Starlight vs A-Train Final Fight Scene - The Boys 1x08 (2019)

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Jul 26, 2019




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Comments 937
Mikail Thomas
A train are you alright ?
Benson 7 days ago
0:59 GOTEM 👌
Q-TiP 3214
Q-TiP 3214 7 days ago
I really hope hughie kills A Train soon or at least I hope butcher makes him do it like in the comics
Q-TiP 3214
Q-TiP 3214 7 days ago
Why the fuck is he blaming hughie for popclaws death
Paul Hampton
Paul Hampton 15 days ago
A train deserves all the crap coming his way and I sure hope homelander gets taken out somehow
WeBe Flexin
WeBe Flexin 15 days ago
Imagine being born with superpowers just to die of heart attack like some average joe 😂 tragic!!
luke bryde
luke bryde 16 days ago
I love how there's more going on they two people fighting each other.
Rockstar *
Rockstar * 19 days ago
What a lame fight, he dies of a heart attack, lmao.
ImScaredofFame 20 days ago
A-train: *speedster* Also A-train: *dies from heart beating too fast*
Ice Cream
Ice Cream 17 days ago
It’s called a heart attack it occurs on random people
LarrySteven 20 days ago
Hell yeah! I dig re-watching these while listening to raw rockmusic like delta parole, makes me feel all excited
MrCrackerJack420 21 day ago
“I was YOUR fault!” I find it poetic that A-Train’s final moment was doubling down on what a piece of shit he truly was. Nothing was ever his fault....
Jesse Hordesky
Jesse Hordesky 21 day ago
What happened to his heart!?
Arthur Gangnon
Arthur Gangnon 22 days ago
I hope that ending was him dying. He straight up turned the other guys girlfriend into paste and just said "i cant stop". If he can dodge light bursts he can fucking avoid a girl that isnt even moving.
Jacob Dees
Jacob Dees 22 days ago
Wish it would’ve followed the comics with A Train getting his head punted off
PRchris13 22 days ago
Love how to the bitter end he didn’t acknowledge he fuk up for himself. Having a heart attack or killing someone girl But only admits he killed his loved one Maybe he only cared about love in the end but was to blind by pride to see it
Flokev FromBx
Flokev FromBx 23 days ago
Good ridance, when is it Homelander's turn to die ?
DWN KAOMWN 16 days ago
And the Deep.
Flying Rancid M00n Fish
Everyone saying they would have lost if A-Train wasn't on super steroids, A-Train wouldn't be in this situation in the first place if not for the roids. The drugs along with the super's lax code of conduct ruined his life.
Cyberbird 26 days ago
hope he doesn't come back or dies beggining of S2. Would've left him there to rot personally.
Julio Acceus
Julio Acceus 28 days ago
I honestly hate A train for having the fucking BALLS to play victim here when he started all this.
Kylo Ren
Kylo Ren Month ago
A-Train was derailed...
Chris Bowers
Chris Bowers Month ago
Superhuman Stamina but no Superhuman Endurance
Bell Reve
Bell Reve Month ago
“ you fucking kidding me “ 🤣🤣🤣
Killer Wartizz 4D
After superheroes action Good one
DETHREAPER11 Month ago
Bruh I was so worried here that he was gonna run a train on her like he did Huey's first gf
D.DoT-Z Month ago
Why didn’t he just run through her like Robin?
Brian G.
Brian G. Month ago
Not sure. Starlight does have heightened durability though.
D.DoT-Z Month ago
She fires beams of light right? How is he running faster than the speed of light?
Brian G.
Brian G. Month ago
Probably some kind of blast of plasma, like ignited gas? I dunno. If it is basically just super-powered bioluminescence tho, then yeah technically he shouldn't be able to dodge blasts of it, only the places she's aiming at.
D.DoT-Z Month ago
paperbullet1945 no but you see when he’s running the beams are moving in slo mo
paperbullet1945 Month ago
He doesn't need to outrun the beams - just avoid where her hands are pointing and dodge them that way.
