Stephen A. and Max are concerned about the Clippers for different reasons | First Take

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Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman explain why they are concerned about the LA Clippers following Paul George injuring his hamstring against the Boston Celtics in a 2OT loss.
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Comments 80
ESPN Month ago
How concerned should we be for the Clippers?
Kaige Lewis
Kaige Lewis Month ago
All Mighty clippers taking it
Giorgio Monopoly
@tyrone parker Don't worry the Clippers won't pass the second round
Ed J
Ed J Month ago
CONCERNED! I am a Clippers fan too!
Mal jones
Mal jones Month ago
tyrone parker you arguing about 2nd place . Bucks taking the chip
1236 Empire Entertainment
Does Max Kellerman not realize that Jaylen Brown was out for the game?
🔥 *Love basketball🏀🏀* 1:51 💚 👇👇👇👇💛
truth hurts
truth hurts 12 days ago
Mahomes gonna snatch that goat status from montana sooner than later.
Gage Dube
Gage Dube Month ago
Marcus smart does that every night gtfo watch some games
legofan1799 Month ago
Um Marcus Smart hit 11 threes this season Stephen A. But sure, it was an aberration...
The Realist
The Realist Month ago
So you claim the regular season doesn't matter, yet you brag about the Clippers beating the Lakers in the meaningless regular season...???🤔...so when the Clippers lose a regular season game allegedly it doesn't matter, right ? ...but when the Clippers win then all of a sudden its "look how good they are" ? ...ITS CALLED "CONVENIENT HYPOCRISY"🤔
Phil 4:13
Phil 4:13 Month ago
Lakers taking the gold chip this year anyway #17 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆
roger johnson
roger johnson Month ago
Boston can win a game against most any team, but not a series.
roger johnson
roger johnson Month ago
It's not how you run the race, its how you finish the race. The 2nd half hasn't started yet. It's too early to diagnose the Clippers. On the other hand, it doesn't matter if they finish 2nd in the West to the Lakers, because there is no homecourt advantage at Staples Center, because the Clippers and the Lakers share the same homecourt.
Doug Fleek
Doug Fleek Month ago
Didn't Max say Clippers winning with or without Paul George
Doug Fleek
Doug Fleek Month ago
I really believe Doc is an overrated coach blew a 3-1 lead twice in the playoffs with All star players
Chris Preymak
Chris Preymak Month ago
Paul George can have 2 broken legs in casts strung up in a hospital bed and have Max say he is highly concerned and SAS will say he's not concerned about Paul George.
julien 2020
julien 2020 Month ago
I love how they only put Stephen A’s and Max’s name in the title but not Molly’s 😂
Jesus Beriguete
Jesus Beriguete Month ago
Honestly I’m just happy both Gilgeous and Gallinari got respect on their name from Max. Both of these guys are essentially in route to one day run their own team.
pedro gates
pedro gates Month ago
I like Paul George but he’s has to be healthy this year he has a lot to prove because so far he’s been a loser in the playoffs
SteegJobz Official
Max kills me with the glasses lol
Xavier Jeffery
Xavier Jeffery Month ago
Max been smokin that ⛽😂😂
Joey Zimon
Joey Zimon Month ago
Everybody smiling when Steven A talks... lol
Mitchell m
Mitchell m Month ago
Someone slap max for wearing them glasses
Larry Terry
Larry Terry Month ago
G League Clippers starting that annual choke job earlier this year. 🤭
Russ Godinho
Russ Godinho Month ago
Clippers won't win anything....Their two Superstars are both fragile, and one of them, the most fragile, they sold the farm for.....That big goofy Billionaire of theirs won't be gyrating and giggling on the sidelines for long when he finally comes to grips w/this….they're not going anywhere....mark my words:)
lost children of nimrod
Sixers didn't go into overtime time and beat them
Don't reach Young blood
Why is everyone concerned about the regular season
George0880 Month ago
Dont matter. They can beat the Lakers without PG
Dr. Shake
Dr. Shake Month ago
What Dteven A. said about the Clippers seem to play up for the Lakers is TRUE! I've been noticing that too.
Jose Month ago
Yawn. Changing the topic of those boring injury nail Clippers, The Lakers are still first in the Western Conference and Max is crying a river. If the Nail Clippers keep losing they might not be on the playoffs Lol....
NBA 2k mobile
NBA 2k mobile Month ago
Kwahi should have got Jimmy
Daniel Grigg
Daniel Grigg Month ago
Max just setting up his excuses.
prime time
prime time Month ago
Kawhi gon bounce in 2021 Clippers are trash... he's gonna come back to the Raptors just watch
Bobby Smith
Bobby Smith Month ago
That’s the laughable part. For some reason everyone said the lakers had injury prone stars.
Thyer Syed
Thyer Syed Month ago
Doc always looks like he crying. 😭
Coach Jon
Coach Jon Month ago
Once again, we have one standard for Lebron and the Lakers and another for the Clippers. If the Lakers were doing what the Clippers were doing the media would be going wild, and not making excuses for why they are preparing for the season. Honestly, the way they are playing and taking things for granted like they already have this. They may not make it out of the first round.
