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Star Wars
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Every generation has a legend. Watch the brand-new teaser for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

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Comments 100
He He
He He 19 minutes ago
It’s a shame this series is destined to be milked dry for years to come
mark lloyd
mark lloyd Hour ago
Who cares
the cartoonist
the cartoonist 30 minutes ago
mark lloyd, i care.
Deathtrooper Gaming
Deathtrooper Gaming 50 minutes ago
mark lloyd me
Stogie2112 Hour ago
mark lloyd .... Some care, some don’t care. It’s just a movie trailer.
Muhammad Muhammad
Muhammad Muhammad 3 hours ago
I wish darth vader comes back
joseph whitesides
joseph whitesides 3 hours ago
1:44 Long live empor palpatine
Stogie2112 4 hours ago
Luke: You will bring Captain America and the Wookie to me. Thanos: Your mind tricks won't work on me, boy. Wanda: But MINE will....!! [Burns Thanos to a crisp]
-Gacha_Kaylee- 5 hours ago
"No ones ever really gone." *Deathstar builds itself back up* Yep you saw it right at the end is the deathstar *AHEM* what left of it.
Sheev Döner
Sheev Döner 5 hours ago
no one is ever really gone ,, I have been looking forward too this"
Amazing Guy
Amazing Guy 6 hours ago
Reylo is canon. Emperor and Empress Solo is endgame.
Amazing Guy
Amazing Guy 6 hours ago
renifer rr
renifer rr 7 hours ago
Finally its time for the mastermind of the entire series to reveal himself as the sith working in the shadows for decades controling and manipulating Palpatine and Snoke: Darth Jar Jar!
Argento 1975
Argento 1975 8 hours ago
Rogue One ever
Sam Gordon
Sam Gordon 9 hours ago
1:35 😢😩😭 no one is ever really gone. But still......
DE3 Sin
DE3 Sin 10 hours ago
"No one's ever really gone" Thanos:"am i a joke to you?"
Just Not
Just Not 11 hours ago
You would think run jump then turn LightSaber on... Else lose leg.
Justinas Vitkus
Justinas Vitkus 12 hours ago
Oh, look, another desert planet, how creative. There's surely not enough of those in that galaxy. I'm starting to understand Anakin's hatred for sand.
HaterOfZero 7 hours ago
Rumor has it they go back to Jakku.
Davinho 317
Davinho 317 12 hours ago
Me: Hype Clone trooper: just like the Simulations
-喝-デイダラ 13 hours ago
Listen, if Leia can survive the vacuum of space surely the all-powerful Darth Sidious could survive slipping and falling down a shaft.
Louis Pasaje
Louis Pasaje 13 hours ago
Loki: i have been falling for 30 minutes!!! Palpatine: Hold my beer.
Alexander Kazakov
Alexander Kazakov 13 hours ago
The Saga ended in 1983 with Return of the Jedi
Snowy Vertres
Snowy Vertres 13 hours ago
When is Ashoka come in the movie???
Kyle Crofts
Kyle Crofts 14 hours ago
I'm not Impressed. >:-(
Jacob Willingham
Jacob Willingham 14 hours ago
I always been a big fan of Star Wars and can’t wait for this film to come out in December this year in 2019
Jason M
Jason M 17 hours ago
Emperor Palpatine is Anakin skywalker’s dad, how nice, boba fett is Rey’s father, What?! Jar Jar Binks is Snoke’s father, the evil Sith, Jar Jar.
火Samfire火 18 hours ago
Palpatine : I'm the surprise of 2019 Starkiller (Galen Marek) : Hold my beer
Kevin Toar
Kevin Toar 18 hours ago
So Luke Skywalker will back ??
Kevin Toar
Kevin Toar 15 hours ago
+Captain Drama Owh I hope he will for real..
Captain Drama
Captain Drama 16 hours ago
Probably as a force ghost
DJ D 19 hours ago
Star Wars episode 9: Return of the trilogy
Jari bas Journaal
Jari bas Journaal 19 hours ago
How did she remake the lightsaber iT was split in half
HaterOfZero 7 hours ago
Duct tape.
