Stealing Data Over Open WiFi

The Modern Rogue
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The data goes... through, the pineapple? *zooms in super-tight on face* *then zooms in super-tight on an actual pineapple* [whispers through squinted eyes] ...through the pineapple.
Interview with Shannon ($10+ patrons):
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Additional Information
The WiFi Pineapple is sold on Hak5's store
How a Wi-Fi Pineapple Can Steal Your Data (And How to Protect Yourself From It)
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"Spacesuits" by Kupla
"Grandiose Soul" by Masked Man
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This episode was made with the help of:
Brian Brushwood - host -- twitter.com/shwood
Jason Murphy - host -- instagram.com/captainmurphy
Brandt Hughes - camera operator / editor -- twitter.com/gatowag - instagram.com/gatowag
Bryce Castillo - camera operator / live audio engineer -- twitter.com/brycas
Shannon Morse - guest -- twitter.com/snubs




8 фев 2019

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The Modern Rogue
The Modern Rogue 14 дней назад
It’s that time of year again: Mystery Box Jackpot season! Here's how it works: Our job is to make you feel like you absolutely won the jackpot when you open your Mystery Box. Each and every Mystery Box Jackpot always has more value in it than what you paid for it. 100% of the time. And if you’re not happy? 100% satisfaction guarantee! Wanna snag one before they’re all gone? www.scamstuff.com/products/mystery-box-99 We’re giving away a Mystery Box Jackpot ($99 value) to TWO winners of our weekly free giveaway at gimme.scamstuff.com (no purchase necessary, giveaway ends 2/14/2019) Congrats to the winners of last week’s Cutaway Handcuffs giveaway: Laurent Holin, David Guy, and Kristina Zavala (we will contact you via email within the next two weeks)
Clyd 10 дней назад
Why did you take down the fpe of this?
Setro 13 дней назад
really wish one of my favorite channels didn't do this too but at least it's not directed toward children
Charlie Cohen
Charlie Cohen 14 дней назад
Hi if you read this I think you should do a video on 3d printed guns it would be so cool
Paracosmonaut 14 дней назад
Ask yourself. WWWDD, if he was a Rogue? Your concept is inspiring.
Paracosmonaut 14 дней назад
I'd like to present an Epic Rogue Quest Concept to you. A Next Level Reality Show Concept to make the outdated model obsolete. I'll buy the beer for a virtual presentation.
Dark King
Dark King 6 часов назад
I don’t mind people knowing which sites I visit while I’m out not like I’m gonna login to my bank account but the thing that I would really hate for other people to have are my personal photos. I guess this thing can’t steal those?
Dead End
Dead End 3 часа назад
If you use https you'll be fine.
Garrett H.
Garrett H. 18 часов назад
NordVPN of course
Peter Hansen
Peter Hansen День назад
Doesn't work, if you connect using certificates, but most people don't use those. It is taking advantage of the fact that most people want convenience, not security
Caleb Forster
Caleb Forster 2 дня назад
You guys should have a podcast
The Modern Rogue
The Modern Rogue День назад
Dennis Dueck
Dennis Dueck 2 дня назад
14:04 when did this change I know for sure that just not to long ago that you could leave a known pw protect wifi with and "evil AP" with no pw but same SSID and it would connect/could get the pw threw an uncompleted 3 way hand shake and script it to auto update it's pw
Keith nunya
Keith nunya 3 дня назад
There is some hotness under those big nerd glasses and that flannel shirt
Bob Rossy Boi
Bob Rossy Boi 3 дня назад
I can’t believe pineapples steal our data. I need to eat mine fast.
Lukas T
Lukas T 4 дня назад
Now, if you are on ecrytped websites only and have the VPN active and stuff, is it saver than mobile data? I feel like the cell phone provider can easily get my data I sent via their provided network?
Dead End
Dead End 3 часа назад
If you tunnel your stuff it shouldnt matter
Virolaxion 4 дня назад
Dust Brothers... legends
Alex N
Alex N 4 дня назад
somebody still does not use https everywhere?
