Stealing Data Over Open WiFi

The Modern Rogue
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The data goes... through, the pineapple? *zooms in super-tight on face* *then zooms in super-tight on an actual pineapple* [whispers through squinted eyes] ...through the pineapple.
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Additional Information
The WiFi Pineapple is sold on Hak5's store
How a Wi-Fi Pineapple Can Steal Your Data (And How to Protect Yourself From It)
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Feb 8, 2019




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Comments 767
The Modern Rogue
The Modern Rogue 7 months ago
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93 Films and Media
93 Films and Media 4 months ago
People are stalking me. I just want to get their cell phone's IP address from my cell phone. Is there an app for that?
Cthulhu Fhtagn
Cthulhu Fhtagn 6 months ago
But does incognito work?
MercurialCorsair 7 months ago
Why did you take down the fpe of this?
Lance Faltinsky
Lance Faltinsky 7 months ago
really wish one of my favorite channels didn't do this too but at least it's not directed toward children
Chuckaroo 123
Chuckaroo 123 7 months ago
Hi if you read this I think you should do a video on 3d printed guns it would be so cool
Me Only
Me Only 7 hours ago
You have no right to stalk people and steal their data you Obama loving little punk. I'm one of your victims. Your deep state stnts are coming to an end.
Abe Coulter
Abe Coulter 5 days ago
brian...no mater how much effort you put into a video...everyone is going to claim its fake
Mateo Arquero
Mateo Arquero 8 days ago
suspiciously say "of course we don't condone using this for illegal purposes..." fbi: ok all clear here guys. lets go.
Saumil sunil Shah
Any one having knowledge of hacking Pumkin is more powerful than pimeapple
h 2
h 2 11 days ago
Nice career choice post Hollywood for Mel Gibson.
h 2
h 2 11 days ago
"legalised states" must be so fun....
Ilovethecoca94 11 days ago
Wow they got real sexy when they were saying penetration testing
MJD 13 days ago
nice location lmaoooo
airkami 15 days ago
Love the Legend of Zelda shirt and all the hacking skills. Also great stickers on the laptop.
ZIL GATES 16 days ago
Should of tested iMessage.
ZideYT2 18 days ago
7:40 No use as you also didnt blur out the MAC-Adresses, so someone in your local network could probably still identify your phone using the adress instead of hostname
ravi0li 18 days ago
This guys have snorted coke
Christopher Guy
Christopher Guy 21 day ago
I liked seeing Snubs outside Hak5.
driftkids13 24 days ago
Hotspot Honeypot Man In The Middle: Google Search Nothing sexual. www.google.com/search?newwindow=1&client=opera&hs=m73&q=hotspot+honeypot+man+in+the+middle&spell=1&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiJpP-ykJjkAhUSVK0KHSIoB6cQBQguKAA&biw=1880&bih=976
Retro Electro
Retro Electro 25 days ago
Last year at the end of February I basically did a man in the middle ‘attack’ although I wouldn’t really call it attack. So it was during the beast from the east (I’m British) and my WiFi wasn’t working that week, but the WiFi of my neighbour was, and on the Apple IOS select WiFi page you can view and even edit different nearby WiFi routers which can connect to. So I came up with the genius idea of maybe I could connect to my neighbors WiFi without the passcode by edit different parts to be identical to my router, and changed my router to be one digit off of what it was before. It worked I got connected and had internet, but then I wasn’t really expecting it to work and put it back immediately because I didn’t know what had happened, but for about 5 minutes I got internet again by bypassing the WiFi next door. I had managed to gain full access to their router.
Nathan Huisman
Nathan Huisman 28 days ago
By the way, you can use a technique called sslstrip to fool the client into thinking the server doesn't support https/ssl.The browser will then default to http and you can steal someone's google/facebook/whatever cookies
Nathan Huisman
Nathan Huisman 28 days ago
7:38 changes name of device but doesn't even bother to blur MAC address
hvip4 29 days ago
1:13 no it looks like a wifi router/AP lol
Josh Hardin
Josh Hardin 29 days ago
I need more Jason Murphy Covering Lou Bega.
Jason Murphy
Jason Murphy 10 days ago
I'm going to drop an album of covers. So far I've got Lou Bega, Skee-Lo, and Sisqo.
Stephen M
Stephen M Month ago
I love her hair
Stephen M
Stephen M Month ago
"7plus", I'm sure that's about the phone model
Stephen M
Stephen M Month ago
Penetration tasting *fails to hold back giggles*
SamBless Month ago
That guy needs to shut the f up.
