Stephen A. picks the Cowboys over the Steelers to make the playoffs next season | First Take

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Stephen A. Smith, Max Kellerman and Bobby Carpenter debate whether the Dallas Cowboys or Pittsburgh Steelers are more likely to make the NFL playoffs next season.
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Published on


Feb 10, 2020




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Comments 80
Richie Sacolic
Richie Sacolic Month ago
I'd bet that ReRe a dollar the Steelers are better than the cowgirls IF they have a healthy big Ben 👽
Josh Kay
Josh Kay 2 months ago
This doesn’t even make sense😂 it’s not like one can make the playoffs at the expense of the other
Guyro 3 months ago
Fake fan
Austin King
Austin King 3 months ago
I might not like Stephan A. But he is way more respectful than max kellerman. Can't stand that sleazeball max kellerman
Austin King
Austin King 3 months ago
Dallas/Pittsburgh will always be my favourite Rivalry
Aaron Wilson
Aaron Wilson 3 months ago
Steelers gonna make it
Lance Boncoski
Lance Boncoski 3 months ago
Keep dallas out yo mouth Stephan A
Jerriot Glencamp
Jerriot Glencamp 3 months ago
I am a Vikings fan and I know we got a chance. We are not jinxed.
Cameron S
Cameron S 3 months ago
This dude is a clown he didn’t support pitt all last season even when they were beating teams they weren’t supposed to be. Stephen A should stop calling himself a Steelers fan because he’s not. 8-8 and lost ab, L Bell, and Ben? Tomlin alone is enough to be loyal to Pitt. Smh
Andrew Gammon
Andrew Gammon 3 months ago
Are we all going to ignore the 2018 season when Mike Tomlin had AB and Big Ben and still lost In Denver and Oakland?
Antonio Woo
Antonio Woo 3 months ago
The head coach who never loses, but only won one Super Bowl and that was like thousand years ago.
Neo62003 ‘
Neo62003 ‘ 3 months ago
Is mike Tomlin really a better coach than mike McCarthy
YAM 3 months ago
Stephen Smith can never claim Steelers ever again
Richard Anderson
Richard Anderson 3 months ago
Cowboys were high coming out of tunnel thats why they lose? Should wait till after the game
Z- Bird
Z- Bird 3 months ago
Well the Steelers were 8-8 with sooo much help from a preventable Tyler Boyd fumble, a few preventable Kyler Murray interceptions, a few preventable Phillip rivers mistakes, a few Jared goff interceptions, a missed vinateri FG, and Freddie kitchens being Freddie kitchens. That 6/8 wins that required a ton of help
wangsta nation
wangsta nation 3 months ago
Never seen a "steeler's" fan hate on the Steelers so much😑
Teressa Mcilroy
Teressa Mcilroy 3 months ago
Cowboys 10-6👏👏👏
Austin Smith
Austin Smith 3 months ago
Neither teams are the best team in their divisions, so they’re wild card teams at very best, both teams most likely won’t make the playoffs
Michaelangelo Carruth
Didn't they say the same thing about Andy Reid before he came back???? Max
Um I guess it is still a question but Ben's arm will be fine Conner is fine Juju has been hurt the entire season We have a top 10 defense Pittsburgh will be just fine
Bub Bubby
Bub Bubby 3 months ago
THE FRIENDLY GAMER *top 5 defense
Tk_ 3 months ago
When's Kellerman taking over? Bout that time.
First 10 Gaming
First 10 Gaming 3 months ago
Trick question, neither
Big Beanz
Big Beanz 3 months ago
Stephen A isnt wrong. Im a Bucs fan and I NEVER say that we are going to win the NFC South... Not because of lack of confidence but due to the circumstances elsewhere.
Yung OG
Yung OG 3 months ago
Don’t forget Ben couldn’t get a first down the first 2 games he played
Jay Richardson
Jay Richardson 3 months ago
The steelers will always reload period
Carl L
Carl L 3 months ago
They won't make it if dak is the qb!
Harry Davis
Harry Davis 3 months ago
Jason Cafeo
Jason Cafeo 3 months ago
Hes bad luck. Glad he didnt pick pitt
Olisa Bosah
Olisa Bosah 3 months ago
Where’s Molly ?
Zachary Wheeler
Zachary Wheeler 3 months ago
Eyyy max kellerman i finally agree with you.
lil steez
lil steez 3 months ago
The cowboys could go 0-16 for 10 seasons and y’all would still pick them as sb favorites in September.
On concrete
On concrete 3 months ago
lil steez who’s kid is this
Freddy Kruger
Freddy Kruger 3 months ago
Stephen A not a true Steelers fan like Freddy
Josh Daily
Josh Daily 3 months ago
Steelers will be a threat next year, their defense will be really good and with Ben back JuJu will go off. Not a fan but they’ll be good.