Joey Pereira
Joey Pereira 5 дней назад
5:22 ****Wink****
Logan Speight
Logan Speight 5 дней назад
She looks like a stereotypical video game hacker. Rainbow hair, a million laptop stickers, and a flannel over top of a somewhat nerdy tshirt
BIGDRILL 6 дней назад
The thing with VPN's is that you are merely shifting your traffic into another location. The VPN owner could still be tapping into all of your unencrypted HTTP- and DNS-requests. *Here's a few useful tricks to keep you reasonably safe on the internet* - Don't connect to open or public wifi unless you really have to. If an attacker gains physical access to the (legit) wifi access point that is hosting your signal, then they can read all of your unencrypted internet traffic. - Use Two-factor authentication and a password manager with a strong master password. It does not have to be cryptic, something like "MyFavouriteMovieIsSomethingAndMyCatIsOld" works just as good. Just make sure it's something that can't be "social engineered", i.e., extracted from your social media / internet presence through guesswork and investigation. - Use a DNS-provider that supports DoH (DNS over HTTPS), e.g. Quad9 ( or Cloudflare ( This is important because whoever hosts your internet can still see your request metadata (what & when) if you are not careful about this. - Ask or force your web browser to always request everything via HTTPS. The websites that don't support HTTPS should be avoided like the plague. - Use a privacy-focused web browser if you are genuinely concerned about your privacy. Websites can still identify you using a technique called "browser fingerprinting". This means that any website that really wants to identify you can do that if you are using a "generous" web browser like Google Chrome, even if you are using "incognito mode", a VPN and HTTPS. Use amiunique.org/ to see if your browser fingerprint is identifiable. - Use a VPN that respects your privacy and does not sell your traffic logs. Try to look for a VPN that has had its codebase vetted by a reputable cybersecurity company. Remember, they can also access your unencrypted internet traffic.
crusher194 7 дней назад
I was kinda hoping for an actual pineapple
Kats 8 дней назад
It should be known that the vast majority of websites nowadays utilize HTTPS which added a layer of RSA encryption onto the standard HTTP protocol. RSA is an encryption scheme explicitly designed to prevent man-in-the-middle attacks from seeing the data you send and receive. It can still see the basic HTTP request to the website, but it won't be able to see any of the content, neither web pages or login credentials.
stir fry Cantonese noodle special part 2
This is quite an ineffective way, just run Kali Linux n run a lil wireshark sniffer between your router, n even encrypted sites aren't that safe
Marshie420 9 дней назад
you guys should do a video on getting high on benadryl, it's insane
MCMH2000 9 дней назад
Sweeeeeet... Hak5 on modern rogue...
Trevor 10 дней назад
Wow you can see cookies for shit that's not https. Too bad everything is https. Literally nothing to be worried about.
Varlshunger 10 дней назад
You guys should make a video about images meta data. Using images meta data you can determine exactly where someone took there last selfy via the GPS saved into the image file when it was taken and also the direction it was taken in, as well as the time and date of course. Theres methods to remove them and I think all this information about this security hole is useful for everyone to know. Also there's a great story about the US military and uploading images of there new war planes going wrong because of image meta data.
Marshall Kell
Marshall Kell 10 дней назад
this is why I always turn wifi off unless I'm home, lmao. I knew my paranoia would come in handy one day.
zer0c00l 10 дней назад
Why did I just find this channel?
Jason Murphy
Jason Murphy 10 дней назад
Branom Braydon
Branom Braydon 10 дней назад
This channel is a godly creation. Great music in the background, two great dudes doing stupid shit... Yeah, basically any guy's wet dream
Lutsch My Yarrak
Lutsch My Yarrak 10 дней назад
Random and stupid question, where would I get it? XD
Dylan Evans
Dylan Evans 10 дней назад
Marvel Lover
Marvel Lover 10 дней назад
You should have a monthly magazine that people can subscribe to like hot rod, I know you have the daily articles but I would love to have a modern rogue magazine to sit and read in random places
diggtech 10 дней назад
The following phrase is for Jason. All stress is self-induced, it's in your mind, you don't need it, lay it down. Panic is contagious, but so is calm, stay calm, do your work. Slow is smooth, smooth is smart, smart is straight, straight is deadly.