Darth Tyranus
Darth Tyranus 18 hours ago
There’s a thing called building and forging and merging stuff together like metal and parts from other things dumbass.
Bradco 20 hours ago
Star Wars: The Rise of Sandwalker
Дмитрий Волков
it's can't be better than Revenge Of The Sith. They need to go free from Empire and Rebels conflict.
revin hatol
revin hatol 20 hours ago
*MY MESSAGE TO DISNEY:* For the new saga (X-XII), please let Star Wars return under the Fox banner.
J Lord
J Lord 10 hours ago
There isn't gonna be a new saga.
Can Baran Uzun
Can Baran Uzun 21 hour ago
I'm a fan of star wars since I was born. I don't want D and D to write. Please disney 🙏
ShortieBerg !
No ones ever really gone Obi wan: hello there
Fabian Reschke
The music is so good
CrimsonNerd Day ago
Let’s just see how this pans out.
Marcelo83 Day ago
It can't be any worse than the last jedi... that's unless leia gets her hocus pocus broom out again and goes flying!
mister Day ago
539 thousand 'thumbs up' bought by Disney.. 🤣
Albert Zhang
Albert Zhang Day ago
no one has ever really gone? well the fans are. 23M for a star wars trailer? phew... sad thats just sad.
Deathtrooper Gaming
Has more views than the force awakens trailer had and that made 2 billion lol
Neko Nya
Neko Nya Day ago
Star Wars For Ever ! Thank you J.J Abrahms
Nathan Kittredge
At least EA isn't involved with this one
Brittany j Taylor
"For if one is remembered by a friend, no one is truly gone".....................................GRAND ADMIRAL THRAWN
Liquatic Games
StarWarsTheory StarWars Fan Made Shortfilm is so astonished!
Part-Time Enlightenment
That movie title, oh. You can tell they wanted to call it The return of Skywalker” but didn’t for obvious reasons.
Joonsuk Kim
Joonsuk Kim Day ago
too bad luke is gone. you cant make me care even with this palpatine publicity stunt
DylanDude 10 hours ago
This was George Lucas’ idea.
Hain veaanchwa
Joonsuk Kim He was always destined to comeback and Luke isn’t really gone lol
Julian Craft
Julian Craft Day ago
When I heard the laugh I was like “someone’s not sleeping tonight”
VoidWarXIII Remnant
Sith Ghost 🤣
If you could go ahead with a Bane Trilogy, that would be great. But you have to follow the books exactly! None of that stuff changing stuff things. What I'm trying to say is....Bane Trilogy
Shane ?
Shane ? Day ago
It would not do well if they followed it exactly it's also poor writing so no one wants to see something that they know exactly
Zero Certified
No one's ever really gone... *robbie rotten laughs*
lord larz
lord larz Day ago
Imagine that JarJar Binks is Rey's father.
Wolf Alpha 900
Spoilers for Avengers Endgame below: "No one's ever really gone." *hammer sound effect from the after-credit "scene" plays* Star Wars: The Rise of Tony Stark
augnkn93043 Day ago
I long for the end of Star Wars.
ɢʀᴀʏsᴏɴ ʟᴀɪ
I just want general grievous
Blake Mullins
No ones ever really gone *Jabba’s laugh*
Thrawns bricks
No one's ever really gone . BEACH TROOPER KNOCKS DOWN THE DOOR.
Ever Day ago
SW ROS will make more money than Endgame
Lucas Segovia
I think it will be like is used to be with the previous trilogies. less than the first movie of the trilogy. But more than the second. Less than the first for obvious reasons. Episode 7 was the return of star wars and all that.
Thomas Bludis
It won’t but it will still make 1.5 billion to 1.7 billion worldwide.
Wisp Wisp
Wisp Wisp Day ago
+EverJust the fact that its star wars is not enough. It will probably make less than TFA and TLJ. There is no chance it will beat endgame, especially after TLJ.
