Stephen A. denies being too hard on Jimmy Garoppolo | First Take

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Stephen A. Smith isn't buying Max Kellerman's take that he has been too hard on San Francisco 49ers QB Jimmy Garoppolo.
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Published on


Jun 3, 2020




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Comments 80
bmama125 4 days ago
I'm not gonna lie, Stephen A. Smith is extremely too hard on Jimmy Garoppolo. Looking at Jimmy's stats, this dude made top 10 based of every category when it comes to his stats. Smith can deny all he wants, i can see the expression... he's a hater towards Jimmy.
JA Hansen
JA Hansen 17 days ago
Lol stephen a: here we go....
BEAT LA 21 day ago
Stephen A has a secret mancrush on Jimmy G.
Tiffany Green
Tiffany Green 22 days ago
In the end miners lost cuz that whole team especially the defense and Jimmy G who could've been clutch ALL choked the lead away. Chiefs won. Period.
CEN CAL 22 days ago
amarian phillips
amarian phillips 23 days ago
He was the most accurate on deep passes🤦🏽‍♂️
Nicolas Viray
Nicolas Viray 23 days ago
stephen A is a clown 😂😂
xConceptz1 23 days ago
Nooooo.... i thought they meant Kyle from South Park lol
Erik Schultz
Erik Schultz 23 days ago
God! The audio quality is atrocious! Someone should’ve worked on the sound check. Too much static!
yo boy pizza
yo boy pizza 25 days ago
Jimmy g is way better than dak and all the little kid who are about to comment we made the super bowl with him
Urban Neptune
Urban Neptune 27 days ago
Jimmy is Dak from 2019
Alex S
Alex S 27 days ago
Did jimmy G bang Stephan A girl ? I mean all this hate lol
jeff noe
jeff noe 28 days ago
Dom needs eyebrows, he must pluck them, oh no, can I say that with black live matters and the political correctnes
Joe Z
Joe Z 28 days ago
Grappolo is so overrated Jimmy isn’t a Super Bowl winning qb n if your qb can’t win a sb what’s the point of having one
Geez Nuttz
Geez Nuttz 28 days ago
And that pass to Sanders was Sanders fault not Jimmy's
Geez Nuttz
Geez Nuttz 28 days ago
Stephen A is jus jealous cuz Jimmy is good looking and he's an ugly disgusting monster
Adrian Avila
Adrian Avila 28 days ago
Even if the 49ers would’ve won or lost that game people wouldn’t have given the credit he deserved and people would’ve said jimmy was still carried
Adrian Avila
Adrian Avila 28 days ago
Max is the only person speaking facts and the others can’t accept
Ryanator 29 days ago
Jimmy G must want to kick himself for that over throw in the 4th QT. That was a gimmie TD. Would’ve put them up by 4 points too.
JTorres 17
JTorres 17 29 days ago
As much as I love my Niners I’ll admit that jimmy isn’t the best. I wouldn’t even consider him a top 10 QB.
JRMasa 29 days ago
SA is Olga from Hey Arnold. He's secretly in love with Jimmy.
Darryl Jr
Darryl Jr 29 days ago
quarterbacks get blame for everything I mean just look at Matt Ryan of Atlanta falcons fans Constantly blames him for the team losing
Ramin Noori
Ramin Noori 29 days ago
Fake superbowl
Ramin Noori
Ramin Noori 29 days ago
Jimmy is not this not that but he took 49res to superbowl 😳
Chris Spencer
Chris Spencer 29 days ago
Pornstar Jimmy
Elias Onzalez
Elias Onzalez Month ago
Stephen A: jimmy g has terrible stats Max Kellerman (i think): he has one of the best stats Also Stephen A: stats don’t matter!!!! Just a hypocrite, really, I can’t believe people think like that, I mean, generally like Steve a
ROBO GREEK Month ago
this is why QBR should not be a thing......does 9/11 with 1 TD and 1 int.....sound WORSE than 11/20 0 TDs 1 int ??????? Ill stick with the traditional passer rating
Simon Evans
Simon Evans Month ago
3-11 for 37 yards and 1int while blowing a 10 point lead in the 4th quarter of the super bowl is really hard to defend. Especially since he didn't do anything to get them there through the playoffs; all he did was hand it off and watch the show.
Luthando Nyweba
Luthando Nyweba Month ago
Behind Dak? C'mon
Des Selesele
Des Selesele Month ago
you guys are jimmy hater
Frogsquad94 Month ago
Does the “A” stand for arrogant ?this is dude needs to relax
Big Shaq Games
Big Shaq Games Month ago
Do we need to get George Kittle again
If Jimmy G even coughs, Stephen A. will accuse him of spreading covid19 around and trying to kill everyone within a 20 mile radius 😑
Lorenzo Dore
Lorenzo Dore Month ago
06:12 01:42 0:12
tintman831 Month ago
Why does nobody bring up that its his first year back after an ACL? He did great and will be even better this year.
Benjaminbrobot Month ago
Literally only one that makes sense ever on that show and is truly unbiased is max he basis his opinions on stats and what he sees from people to determine if their bad or not Stephen A is just a jimmy G hater plain and simple he can’t knowledge jimmy progress during the whole entire season and he won’t look at the whole season as a whole entire thing but max will max will take in everything and formulate his opinion from there it’s sad that Stephen A can’t see past his own bias against jimmy G
meeziemom Month ago
Stephen A needs to stop with the theatrics. And go back to General Hospital
Anonymous Opinion
Jimmy is garbage. He makes horrible reads. Horrible throws. He gives the game away. 19 turnovers in 19 games. He's the weakest link on an otherwise practically perfect team.
Mary Camerota
Mary Camerota Month ago
