE CAT 🐈..THINKING he can RUN with a LION...BRO...BRON is that DIFFERENT CAT..🦁
VIP THE GAMER 4 months ago
I got a Question Do yall think pat bev should be a Hall of famer or Just Placed in the same category as tony allen
Yaddak Mela
Yaddak Mela 4 months ago
Pat Bev says guarding Lebron is no challenge. And I say to him, can an ant stop a giant?
Ryan Brown
Ryan Brown 5 months ago
I wish that midget would’ve tried to pull that on MJ. Mike would’ve hung 60 on him
KM S 5 months ago
The Clippers would be nothing without Kawhi Leonard when he plays. Let that be known.
Miguel Piano
Miguel Piano 5 months ago
J Will is totally underestimating AD. I can't wait for the playoffs to prove him wrong
Dev Tickhit
Dev Tickhit 5 months ago
if this was a serious 2-1 cant wait for 4th game
Guillermo Garcia
Guillermo Garcia 5 months ago
Pat is trash. That is all.
Jaamal 6
Jaamal 6 5 months ago
2016 was a stimulus package for the Cavs? So what was 2015 for the Warriors? Smh
Declan Cole
Declan Cole 5 months ago
🔥 *nice action* 0:38 🖤💟 👇 👇🧡
Dennis Smith
Dennis Smith 5 months ago
It didn't work against KD either, kd is 240 lol
Edrick James
Edrick James 5 months ago
Aye jay will you really believe teams haven’t tried to blitz lebron off them screens 😂 it won’t work he’s the best passer in the nba he’ll find the open man plus it’ll put too much stress on the clippers defense because if they doubling lebron they gonna be at a disadvantage at all times
Tyler surgery
Tyler surgery 5 months ago
lmaoo that girl just sittin there
derria burton
derria burton 5 months ago
Pay lock down bron last year. Funny how we forget. 🤣🤣🤣
ProjectBabyJoe cbg shii
KinGvXbez123 6 months ago
I honestly believe Jay Williams doesn't watch the games like Bron went against Giannis, Kawhi, Paul George and Marcus Morris plus the nets in 5 days where he didn't have one game under 29 this is sustainable the sad part about it is the clippers played their best Paul George and Lou Williams will disappear in the playoffs per usual which are going to hurt them plus the added fact LEBRON AND AD GET BETTER IN THE PLAYOFFS with VARIOUS PLAYERS WHO ARE PLAYOFF READY compared to the clippers
RatedTHC 6 months ago
tell pat bev to cover lebron only in their next game. so he can see what he can do against him and announce it to that you will guard him all game. paul pierce wanted all the smoke and said he knew how lebron worked. lebron dropped 49 i think. cooked him. why you think he so sour about watching a guy who in his 17th season is still better than all of paul's years even his young ones lollll and another thing. man it must be hard for you lebron haters. and fans.....back in 2003-04 they paid their hard earned money...and started to watch this kid from akron whoop on their teams....17 years later those same seasonal fans keep giving away their money to watch the same player cook their team... now that's commitment.
Tsunami Rob
Tsunami Rob 6 months ago
They’re gonna blitz that? They blitz Lebron he’ll definitely find a open teammate so ..
Pheonix Power
Pheonix Power 6 months ago
You cant guard lebron..you aint nothin'
G Moneybaggs
G Moneybaggs 6 months ago
Who’s shorty in the lime green she fire lmao
Cow Boy
Cow Boy 6 months ago
Yes Molly Yes dont say a word just sit there and let me finish .
James Mollo
James Mollo 6 months ago
Clippers not going to win the west
Shane Scully
Shane Scully 6 months ago
Draymond shouldn't have even got a tech in that game 4 flailing his arms never mind lebron having a meltdown im that same game
Johannes - Eu Quero Falar Alemão
Mac Moncler
Mac Moncler 6 months ago
I kinda agree with Pat. I really wanna know is LeBron really that hard to guard? I understand he’s a tank don’t get me wrong but I’ve been watching this man for years and honestly players let Bron walk to the basket!! People hardly ever put a body on him I’m telling you really really watch what’s going on his defenders always look scared or lazy. Kobe was hard to guard, MJ was hard to guard, T-Mac was hard to guard. Again I’m not taking anything away from Bron but this just how i see it.
Death Bloomz
Death Bloomz 6 months ago
LA Clippers will win thw West Finals? You high bro?
Bridgette 6 months ago
Why has ESPN elevated Jay Williams? Bad idea. Double minded and will do anything to try to be "the man."
Daniel Oyeniran
Daniel Oyeniran 6 months ago
lakers win ONE game Everybody on ESPN: they're better
Ken Austin
Ken Austin 6 months ago
Man its 2020 and we talking bout deion waiters
ablackprep 6 months ago
Jay Williams stay off motorcycles 🏍
edwin younes
edwin younes 6 months ago
How is it harder to guard kd than lebron? Lebron shoots from 3 too. Sure it’s not as accurate as Kd’s 3 but lebron can pass too. You can’t double or triple him because he’ll find the open man. KD can’t do that it you double team him he can’t do much.
Jason Carlton
Jason Carlton 6 months ago
Pat is just good
archie bergancia
archie bergancia 6 months ago
Pat: "No Challenge at all" Me: What'!!???...you're sick bro, go home...
snapdragon64k-47 Orbital
You know whenever SAS picks a team..