Alexzander Townley
Alexzander Townley 3 months ago
That white dude spitting some facts ( The first white dude)
ddawgg23 3 months ago
I boldly predict that either both get in or neither get in. Now, is it too early to make this prediction? Good chance that it is.
Dez Wattronica
Dez Wattronica 3 months ago
Have SAS talked about the XFL yet ?
John Fletcher
John Fletcher 3 months ago
This is such a stupid debate. The teams literally aren't connected or impact each other at all.
John Doe
John Doe 3 months ago
There the two biggest football franchises and have the biggest fan base that’s how there connected
Armani TheVoice
Armani TheVoice 3 months ago
The Steelers need to trade for Hill QB from the Saints.
TheBlazikenBro BOI
TheBlazikenBro BOI 3 months ago
That would be called downgrading
Nathan Caron
Nathan Caron 3 months ago
Every year is the Cowboys year until they lose in the divisional round than next year is the cowboys year
Mr. Fluffles
Mr. Fluffles 3 months ago
Steelers are 1-3 (0-3 against starters) against Browns and Ravens last year, that needs to flip if they want to have a chance at winning that division Granted they didn't have Big Ben but still, gonna need to sweep both the teams
ddawgg23 3 months ago
Mr. Fluffles 1-2 against starters
Ben Talbot
Ben Talbot 3 months ago
Why don't we wait through the free agency and the draft before we pass judgment? The Steelers have Bush, Watt, Fitzpatrick, Haden, Nelson, Heyward, Tuitt all coming back. Bush will only improve. Watt might not yet even be in his prime. Mr. Colbert will find the missing pieces on offense. This is a playoff team as long as the key players stay healthy. Even then, they have enough depth to remain substantial. Let's also wait and see how Ben's arm is before we write him off. He's a special quarterback who, after ten years, finally has a top-notch defense to back him up.
Adriel Otto
Adriel Otto 3 months ago
Is it me or has stephen a smith has been softer towards the cowboys lately?
- Lancepie -
- Lancepie - 3 months ago
What can go wrong, will go wrong.
Jarrett Sherry
Jarrett Sherry 3 months ago
Jimmy Perez
Jimmy Perez 3 months ago
I want this to be the super bowl, the 4th round between them. They for some reason always have good games against each other because they rarely play against each other. That's why I guarentee this years game of them is gonna be primetime
AYO_JJDAMN 3 months ago
Stephen A becoming a cowgirls fan?
Ioramo Rulow
Ioramo Rulow 3 months ago
Stephan A gon eat his words again when steelers make the playoffs.
Salem Official
Salem Official 3 months ago
I hate max so much lol “ if u were a front runner u rooted for the cowboys “ bro if u rooted for an out of market team cause ur team was bad ur a front runner period lol 😂
Brett 3 months ago
“If you’re hometown team stunk, you would root for either the Cowboys or the Steelers” OOORRRRRRR....You could stick with your hometown team and not be a bandwagon-riding twerp. 🧐
Sports Guru
Sports Guru 3 months ago
Max is a bandwagon hopping jew. What do you expect?
Telvin Jones
Telvin Jones 3 months ago
He never had a Zeke.
Lol Kobe’s Dead
Lol Kobe’s Dead 3 months ago
Lol come November he is going to come on first take with his cowboy hat and Cuban cigar, proclaiming that he never said anything when the Steelers are 4-0 and the cowgirls are 0-4. Please, stick to destroying the cowgirls fans.
Melanated God
Melanated God 3 months ago
Ok. I'll come back to this comment when the season starts.
SimplyOg 3 months ago
our offense needs work that’s it we literally had a top defense in the league steelers are slept on
Jameson Myers
Jameson Myers 3 months ago
Stephen a is not a real steeler fan, not even from Pittsburgh
kolop1 3 months ago
Can ESPN stop talking about Dallas they have not been relevant for 25 years.
CHINO STEELZ 3 months ago
How anyone say that when the cowboys dont even want to sighn there QB . To Make a speculation now is very silly 🏈Go Steelers
Cato Mayne
Cato Mayne 3 months ago
Both suck
Cato Mayne
Cato Mayne 3 months ago
TheBlazikenBro BOI steelers been trash since NE spanked them on Monday night they been falling apart for three years
TheBlazikenBro BOI
TheBlazikenBro BOI 3 months ago
Cato Mayne difference is dallas aint been good in 2 decades whereas the Steelers have been consistently good forever
Cato Mayne
Cato Mayne 3 months ago
TheBlazikenBro BOI nobody gaf them the same people who picked Dallas to make the SB last yr
TheBlazikenBro BOI
TheBlazikenBro BOI 3 months ago
Steelers have the sixth highest superbowl 55 odds
Eric Muccino
Eric Muccino 3 months ago
Stephen "And those Boys" Smith
Bryan G
Bryan G 3 months ago
Sas is really a cowboys fan. He just hates to admit it lol.
