Stephen A. and Max have very different reactions to the 76ers beating the Clippers | First Take

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Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman react to Joel Embiid and the Philadelphia 76ers defeating the LA Clippers 110-103 at home.
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Comments 80
Legend 07
Legend 07 Month ago
We dem bois 6:12 .
Travelling Man
Travelling Man Month ago
Stephen A isn't always right. The only reason people agree with him is so they don't get thrown off the show. "Lets put this in the proper perspective" why is your favorite word perspective and why is only your perspectives correct? Get over yourself Mr Boastful.
M Sb
M Sb Month ago
Getting a technical at all star weekend? Lmao homie fake affffffffff
M Sb
M Sb Month ago
Who even listens to Stephen any more? Dude is fake news for the views. Dude don't give af he got paid
Patrick Hanlon
Patrick Hanlon Month ago
How is stephen A so clueless all the time, mans an entertainer not an analyst
ZebraDrew -
ZebraDrew - Month ago
Didn’t Stephen talk bad about the sixers for 15 min long and now he is just trying to play it off... yea ok
Beezer Beats
Beezer Beats Month ago
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh Month ago
Max "Wit the fate of the Universe on the line" Kellerman 😩😫😂😅😭😭😭
Joanna Month ago
Why SAS call young dudes “thouroughbred” those mfers aren’t horses
🔥🔥 1:35 💯 👇👇👇👇👇💚
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo Month ago
SAS telling the truth on Max Kellerman, always maybe's and if's so he can run from his positions later
Thomas Zouki
Thomas Zouki Month ago
Yo, find me 5 instances where max and stephen A agree in the last 1000 arguments. Is that even possible?
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh Month ago
If uve watched the games where Kawhi has matched up against Simmons. Since Simmons has been drafted u would know that’s one matchup he always loses and Kawhi
Mike ferrari Ferrari
Meanwhile the clippers lose to every other trash team and ESPN has nothing but praise for them.
Joanna Month ago
usually dominates him on offence and defence I think Kawhi is honestly a little responsible for Ben wanting to play so much harder at both ends
jasyn zangari
jasyn zangari Month ago
It’s simple...they play like trash on the road. Y does epsn need to try and dig deep for such an obvious answer. 25-2 at home, they need to win 1 game on the road per series and they have a title. That’s a bad thing?
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom Month ago
Why SAS call young dudes “thouroughbred” those mfers aren’t horses
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo Month ago
What dysfunction? Only thing that really made news was when Embiid got booed at home , ESPN be the ones creating the dysfunction 😂😂😂
Jackie M
Jackie M Month ago
Stephen A, your not fair. You blame Brett Brown for the poor performance of the team. Brown makes an adjustment making Al come off the bench.... thus creating more space for Simmons and Embiid. And for this game, it worked. Yet you absolutely make no comment on this. This means only one thing... the coach isn't the problem... the problem is Jimmy Butler left. As a experienced leader last year, Butler proves he is a better leader than Horford. Butler has had a better impact than Horford. And you over exaggerated the leadership and importance of Horford in the team, and were so convinced that the Celtics are doomed fr this year because Horford left.
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo Month ago
"You bought high and you're selling low" Max has been owning SAS for some time now. Man's on a roll😆😆
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom Month ago
Nerds lol
jo del
jo del Month ago
Ben SHOULD be a top 3-5 consideration.for MVP and DPOY... who besides Doncic..James..Giannis and Leonard is playing better on BOTH sides of the ball ? Hmmmm.."Doncic plays no defense along with Harden
Anto Month ago
I believe they are a bad matchup for the Bucks and can beat them, but it is the fact that they built their roster specifically to handle the Bucks that they have hurt their matchups versus other teams. Any team with an elite quick guard (Nets, Pacers if there is healthy Oladipo) or an intelligent team with versatile defenders (Raptors Celtics) will have Philly running around in circles. They are also elite at home and awful on the road and do not have homecourt the last time I checked.
