Stephen A.’s list: Top 5 dunk contest champions | First Take

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Stephen A. Smith counts down his top five all-time dunk contest champions in NBA history.
5. Spud Webb
4. Zach Lavine
3. Dominique Wilkins
2. Michael Jordan
1. Vince Carter
#FirstTake #NBA
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Comments 80
Larri Lindsey
Larri Lindsey 27 days ago
gabriel Bra
gabriel Bra Month ago
nate robinson ?
MoneyMo Month ago
No way is Spud Webb greater than Jason Richardson or Aaron Gordon when it comes to the dunk contest
Nell Alforque
Nell Alforque Month ago
Zach lavine not champion bro. He robbed gordon
Nate Robinson won 3 times...
Ben Etienne
Ben Etienne Month ago
truth hurts
truth hurts Month ago
Gordon got robbed...again.
Daniel Salgado
Daniel Salgado Month ago
Jason Richardson ???
daniel kim
daniel kim Month ago
MJ’a dunk in today’s dunk contest would get 45, let’s be honest. Nostalgia seems to boosts subpar dunks into legendary status. His dunk contests get overrated just because he’s the G.O.A.T.
Alec Balfour
Alec Balfour Month ago
Y’all forgot Jason Richardson
Timothy Williams
I thought he was gone put howard on the list
Rudolph bholanath
Lmao molly know she annoying
David Gerrard
David Gerrard Month ago
Nate Robinson???
cmann517 Month ago
VC is #1
Fabian Pascuzzi
Fabian Pascuzzi Month ago
1. Vince Carter 2. Jason Richardson 3. Zach Lavine 4. Dominique Wilkins 5. Spud Webb
김성민 Month ago
for the first time, totally agree with Stephen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mike Yacoub
Mike Yacoub Month ago
J Rich snubbed
walter hank
walter hank Month ago
MMAZ Month ago
steven, "you can add the plus anytime you want" A smith
Anesu C
Anesu C Month ago
#1 is Vince #2 is Jordan, tall can argue the rest
Three Js
Three Js Month ago
Nate Robinson ? Def Over spud webb
nothing bt facts
He put web over kobe.. lord have mercy
Devantaead Month ago
1. Lavine 2. Carter 3. MJ 4. Jason richardson 5. Spud
pkfreeze88 Month ago
Should do a top 5 slam dunk champion robberies. Iggy definitely would be on that list as he got robbed by Nate Robinson.
NormMacdonald Clips
Jason Richardson and Aaron Gordon instead of Spud and Jordan
Black Chucky
Black Chucky Month ago
Jason Richardson slept on he for certain top 5
angkur rongpi
angkur rongpi Month ago
Get Molly out of here..
World Newz
World Newz Month ago
Zach Levine should be number 2 but he’s not as famous as Mike or Dominique
Jordan Anderson
Jordan Anderson Month ago
gordon should be at number 4. if that dunk contest was scored seriously...
Tom Bystander
Tom Bystander Month ago
Who's the better dunker MJ or LBJ
Bleed Green Nation
STFU Molly.
Peter Comino
Peter Comino Month ago
Jason Richardson HELLO?
Jodie Montana
Jodie Montana Month ago
How do you leave off Harold Miner best dunker ever!
JustJay Month ago
I’d put Nate Robinson over spudd
shoutrite91 Month ago
Molly’s voice
Javy Melendez
Javy Melendez Month ago
Where is Jason Richardson
bruh B
bruh B Month ago
“You know who gets number 1 on the list. Give it to me. DWIGHT HOWARD!!!”
DJaySplitSecond Month ago
I would eliminate MJ and add J Rich!!! My opinion!
Bar Vardi
Bar Vardi Month ago
Perfect list !!!!
Anthony Salerno
Anthony Salerno Month ago
I hate how Michael Jordan has to always be put on any top list that has anything to do with basketball... Best of all time MJ best dunker ever MJ best half court reverse behind the back off the scoreboard shooter in history MJ.. Best at tying his shoes MJ.. Jason Richardson or Nate Robinson should have taken his spot but no he's Michael Jordan so he has to be on every list...
Sir Smoove
Sir Smoove Month ago
🤔🤯 No respect for J Rich!!!! Back to back champ
brotheris33 Month ago
The fact that on even brought up the name Jason Richardson makes me heartbroken
Broderick Adams
Broderick Adams Month ago
Jordan is not over Dominic Wilkins not ever,they gave him the contest host of all star weekend was in Chi town.
Owens Dunson
Owens Dunson Month ago
Where’s Aron Gordon dunk tho ???
Hezekiah Shiel
Hezekiah Shiel Month ago
I always said Vince carter was the best in game dunker
Rico Arrington
Rico Arrington Month ago
Lavine, Richardson, Carter, MJ, Wilkins
JCEE G Month ago
Nate Robinson???
Fermin J. Padernilla III
Vince Lavine Jordan J. RICH Wilkins
bmar180 Month ago
The list is perfect
Juju Smith
Juju Smith Month ago
Disrespectful to Nate Robinson how many times did he win ik he won more than spud for sure like huh
Asahd Khaled Executive Producer
Dwight and J-Rich gets no love? J-Rich is basically vince carter with dominiques power and dwights 08 contest was special.
reggie white
reggie white Month ago
No J.R Rider?
Marcus Month ago
Where’s Aaron Gordon?
Neal Hames
Neal Hames Month ago
Jason Richardson
Junaid Desai
Junaid Desai Month ago
Logan Vojtasek
Logan Vojtasek Month ago
Zach Lavine at number 4 is a joke. Should be 2 behind Carter
Lamarz Price
Lamarz Price Month ago
The Aaron Gordon disrespect gotta stop
Khavin Sivatharan
Nate Robinson over spud webb
Gregorio Gonzalez
J-rich over Spud Webb but the rest of the list is good
King C
King C Month ago
I'm sorry but my number one all time dunk was the "SITTING IN AIR" dunk, done by Aaron Gordon.🧘‍♂️💪👍
BigNigsOnly Month ago
Mj lmao, Zach lavine should be higher
Brian Hsu
Brian Hsu Month ago
Where’s Dr J
Vincent Sharp
Vincent Sharp Month ago
Aaron Gordon should have been number 1..
Juice Month ago
Clip that “I wannaa beee liiiike miiiike” 😂
Edward James
Edward James Month ago
Nate robinson!!!????? Most wins in history, 3 time champ!
Trap Lord Visions
Spud better then Nate a multiple champion ???
Ignasius Edward
Ignasius Edward Month ago
Anybody know jordan kilganon
GMF GMF Month ago
Kobe should be on this 🟣🟡
thgdsn Month ago
1. Vince Carter2. Dwight Howard3. Jason Richardson 4. Zach LaVine5. Nate Robinson
Zero Two
Zero Two Month ago
I just hope this current nba slam dunk contest will be an intersting one
Aaron Gordon???
K G Month ago
Where's aron gordon ?
Notorious James
Notorious James Month ago
Spud Webb and not nate rob? c'mon...
Monnie Chaos
Monnie Chaos Month ago
Vince over Zach?! 😬 maaan that's tough
David Stewart
David Stewart Month ago
Harold Miner gets no respect
shadyacres925 Month ago
This is Stephen a list he dnt have to have Richardson lmao make y’all own lists buddy’s 🤣
yaakov antokol
yaakov antokol Month ago
Snubs Kobe again
Jraddthomp Month ago
molly trash
Lark Da Dark
Lark Da Dark Month ago
Jason Richardson, Zach Lavine, MJ, Vince Carter, Dominique
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