Ever Day ago
+Wisp Wisp no way? Dude it is Star Wars!
Wisp Wisp
Wisp Wisp Day ago
there is no way it will.
Pranav N
Pranav N 2 days ago
Anyone else caught the venator in the trailer?
mr.pooper 2 days ago
If this really is the end... Make another episode
Demetrius Cerrillo
Wow, I can’t wait to watch this movie. I got chills just by watching this trailer.
The last ahamkara Hicks
Godamn it, Sidious is back
Ix Juarez
Ix Juarez 2 days ago
Palpatine is worst than Fidel Castro. He just can't die.
Ponciano Casas
Ponciano Casas 2 days ago
Unpopular opinion but I really want them to Bring Padmé back in like a ghost spirit or time travel. I really miss her character🤧
Ponciano Casas
Ponciano Casas 10 hours ago
DylanDude oh ok
DylanDude 10 hours ago
The Vader comics have her reappear in visions a lot.
Kasper Ancher
Kasper Ancher 2 days ago
Jedi's are trained older and older and with less and less time. Yet they still become stronger? 1. Anakin was too old as a boy... 2. Luke was too old as a young man, and not enough time. 3. Rey a young woman with a weekend training and she will probaly be the strongest Jedi to ever live.
Stogie2112 2 days ago
You're citing the few exceptions to the rule. The Jedi schools taught a great many young children.
Sexy Dan 2
Sexy Dan 2 2 days ago
I pray that rose isn’t in this movie
Stogie2112 2 days ago
Rose Tico is in the film. Hopefully, she will play a very small role.
Emilios Sakoulas
Emilios Sakoulas 2 days ago
Release DAte? Greece..
Wisp Wisp
Wisp Wisp Day ago
December 19
Ben Mathews
Ben Mathews 2 days ago
Do it!👌
jeffwads 2 days ago
Thanks for ruining this franchise Disney.
Shane ?
Shane ? Day ago
It's not necessarily disney. It's the current president of Lucasfilm who george Lucas picked out personally
James Christian
James Christian 2 days ago
No Rose Tico? Already somewhat better than Episode VIII.
IncorporatedOps 2 days ago
Let's be real....the Last Jedi was a GREAT movie.
Thomas Bludis
I agree 100%!
the cartoonist
IncorporatedOps, i loved it.
Hain veaanchwa
Hain veaanchwa 2 days ago
IncorporatedOps Let’s get.......everybodies attention!
Stogie2112 2 days ago
Let's be real.........funny!
Giovanni Carbajal
Hain veaanchwa
Hain veaanchwa 6 hours ago
Giovanni Carbajal Saving? nah It’s too far late for that. Good closure for the franchise? yes
Giovanni Carbajal
Giovanni Carbajal 11 hours ago
Hain veaanchwa I hope they save the franchise but I’ve lost hope
Hain veaanchwa
Hain veaanchwa 2 days ago
Giovanni Carbajal Not so much, It’s the end of a beautiful saga. Have you seen this film? JJ is directing and Lucas is directing too (partially).
Drdyswth18 2 days ago
Anybody else get chills? The dark side will rise again 😍.....hopefully lol
Sharkmankill Games
I knew Jar Jar was a Sith and everybody laughed at me
Candra Wijaya
Candra Wijaya 2 days ago
Bacottt Ora trima suka gelud
ravi sahye
ravi sahye 2 days ago
Can't wait to see Palpatine telling Rey about the tragedy of Darth Plagueis The Wise!
Oceans Quillzz
Oceans Quillzz 2 days ago
palpatine: hey wheres my spectrum mobile!
Oceans Quillzz
Oceans Quillzz 2 days ago
luke: nobody's ever really gone T-series: wait that's illegal!
mariosaun 2 days ago
Emperor: Hahhahahahahhahhahahahahhah
Keegan Thomson
Keegan Thomson 2 days ago
Harry Nelson Jr
Harry Nelson Jr 2 days ago
I saw star wars (A new hope) movie in 1977 ! It was the only movie before or since I have Hurd the audience clap after the movie ! Almost everything has an ending ! (star wars 9) maybe ?