Turk Sandwich
Turk Sandwich 10 дней назад
dustbrothers.com is pretty funny. I haven't seen a website like that in a while.
ุุ ุ
ุุ ุ 10 дней назад
Nathan Huisman
Nathan Huisman 11 дней назад
Nathan Huisman
Nathan Huisman 11 дней назад
my favorite attack is ARP-spoofing
humphrey707 11 дней назад
So basically you can do like that one thing done i black mirror with the black mailing
GameMR 11 дней назад
"This video is sponsered by Nord VPN"
Underwood Industries
Underwood Industries 11 дней назад
You did an episode on cigars, do one on pipe
Macho Sancho
Macho Sancho 11 дней назад
Hey, wtf happen to the modern rogue world headquarters? I was pretty stoked about that.
Brandt Hughes
Brandt Hughes 11 дней назад
We've been shooting at HQ for months. ... this video that you commented on is at HQ.
Acid Beard
Acid Beard 11 дней назад
5:35 the ip is right there no blurring
crackrocks75 11 дней назад
im really glad i stumbled upon this channel, i subbed when you only had 2 to 3 videos on your channel. each month i wait in excitement for another episode lol
Darksamich 11
Darksamich 11 12 дней назад
I love all her anime stickers on the laptop. I’m not brave enough to publicly display deep down I’m a filthy weeb.
Luis Erb
Luis Erb 12 дней назад
" it is, what it needs to be"
idiotproof90 12 дней назад
Stealing is a sin. So are sexual jokes, lust, and pornography
Pro Games
Pro Games 12 дней назад
Honestly thanks for making this shit easier will make my job a lot better, have to get my hands on some of this equipment
Connor linchet
Connor linchet 12 дней назад
"for your fire starter vids idea" *plant food packets(like the ones you get when you buy flowers from a store) and antifreeze* its a thing and iv seen it done and holy crap i was amazed
John Smith
John Smith 12 дней назад
I remember how shocked I was when I first saw a movie advertised and the ad included a website that was just about that one movie. I wish I could remember what movie it was, but I was blown away and part of me could not believe in something SO cool and big being done for just one movie.
Nathan Jones
Nathan Jones 12 дней назад
Is it weird to have a little bit of a youtube crush on Shannon Morse? It's probably weird
Kurrency 12 дней назад
that girl loves stickers.
Anthony Wyse
Anthony Wyse 12 дней назад
So for those not educated in IT. If you use a free WiFi make sure you use a trusted VPN. I'm sure it's been commented but just putting it out there again. Also you pretty much should never use an open WiFi if you can help it. Use your phone or get a hotspot for remote work especially.
Trace Vendetta
Trace Vendetta 12 дней назад
I just wanted to say the editing of the video is so impressive!!
Koty Wilkinson
Koty Wilkinson 12 дней назад
I love hak5
Peter Murphy
Peter Murphy 12 дней назад
I'm fairly sure Brian was singing Aristocats - Scales and Arpeggios at the beginning
TheLiasas 12 дней назад
that smile is so hot
DasVERMiT 12 дней назад
6:14 - I have a pen... I have pineapple... UH... *PineapplePen!*
Luke Turner
Luke Turner 12 дней назад
I'm guessing Tor vs a Pineapple is also effective protection
Willisthehy 12 дней назад
You guys should make a ultimate modern rogue course, where you put all your modern rogue knowledge to the test. Like you have to find dead drops, take down people with martial arts and nunchucks, get ride of the meat of the thing they stacked in rye, parkour, set and find bugs, find and place hidden cameras, try to solve a crime, all the things that you have ever covered in modern rogue just in a course
RedFoxStudios 12 дней назад
Penetration testing ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Wizball 12 дней назад
ayyy so cool that snubs came on the show!