Martin Bayot
Martin Bayot Month ago
I see clippers vs healthy mavs in round1 ... mavs win 4-2
Dura Dun
Dura Dun Month ago
All these sports commentators are so annoying. Soon as you start losing oh we are so concerned. Soon as you start winning you the best team in the NBA, lmao. You win some, you lose some. That is how the game works.
robert henderson
Steven A. Hit it nail on the Head, the Clippers go ALL OUT when they play against the Lakers but dont bring that same energy against other teams and that may cost them down the line. Not too mention that DESPITE Doc load managing his guys they're still getting injured... But people wanna say the Lakers are Injury Prone lol. The narrative in the media these days is to Boost up the Clippers, make excuses for them when they come up short while Critic the Lakers whether they win or not lol. Its comedy...
Chris Funk
Chris Funk Month ago
It’s hilarious that the Clippers traded Gallinari and Gilgeous Alexander to OKC for PG and now PG is injured all the time, meanwhile Gallinari and Gilgeous Alexander are ballin out in OKC
champ visions
champ visions Month ago
Max is a idiot
KJEdward CookeIII
The Clippers will when it all this season. My Chicago Bulls will win it in 2029. So get ready for nextseason y'all
Ky Month ago
I’m tired of people using PG as scapegoat for the Clippers, he don’t deserve all this
Davey Wansitler
Davey Wansitler Month ago
Max got herpes
RIFICA777 Month ago
Dang its just a hammy. Calm down lol. They'll be fine.
will liam
will liam Month ago
Celtics are a bad matchup for the clippers
lil steez
lil steez Month ago
Clips in 4💪🏻
lil steez
lil steez Month ago
Max needs to stop looking like Sandra bullock and take those shades off🤣😂
Oel Dave
Oel Dave Month ago
Kawhi just needs to be in the playoffs.. Then turn on the switch
Gene Che
Gene Che Month ago
Bev has been out and he’s their leader. Morris can do what ever PG13 but with more toughness.
ONExPUNCH xROB Month ago
Can y’all give my Celtics credit? We were missing arguably our 3rd player and at the least our 3rd best and we still dropped 141 on the Clippers
Eden Perez
Eden Perez Month ago
With all the load management the clippers do they still get injured, oh oh.
JionvanZ TV
JionvanZ TV Month ago
I never thought Ryan Reynolds is having debate with Stephen A. 😎
Tony 82 Young
Tony 82 Young Month ago
Tony 82 Young
Tony 82 Young Month ago
Max soot the white guilt then drop the shades!!!
christopher lawson
How concerned are we about Max’s hangover hiding behind them shades.
Tyrus Pretty
Tyrus Pretty Month ago
The boys don’t wanna play till playoffs
Tyrus Pretty
Tyrus Pretty Month ago
The boys don’t wanna play till playoffs
Ale Ale Handro
Ale Ale Handro Month ago
Max looks ridiculous
Box Month ago
Dont ever forget Max Kellerman said Kobe is playing Game of Thrones ruining Lebron's tenure as a Laker via Rob Pelinka so Kobe can own the Lakers
jefferson brown
jefferson brown Month ago
can we please squash that Harrell and Williams are bench players. They play starter minutes not role playing bench minutes.
Mr. Madhatter
Mr. Madhatter Month ago
Max a og from New York. He has his blunt wearing glasses on.
Vacaman Month ago
Those shades on Max were clean af
Lance Lajoie
Lance Lajoie Month ago
Max is such a douche lol
Jesus Rey Pingkian
No more analysis of any sort. The Clips LOST, PERIEOOD! And they're not winning any championship this season. The Bucks will win it all!
Mark Jason Ting
Mark Jason Ting Month ago
Clips won;t win it this year. Not with Paul "playoff p" George either being sidelined or playing like a role player.
Eduardo Arriaga
Eduardo Arriaga Month ago
Tomorrow they’ll headline how no team in the NBA poses a threat to this two headed monster of a team and they’ll win the chip.
Laker Dodger Cowboy Gang
Lue will had 35 but on 34 shots
Alt Blk
Alt Blk Month ago
Was that Omar Epps behind Stephen A Smith ???
Pete Month ago
Funny, everybody mentions that the clippers were playing without Paul George, but nobody once mentions that the Celtics were playing without Jaylen Brown. At least Paul George played HALF the game for the Clippers. The Celtics were without Brown for the whole game and have had barely any games this year in which they have had an entire healthy starting five.
Charles Monrovia
The disrespect 🤫🤙☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️💪💪💪💪
Jaden OCHO
Jaden OCHO Month ago
PG leaving the game was not the biggest headline that game
John Minx
John Minx Month ago
Just because the clipper's look the best in the league in overall talent.....does NOT make them the fav to win the chip!
John Minx
John Minx Month ago
The more they load manage!!! The less of CHEMISTRY!!! and you need that Bigtime in the Playoffs!!!
John Minx
John Minx Month ago
Not good for the clipper's at all!!!
inirab rub
inirab rub Month ago
Raptors champ again but there is an asterisk Kawhi and Pg13 are injured.
Boyd Month ago
What's up with the sunglasses Max?
Jinxcity84 Month ago
I said he would be injured. He’s always getting these injuries her and there. Every other season
Young Nomad
Young Nomad Month ago
What's wrong with PG13? He's having a worse year than the first year back from his broken leg.
Pocket boy Norris
Now max concerned
Rayu Month ago
Max gotta be jewish cause the drip isreal
Michael C North
Michael C North Month ago
Kawhi Leonard should of just stayed in Toronto for at least another year
TonioKaveli Month ago
For goodness sake change thier name to the Los Angeles Load Managers‼🤕😩😫
john austria
john austria Month ago
If only Kahwi stayed with the Raptors, he could have got 1-2 more rings ahah
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