Stealing Data Over Open WiFi

The Modern Rogue
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The data goes... through, the pineapple? *zooms in super-tight on face* *then zooms in super-tight on an actual pineapple* [whispers through squinted eyes] ...through the pineapple.
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Additional Information
The WiFi Pineapple is sold on Hak5's store
How a Wi-Fi Pineapple Can Steal Your Data (And How to Protect Yourself From It)
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Shannon Morse - guest -- twitter.com/snubs


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Feb 8, 2019

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Comments 693
The Modern Rogue
The Modern Rogue 5 months ago
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93 Films and Media
93 Films and Media 2 months ago
People are stalking me. I just want to get their cell phone's IP address from my cell phone. Is there an app for that?
Cthulhu Fhtagn
Cthulhu Fhtagn 4 months ago
But does incognito work?
MercurialCorsair 5 months ago
Why did you take down the fpe of this?
Setro 5 months ago
really wish one of my favorite channels didn't do this too but at least it's not directed toward children
Chuckaroo 123
Chuckaroo 123 5 months ago
Hi if you read this I think you should do a video on 3d printed guns it would be so cool
DudeRekkit 106
DudeRekkit 106 21 hour ago
People who dont use a virtual machine = -9999999999999 iq
So, for clarification, this only works on unprotected networks. If my phone has only saved wifi that use WPA2 I will NOT be vulnerable to the pineapple?
Иван Моргун
The Modern Rogue
Stick around. We grow on you.
Иван Моргун
@The Modern Rogue yes, I am. Searched for, khmm.. Wifi security testing. And that's the only way how can I call you guys, explaining this topic in such dummy way, sorry
The Modern Rogue
What, you new here or something?
Kid Snipez
Kid Snipez Day ago
You can sometimes do this for free
HakerSmacker Day ago
Bruh she doesn't even use Linux... i'm very disappointed
The Modern Rogue
Of course she uses Linux, silly.
not known
not known 2 days ago
I just unchecked my automatically connect to known networks setting.
1203927 5 days ago
“How many things did you infiltrate?” *”Everything.”*
Sickly Smiles
Sickly Smiles 5 days ago
They put link to buy pineapple. They enable data theft. Lol
Virgil Abloh
Virgil Abloh 5 days ago
Bruh just buy a monitor mode wifi adapter for a tenth of the price and it looks nowhere near as suspicious
Sontapää11 Jokulainen
Doesn't work for https.
Nikhil Joshi
Nikhil Joshi 7 days ago
The show with tech from 2010.
MegaAkselerator 8 days ago
Why are hacker girls so often hot? It doesn't make any sense
Steve 12 days ago
a little driftnet gets the party started always, btw that was facebook pinging you... You started to use your internet and they were tracking you, thats kinda what they do ; )
Aayush Pokharel
Aayush Pokharel 13 days ago
can't one just arp spoof ? and use driftnet?
edi wow
edi wow 15 days ago
Some wifi's wont let you connect with vpn on
sn0wjob Official
sn0wjob Official 15 days ago
Sorta funny how the one person who looks like they're a poser and know nothing about Compsec, actually is the expert.
jerry sanchez
jerry sanchez 16 days ago
put drywall
Quinth Blinth
Quinth Blinth 17 days ago
Why are they sitting in a half finished shed :)? Adds an extra layer for dodgyness to it all :D
shan banaan
shan banaan 17 days ago
can i use WiFi Pineapple as monitor mode ?
Iskander 17 days ago
IDK but I'm Sure yes
Siler Wiler
Siler Wiler 19 days ago
Can you use a WiFi pineapple to remotely install keyloggers on phones
SyrpiC00L 22 days ago
667th comment.
BlackHacker 23 days ago
Well, I can carry out the same attack with my regular rooted android phone or a kali linux laptop. It might be a bit messy to get all those scripts and extended range but that's for sure you shouldn't be that excited over these attacks. You can set up a captive portal easily with fluxion and a kali linux machine. The pineapple is just great for those who wants a shitton of range with easily accessible scripts and can carry it around. In short, you can achieve the same results with a regular laptop running kali and a good network card that supports packet injection and mon mode with a good range.