Parker Defender of Awesome
Parker Defender of Awesome 12 дней назад
I love that Mr. Robot sticker you have Brian
KEEPMOVN 12 дней назад
Imagine if julius cesar or genghis khan knew about this. O lord help us all
NochSoEinKaddiFan 12 дней назад
She looks so happy, I think she loves her job :D I like her! And it is a good think to refresh the fact that these risks are out there and pretty easy to set up once you know the basics.
Charles Sloat
Charles Sloat 12 дней назад
this episode made me paranoid. never gonna use wifi without vpns ever again.
Jason Murphy
Jason Murphy 12 дней назад
It's pretty alarming, right?
HALAVLUV 13 дней назад
9:11 "Oh! Those are certificates from the site you're in" some time later "Oh! That site was secure! Who could've known?"
Keksm28 13 дней назад
I was just listening to 8D audio and regular audio sounds weird now
Totally Someone
Totally Someone 13 дней назад
Everytime she smiles while talking about this makes me feel less safe and more scared
Raven 13 дней назад
Someone comes bursting through the door "im here for the starbucks"
Tom Kord
Tom Kord 13 дней назад
14:35 TIL the 'M' in MKULTRA stands for Murphy.
Tom Kord
Tom Kord 12 дней назад
+Jason Murphy Cheers. It was that or 'Murphchurian Candidate.'
Jason Murphy
Jason Murphy 13 дней назад
Heh. I like that.
Arainn Daley
Arainn Daley 13 дней назад
Are you guys planning any more stuff with anthony? I feel like it would be appropriate for a modern rogue to fight with a saber, or rapier.
Jason Murphy
Jason Murphy 13 дней назад
We're shooting something next month!
Alex Unofficial
Alex Unofficial 13 дней назад
I’m sorry, but I just screamed when Brian made that NCIS reference.
deathstramy 13 дней назад
The google
Joel Ottwell
Joel Ottwell 13 дней назад
Just thought id say it, but the modern rogue is the of the few things that brings REAL joy into my life
D H 13 дней назад
First minutes of the video im wondering why 2 creeps & 1 are in a basement with exposed insulation
nevin herren
nevin herren 13 дней назад
Should have looked up zombocom.
CreanJinSung 13 дней назад
WiFi now sounds delicious.
Mr. magic man
Mr. magic man 13 дней назад
The other day I found a USB on the side of the streat. If I didn't see the last episode, I would've plugged it in, thanks Modern Rouge!
FuriousDragonGamer 13 дней назад
I like the loading circle for the comments! Thank you!
Louis Wouters
Louis Wouters 13 дней назад
Thumbs uo for the Zelda shirt
Some Amateur
Some Amateur 13 дней назад
mayhem.net is linked to the dust brothers website. It's old. It's noisy. It's creepy. It's awesome!
C_Mike 13 дней назад
I haven't had a VPN subscription in about 3 years, and have never really considered paying for one again. And of course I know the dangers of unsecured hotspots, but this has made me realise even 'known' and 'safe' open hotspots, there's just as much risk. so I've gone and bought a NordVPN subscription
its420everydayhere 11 дней назад
You can also quite easily setup your own home VPN using a linux machine and forwarding the correct port on your gateway. A plus of this is if you have a home media server you can access this from anywhere with decent speed and security.
Silver Wolf
Silver Wolf 13 дней назад
DeludoSui 13 дней назад
Sadly those vpn's are doing exactly what this is doing. ;) Have fun. Also a vpn does not keep you safe at all.
『 b e r n a b o 』
『 b e r n a b o 』 13 дней назад
1:28 The pineapple (Ananas comosus) is a tropical plant with an edible multiple fruit consisting of coalesced berries, also called pineapples, and the most economically significant plant in the family Bromeliaceae.
