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Star Wars
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Every generation has a legend. Watch the brand-new teaser for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.


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Apr 12, 2019




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Alexandra McMahon
Alexandra McMahon 23 hours ago
no body really gone jar jar shows up mesa back
POPS {} 2 days ago
The background music’s name please?
Penguin Whale
Penguin Whale 2 days ago
0:57 he was slowly increasing the volume of imperial march
evan 20018
evan 20018 3 days ago
No ones ever really gone. Obi wan:Hello there
XD 4 days ago
The nostalgia, it's 2020 but I feel sad my Star Wars hype is gone because I already saw the movie so...
Aurora B
Aurora B 3 days ago
It's been almost a year since this trailer came out😭😭😭😭😢
Givary Lubis
Givary Lubis 4 days ago
Snoke : the has been an AWAKENING, leading to THE LAST JEDI, if SKYWALKER returns the new jedi will RISE again No wonder J.J Abrams and Rian Johnson choose the title The Rise Of Skywalker
DJ Ignis
DJ Ignis 6 days ago
If only it lived up to expectations...
Grbović Andrej
Grbović Andrej 5 days ago
@Mystical Snail it was alright , could've been better , but I can't say it was boring , nor poorly made
Mystical Snail
Mystical Snail 5 days ago
DJ Ignis in my opinion it did.
Sterling Malory Archer
This teaser and The Force Awaken's trailer are way much powerfull and better than the trilogy itself....
John Polk
John Polk 7 days ago
1:45 When I finally received my Master's Degree.
MrBlackSpy 7 days ago
The saga comes to an end 2030: STAR WARS EPISODE 10 A NEW REPUBLIC
scartek YT
scartek YT 6 days ago
No in 2022 it's à New triilogy comming before the clone wars I a serioux
robert gaming
robert gaming 8 days ago
Star wars VII-the last jedi Star wars IX-wait we found another jedi
Crusade man
Crusade man 8 days ago
Man when you think about it, none of the sequel characters would stand a chance against the prequel characters
Rachelle Khoo
Rachelle Khoo 9 days ago
Rachelle Khoo
Rachelle Khoo 9 days ago
0:13 i got chills
LoudAnd _Clear
LoudAnd _Clear 10 days ago
The trailer made it seem rlly good...😐
Nico Cervantes
Nico Cervantes 12 days ago
They played Leia's theme D=
christian 12 days ago
Lmao I was really curious to see how that first scene would play out. Turns out it was just a cool scene for the trailer because in the movie it didn’t make any sense just like the “plot”.
boss nass
boss nass 13 days ago
After episode 9?????💯
Jaio 369
Jaio 369 14 days ago
I can't believe the fanboys that let this happening over and over again
Splish Splash
Splish Splash 15 days ago
GamerMode Twenty-Three
A thousands generations live in you now but this is your fight
Adam Leg
Adam Leg 14 days ago
You'll take both sabers to Exegol
zicoskywalker Music & Synthesizers
Filme simplesmente espetacular
Toasty 16 days ago
deaf people: Subtitles:EMPEROR EVIL LAUGH deaf people: :O
Ssar1702 16 days ago
1:46 when everyone gets a bad day but not you
Jayramir 18
Jayramir 18 17 days ago
Opinion This movie was awesome
asyraf fakrullah
asyraf fakrullah 17 days ago
What Darth Vader!!!
Evil 17 days ago
Wait, Palpatine can't be back, because the First Order destroyed the Senate.
Fonzie Bulldog
Fonzie Bulldog 18 days ago
I was there in 1977 and i was around in this 2019 to take farewell of you Star Wars. Long has the road been. Jedi against Sith. Light against Darkness. Hope against Despair. Now you your story may rest in my mind. I thank you and say goodbye.
buckseyboy 4 days ago
Fonzie Bulldog 😢
Leo Lind
Leo Lind 18 days ago
When the trailer is better than the movie itself...
