Steal This $100,000 Diamond, You Keep It

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Do you think you could have done all the levels?
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Nov 28, 2020




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Comments 100
MrBeast 4 months ago
Do you think you could have done all the levels?
The Dumb Strucid Boi
kind of
KiTsm0_ Løber
KiTsm0_ Løber 18 days ago
no i would probably lose all my hearts on the first level 🥲
Nataline Nyarko
Nataline Nyarko 18 days ago
Azeut 18 days ago
_THE_BEAST_OP_ 18 days ago
stefan kriss
stefan kriss 3 minutes ago
I'm from UK🇬🇧 I and my colleagues gave him and it has been good returns of our investment. Thanks Dave Javens 🇱🇷
Sammy three
Sammy three 4 minutes ago
I've got 12th winning thanks to Mr Dave Javens he's really the best , I have made €16,400 in 18 days working with him.
Julian stefan
Julian stefan 6 minutes ago
How can I get in touch with Dave Javens?
wesley Adrian
wesley Adrian 7 minutes ago
I've worked with 4 traders in the past but None of them is as efficient as he is , his trading strategies are awesome. He is really amazing with an amazing skills he change my 0.3btc to 2.1btc.
oliver trey
oliver trey 7 minutes ago
Dave Javens has been managing my trade for months and I keep making profit every week, made $9,130 last week.
frank simon
frank simon 9 minutes ago
I got sir Dave Javens info, how good is he?
MrBaast 7 minutes ago
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Stella aurora
Stella aurora 11 minutes ago
Trading on your own is very risky,I've lost alot trading for myself. I Lost €1200 carelessy trading on a platform then I was referred to Dave Javens, he recoverd the loss and made an extra profit of €4600
Gallagher Alicia
Gallagher Alicia 17 minutes ago
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MrBaast 7 minutes ago
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Narbs 26 minutes ago
Nolan did hit the laser on the trampoline one
MrBaast 7 minutes ago
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hybrid 53 minutes ago
I wish I had Mr beast as a friend
MrBaast 6 minutes ago
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Paul Adkins
Paul Adkins Hour ago
Is ez for me!
MrBaast 6 minutes ago
Thanks for your comment, for any assistants, Kindly message + 1 3 > 2 > 3 > 4 > 0 > 5 > 8 > 7 > 5 > 1 on w>h>a>t>s>a>p>p
Paul Adkins
Paul Adkins Hour ago
climaxters 09
climaxters 09 Hour ago
Hi, Im from the Pilippines, and I love watching your videos.
Dyou Seeme
Dyou Seeme Hour ago
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lazarlazar martinez
Night Roku
Night Roku Hour ago
james brent
james brent Hour ago
chandler win it at 4:43 nolan hit it on stage 6
Jåir Sånčhéz
Me sees and insect 8:10
Betsy Garcia
Betsy Garcia 2 hours ago
Chandler I love you, you are the real winner!!!! :(!!!
MrBaast 6 minutes ago
Thanks for your comment, for any assistants, Kindly message + 1 3 > 2 > 3 > 4 > 0 > 5 > 8 > 7 > 5 > 1 on w>h>a>t>s>a>p>p
Betsy Garcia
Betsy Garcia 2 hours ago
Because I love chandler and because he is the respectful winner of this game, I'm telling you he should have won. Can't believe you guys missed this! Nolans knee touched a laser on the trampoline round so if you guys would have caught that he would've been eliminated on the round he sprinted for the 10k making chandler the winner. Thank you, the end.
Codi Calunsag
Codi Calunsag 2 hours ago
4:39 Nolan actually hit the lazer on his foot. Chandler would’ve won!
Bug eater 9000
Bug eater 9000 2 hours ago
At 4:44 Nolan actually hits the laser
Betsy Garcia
Betsy Garcia 2 hours ago
Just saying, Nolan hit a laser and you missed it!
rogue octo
rogue octo 2 hours ago
nolan must have been a thief.
Manie Gurbrough
Manie Gurbrough 2 hours ago
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Ghh Xvv
Ghh Xvv 2 hours ago
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Wyatt Sthilaire
Wyatt Sthilaire 2 hours ago
My emerald is worth millions baby
Jack man
Jack man 2 hours ago
Nolan lost a life lol
Jack man
Jack man 2 hours ago
Look at the laser in the far back
Jack man
Jack man 2 hours ago
At 4:41
Galaxy pretzels
Galaxy pretzels 3 hours ago
Nolan hit a laser on the trampoline stage
bethan pooty
bethan pooty 3 hours ago
That earape u. The middle tho
Beth Lee
Beth Lee 3 hours ago
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Ruth Gomez
Ruth Gomez 3 hours ago
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Zain 4 hours ago
This just proves that the most secure security system in the world can be beaten by complete apes
baconson wheeler
baconson wheeler 4 hours ago
Nolan hit is at 4:44 you can see his leg go through the one on the right.