Felix Campbelle
Felix Campbelle 6 months ago
250 plus the ticket of 146 to avoid a 200 dollar ticket? Off the record app ad. 🤪
jamal M
jamal M 6 months ago
This man does not know LeBron james 😂
Audrey R. Davis
Audrey R. Davis 6 months ago
P. Bev got ❤ and grit...no [sm] complex here!
TemoPlays 6 months ago
Huey Ali
Huey Ali 6 months ago
Y'all just don't like Pat Beverly's confidence. He don't bow down to Lebron like everyone else. Last time I checked, Pat locked Lebron down to stop a game winning show in their last meeting.
jlowery68 6 months ago
Patrick shut down LBJ as usual
Mark Joseph Torres
Mark Joseph Torres 6 months ago
Pat is like a chihuahua.. He barks like a he is more than a pitbull..
Eric Orduna
Eric Orduna 6 months ago
Jazz Travis
Jazz Travis 6 months ago
The Bucks will Win!!!!
Jazz Travis
Jazz Travis 6 months ago
The best thing. Le do is. Pass the ⛹ Ball. That's. It
Jazz Travis
Jazz Travis 6 months ago
Kawi. A Yonis can. A Iggy Igadalia.
Jazz Travis
Jazz Travis 6 months ago
Stop saying what ever y one said. Have your own. Thoughs
Jazz Travis
Jazz Travis 6 months ago
Pat need to play offense
Most Hated NY
Most Hated NY 6 months ago
Max Keller man said brolic
Kenny Ray
Kenny Ray 6 months ago
Oooowwwweeee Great Commentary
Isaiah Jackson
Isaiah Jackson 6 months ago
Rondo gone give Beverly them hands if he don’t calm down 😂
Rahan Lewis
Rahan Lewis 6 months ago
I disagree with j.Will.. I believe AD can get it done.... I think heshungry and becoming Adroit. The best is yet to come Hes happy and winning, a recipe We re he can and will excel🏀🏀
ツSixteenhundo 6 months ago
Bro pat bev is not a great defender, he’s just pesky and annoying that’s all
Pizza Baratheon
Pizza Baratheon 6 months ago
Who let Molly on air looking like a highlighter?
Connie B
Connie B 6 months ago
Clippers have no champions except Kawhi. Lakers have 4 guys that know how, and have won a championship. Lakers will be ready for the west finals.
Connie B
Connie B 6 months ago
Will we see a playoffs time?
rashafella 6 months ago
Ahhh J.Williams you sound defensive and sorry bro
T.M. Will
T.M. Will 6 months ago
I agree KD is harder to guard like SAS implied. Lebron is trash midrange, and he always has been. Shoots below 40% for his whole career. Then he can't shoot free throws. KD has zero offensive weaknesses.
nano20110 6 months ago
Lmao Durant bullied pat on that play they showed lol 😂
Frenchvision Johnson
Teams do NOT need a guy like that on any team
dan tran
dan tran 6 months ago
Such a dumb , so dumb comment of " no challenge at all" !
Jay James
Jay James 6 months ago
so the lakers not gone say ok landry shamet,ok patrick beverly lol ?you cant keep lou on the court because he a liability defensively, and pat beverly a liability offensively..the lakers can now space the floor,blitzing lebron he gone pick u apart
Dajuan Fitz
Dajuan Fitz 6 months ago
He will be focused
Marcell Shepard
Marcell Shepard 6 months ago
I'm tired of people saying the Clippers gonna beat lakers
Bryan Jurado
Bryan Jurado 6 months ago
Paul Couchman
Paul Couchman 6 months ago
Stephen curry return game. Toronto121 golden state 113. 26 minutes 23points 7 rebounds 7 assists. Raptors still nba champs..
ITsupportian 6 months ago
Without Avery, they would have lost
chilldaonly 1
chilldaonly 1 6 months ago
Bev just like to hear himself taLk
Truth be Told
Truth be Told 6 months ago
THE DAY! Max just admit he's a clippers fan he'll get my respect back.. till then yall just be a pretend loud mouth white boi that knows 80's and 90's music
Abraham Habte
Abraham Habte 6 months ago
REPENTANCE PRAYER - No. 3 Savior, I have decided to faithfully serve you. I repent of my sins, and I am completely turning my back against sinful habits. Henceforth, I will make you happy by living acceptable life before you. Please give me the grace to keep my promises, and let me receive your benefits. For in the name of Jesus Christ I pray. Amen.
At OBI's Gym
At OBI's Gym 6 months ago
Guys please Help me Out Are Max and Skip Related???
Demarco payton
Demarco payton 6 months ago
The clippers will bow down to the lake show fax
Charisma Designs Personalised Cases
the lady is distracting
Mike Honcho
Mike Honcho 6 months ago
“Do you like what Beverly had to say about lebron” “Uh NAW, I thought it was incredibly ignorant and incorrect, BUT I LIKE IT THOUGH”
YonaPops 6 months ago
1:36 inside poot 🤢
New Legacy Sports
New Legacy Sports 6 months ago
Rico Tico
Rico Tico 6 months ago
1:35 SOMEBODY farts in the studio quite loudly!
Jairo 6 months ago
Pat Bev is the man. LeBron's is a truck. No basketball finesse.
John Njau
John Njau 6 months ago
Who walks around at 250,260😅🤣🤣😅
Jacare English
Jacare English 6 months ago
They win once and people forget they lost the first game lmao
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