Stefflon Don - 16 Shots (Official Music Video)

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Feb 23, 2017




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Comments 100
Kalleia Clarke
Kalleia Clarke 5 hours ago
Then if its old don't mess with no ones mother or else u will be sorry
Victoria Gomes
Victoria Gomes 6 hours ago
vim pelo blackpink
3 years later, if you're watching this you're a legend 👇
Tiffany Wiley
Tiffany Wiley 11 hours ago
My mom is in her 60's I just sent this to her lol
Callme_sam 12 hours ago
Good song for Quarantine vibes ( I get bored easy but this song is forever gold I’m always dancing shit )
وناسة البسبوسة
Very nice this song, I love it so much ♥ ️
rami ali
rami ali 19 hours ago
Tamanna Singh
Tamanna Singh 20 hours ago
Loose your weight gurl You will look pretty But you look sexy Love you 😘😘
sweeter room
sweeter room 21 hour ago
What accent she use?
L u n a 123 Alves
L u n a 123 Alves 23 hours ago
Lover music👌💖
angy luquin
angy luquin Day ago
i loved the video stefflon don
axel s.
axel s. Day ago
Sixteen shot vegolalala
Ralph Mendoza
me realizing a woman sang this
Diya Arsyfa
Diya Arsyfa Day ago
I came here because of blackpink ~
Make A Move Enterprise
Love this, have my mom back for sure❣❣
Jane Nur
Jane Nur Day ago
I came after seeing some edits of bts members
不是Zebra Karma
Lets portect this from tik tok .w.
Anastasia Ilynichna Vishnevskaya
This song is so catchy she deserves more subs than this
꧁Sugar Cookie꧂
The real meaning of this song: Protecting your mother.
Dashia Robinson
This just because my favorite song
Nancy Nancy
Nancy Nancy Day ago
Damn pronunciation!! A grand salute for those,who understand this song without lyrics😜😜
Elena Eli
Elena Eli Day ago
Miss Alchemist
This gives me Sean Paul vibes
Ansh Bharadwaj
I heard Two words Only : Nokia and 16 shots 👍🏻
BuVi Kristan
BuVi Kristan Day ago
𝙵𝚎𝚖𝚊𝚕𝚎 𝚋𝚞𝚝 𝚜𝚒𝚗𝚐 𝚒𝚗 𝚊 𝚖𝚊𝚕𝚎 𝚟𝚘𝚒𝚌𝚎 ಠ_ಠ
DaisyBlue 2 days ago
Anyone else completely misinterpret this song before seeing the video?
Jamal Shah
Jamal Shah 2 days ago
16 cerve shots
Norah BTS
Norah BTS 2 days ago
والله حلوة❤
Fatih - Family
Fatih - Family 2 days ago
Rika Liebenberg
Rika Liebenberg 2 days ago
A criminal almost hurt my mother then I took my Grandpa,s SHOTGUN: Bang Bang
Mohammed Arif
Mohammed Arif 2 days ago
This is a widely use song in our gym for zumba 😂
puzzle piece ㅅㅇ
English is my 4th language and I can understand like 70% of what she is saying idk what y'all are are on...
Abir El haddad
Abir El haddad 2 days ago
Wow wow 💜😎🎶🎵👏👏👏
Keisi Stafa
Keisi Stafa 2 days ago
I thought this song would have more views...its awesome, everyone likes and hypes on it
Mehul sharma
Mehul sharma 2 days ago
they rock always respect++❤️
Tio Noveria
Tio Noveria 2 days ago
welp chill beazt make a song like this ;-;
Mahmoud Enaili
Mahmoud Enaili 2 days ago
الي جاي من ليبيانو لايك
Love bts
Love bts 8 hours ago
جايه من بتس 🙃🙃
shaneen humphries
True dat, me an ma a fight all time, but any fool dis mai madda de a go fight me
for k
for k 2 days ago
존나 멋있다 이게 진짜지
TheRealCCMMLC 2 days ago
Bria Holmes
Bria Holmes 3 days ago
I heard this song from hell boy the 2019 movie
IgnMissCall 3 days ago
Wow this song is fire
Dont mess with my mami!!!
Gabrielle Chua
Gabrielle Chua 3 days ago
i feel like this should be a spanish song
itsdeath day
itsdeath day 3 days ago
It's been 3 years.
iiHoney_Wxlfie 3 days ago
*When your mother taught you well:*
Smyle D. Sangma
Smyle D. Sangma 3 days ago
I'm sorry today only i saw the vid and singer first time and discovered it's a woman.....and there's jb who was mistaken as a girl with debut song.