Lando is back!?
Wisp Wisp
Wisp Wisp Day ago
yeah get ready to see him die too...
Snoogle Thekil
Snoogle Thekil 2 days ago
Manjit Kaur
Manjit Kaur 2 days ago
Disney : We want an evil character to be knocked out again Palpatine : NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO..........!!!!!!!!!!
Sound Wave
Sound Wave 2 days ago
April 12 hmmmm april fools or no ?
Alex Gordon
Alex Gordon 2 days ago
Disney star wars are the worst. I like fox star wars.
Peter Korman
Peter Korman 2 days ago
The only difference between Disney and Fox Star Wars is the distributor. The same company made them all.
John Kimani
John Kimani 2 days ago
The tie fighter was going for a hit and run
Camera _Man
Camera _Man 2 days ago
Paul Paterson
Paul Paterson 2 days ago
Should have kept the older EU alive, don't worry the true fans do.
DylanDude 6 hours ago
Hain veaanchwa I’m mostly trying to figure out if OP is gatekeeping.
Hain veaanchwa
Hain veaanchwa 6 hours ago
DylanDude This topic is debatable but for most of us who actually enjoyed the old eu and see It go It’s sad to say the least. I won’t say anything in regards to the ones who prefer the new canon, It’s their choice but old eu is still the best from a certain point of view
DylanDude 10 hours ago
And what of people who prefer the new canon?
Hain veaanchwa
Hain veaanchwa 2 days ago
Paul Paterson aight we do
Ben V
Ben V 2 days ago
Please have Hayden Christensen come back too and Rose die in the first 5 minutes.
Ben V
Ben V Day ago
+Hain veaanchwa couldn't agree more. Kelly did the best she could but she had a bad script and character and not to mention Rose was put in as a check mark verses for the story.
Hain veaanchwa
Hain veaanchwa 2 days ago
Hayden’s gotta show up someway or another, It’s expected and always will be and about that Rose part she should die in the Intro
Peter Korman
Peter Korman 2 days ago
Both of those sound like the opposite of good ideas.
Julius Ulit
Julius Ulit 2 days ago
She a Jedi Master for no reason yet?
Youtube Gamer
Youtube Gamer 2 days ago
28 million seriously give it more.
Hain veaanchwa
Hain veaanchwa 2 days ago
RUvid Gamer they are traumatize to what happened in tlj
Xi Le
Xi Le 2 days ago
Are the Sith (Palpatine) and Snoke in different times (generations) on the dark side of the force?
Hain veaanchwa
Hain veaanchwa 2 days ago
They existed in different times although Palpatine was the last true sith and Snoke wasn’t really a sith
sheep milk productions
Remember when we all thought Chewbacca was a bear Ah good old days
ii ii
ii ii 2 days ago
sheep milk productions You mean a dog?
Rey Daisy
Rey Daisy 2 days ago
rey looks beautiful
Wisp Wisp
Wisp Wisp Day ago
and thats about all thats great about her.
Rey Daisy
Rey Daisy 2 days ago
rey is our angel
Rey Daisy
Rey Daisy 2 days ago
rey is the best
Rey Daisy
Rey Daisy 2 days ago
rey is so cute
Rey Daisy
Rey Daisy 2 days ago
the best trailer
Hectorp13 The gamer
No ones ever really gone *screen goes black* Hello there!
Hectorp13 The gamer
darth sidous or Supreme leader snoke
Nick Talks Flicks
No ones ever really gone. Obi-Wan: Hello There!
Ramez 05
Ramez 05 3 days ago
When I was watching avengers end game in a sold out packed movie theater, this trailer came up and at the end if the dramatic music like %35 of the theater was laughing like if this movie was a joke 🤣
Peter Korman
Peter Korman 2 days ago
Brad Nelson
Brad Nelson 3 days ago
Amazing can wait to see it?😉
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