Unwillable -
Unwillable - 4 hours ago
Krissy Wilkinson
Krissy Wilkinson 5 hours ago
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Gilch Presons
Gilch Presons 5 hours ago
Erin Lassanske
Erin Lassanske 5 hours ago
On stage six Nolan hit a laser
nines 9999
nines 9999 5 hours ago
63 milion people
Klein Fredrickson
Klein Fredrickson 5 hours ago
00:45 "karl infront of 20 million people" me checking the views:MAN THAT IS 3 TIMES THE AMOUT OF PEOPLE
Smashy _road_2
Smashy _road_2 5 hours ago
Hector Sus Pernett
Hector Sus Pernett 5 hours ago
9:57 was play of the game right there
Sofia Uzumaki
Sofia Uzumaki 5 hours ago
Nooooooo Nolan won but good job Nolan i wanted Chandler or Chris or Karl
Garu San
Garu San 5 hours ago
Bro they touched lazers so many times that didn't register XD
HORROR ROBOT 5 hours ago
chir look 4:13
Dxmage 6 hours ago
Mrbeast you know this dangerous
Ozzy 5 hours ago
it isnt lol
Dxmage 6 hours ago
Derek Maota
Derek Maota 6 hours ago
they 4 heart's because they have a heart inside there body and the paper heart's
Yousef Ezz
Yousef Ezz 6 hours ago
Fanta Forces
Fanta Forces 6 hours ago
Sure I’m good at it
Judith Colon
Judith Colon 6 hours ago
crisis butt hit the laser
Landon Poser
Landon Poser 6 hours ago
My name is Landon and when you looked at the camera and said “I’m also gonna let Landon decide” I got freaked out
Paula Rosales
Paula Rosales 7 hours ago
Did Jimmy say Landon instead of Lannan? Or was I hearing things
Brendan Johnson
Brendan Johnson 7 hours ago
4:12 WOAH
Ahmed GamingTV
Ahmed GamingTV 7 hours ago
Game gang 305
Game gang 305 7 hours ago
Carol Dang
Carol Dang 7 hours ago
And stage 10 is so easy
Jesterinovic 7 hours ago
4:43 nolan hit one.
Jesterinovic 29 minutes ago
@Ozzy see the bottom one.
Ozzy 5 hours ago
brady cobbs
brady cobbs 8 hours ago
just hope you know nolon cheated
StudioGame 8 hours ago
P probably could do that trampoline one
Ghxst Boy
Ghxst Boy 8 hours ago
Don’t look that advance to me
Ahmadturky Ahmadturky
Josh Mueller
Josh Mueller 8 hours ago
Mr beast your a straight up Beast.!!!
Cookies Adoptme
Cookies Adoptme 8 hours ago
Is it just me or did I see people Stepping on lasers but it was just a trick of my eye or just me
Lego Builder
Lego Builder 8 hours ago
On first stage only in front of 20 million people me that’s 60 million people jimmy
Ebba Rappenecker
Ebba Rappenecker 9 hours ago
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Leonna Mayes
Leonna Mayes 9 hours ago
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Jack McCloud
Jack McCloud 9 hours ago
How 2 Draw Dinosaurs
Baby Fazi
Baby Fazi 9 hours ago
Lol they're minecraft avaters
ceci espitia
ceci espitia 9 hours ago
4:21 bad camera mic lol
Miles Eggleston
Miles Eggleston 9 hours ago
Marin Galić
Marin Galić 9 hours ago
9:55 moment of year.
Alex Forster
Alex Forster 9 hours ago
EH Dudet
EH Dudet 10 hours ago
Nolan hit the laser on stage 6. Look at the replay in slow motion 4:44
Amiyah M
Amiyah M 10 hours ago
Dede Mattera
Dede Mattera 10 hours ago
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Kidd Love Blessed
Kidd Love Blessed 10 hours ago
Rory Johns
Rory Johns 10 hours ago
Hi mrbeaet
Joshua18 Figone
Joshua18 Figone 11 hours ago
13:50 Oh no..
Virtua YTP
Virtua YTP 11 hours ago
Notice Jimmy calls LazarBeam "Landon" instead of Lannon.
bread cat
bread cat 11 hours ago
Chan chan I believe you and Jimmy are my favorite people there
Hadyn Traynor
Hadyn Traynor 11 hours ago
10:51 Karl?
popcorn guy
popcorn guy 11 hours ago
4:42 did anyone else see that nolan hit one? or is it just me
Lek Han
Lek Han 11 hours ago
Nolan hit the lower laser @4:43
Krozapl Gaming
Krozapl Gaming 11 hours ago
every one tuched a laser on first level xd
Ninjaboygg1 11 hours ago
Nolan touched a lazer but you guys didnt notice
wolfik a
wolfik a 11 hours ago
I see Nolan hit’ s laser with his leg on level with trampolines. Look on it 4:43 .
mohi3012 12 hours ago
13:16 Chandler Lol
matin jalali
matin jalali 12 hours ago
Chandler found the hidden diamond ......
SPEEDER X 12 hours ago
Nolan touched a lazer with his knee when he jumped through the lazers
Herbert Sanders
Herbert Sanders 12 hours ago
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Aytrze 12 hours ago
4:44 Nolan hit it...
Andria Okruashvili
Andria Okruashvili 13 hours ago
Karl hahaha
First name Last name
4:38 play in slow motion
Maiden 13 hours ago
4:39 you can see the laser get brighter on his leg, from his knee all the way to his shoe. 4:42 you can see the same laser from the other angle vanish and then appear.
Paul Verney
Paul Verney 14 hours ago
Every day you make me feel good
Kylan bronkhorst
Kylan bronkhorst 14 hours ago
4:43 you can see Nolan hit the laser.
John Lemon
John Lemon 14 hours ago
“GNEE CAP” said by chandler