Send Jimmy G back home. He played under Belichick with no problems, he only got traded because of Brady.
Adam Leon
Adam Leon Month ago
Max spitting facts
Daniel Brennan
Daniel Brennan Month ago
Ehh heeh haayy. Take it is in the G MAN!
Jignesh Patl
Jignesh Patl Month ago
Max only backing Jimmy G cuz he's still trying to prove cliff and
C.S.R Month ago
OK I’ll let you in on a little secret but you didn’t hear for me! But you probably won’t even believe it anyways? New England got rid of Jimmy G because he’s brittle, very injury prone! I was shocked he didn’t get hurt again last year! Thrust me when I say 20-21 season will definitely get hurt again! No way can he go to years in a row without being sidelined!
Omari Pratt
Omari Pratt Month ago
That Emmanuel Sanders play was holding/pass interference
Tyrone Harris
Tyrone Harris Month ago
I bet my jimmy G gone change the narrative about him when he wins and it’s gone be much more if the rematch happens FACTZ let’s not act like 49ers couldn’t win it our defense pick the wrong game to take a game off
Brian Mwaniki
Brian Mwaniki Month ago
I was waiting for that pornstar Jimmy comment
Frank Stange
Frank Stange Month ago
Jimmy G hasnt won that many games its usually the runningbacks and the defense
rashard deloach
rashard deloach Month ago
Stephen a Smith can’t explain that doe
Shaun Victory
Shaun Victory Month ago
We went to the Super Bowl first time out And we going back Go niners
turner0224 Month ago
SAS is so tuff on him bc Cam still hasn’t got a job 🖐🏿🖐🏿🖐🏿
johnny boston
johnny boston Month ago
Don't bring Molly back
Kyle Horton
Kyle Horton Month ago
i guess max missed the 4 quarter of the super bowl where jimmy g choked the game away
Elias Onzalez
Elias Onzalez Month ago
And I think the no eyelashes guy and Stephen “A” for arrogant missed all 2019 season form niners
Maximilian Rabbitt
Stephen A talking about Jimmy’s qbr and his bad first half interception when you realize Patrick Mahomes had THE WORST QBR IN THE HISTORY OF THE SUPER BOWL!
Cal and Jay
Cal and Jay 21 day ago
Yea but KC is so stacked it didn't matter. Still think Mahomes when healthy is a top 10 QB
Jerrell Simpson
Jerrell Simpson Month ago
Wheres Molly??🤷🏽‍♂️
Luicyd Clan
Luicyd Clan Month ago
Stephen how does jimmy have a 20-10 lead ,when you always say 4 layers before we get to him stick to your word you should be saying “ his front 4,secondary,running game ,and play calling .then when he has a good game in New Orleans it’s the play calling naw it’s him in the fourth quarter his defense was gases he was getting hit and pressured left to right he got a helmet to helmet ,hand to the face he prolly had a concussion for all we know that one throw could’ve been cause of the concussion hop off his PP Stephen a smith
Anthony Ciancio
Anthony Ciancio Month ago
Jimmy G is really good but not elite
Big C
Big C Month ago
Stephen A stays capping fool
BlindTom61 Month ago
Stephen Smith is a racist. Period. And Smith? Buy a chin dammit...
eclectica1 Month ago
Clutch in the 4th quarter...unless it's the Super Bowl.
James R
James R Month ago
Ehhhh if he was good he would have made that wide open deep throw in the sb
Gerry Smith
Gerry Smith Month ago
Stephen A so jealous of Jimmy G. Why Jimmy alone, he got plenty of year ahead of him to become a very good qb.
Junior Benavides
Stephen A gots a crush on him. Acting like a high a high school girl. Get off my QBs 🥜 Tarzan.
Gabe Christianson
Max is has been on a year lately. Now he’s giving Stephan A. the business
asim ally
asim ally Month ago
SAS is the best entertaner in sports world...period
David Williams
David Williams Month ago
Well there you have it 😂🤣
Dfromda7 Month ago
Yo he turns into Joe Montana after he throws a pick. Sf know what he’s about.
Njabulo Mthiyane
Caleb Brooks
Caleb Brooks Month ago
Max has been on 🔥! Straight facts is what he spits
Mark Stevenson
Mark Stevenson Month ago
Anyone agree Max’s takes are getting better?
warriors806 Month ago
BS. jimmy isnt even close to elite-.- to unstable... in addition we all saw how he breaks under pressure. even without being elite all he had to do was game manage the lead. isnt max always saying that game management is one of the easier things to do for a qb? just like in basketball regular season doesnt count-.- who cares if u are number one in stats during regular season but fail when it comes to playoff or big time plays when it matters?
Menace2Society Month ago
Bounce back szn for Jimmy G , he's gonna make those haters respect him as a QB
Rocko Rockwell
Rocko Rockwell Month ago
Stephen A is first take😂😂😂😂😂
Joseph Moran
Joseph Moran Month ago
What up with max's eyes
Wutzmyname Mike
Wutzmyname Mike Month ago
I honestly wonder if Stephen could honestly justify his massive ESPN contract if there wasn't a Jimmy G to hate on....
Wutzmyname Mike
Wutzmyname Mike Month ago
And first in completions over 20+ yards. Suck on them eggs SASmiff
Emilio Coldblooded Bronson
Hey, Receding A. Smith, how hard does your Barber laugh when you sit down and ask for that bullsh*t??? My boy, Jersey Niner wanted me to ask. 😂😆😂
Edgardo Rivera
Edgardo Rivera Month ago
Pornstar Jimmy 🤣
Dynamo Month ago
Keep sleeping on jimmy 😂😂😂
Martin S
Martin S Month ago
Lots of talk about Stephen A hairline he should grow facial hair and just shave head.
Martin S
Martin S Month ago
Punkass Stephen A
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