BlackHacker 22 days ago
@Top Notch Well you can install the scripts/tools on any distro bitchface.
Top Notch
Top Notch 22 days ago
Kali script kid? 🤦‍♂️
MatthyNo 2.0
MatthyNo 2.0 24 days ago
They probably cut out Brian going to pornhub.
Aussie Gamer
Aussie Gamer 25 days ago
Watch from 8:50 She has no idea, and needs to keep looking at his phone for clues. Then says she didn't see anything because it was a https website. LMFAO Useless Then tries to pull up some old website that is unsecure so she could show off some scripted skills.
Aussie Gamer
Aussie Gamer 25 days ago
So.., if I connect to a MITM computer.., can I hack them back?
Zac Chapman
Zac Chapman 27 days ago
“Does a vpn make you safer?” **Proceeds to only use secure sites to test theory “Wooooooow it’s not being detected”
Zac Chapman
Zac Chapman 27 days ago
“This is a lab environment” *Bare insulation in the background*
The Homie Smokey
The Homie Smokey 28 days ago
Can you do this for cell towers too to find and get info coming from phones or tablets I understand the pineapple I have one to test my devices but what about my phone I have an encryption system but I'm not too sure if it works for cell devices too
BS Reborn Phoenix
BS Reborn Phoenix 29 days ago
Damn i should buy watch dogs 1 and 2 then then new one... then learn java and python then do some stupid stuff and cool stuff but 90% stupid
lolEpicgamers 29 days ago
$200 thats pretty cheap
Randell Thomas
Randell Thomas 29 days ago
Dude. You’re talking a million mph. Try two cups of coffee instead of 20.
The Modern Rogue
The Modern Rogue 29 days ago
Nah. If you can’t keep up, just slow down the playback speed.
William Money
William Money Month ago
We're in a lab environment with all this exposed pink shit in the walls....yup.
Salmon, The
Salmon, The Month ago
The modern rogue - more like the modem rogue.
michael hernandez
Ori Month ago
A lot of VPNs can be stopped by disabling UDP. I've seen at least 3 popular VPN clients that aren't smart enough to fall back to TCP, even if it's available.
EleganceEngine Month ago
Bah cat say like wtf dif kinda hack.
albert ma
albert ma Month ago
Where did she learn this? I have not learned this in my college CS classes.
Big Baba Ganoush
Hmmm nice... now i have Brians Mac address.... handy.
KemoKnows Month ago
Yer Mom
Yer Mom Month ago
tbh she looks like sitara...
dezent Month ago
if that thing listened to dns and not only http traffic she would know what sites they were visiting even if they were https.
Zohan Cargotis
Zohan Cargotis Month ago
Why is he wearing safety glasses
VAC2 Month ago
Why would you buy one when you can make one.......like for nothing.
Yato_ God
Yato_ God Month ago
Well, I can't go to starbucks with a big ass router without getting looks so I'mma pass. 😂
G0rk0m Month ago
Dude on the left needs to take a breath and slow down talking.
G0rk0m Month ago
@The Modern Rogue lol. Don't take it personal. It's just difficult to follow along sometimes because when you're talking so fast. And i get it, you're excited. But please at least entertain the idea of slowing down just a bit so viewers don't need to set the video to .75 speed.
The Modern Rogue
Nah. I’m great and everyone loves me. Stick around. I’ll grow on you.
Slartibartfast Month ago
7:37 - Brian: I'm not comfortable with sharing the names of my devices, that used to be me. 7:41 - Shows the MAC address of the phone.
Lethal Boogers
Lethal Boogers Month ago
Here for Shannon, my all time fav host
ahmed mani
ahmed mani Month ago
13:48 grilled cheese? Jason murphy screaming what are you into dude
P Month ago
Wireless: 0 Wired: 1 Flawless Victory (Except not mobile)
Elvis M.
Elvis M. 28 days ago
And no radiation and wired is faster!
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