'Stay at home this bank holiday weekend' | Coronavirus

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The Envrionment Secretary George Eustice has said in spite of the sunny bank holiday, it is vitally important to abide by the current restrictions and stay at home.
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He also has announced a 16 million pound fund to support frontline food charities.
He is joined by Medical Director of NHS England Professor Stephen Powis.
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May 8, 2020




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Comments 80
EF Month ago
All the prats congregating on a beach because it's "bank holiday". You're not at work anyway you muppets. Why is "bank holiday " so special? Lol, prats....on the flip side, you can't force a whole population to "stay home", you can only request it, in which case the request, wish or urge can be lawfully rejected.
Onder Suleyman
Onder Suleyman 2 months ago
Mery 2 months ago
Wake up world !
william Graham
william Graham 2 months ago
You might forgive the first day we could not see the charts as incompetence. A day or two of lack of priority but this is ridiculous. You wouldn't accepy this from your child's teacher. It is not difficult.
Mine J
Mine J 2 months ago
Why is daily death rate is so low in Turkey which is over 100.000 infected and people getting recovered daily over 4.000 which death rate is only between 40-60 people a day , and what they doing treatment wise why uk does not following their steps to save lives!!!!!!!!
SPAWN23 2 months ago
There is no need for this dumb lockdown and Sweden has proven this to be fact, The only thing this lockdown has proven is there are more gullible sheep than rational awake people in this country,
anthony wilson
anthony wilson 2 months ago
Not exactly inspirational.Fairytale stories covering the many major inadequacies, no strategy on testing in nursing homes,how many,? what is testing capacity for them ,? how long to test all etc. ? THEY NEED TO BUY A CALCULATOR. .. Where are test certificates for 8 year old facemasks.? Negligence comes to mind ..
Jack Stone
Jack Stone 2 months ago
Because the rest ant good it got carona in it that why but u guys ant see it why because u al in it
Jack Stone
Jack Stone 2 months ago
U all the same just rubish Thay just as evil as the rest
Jack W
Jack W 2 months ago
Stay at home please. They haven't finished screwing you over yet...
Bryan Martins
Bryan Martins 2 months ago
The Grand Master of the Great Illuminati California Lodge opened way to all who wish to join the great Illuminati. Do you want to join the Illuminati society of power and riches?
Ian Lodge
Ian Lodge 2 months ago
Those Union Jacks in the background look so wiltedand deflated, almost as if they're embarrassed to be there. Half expect them to start slinking away hoping nobody notices.
T. Eardley
T. Eardley 2 months ago
The Final Nail in the Coffin of the British Empire. BoJo the worst leader of them all....
T. Eardley
T. Eardley 2 months ago
Bobby Sands MP Died 39 years ago Lest We Forget Cruel Britannia's fascist state at its worst!
chris 1977
chris 1977 2 months ago
I'm going out and about. Been camping. Walking in the streets been out of town been socializing. I also seen police all over the UK not following the guidelines and not wearing masks or gloves and not one copper has caught this bullshit virus. Even all my friends are virus free and they have their friends and friends will have friends and then there's family and still no virus. I just don't believe it
Richard O'shea
Richard O'shea 2 months ago
No is my answer. As there are no actual laws in place that say otherwise, and how could there be as they would violate inalienable rights, if the Sun is out and I feel like going to the park then that's where I'm going. As to taking sensible precautions, sure I'll play along with that.
T. Eardley
T. Eardley 2 months ago
The greedy granny and her disgusting family hide in the highlands of Scotland...an example of avoiding plague ridden England.....When will Andrew be locked up for his crimes..? Camilla Parker Bowles is your next Queen....just a thought!
T. Eardley
T. Eardley 2 months ago
Only Tony Blair has killed more people than BoJo and he is still walking the streets...sad but true!
T. Eardley
T. Eardley 2 months ago
BoJo out of his depth..it is as simple as that!
T. Eardley
T. Eardley 2 months ago
Dodgy Dave, BoJo and Mogg the Snob Think they were born to rule...what a mess, It is sad that the English keep voting in Eton Rifles...now they are paying the price big time. When will they ever learn....?