SamBless Month ago
The Modern Rogue jk. I just needed your attention. I love you ❤️ (no kidding)
The Modern Rogue
Stick around. I grow on you.
envi z
envi z Month ago
this is pretty informative for noobs like me who couldn't understand what was going in that Silicon Valley episode (The one where they go to Hooli Con)
Adam.Avacado Month ago
There is something called wire shark lmao
Ashley Hathaway
Ashley Hathaway Month ago
"Brian-7plus"? Yes please, Daddy.
daveslow84 Month ago
That hotspot honey pot with man in the middle is yearning for some penetration testing... Perhaps there's even a backdoor involved!?
draco5991rep Month ago
This is Mambo No. 5
The Golf Life
The Golf Life Month ago
Does the WiFi pineapple automatically log WiFi passwords? Even WEP?
coosh11 Month ago
Does she work for Hak5? If so this is pretty incorrect. The SSID being the AP sends out the broadcast, which the pineapple would see. Their Phone the client looks for these SSID Broadcast then say's oh your there I will connect to you. The pineapple has no way of knowing what networks are saved in my phone. *facepalm*
coosh11 Month ago
And lets teach people things correct things. Public wifi is one thing, vpn is another.. better yet make sure the sites you go to are secure! VPN just pushes it off to someone else and public wifi just puts incorrect fear because the same issue can happen with passworded wifi if the attacker knows that login.
Mitchell Bailey
Mitchell Bailey Month ago
gaw, man, this reeks of an over produced morning news show. can we get rid of those guys and bring in a couple normal people who aren't obnoxious ninth graders ?
Bisgamer Gameplay
hey yellow hats
Gregory Daerr
Gregory Daerr Month ago
i swallow pineapples for donkey rides......
Ezanity Gaming
Ezanity Gaming Month ago
They talk about space jam ACTUALLY working but that is also an encrypted site. This is just as useful as when the hack came out for the wep networks when 90% of people had already converted to wpa lol
Aldous Yelxuh
Aldous Yelxuh Month ago
Mambo #5 as Jason's "safe place".... hahahhahahhahahhaaa too good, too good. =)
who cares
who cares Month ago
That insulation will never pass
Justin T
Justin T Month ago
Shannon and Brian .... hak5 and scam school from the revision 3 days on the same set. My two favorite shows of all times!!
TheGmr140 Month ago
nice video see my channel for some funny/interesting radio videos
Suraj Bhardwaj
Suraj Bhardwaj Month ago
1:19 it just looks like a router
The Unknown
The Unknown Month ago
Nikola Tesla
Nikola Tesla Month ago
She's not taking real advantage of that device
Saltiboii Month ago
Hak5 boi
PhysiOSQuantum Month ago
There is a thing called SSLStrip, people click "Continue" when they are faced with Insecure networks
Raid Desu
Raid Desu Month ago
the problem is that the pineapple thing adds nothing to my laptop except for range which can just be increased easily in a cheaper way
watcher of videos
this would be great if we was in the 90's most websites have https now
Alkeryn Month ago
Just use https and don't log on public networks without a vpn if you absolutely can't avoid login in
Ola K
Ola K Month ago
This is some costly production featuring multiple cameras and studio lights! You are raising the bar.
Terry Davis
Terry Davis Month ago
Love your open stud and PEX decor.
ssplintergirl Month ago
My samsung smart fridge better watch tf out
ravi0li Month ago
This guy snorts coke
Jaden Marabe
Jaden Marabe Month ago
Do not allow this guy to make fools out of you, this is clearly fake. The one and only tool that worked for me is Feebhax! Do a google search to find it ! :)
Azar Huseynli
Azar Huseynli Month ago
My guess is her pineapple listens to http and https. Thats why she didn't get anything once he connected to VPN as VPN is using another port. How useful is this thing ? I mean man in the middle attack in this day and age, all of the reputable sites use https. Letsencrypt made https free. Unless you send fake certificates and a user is dumb enough to disregard browsers alerts, you will not see whats happening because of encryption.
Casey Jones
Casey Jones Month ago
i dont think her computer has enough stickers
DudeRekkit 106
DudeRekkit 106 Month ago
People who dont use a virtual machine = -9999999999999 iq
So, for clarification, this only works on unprotected networks. If my phone has only saved wifi that use WPA2 I will NOT be vulnerable to the pineapple?
I would also like to note that the man in the middle attack is pretty useless without certification spoofs or some form of ssl strip as you'd be hard pressed to find a website that doesn't use ssl nowadays.
KNO56 Month ago
Correct, because the access point would have to be able to perform the handshake that is only possible with the correct password. Therefore, if the Pineapple does not have the correct password, it will not be possible.
Иван Моргун
The Modern Rogue
Stick around. We grow on you.
Иван Моргун
@The Modern Rogue yes, I am. Searched for, khmm.. Wifi security testing. And that's the only way how can I call you guys, explaining this topic in such dummy way, sorry
The Modern Rogue
What, you new here or something?
Kid Snipez
Kid Snipez Month ago
You can sometimes do this for free
Hype The Beast
Hype The Beast Month ago
Bruh she doesn't even use Linux... i'm very disappointed
The Modern Rogue
Of course she uses Linux, silly.
not known
not known Month ago
I just unchecked my automatically connect to known networks setting.
1203927 2 months ago
“How many things did you infiltrate?” *”Everything.”*
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