Phil McGroin
Phil McGroin 13 дней назад
βιτχ 13 дней назад
Hacker lady is into Brian.
Nathan Scott
Nathan Scott 13 дней назад
I'm taking a security class right now, and this channel has given me so many good ideas for projects.
reggiep75 13 дней назад
14:28 - Jason goes Unabomber tier 3.
Zealous Heroes
Zealous Heroes 13 дней назад
Ayyyyyye, I remember Hacking The System.
ME TA DA AT 13 дней назад
Not that VPNs aren't useful, but if he had switched to LTE without the VPN she couldn't have seen it either, right?
6th Chance
6th Chance 13 дней назад
Yeah, I'm gonna need you all to triple the amount of videos per week you are putting out. So.... 3. 3 a week.
Jason Murphy
Jason Murphy 13 дней назад
6th Chance Working On it!
c0ntagionCS 13 дней назад
Would a DNS protect you from this?
Cesar Pena
Cesar Pena 13 дней назад
How can you hack in someones Wi-Fi
Cristian Crosse
Cristian Crosse 13 дней назад
13:49 the past searches killed me. I’d like to think that when he looked up Jason Murphy screaming, he couldn’t find it so he then looked up Jason screaming gif modern rogue. 😂😂
pp shooter 69 AKA Communist Dog
pp shooter 69 AKA Communist Dog 13 дней назад
Only clicked on video for *BIG PINEAPPLE*
Jacob Rodriguez
Jacob Rodriguez 13 дней назад
Before people light up and go buy one of these pineapples trying to hack someone, it can only see as much as wire shark can basically. If you don't know what I'm referring to, then I'm basically saying it can only see information fly by on non https websites which are near non existent any more. You can see encrypted packets of information from https websites and that's pretty much it. If you expect to be stealing pictures or passwords flying over the web, don't even begin to think for a second that its as easy as they're making it out to be. Do a bit of an experiment yourself. Go to common websites you see and check for that lock at the top left of your browser. If you can see one then the website is invulnerable to this attack. In fact, this attack is the same as being connected to the open wifi at starbys, and using the free program wireshark to look at packets. And good luck trying to find something useful by the way.
Dev15tat0r 13 дней назад
I googled hotspot honey pot man in the middle and nothing of the adult nature came up
freedom has a cost -USA
freedom has a cost -USA 13 дней назад
What happened to hacking the system
IronicHoneyBadger 13 дней назад
the wifi pineapple was my favorite system on hacking the system too! It's what got me into watching Brian and Jason, it's also what got me into magic tricks, and of course the modern rogue! love this episode!
Tri Monster
Tri Monster 13 дней назад
13:48 Are we just gonna ignore Brian's search history?
IOUT 9 дней назад
+TheAttacker732 fun fact, the word "Whelmed" actually means the exact same thing as "overwhelmed", that is, "to be engulfed, submerged, or drowned"
TheAttacker732 9 дней назад
+stockart whiteman Well, the wide great gulf between underwhelmed and overwhelmed would be simply 'whelmed'. And I landed pretty much between the two, leaving me whelmed.
stockart whiteman
stockart whiteman 10 дней назад
+TheAttacker732 did you just say whelmed? Nobody is ever just "whelmed"
Some Rock
Some Rock 11 дней назад
"grilled cheese" What a sicko
Emil Hallgren
Emil Hallgren 14 дней назад
Hacking "password protected" wi-fi is so easy these days that the only real difference in if you're using WEP or WPA is how long it's going to take. XD
B R 14 дней назад
I like vpn but its too slow. I just stay on mobile data in public places
Daniel Kelly
Daniel Kelly 14 дней назад
is this legal? ah what am i saying, of course it isn't!
Doktor Vem
Doktor Vem 14 дней назад
Why must all these cool/horrifying things always have the weirdest, silliest names such as "pineapple"...
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