cedric holt
cedric holt 3 months ago
Ravens fan cowboys have a better chance next season
cedric holt
cedric holt 3 months ago
Steelers get to the playoffs then say something
cedric holt
cedric holt 3 months ago
And people always say if say what it is
cedric holt
cedric holt 3 months ago
We beat the Steelers so what you saying
Brian Laird
Brian Laird 3 months ago
@cedric holt pride yourself on just beating the steelers with two 3rd string QBs 😂😂😂😂... those 3rd string qbs came up just a little short... different ball game if Big Ben doesnt go down ... wont be the same outcome this coming season for you Ratbirds ✌
cedric holt
cedric holt 3 months ago
Your team didnt win and dam sure cant beat the ravens
Travis Bickle
Travis Bickle 3 months ago
We almost made it to playoffs with third string quarterback
TheBlazikenBro BOI
TheBlazikenBro BOI 3 months ago
James R
James R 3 months ago
We don't even know who will be the Dallas QB, so any predictions about them are half baked and premature.
Reginald Williams
Reginald Williams 3 months ago
Looking a little chip and dale ish 🤣🤣🤣🤣
SocialMob 3 months ago
“Good coaches adapt with the times” I mean Pete Carroll has yet to have a losing season since 2012
SocialMob 3 months ago
Debra Hoffman so I guess if u just stand strong and pour ur resources into ur strength u can also be succesfuk
Debra Hoffman
Debra Hoffman 3 months ago
fujiapple96 3 months ago
Stephen “so when we look at it from that perspective” Smith
Sergio Muñiz
Sergio Muñiz 3 months ago
Max is right thought, Mike Tomlin was impressive with the Steelers this last season
Sergio Muñiz
Sergio Muñiz 3 months ago
Hmmm, do u pick a Steelers team with the Ravens in the division to go to the playoffs, or do u pick the cowboys with no competition. This is a hard decision
John Doe
John Doe 3 months ago
Low key Blunt u wildn relax 😂😂
Low key Blunt
Low key Blunt 3 months ago
I am pretty sure the Steelers are going to the Super Bowl
Oh Wop
Oh Wop 3 months ago
Mans have no respect for the Steelers but claim it’s his team
Ricochete Raw 90s the best decade ever
Stephan A pick another team.....I think you really like Dallas ..cause you DO NOT RIDE WITH STEELERS..LOL
orbitsun 3 months ago
Awww Kellerman, you're such an asskisser. Mike Tomlin is the reason the Steelers will NEVER win another SB as long as he's HC. He stinks. Name one other NFL coach who lallygagged out onto the playing field and interfered with an opponent's kick return. (Should have been banned for life) Name one other HC in NFL history who would have benched James Harrison for practically an entire season without cause. Tomlin's clock management is terrible to the point where TV announcers are flipping out at the stupidity and he's got a unique bad habit of going on fourth down when up by 10 or more points and failing. Worst head coach ever. The Steelers could have won as many or even more games with a groundhog as head coach than Tomlin.
TheBlazikenBro BOI
TheBlazikenBro BOI 3 months ago
Just stop it, you look silly
TheBlazikenBro BOI
TheBlazikenBro BOI 3 months ago
He had cause and its called tj watt
James Ballard
James Ballard 3 months ago
The James Harrison thing there was TJ watt playing then
calbastian 3 months ago
Zeke looks like an ewok and a button mushroom’s love child.
K Ahmed
K Ahmed 3 months ago
He is only trying to jinx my favorite team!! LMFAO!!
jake highley
jake highley 3 months ago
Steelers definitely more likely to make the playoffs
jake highley
jake highley 3 months ago
@michael roya yall will this year
michael roya
michael roya 3 months ago
Agree. We almost made it to the playoffs last year without Ben, there doing it with Big Ben this year. ..
Chris Smith
Chris Smith 3 months ago
SAS tryna jinx the Cowboys 😂
Dsacre 3 months ago
I think First Take dropped Will Cain bruh
jonathan garcia
jonathan garcia 3 months ago
Diabolical thumb nail face, I see what you doing SAS
Greenbay backer animesempai0
Steven A. Only picking the cowboy so he can Jinx them😂 he ain't slick lol
Laurence Laurencin
Laurence Laurencin 3 months ago
He’s not a real Steelers fan
La Familia 5 C
La Familia 5 C 3 months ago
SAS- Hate the cowboys but let me keep talking about them - 😂
John Doe
John Doe 3 months ago
U act like he chooses the sports topic
Obed Naharai Valdivia Silva
SteelCityBL!ZT 3 months ago
Boy got more hope for a different team???????? Lmaaoakkk dudes def a joke
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