Bean Month ago
She’s wearing a table cloth on her back what’s she going to do smother him
Aaron Coelho-Irani
Could've just cut the lights
Justmeandmyself 2 months ago
1:27 This is the power of The World, but since time has stopped, you can't see or feel him
Justmeandmyself Month ago
@Brian G. Yeah that's true, Even pucci was almost beaten by time stop
Brian G.
Brian G. Month ago
Kore wa Za Warudo no Noryoku! Though I imagine Dio would actually probably have quite a leg up on A-Train, since he technically moves infinitely quickly rather than just "really really" quickly.
Bigby Wolf
Bigby Wolf 2 months ago
I think in "The boys" the second strongest (First strongest is Homelander) is A-Train
Brian G.
Brian G. Month ago
@el usuario prepotente oi, spoilers for tv show only folks! Plus it's most likely gonna be quite a different storyline this time 'round, given the direction of the show's plotting.
el usuario prepotente
Bigby Wolf he is homelander clone in steroids so.... yeah
Bigby Wolf
Bigby Wolf 2 months ago
@Playboii hes like a Batman If Black Noir has powers then idk about him but if he does not then hes out of me list (Im just put him in 3rd place)
Playboii 2 months ago
Bigby Wolf what about Black Noir
Solid Snake
Solid Snake 2 months ago
Awwww A train could have easily defeated them both . Hope that in season 2 their plot armor wont be that big.
B Myles
B Myles 2 months ago
I feel bad for a train but I get why people hate him he killed Robin by accident he still killed her but he wasn't doing it out of malice but he also made a joke about and didn't remember hughie so he needs to go through some suffering but not die he is right that hughie is just as bad he may have had good intentions but he killed tranloset and unitenly killed pop claw we all know translucent was a pervert but he never forced him self on women like the deep he actually seemed like a good father to his son we can say hughie killed him to protect him self but also remember he send he enjoy killing him even though we know he was actually one the more tame or good heroes when it comes to popclaw yes A train killed her becuse he afraid of losing everything and because he knew the homelander would kill them it his fault for popclaw but hughie and the boy did use her an got rid of her when she wasn't useful for it not there job to protect her but they still did and she ended up dead because of the homelander and a train to me seems like a guy on drugs how just needs some help don't get me wrong he needs to suffer but I don't think him dieing is right unless he does some more fucked up shit then he can die but if after this he doesn't get some help and understand he started this and there both at fault he can die in the most brutal way possible
Raffael PT
Raffael PT 2 months ago
I haven't read the comics so don't come at me. But isn't Starlight technically stronger than A-Train ? bcs of the light being faster than anything?
Jack Bright
Jack Bright 2 months ago
IIRC in the comics when he tries to get uppity she just does a spherical pulse that blinds him.
Iafiv Iv
Iafiv Iv 2 months ago
A-Train must be Falcon's alternate universe asshole cousin or something.
Anthrax 2 months ago
@Iafiv Iv I’m glad I’m not the only one that noticed it
Mark Duckworth
Mark Duckworth 3 months ago
I enjoy the show but sometimes the writers don't have a good handle in the best way the heroes could use their powers. In this case Starlight should have crossed her arms and fired her beams and bring her arms across her body. That way there would be no place for A train to dodge to as the beams would closing in on him instead of going away from him. They did the same thing with Homelander and the plane. He just had to gradually slow the plane down and guide it not stop it all at once. Good show though.
Q-TiP 3214
Q-TiP 3214 3 months ago
Tbh popclaws death was all on A Train
Sayan Andrews
Sayan Andrews 3 months ago
This dude doing spin moves and jukes on the light like he playin football lmao
Sayan Andrews
Sayan Andrews 3 months ago
A train too quick wit it
TheTatermeister 3 months ago
season one is so fucking amazing lol i hope s2 is just as good
Martine Dumat
Martine Dumat 3 months ago
M 3 months ago
Goodness, the actress playing Starlight looks exactly like my twins. When I first saw this show I had to make sure one didn't sneak out to Hollywood.