Elmer Albarino
Elmer Albarino 18 days ago
Disney: The saga ends True prequel fans: Obi-Wan A Star Wars story featuring Ewan McGregor.
MyManRajeem 18 days ago
So much hype.... Then so much disappointment
Mathias Pedersen
Mathias Pedersen 19 days ago
This movie is awesome
Bot Rip
Bot Rip 19 days ago
*"No one's ever really gone."* Comments: Hello there
I got chills when I first heard “no one is ever really gone”
Eunsook Lee
Eunsook Lee 21 day ago
What is the title of the music on this clip? I can't find it in the album.
Eunsook Lee
Eunsook Lee 20 days ago
Thank you for the information. It would be more wonderful if this piece could be included in the last OST album.
Thatgamer pro97
Thatgamer pro97 21 day ago
Leia theme
Russell Smith
Russell Smith 21 day ago
This movie was not good.
Carson Carollo
Carson Carollo 21 day ago
This movie had positives but could’ve been a masterpiece, so many missed opportunities. A disappointing film that could’ve been so much more.
2rifilms 22 days ago
mom said it's my turn on the xbox 1:47
Richard Hunt
Richard Hunt 22 days ago
Now that this movie is over ... the main actors are now all type cast lol.. good luck doing anything else
snoke 22 days ago
"No one's ever really gone" Palpatine: can I come back? Star wars: ok Admiral ask bar: can i- Star wars: lol no u stay ded
TMS2021 Camilla J
TMS2021 Camilla J 22 days ago
“Every generation has a legend” me: **coughs** Anakin
Darth_Malgus 23 days ago
Palpatine op plz nerf
Никита Play
Никита Play 23 days ago
фильм говной воняет
EASYREADER88 23 days ago
To be honest this movie showed us how hard it 's to conclude a saga in 2 hours. A liked the final battle, but I think the rythm was speed and several explainations seems to comme from "nowhere". The visual was really well done.
joseph williams
joseph williams 23 days ago
everyone calm down disney have revealed solo part 2 the saga has NOT ended
Thatgamer pro97
Thatgamer pro97 21 day ago
The end of the Skywalker story...
Jack Robins
Jack Robins 24 days ago
Fantastic movie! That’s all there is to say. Amazing graphics and a good conclusion. I love Rey!
_ WIZz3RD_
_ WIZz3RD_ 24 days ago
This gives me goosebumbs 😬🔥
Da Man Kurt
Da Man Kurt 25 days ago
Had Trevorrow stayed on the project, palpatine’s laugh probably would’ve been replaced with Vader’s breathing at the end of the trailer
Presenze 25 days ago
Who's here after it was a huge disaster?
Jaio 369
Jaio 369 14 days ago
Here, as I expected from the leaks
Fedce 23 days ago
Not me because it wasn't
voomy 25 days ago
Stratowind 25 days ago
No one's ever really gone. You jokin mate? - Qui "gon"
The Salty Potatoe
The Salty Potatoe 25 days ago
2019: The Saga will end 2030: Babu Frik a Star Wars story
Chris Corley
Chris Corley 25 days ago
A high quality film that exceeds the teaser. I'm buying the Blu-ray for sure! ☕
Darth Vader
Darth Vader 26 days ago
“No one is ever really gone” *Breathing*
Saul Carrillo
Saul Carrillo 26 days ago
Star Wars are 6 episodes I-VI
Giga saurus raja
Giga saurus raja 26 days ago
This is my favourite teaser trailer.
Triton 23
Triton 23 26 days ago
That entire TIE jumping scene was easily the best moment in that film, if not the trilogy. Fight me.
Zahid Shah
Zahid Shah 26 days ago
Stop complaining, and enjoy the amazing universe of our beloved Star Wars. May the force be with you all:-)
Zenac 27 days ago
1:26 😍❤️
Vivek Maru
Vivek Maru 27 days ago
I came here thinking this was a strip-teaser! :)
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