Steph Curry ignites for 40 points in the Warriors' preseason win | 2019 NBA Highlights

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Steph Curry goes off for 40 points on 14-of-19 shooting with six threes in only 25 minutes for the Golden State Warriors, as the Dubs earn their first victory of the 2019 NBA preseason against the Minnesota Timberwolves.
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Oct 10, 2019




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Comments 80
Zachariah-Bin Yisrayl
So......basically 40 points in 1 half. Lawdhamercy.
Baller Squad
Baller Squad 2 months ago
How is he not a star?
Bk Takover
Bk Takover 3 months ago
Move @ 1:35
Aruray Gandara
Aruray Gandara 4 months ago
I doll plsss come here to phillipines
jhonlowrnece cabillon
It's worth mentioning that he scored those 40 points in 25 mins! wow
Kuro 4 months ago
He scored 40 points against Minnesota 2 years ago, not to mention, in 3 quarters as well.
Andre Aviles
Andre Aviles 7 months ago
warriors should be like this whole season
TR13DGE 716
TR13DGE 716 7 months ago
2:40 the announcer getting tired saying Curry's name hahaha
ロス 7 months ago
Mario P.
Mario P. 7 months ago
You guys thought this guy was gonna do what this season 😂
I’m just chilling _
“Curry is the best shooter no one can compete.” Midorima-hold my lucky item
jenny rose
jenny rose 8 months ago
Zain Merchant
Zain Merchant 8 months ago
3:15 I think he placed his foot in a way where he tried to injure steph
swaggy 8 months ago
the fans in the new arena better have the same lit energy as the oakland fans from oracle cause otherwise the season is gonna be such a let down. the people better ROAR every time steph takes a shot
Michelle Zonicle
Michelle Zonicle 8 months ago
I miss Livingston
Vian WalLy
Vian WalLy 9 months ago
I love stephen curry
joevan sanda
joevan sanda 9 months ago
idol ^_^
Tony Louis
Tony Louis 9 months ago
Well, that answers that question
Jaylen Wilson
Jaylen Wilson 9 months ago
It’s crazy people think they’re not making playoffs🤧and I’m a rockets fan
Esther K
Esther K 9 months ago
GB TheMusicMaster
GB TheMusicMaster 9 months ago
Mac Unum
Mac Unum 9 months ago
His jumpers so weeeet
The One and Only
The One and Only 9 months ago
3rd MVP for chef is cookin.
Sensai Vers
Sensai Vers 9 months ago
D Lo is balling too but man when Klay gets back? Oof.
Saijo O Zoro
Saijo O Zoro 9 months ago
I really hope the warriors give kavion pippen a real chance. I think he has the potential to become a great defensive asset for the warriors.
itsoriginally 9 months ago
They forgot...
Bhavani Choudary
Bhavani Choudary 9 months ago
To easy I guess
Animelytical 9 months ago
Honestly, 2:04 makes me think he is a mutant. Telekinesis or something. I get the same feeling I get from watching Zion tbh.
XRIC GUTI 9 months ago
My boy went off, ...just cuz 👌🏼
DENELL TILLMAN 9 months ago
The baddest MF in the game because his talent pays off 3 out of five while the so called best player ever is still playing! Ok yeah he had Durant. but didn't he contribute??? Durant hasn't proven he can win without Curry last I checked
Dirty Sanchez
Dirty Sanchez 9 months ago
President Xi loved it.
Black Spiderman
Black Spiderman 9 months ago
People: "The warriors won't do well without Durant" Curry: "Durant who?"
Angelo Cipra
Angelo Cipra 9 months ago
GB TheMusicMaster
GB TheMusicMaster 9 months ago
But still lost the title 😶🤣😂
Parker's NBA History
I can barely differentiate between the two announcers' voices (Fitzgerald and Azabuike). Azabuike replaced long-time announcer Barnett.
NizzyNizerson 9 months ago
GB TheMusicMaster
GB TheMusicMaster 9 months ago
You must of forgot that LEBRON is the king. Steph is just a chef.
N C 9 months ago
I saw KAT really wanna stop him. LoL
Siosiua Kalekale
Siosiua Kalekale 9 months ago
"His jumper is so weeeeeet"
THE 9 months ago
Why aren't there any fouls?
jimmy dean
jimmy dean 9 months ago
That’s curry 🔥🔥🔥🔥 🏃🏽 Runnnnnnn
Jason Karl
Jason Karl 9 months ago
My friends were calling me nuts a few months ago when I said that Curry will likely be this years MVP ahead of Harden and my Warriors will still be at least a 4 seed in the west and trouble for anyone in the Post season especially when Klay comes back. Yeah we'll see who's crazy come May.
HankBlockOG 9 months ago
I they get top 4 in the West Curry will be MVP again
User 9 months ago
Curry is great, ESPN sucks
ML Trends
ML Trends 9 months ago
I miss the cround at Oracle arena😥
Malcolm Carter
Malcolm Carter 9 months ago
That boy might have a career in the NBA if he can shoot 3's consistently
RYLAN PIPPEN 9 months ago
Curry was great before durant got there curry da truth dey lucky klay hurt cuz wit klay dey can win another championship dey still gonna beat Houston too
Angel Garcia
Angel Garcia 9 months ago
Wolves are that stupid let go of rose
Songyuan Han
Songyuan Han 9 months ago
Matthew 2700
Matthew 2700 9 months ago
Its jus pre season
Thorny Dig8
Thorny Dig8 9 months ago
Steph Curry is a Communist bottom boy....
King Kold
King Kold 9 months ago
Steph is crazy
Perfect form with attitude
Warriors will avg. 150 pts a game if he keeps it up and Clay is back.
