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World of Tanks (WoT) STB-1 PC Gameplay Replay. STB-1 Tier 10 Japanese medium tank.
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Map: Himmelsdorf
Damage: 9298
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PC Specs:
Chassis: Thermaltake Core V51
Motherboard: Asus MAXIMUS VIII HERO
Graphics Card: ASUS ROG STRIX GTX 1080 TI 11GB OC Edition
Processor: Intel Core i7 6700K 4.8 GHz (OC)
Liquid-Cooling: Corsair Hydro Series H115i Extreme Performance Liquid CPU Cooler
Memory: GSKILL 32GB (4x8GB) RipjawsV DDR4 3000 MHz Dual Kit Ram
PSU: Corsair RM1000 - 1000 Watt 80 PLUS Gold
Primary HDD: Samsung 850 Evo 500GB SSD
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Jul 7, 2019




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Comments 45
ItsJustSiemen 4 months ago
How to get this tank
Tartışmasız tartışmacı
b-c like a bitch or real bitch. why cap idiot b-c
Rndzrndz 6 months ago
That BC is the reason i quitted WOT.
ezz 6 months ago
Clicker with idiots team like bc, gj. I have alot ebic game in this map
Price Ostia
Price Ostia 6 months ago
Great shot. Why are all annoying friendly gets ammorack in this game?
manos vrentzos
manos vrentzos 6 months ago
bc top ibiot......good game man and lucky
Nguyễn Hữu Đức Thịnh
Noob batchat ap
egor men
egor men 6 months ago
You're playing a Japanese tier X medium and at the start of the game is says that you can press x to switch into siege mode.... what? That is only available for swedish tanks
Querschläger_WoT 6 months ago
Stb got the same suspension mode than the Swedish medium tanks
Patryk Cur
Patryk Cur 6 months ago
Historically STB-1 had hydraulics in suspension, like swedish tanks
LIL SAS S.A 6 months ago
7:19 ksksksksks
Samuel Carr
Samuel Carr 6 months ago
This was biutiful. Amazing game
周惠莉 6 months ago
doster84 6 months ago
That bc at the end was so so tomatoe... xD
j 6 months ago
OK, I guess this guy can join my clan. LOL.
彦根にゃんこ 6 months ago
The ultimate tanker that overwhelms the heavy tank with the medium tank! ! !
ELECTRIKCALM 6 months ago
200 ping nice mate !!
dave genereux
dave genereux 6 months ago
nice shooting, well done Roll Out :D
inko50 6 months ago
possibly, the best replay that i could have ever seen
Mohammed Moumene
Mohammed Moumene 6 months ago
Then u havent seen much.
Dominik Wiśniewski
Dominik Wiśniewski 6 months ago
Check out ping
Tapecutter59 5 months ago
Probably an Aussie playing N/A server, my ping averages 250. 200 is about as good as it ever gets.
Niko X
Niko X 6 months ago
R J 6 months ago
Man I never block that much in my stb
Scrat335 6 months ago
Just this friday I was in a fight like that. IS-7 (me) a Patriot and an Even 90 against a shit barn, Object 704, Centurion AX and 2 pieces of arty maybe another one too. East road on Glacier. I have no idea just how it went down but by some miracle I killed both the sb and the 704 in a point blank fight. I blocked 6400 damage. Patriot got the AX but arty got him and the E-90. I was stunned the whole time I bet. Lost the match because the other team capped out and I just couldn't get back in time. :( I only had something like 30 hp left too.
MS.EJECUTOR 6 months ago
ya me intereso esa linea japonesa
marasenha 6 months ago
Well played and only standard ammo, until he run out. This batchat on the end though... full hp, he should charge immediately and load full magazine. But fortunately he was retard.
Berke Yılmaz
Berke Yılmaz 6 months ago
Wtf last bc is best player in the world how he lost ?!?!??
Loi Yong Sheng
Loi Yong Sheng 2 months ago
Because he is human, and humans make mistakes
Ossuum 6 months ago
Looked like he wanted to bet on higher HP and volume of fire in a straight traide rather than risk running, realized he can't reliably pen side armor from that angle and then was at a loss what to do next. As for the decision to stick with the cap, can't blame them, it was off just by a second, plus STB feinted earlier to make it look he was taking a longer route than he did in the end.
Ranadeep Kundu
Ranadeep Kundu 6 months ago
This man knows his job in battlefield.
Garry Fam
Garry Fam 6 months ago
this tank have seige mode ?
Garry Fam
Garry Fam 6 months ago
@justice caravella wow thanks reply, that dpm I like it. Looks good on tracking continuous
justice caravella
justice caravella 6 months ago
Garry Fam ya new buff. The tank was crap with out it
Seb sumvol
Seb sumvol 6 months ago
bc full hp lol
gagi munze
gagi munze 6 months ago
buffet stb1 , with old stb1 no
M Tavner
M Tavner 6 months ago
Great game!! Well played.
Fieser Kackvogel
Fieser Kackvogel 6 months ago
Man what a Epic player love it. no usless gold spam
Burak Tosun
Burak Tosun 6 months ago
Thanks for replay dude
Karlo Vrcan
Karlo Vrcan 6 months ago
Obviously rhis guy knows what runs this tank, gr8 strat
Ice Tea
Ice Tea 6 months ago
I sent you replay,You didn't check it out bro..
Ice Tea
Ice Tea 6 months ago
@John Perez oh..okay :)
John Perez
John Perez 6 months ago
I think they get like 100 plus replays like almost every week but maybe we'll see your replay next time tell me if they do
Drek Trek
Drek Trek 6 months ago
second comment😂 😂😅😂
Roth David
Roth David 6 months ago
Which mod do you use?
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