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo Month ago
2 clown speaking about nothing
Scoring Machine
Scoring Machine Month ago
Joel should go to Miami so him and Jimmy can be Shaq and Kobe 2.0
Carla Greene
Carla Greene Month ago
DarksidePride Month ago
Very different reactions.. I don’t believe it
Miles FL
Miles FL Month ago
This is entertainment
Laura Garno
Laura Garno Month ago
who else saw the title to the video and said "what else is new?" lol
Stinky Pinky
Stinky Pinky Month ago
"Stephen A and Max have very different reactions." Do they ever NOT have opposing reactions? I don't think they're even allowed to. I think they're scripted to debate one another regardless have their genuine thoughts to make these segments entertaining.
Ask to seduce Miss
What dysfunction? Only thing that really made news was when Embiid got booed at home , ESPN be the ones creating the dysfunction 😂😂😂
Puck Month ago
SAS telling the truth on Max Kellerman, always maybe's and if's so he can run from his positions later
ChuCho The Ace
ChuCho The Ace Month ago
If uve watched the games where Kawhi has matched up against Simmons. Since Simmons has been drafted u would know that’s one matchup he always loses and Kawhi usually dominates him on offence and defence I think Kawhi is honestly a little responsible for Ben wanting to play so much harder at both ends
Ask to seduce Miss
I need Ros Gold On My Woody
The Number1baller
The reason they won is horford came off the bench.
76ers need to hire Mark Jackson to coach.
UDB216TheLand Month ago
🐄 🚶‍♂️ 💵 Stephan A: I'd like to solve the puzzle please. 1:26 "Moo Walking Bucks"
Joel Vega
Joel Vega Month ago
Joel Vega
Joel Vega Month ago
Nerds lol
David Lin
David Lin Month ago
Refs pretty much gifted this one to the Sixers. The amount of missed calls was a joke. Should've been a blow out by the Clippers.
Blender Wiki
Blender Wiki Month ago
2 clown speaking about nothing
I Gavini
I Gavini Month ago
Um no max you really did not say that. You pretty much meant. They should trade one of the 2. This season clause that you said has been added just now 😂😂
Joel Van deimen
Joel Van deimen Month ago
No matter the topic discussion......"You're wrong Max, let me tell you why"
Mister Clutch
Mister Clutch Month ago
That's what I've been saying, too, Stephen A! This "INCONSISTENCY" is on the level of RIDICULOUS. C'mon wit it fellas?!!! Let's go Rockets!
Will Seest
Will Seest Month ago
How does the east have two teams below 500 making the playoffs as of rn?
Cody Warriner
Cody Warriner Month ago
Yeah I knew Horford in the starting line up would cause issue. You'll only want him there in playoff series against teams who aren't full of shooters
Debakuva Month ago
If only we could get Max and Shannon on the same show. It would be like a Superteam sports show.
V9Fifty Month ago
Max schools Stephen A in basketball everyday.. It's getting embarrassing
Sharne Parata
Sharne Parata Month ago
So basically Stephen A Smith is backing out of his pick for Lakers vs Philadelphia finals?
M.H. L.
M.H. L. Month ago
I need Ros Gold On My Woody
TheFlying Guillotine
Stephen "My hairline is running away from my mouth" Smith.
Jermaine Judkins
Get the coach outta there its coaching...
Chrissy Scott
Chrissy Scott Month ago
You don't know basketball big man rating Stephanie Smith u an know basketball k l is the best
Kurt Month ago
So much talent so little urgency. Ben being Ben stats. Playoff Ben ain't no where to be found.
Daniel Cho
Daniel Cho Month ago
The 6ers chemistry issues seem a little overblown. If it continues into the playoffs, then there's a problem. But an argument here and there in the locker room during the regular season is nothing.
All Knowledge Philly
Stephen A know how the City feel! We adopted him.