Maria Felices
Maria Felices 2 months ago
If you run out of money and food ,to feed ur family take from super markets and charge the bill too the goverment and China 😈❤️🇬🇧
Lindsey Read
Lindsey Read 2 months ago
Pleas let me she my mummy I beg you before its to late
Carl Barron
Carl Barron 2 months ago
Italian Leader Slams 'False COVID-19 Numbers: 25K Did Not Die, it's a way to Impose a Dictatorship' @ ruvid.net/video/video-bUCWcft6kao.html
John Buffalo I am 97
china are scared of Britain and now is our moment to invade and frighten them off
KING KONG 2 months ago
Little britain
compendious succient
This lockdown is a dangerous scam
Don Jon
Don Jon 2 months ago
You know lot of idiots are not gonna stay at home but instead prefer to walk about coz they are bored no where to go types 😄 see them from my big balcony high up like a god 😄
AM1 2 months ago
He just said ‘surveillance systems for Covid’ .. more extensive than for flu. Right?? I heard it and rewinded it. WAKE UP!!!!
una o reilly
una o reilly 2 months ago
Watch dr mikovits on londonreal .very informative
Anthony Clegg
Anthony Clegg 2 months ago
When did he last use a charity.
Ramon Ascanio Alba
Ramon Ascanio Alba 2 months ago
Stay at home, lol. In our communal garden there are still 15 people laughing and drinking, not celebrating anything but having a good time. I am actually looking forward to pubs re-opening so we can have our peace and quiet back!
David Bradford
David Bradford 2 months ago
No pubs as there will be a rise in alcohol related hospital admissions "PROTECT THE NHS" .
Nanny Of Many
Nanny Of Many 2 months ago
It's sort of got stuck at the 600 deaths roughly per day. That makes it no where near over!! And the government would wish to open up the uk!! Nuts. What do they want?? To kill as many as possible to lower the number living here in the U.K.??? Lower Social Security payment?? Ridiculous! Looks like Wales has decided for itself to open up!!
MyPoint ofView
MyPoint ofView 2 months ago
There seems to be a,discrepancy between the number of people admitted to hospital with COVID-19, the number who recovered, the number of deaths from COVID-19 and total deaths. Meaning there are a lot of those who died from other causes (normal for this time of year) whose nu.bees have been deliberately tacked on to boost the number of COVID-19 deaths to make them look worse. I smell a something fishy
Carl Barron
Carl Barron 2 months ago
Italian Leader Slams 'False COVID-19 Numbers: 25K Did Not Die, it's a way to Impose a Dictatorship' @ ruvid.net/video/video-bUCWcft6kao.html
Big Bang
Big Bang 2 months ago
Would someone please tell Boris he's not Churchill.
heng gu
heng gu 2 months ago
where is boris?
해외반응 TV
해외반응 TV 2 months ago
Sending Love♥♥ & hugs🤗🤗 To the Uk 🇬🇧from China 🇨🇳🇨🇳 😘😘
briss88 2 months ago
Where is Boris?
Charlie Bridges
Charlie Bridges 2 months ago
The Marquis de Sade considered the most pernicious pleasure to be that of a man standing before a window in his house at night, looking down upon another man standing outside in the pouring rain of a storm, desperate for shelter. These daily Government briefings indulge precisely that same pleasure.
W B 2 months ago
My idol, he sure knew how to treat a lady well.
roy mcintosh
roy mcintosh 2 months ago
Just like the health advisor for Scotland and Neil Ferguson--aye right feck off!?--- Exercise Cygnus--we knew that the tory party were aware of the findings and it is sinister how they responded to the findings but it is clear now that all political parties were aware and they can only be described as perfidious evil scumbags--what I thought all along and this report just makes it clear!!!------- -The exercise included four dummy meetings of Cobra, the government’s emergency response system, over three days, as ministers and officials were tasked with imagining the UK was facing the peak of infections. A report on Exercise Cygnus was produced in July 2017 and sent to all major government departments, NHS England, and the devolved administrations of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.
Philip Mulhern
Philip Mulhern 2 months ago
Ask any doctor how many diseases are caused by viruses let alone deaths. Ask any doctor for any example of these occurrences. You'll be surprised and not pleasantly. Then go research the daily mortality figures for your country. And when you compare them to last year, well that should clear up the BS about this mild flu. House resolution 748 from the US makes interesting reading considering it was published on the 24th of January 2019. Go read that...that is if you actually have a brain along with the ability to use it to think for yourself.