PANDAmonium •
PANDAmonium • 4 months ago
He must’ve been holding in some diarrhea
Brian G.
Brian G. Month ago
oh my word. Imagine having to hold back the squirts while also needing to move at superspeed.
Bharath V
Bharath V 2 months ago
Bharath V
Bharath V 4 months ago
i though he was doing some Speedster Fart 2:10
Brian G.
Brian G. Month ago
LMAO not gonna lie that was funny XD
Furion Max
Furion Max 5 months ago
A Train is a disgrace to all speedsters.
SSc_Hamma 5 months ago
How the hell is frozone so fast now?
mierzhen 5 months ago
"You killed the only person I ever loved!" >After injecting Popclaw with a bunch of drug-filled needles, causing an acute overdose >After disintegrating Robin by running through her >It wasn't my fault, it was *YOURS* !
Rolcan Verty
Rolcan Verty 5 months ago
Everyone should be scared of speedster that can go above Mach 1
Stephanie Fay Page
Stephanie Fay Page 5 months ago
I personally think Hughie/ Annie are coolest boys ship they re like boys ship version of Romeo/ Juliet . I hope that Annie get pregnant with Hughie baby ?
Dave Dave
Dave Dave 5 months ago
After seeing these vids on a train I now say I hate his character
Xavier Pezo
Xavier Pezo 5 months ago
Am I supposed to feel sorry for a train? Because I don't
Carloswithac 5 months ago
Fuck this negro.
Teju H
Teju H 6 months ago
"And you are the jailbreaker. Are you fuking kidding me?" I dont know why I found that funny
The Chef O' Jenkins Family
“Gotta go fast!!!”💯
Darth Woodrow Wes just dropped an F in the Chat
If her eyes were glowing wouldn’t they glow through her eye lids?
Vortex Knight
Vortex Knight 5 months ago
She did survive a 50 cal sniper shot, I would assume the Supers have different skin entirely.
Patrick Bateman
Patrick Bateman 6 months ago
I was waiting for star light to clap his cheeks
Patrick Bateman
Patrick Bateman 3 months ago
@Iisnipezii 43 opinions dont exist nowadays the show is badly written
Iisnipezii 43
Iisnipezii 43 3 months ago
Patrick Bateman I like the show I plan on binge watching it but we all have the right to our opinions
Patrick Bateman
Patrick Bateman 3 months ago
@Iisnipezii 43 this show is pretty trash
Iisnipezii 43
Iisnipezii 43 3 months ago
Patrick Bateman turns out her cheeks where the ones being clapped
andika kangen
andika kangen 6 months ago
dont make any sense. hes regenerate his broken bones because of V. but got heart attack because of V.
Kade Nolty
Kade Nolty Month ago
It makes sense to me in a way, if V speeds up his healing to an absurd point, it probably sped up his heart so much that it induced a heart attack
Frank Barajas
Frank Barajas 6 months ago
I don’t get the heart attack though is it because of the compound v
Ryan Leonarczyk
Ryan Leonarczyk 6 months ago
Yes, earlier in the season you can see him in pain whenever he takes it so now the compound v finally caught up with him in the form of a heart attack
James Robson
James Robson 6 months ago
When I first watched this before the series I misheard him at 1:42 and thought he said ‘you were the only person I ever loved’ to Hughie, making the whole series rather confusing...
Inyalga Ico
Inyalga Ico 6 months ago
Moral of the Story The dependent nature of the social global icons of the term "superheros" is self destructive for many reasons... Nope its actually just dont do drugs cause reasons
Trang 6 months ago
Make them in-human, no conciousness, no emotion, no nothing. Raise them in a tank, wait till they become adult, use them like machines
Danny Wang
Danny Wang 6 months ago
I think A-Train's scene here is to further show what happens down the road when you're pumped too much with Compound V and maybe that has a part to play later.
Charlie Coke
Charlie Coke Month ago
are you referencing the homelander?
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