Patric Lavigne
Patric Lavigne Month ago
I like how he names every team above the 76ers minus the raptors ok Stephen a
Pat4Clippers Month ago
Clippers aren't playing with the sense of urgency because they were already crowned as champions before the season. That's not a good mindset heading into the playoffs. Try to win every game from now on to build good habits.
ANT JACK Month ago
Stephen A. Nobody said they couldn’t play Smith
robert johnson
robert johnson Month ago
Stephen “as a black man” smith
DSTYLEZZZ 2K Month ago
Of course they dodge the fact clippers got beat fair and square with there megastar Marcus Morris 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤦🏾‍♂️
BirdsGuy01 Month ago
The 76ers are only are good at home. That's why we won.
jk lauderdale
jk lauderdale Month ago
Embiid is right there with Whiteside - No doubt that either player CAN play but they never bring it EVERY NIGHT Butler's post to Embiid honestly scares me. The LAST thing we need on the Heat is Embiid joining us and taking on 2x Whiteside's salary for part-time play.
Dylan Villareal
Dylan Villareal Month ago
Ben Simmons is the only player Max sucks off more than Kawhi
Ryan Johnson
Ryan Johnson Month ago
It's gonna be funny when the sixers start playing way better on the road and these media people start sucking on the sixers again.
Brandon Espinosa
Man sounds like Max has been watching some dragon ball z talking about unlock the potential.
BOOM BRO Month ago
The Sixers to the NBA are like what the Cowboys are to the NFL. As far as under performing in respect to their talent 🤦🏽‍♂️ not talking anything other than that
eli Alvarez
eli Alvarez Month ago
Yaw yaw yaw
King of Games
King of Games Month ago
Stephen “This brotha is special” Smith
Eddie Parks
Eddie Parks Month ago
It’s funny the same thing he is saying about the 76ers is the exact problems of the clippers. Coach can’t get them on the same page, taking nights off, playing down to level of competition, injuries, etc. but because they beat the lakers on Xmas people think everything is okay 😂😂😂
Junior Lewalski
Junior Lewalski Month ago
Wolves beat them no one Saturday a word. 6rs do it and look........
D MD Month ago
Oh hey look, it's the MMA professional making noises again. Lol Guys fugazi af
FaiisHD Month ago
Im a lakers fan stop overrating one regular season loss stop
Dusan Stojanovic
You can see SAS's aura emanating 😆
Rick S
Rick S Month ago
Sixers fan here - sas speaks the truth, unfortunately, somehow.
Trevor Lulu
Trevor Lulu Month ago
The comment number was 666 I thought I’d save y’all and add another one Y’all welcome ;)
American tar macker
The boys are back
Stuart Perry
Stuart Perry Month ago
Paul George the most overated player in the NBA. Give me Russ.
Chris Schaller
Chris Schaller Month ago
The only time max has said something good about Philadelphia
Clout Chase
Clout Chase Month ago
Brett Brown should be fired
biggerson51 Month ago
Did Lenid play
M 27
M 27 Month ago
why arent the clippers getting the same criticism as the lakers???? its like this is nothing lol
Exalt Month ago
The Raptors are still second without Kawhi? Huh...
Robert French
Robert French Month ago
*Stephen A:* "Cause to POAUSE!"
Bruce Lee
Bruce Lee Month ago
Took half of the season for Coach to figure out Embiid and Horford cant be on the same floor together especially when Simmons is in...Horford off the Bench is only tweaked they needed but took forever BB to try it when all of sixers fanbases knew it..
Arlis Martinez
Arlis Martinez Month ago
Loved this debate because they both came out correct: Kellerman is saying the coach sat down Hartford and the team played better. Simmons played amazing, they're basically unbeatable at home therefore in the playoffs they can go all the way IF they stay like this at home & get one win on the road But SAS is also correct in saying that the team is very inconsistent, a lot of disarray this season where they have the potential to go all the way but can also get bounced from the first round because they will only get up for top teams
Cine Craze
Cine Craze Month ago
Mr. Steven A “I think I know everything and everybody else is wrong” Smith SMH
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