T. Eardley
T. Eardley 2 months ago
VE-Day Thanks to the Soviet Union for the liberation of Europe (27.4 Million Dead) Europe is forever in your debt.
T. Eardley
T. Eardley 2 months ago
"Wilfred" it is not your fault that your dad is a dangerous clown......Lots of Luck for the future.
T. Eardley
T. Eardley 2 months ago
Apps for this Apps for that..Give the Smombies (Smart Phone Zombies) a new toy to distract them. Smart phones..The new opium of the people.
T. Eardley
T. Eardley 2 months ago
Scared to address the commons on Monday...Gutless BoJo..assisted by Rees Mogg the Snob.
Christopher Williams
Channel 4 News yesterday investigated the fact that the Government didn't even bother checking the expiry dates of all the remaining PPE and other equipment which remained on the shelves when the pandemic was declared as a national emergency
T. Eardley
T. Eardley 2 months ago
"Sunny Bank Holiday" not for the 30,000 DEAD...where do they get these insensitive fools from?
Christina Massey-Stucki
The guy asking about Brexit! 😲🤣🤣🤣O.M.G.!,
Neil Midgley
Neil Midgley 2 months ago
yes, what total knob.
T. Eardley
T. Eardley 2 months ago
Dither and Delay....30K+ DEAD and ramping up..Stop clapping and start booing and sack the CLOWN.
Sheeple are Lame
Sheeple are Lame 2 months ago
Julian Assange?
T. Eardley
T. Eardley 2 months ago
Boris The Clown Lack Of action Kills, avoid him like the plague (Wuhan Bat Soup Flu) Stay at home and protect your own.
designanddirection 2 months ago
Nobody is watching Channel 4 and their Simp SJW bullshit woke agenda.
T. Eardley
T. Eardley 2 months ago
Singapore relaxed the lock down too early and now the second wave is much worse...Stay at home and protect your own...Boris is a Dangerous Clown..don't trust him....
KING KONG 2 months ago
Mexican wave
James McGall
James McGall 2 months ago
Floppy Johnson panders to the populist press, just as well Nicola is there to keep him under control
New Sameoldfitup
New Sameoldfitup 2 months ago
Open your windows and look up to the sky.
Mery 2 months ago
T. Eardley
T. Eardley 2 months ago
Many thanks to the 27.4 Million Soviet Union soldiers who gave their lives to liberate Europe and save UK.
David Bradford
David Bradford 2 months ago
I see plenty of people doing there duty and downloaded the NHS app Over 500,000 on google play store alone. The government has reassured us that the app is safe and secure, however don't forget the App will need to take a photo of your passport.
T. Eardley
T. Eardley 2 months ago
JFK was wrong! You can fool all of the people all of the time.The people are known as English.....
The Stig
The Stig 2 months ago
Fool them into thinking what exactly?
Garfield Show
Garfield Show 2 months ago
Be sociable and don't react to questions and answers ✔
mc 74 Two
mc 74 Two 2 months ago
Man jumps off a skyscraper and coughs on the way down. Cause of death covid 19.
Rugops 2 months ago
A guy jumped off a building in my town yesterday, Paramedics declared him dead on the scene, his C.O.D was put down as Covid 19
Rashaenka 2 months ago
Do not stay home if you have nothing to eat. and please bring back the EPL.
Mrityunjay Prasad
Mrityunjay Prasad 2 months ago
Death made in China 🥊🥊
Ben Watmough
Ben Watmough 2 months ago
With help from America
T. Eardley
T. Eardley 2 months ago
Thatcher, Major, Blair, Dodgy Dave, Maybott, BoJo the Clown..A Conga Line of A-Holes....BREXIT...Rock Bottom and Drilling...
Harry Barry
Harry Barry 2 months ago
Bet you remainer idiots go out. You’re covid idiots.
Ellen Rose Gaynor
Ellen Rose Gaynor 2 months ago
Management exemplified. Thank you.