TheAirCombs 9 months ago
Can't hold him, or let him be free, but he takes advantage of the effort or non effort they choose to give.. This dude bout to break another record this year..
Tha Twilight Zone
Tha Twilight Zone 9 months ago
Dropped 40 in the preseason?? Uh since when did players start REALLY playing & taking preseason serious? Ion get it
deancj1 9 months ago
He didn't really expend a lot of energy ....it was semi effortless......he did it in 24 minutes
Tha Twilight Zone
Tha Twilight Zone 9 months ago
Jonathon Banasiak listen I agree with you . He SHOULD wanna do that. But during preseason? Say he comes down wrong on a lay up. *Sprains ankle chasing 40*. EVERYONES 1st thought would be “Why go so hard? It’s preseason ” and everyone knows Steph has bad ankles
Dameon Scott
Dameon Scott 9 months ago
Man say Steph been my favorite player since his sophomore at Davidson gets his own shot makes and takes big shots and create his own shot and changed the game like Jordan did
William Scott
William Scott 9 months ago
I agree, he's been the best player simply because he's not flashy, doesn't get flustered, small in stature and has changed the game. Also I've liked him sine his freshman's year. I'm an old number guard and i just love him outsmart those other superstars.
tom hanks
tom hanks 9 months ago
Good thing KD out the way so Curry can prove again why he's the best impact player in the league.
transcendbeyondallunderstanding please
M Chriss can be the future of the warriors with some proper coaching. He is a good defender a shot blocker and he can shoot the three ball. If guided in the right direction, he could be the next KD.
DwyaneMVPWade 9 months ago
For all of you talking about Mvp, Steph had 40 in preseason last year.
deancj1 9 months ago
And only was out of mvp conversation last few years because the team was loaded
raphael mondesir
raphael mondesir 9 months ago
Free hong Kong
Jorge Martinez
Jorge Martinez 9 months ago
Warriors look much better without the snake.
Lucien 9 months ago
wolves suck
First name Last name
Like for MVP Steph
Rob Tama
Rob Tama 9 months ago
Momma... There goes that man!
OB LOVE 9 months ago
I'm Predicting The Warriors Are Going To Beat The Clippers But Lose To The Lakers👌
Cozy Corner Blake Melvin
Kat is trash at rim protecting
Ty Hamell
Ty Hamell 9 months ago
Sal Martinez
Sal Martinez 9 months ago
Green light for Steph so he might average 35 plus per game.
Bob Tob
Bob Tob 9 months ago
Lol I'm a firm believer that KD fucked that warriors squad up
Dukes Verrill
Dukes Verrill 9 months ago
2015-16 vibes from Curry! Man is on a mission. Sure it's preseason, but I know he's heard the chatter of the Warriors being done, etc.
theaubad100 9 months ago
F the scum nba and F espn also if they side with the Benedict Arnolds. Nba move to beijing. We American tax payers payed for every arena in America. Ban the nba America
woah 9 months ago
3:04 didn't even look for a rebound, he knows the shot went in already. Madlad
Macdaddy 9 months ago
He ready
PRIS 9 months ago
I know its preseason but he's the next MVP
David Westhoff
David Westhoff 9 months ago
Only pathetic losers watch pro sports like NFL and NBA
David Westhoff
David Westhoff 9 months ago
NBA is like all pro sports, bullshit...ready and willing to protest the American flag, but afraid to say anything bad about China who has murdered millions....
G 9 months ago
2:59 the guy defending steph ran back before the ball hit the net, he knew it was going in
Ali Rezaeishahreza
Ali Rezaeishahreza 9 months ago
it is nice they at least noticed steph, wondering what could have happaned when AD drop 40 in pre season
tonzjah 9 months ago
Curry, Russel and Green look like a pretty solid Big three to me
Wakemeup Now
Wakemeup Now 9 months ago
Brian Scalebrine is way better
4esthetics 9 months ago
The fact that some people don’t consider Steph a top 3 player in the league today just baffles me
THE 9 months ago
@Lin Mac is curry the same size as those you mentioned??? Of course curry won't be that much of a deal on the defense especially if they switch on curry. A point guard going against lebron on defense? What could one do
Lin Mac
Lin Mac 9 months ago
@Lin Mac Steph is better than Kawhi when its said and done and dont even argue with me.
Zuri 9 months ago
@MysticMech You continue to be ignorant. I only brought up lin because you called him a Curry hater when he said nothing bad about Curry. He just listed other players and you got your Curry fanboy lil feelings hurt. I didn't agree with his Lebron pick, which is why I didn't mention Lebron in any of my comments. So you are the only one mistaking me for Lin. Reading is not difficult. Yes, believe it or not you can't judge playoffs for all players. Anthony Davis was brought up because I think he is arguably a better overall player than Curry. Never said that you brought him up. I can't drop his playoff stats because his team obviously didn't make the playoffs. Kawhi didn't play a full regular season, so he wasn't in the race for MVP like other players I mentioned, so I can't only judge him by the regular season. This should be common sense buddy. The only time I've changed how I judge these players is when their health or team placement prevents me from having a full sample size. Your brain is about as small as the effort Harden puts into defense.
Lin Mac
Lin Mac 9 months ago
@MysticMech Ok, fine B+.
Shawn Smith
Shawn Smith 9 months ago
Send these commie b-ball players to China. They are not Americans.
Chris Lu
Chris Lu 9 months ago
Steph play so easy and smoothly. Its the show time for curry.
Donny Jones
Donny Jones 9 months ago
See this is cool but yall know yall he cant do this all year right.
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