Anna :3
Anna :3 3 days ago
David Restrepo
David Restrepo 3 days ago
I think I chose the wrong song for practicing my listening in English
kennishia marshall
i love your song
Akshara 3 days ago
Bold voice
ARMY-BLINK forever
I'm her after the cover dance for blackpink✌
aulanja rezky
aulanja rezky 3 days ago
stefflon don
Hacer Sahin
Hacer Sahin 3 days ago
hey türkler hadi burayı biraz türkçe yapalım
Ofkeyli 4 days ago
Jaja mis amigos me dijeron escucha esta música solo me dejaron oír el audio yo: wey nmms ta buena eh, vaya vos tiene este man y luego me mostraron el video y yo wey es chica no we crei que era un peludo :v Los que hablan español digan presente xd ☝️
Tamara Chavez
presente XD
『 雨 RainaPlayzシ 』
*When you realize this song is about a mom*
Shari Scott
Shari Scott 4 days ago
Don't mess with nobody momma
Shari Scott
Shari Scott 4 days ago
Yvonne Kavithe
Yvonne Kavithe 4 days ago
I refuse to believe that there's people who get what she's saying English or nah
Finn Riess
Finn Riess 3 days ago
She’s singing in patois/Patwa. Lmao I’m white but I’ve learned the „language/slang“ so I understand it.
GameBoy The Kitty
There weren't 2 million likes a week ago- Wow
I think im the only one who understands the whole song :>
BestofWarden 4 days ago
zainab__ 16
zainab__ 16 4 days ago
曲は古いですが美しいです 🐸💙
maryam abdullah
maryam abdullah 4 days ago
now that's a mothers day song
GOF Nyx 4 days ago
Telugu people will enjoy this song :))
maferexa :3
maferexa :3 5 days ago
you sing well teach me pliss :v
DJ Wizzzle
DJ Wizzzle 5 days ago
I am Jamaica lol
Uchiha Sasuke
Uchiha Sasuke 5 days ago
شكله حصلت مصيبة معها و معها امها 🌚🐸
Darris Dixon
Darris Dixon 5 days ago
When U don’t understand what she saying but she so 🔥🔥 you stay tuned in 💯💯
Soumita Patra
Soumita Patra 5 days ago
Her voice is so freaking hot🔥
من عربي😂
-شِـهَـد. 3 days ago
@《《SAKOURA SAN》》 هآياتت🙂💛.
-شِـهَـد. 3 days ago
Uchiha Sasuke
Uchiha Sasuke 3 days ago
انا 🐸
taralynnallen 5 days ago
I’m here from piggy
Zeynep Çetin
Zeynep Çetin 5 days ago
Lina nina
Lina nina 5 days ago
yaret flores
yaret flores 5 days ago
Cuando te gusta la canción pero no sabes lo que está diciendo
Leonardo David Mendoza Higinio
me voy a subscribir y darle a like UwU
Leonardo David Mendoza Higinio
esta misica es pro
Anwar Hossain
Anwar Hossain 5 days ago
no boy cant tell me bout my mother 16 shots we no longer than a ladder dem nuh fi talk bout the real don dada put body Inna pot dem nuh like grabba NO BOY CAN DISS ME or my mother round here ain't safe, everybody needs armour 16 shots we go shotta any bulddah Ra-tah ra-tah ka-rah ka-rah ka- rah Ra ka-ka-ka-ka Ra
aania gaming
aania gaming 5 days ago
Finally 🤧🤧🤧 found this song
Nafiye Şanlı Güneş
Türk var mı ? yoksa sadece ben miyim
[ L U ] TIME
[ L U ] TIME 5 days ago
Wolfrah- Studio
Wolfrah- Studio 5 days ago
Legal amo essa música :3
Chiara 5 days ago
Her voice... Mami
Muhammed Rishan
Muhammed Rishan 5 days ago
അല്ലെങ്കിലും മലയാളി പോളിയല്ലേ 😁❤️
D. Mac
D. Mac 6 days ago
I don’t understand what she saying
Over Reaction
Over Reaction 6 days ago
all montegonians like this song cuz its the truth
Danka Mitrovic
Danka Mitrovic 6 days ago
My mader🙄
lego king
lego king 6 days ago
lego king
lego king 6 days ago
Hatter's give thumbs down she, s amazing
elena atheortua
elena atheortua 6 days ago
wEy EsTeH eS El PrImEr cOmEnTaRiOh En eSpAñOl ??
Emine OĞUZ
Emine OĞUZ 6 days ago
micky mousy
micky mousy 6 days ago
bet who tried to put a subtitle here quit 😂😂
Titan Crane
Titan Crane 7 days ago
Listening to Spice songs on RUvid and Stefflon Don is recommended I clicked on one song and then the other and then the other. The rest is history. I have never heard of her before. I #LOVE her. I will have her anyday over Shenseea.
ana karina moreno mendez
Lyonel Tjhai
Lyonel Tjhai 7 days ago
"what is your wisdom?" Me: *make this a meme* Gacha community : *i see, your a man in a culture as well.*
So she's been my favorite singer this hole time Andi didn't know
Taequann Edie
Taequann Edie 7 days ago
I love this video so very much
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