Jimmy tyson
Jimmy tyson 2 months ago
I think they really do believe their own bullshit. lawnmower head totally out of his depth.
Joanne Saltfleet
Joanne Saltfleet 2 months ago
Its the same old crud!
Rashaenka 2 months ago
Who 's the lawnmower head?
NCERT Point 2 months ago
ruvid.net/video/video-EtSAcZcclOg.html economics class 10 ncert chapter 2 with explaination.plz watch share and subscribe my channel.
T. Eardley
T. Eardley 2 months ago
Out of date PPE Cruel Britannia at its best.......
T. Eardley
T. Eardley 2 months ago
Scotland and Wales are smart not to follow the cruel uncaring incompetent English
Robrax 2 months ago
New technology ruvid.net/video/video-ubHgFgXDy3s.html
Ibraheemahmed Ahmed
Ibraheemahmed Ahmed 2 months ago
Pls do not compare Boris Johnson to sir Winston Churchill. Churchill spoke and delivered Boris spoke and failed us all
Kathleen Kendall -JacksGrandma
. Why do you really want them to stay home on such a day? Look at you up there with the virus circulating all around you without a mask. If an official “kind of like you” gets caught ANYWHERE without a mask it should be a night in the lock up. Jacks grandma in Texas -- just plain tired of all this pompous blah. Look at how everyone panicked over the measles. Every single person I know had measles, no one died. Somewhere some people did die but people die of Tylenol.
Rashaenka 2 months ago
The UK has taken the title from suffering Italy .Sad so sad .
enzo ferrari
enzo ferrari 2 months ago
T. Eardley
T. Eardley 2 months ago
Smart Phones are for Smombies with no life!!!!
Loading Gamez
Loading Gamez 2 months ago
Half of you lot can't even manage staying home.. Yet you preach at us?
T. Eardley
T. Eardley 2 months ago
Do as I say,not as I do!
T. Eardley
T. Eardley 2 months ago
Boris He is no Churchill!
Emma Brooker
Emma Brooker 2 months ago
Scotch Whisky Hunter He's Chamberlain, the appeaser.
Susan Fontaine
Susan Fontaine 2 months ago
Scotch Whisky Hunter he might not be know Churchill but remember he’s only been in job since Christmas and then he got corona was very ill then he became a father then back to work really he’s not trying to be Churchill just his job.
Zaony Richardson
Zaony Richardson 2 months ago
Churchill will be turning in his grave.
T. Eardley
T. Eardley 2 months ago
Social Distancing Send Boris to Coventry.........
Stephanie White
Stephanie White 2 months ago
Strange someone different does this every day... Surely they are'nt trying to use a smoke screen to hide ?
Stephanie White
Stephanie White 2 months ago
@Janette McCubbin Thats such a cool reply :)
Janette McCubbin
Janette McCubbin 2 months ago
Stephanie White it's just so that everyone gets a shot at scaring the public, winner gets to be new PM
Deep Thought
Deep Thought 2 months ago
How are you suppose to proctect our NHS ,when you shipped out PPE that was out of date?you knew this was wrong and went ahead away and on one believexs you have tested 100,000 let alone your new target.
SugarFree 2 months ago
Hey Deep Thought, hope you are well, used to enjoy chatting with you on Chucky, I had a different name then. All best :)
Martin O'BRIEN
Martin O'BRIEN 2 months ago
paul hoskin
paul hoskin 2 months ago
I don't care anymore
Mr Gr8guy
Mr Gr8guy 2 months ago
I can't belive the English have just sat back and let this happen.
Rugops 2 months ago
They want you not to care, to tune out and lose interest, forget about the terrible job our government is doing to handle this pandemic just ignore the laws they're putting into place don't question them at all they're for "public health", If a friend/family member starts to suggest otherwise make sure to call our "conspiracy support numbers"
Martin O'BRIEN
Martin O'BRIEN 2 months ago
Zaony Richardson
Zaony Richardson 2 months ago
But they will somehow manage to achieve manipulation to reach that number at least once before the end of the month. ??
Greenpoloboy3 2 months ago
I was here BEFORE the right title and description was added :) ^_^
Ali Irvine
Ali Irvine 2 months ago
Christ he really through the Prof under the bus with that PPE expiry dates question eh?
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