Star Wars: The Last Jedi - What Went Wrong? - Wisecrack Edition

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Welcome to this Wisecrack Edition on What Went Wrong in Star Wars: The Last Jedi!
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Written, Directed, and Narrated by: Jared Bauer
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Apr 28, 2018

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Comments 12 984
username1445 4 hours ago
i really don't understand why anyone thinks this is a good film, sure its good looking but its got plot holes the size of the grand canyon and a half baked story that it can't even stick with.
Shadow Hedgehog
Shadow Hedgehog 4 hours ago
I think you are giving the writing too much credit. They seemed to have subverted the expected ideas and philosophy of the previous movies not because they had a philosophy of their own... but just merely because it was opposite of what was expected and so it was a cheap way to create something unexpected. If their goal was really to ponder about how the Jedi basically created the Sith by their very existence and that such a "concentration of good" as the Jedi Order will inevitably lead to a destruction of an opposite force... they would make a movie about THAT. But instead, they just threw one or two off remarks that could be interpreted as such. I would be interested in a movie like that. For me, Luke Skywalker is not a saint icon that must never be touched. I would welcome to see a movie that shows him fall from his grace... but that never happened. He was just shown in that position, wasn't properly explained how or WHY he got there... and then we had a cop-out nonsensical ending. Very little in that movie made sense. If the writers wanted to be offensive to the source material, they should have at least made sense. And the point about a merchant selling weapons to both good and bad guys meaning something... I am not sure it can be made a point about anything coherent the writers wanted to make. I don't think you can conveniently present that fact as being inherently evil, or meaning that no good vs. evil dichotomy exists. This thing is way too complicated to be mentioned as a single line in a movie that overall doesn't make sense. I believe that the free trade and moral disassociation from people who made products or who use the product after the transaction is inherently needed in any society to function. Because if you wanna create a society where we increasingly care about the character of people who use our products, then on the very example of RUvid and all the drama regarding adpocalypse, we can see that it will cause radical polarization way faster than Jedi order existing ever would.
Paul Gilmore
Paul Gilmore 8 hours ago
You are giving Rian too much credit. You are making it seem so deep when it really was not..
TalibanHatesme13 10 hours ago
This is one of the most interesting takes on not just TLJ but Star wars as a whole i have ever heard. In all Honesty it kind of makes me appreciate Episode 8 more, But you are 100% right they backpedaled it all and wasted away an opportunity to progress the series further. A few points id like to make: 1) Star wars Ep 1-6 was iconic. Were talking about people's life's work that spanned over decades and a story that is generationally good. Sorry Rian Johnson and Kathleen Kennedy..... you don't just get to shit on it because you don't like the narrative. If you cant progress the story without respecting the original because you morally don't agree with it. Then just make your own separate story outside of the SW universe, don't just hijack someone else's story..... that's despicable. You could have easily reconciled the two and evolved it into something better. 2) I absolutely love Jungian philosophy. However one thing that always find ironic about any implementation of it, especially in this case with the direction of the new saga, every iteration of a narrative trying to subvert the traditional Light vs Dark becomes so overwhelmingly critical of anything that isn't also doing so ..... to the point that they themselves become just another finger-wagging "Light" caricature and anyone who disagrees inherently becomes vilified and therefore the "Dark". If youre going to truly balance the force than go through with it. Thier whole interpretation of it is just pretentious. Its very " Only a Sith deals in absolutes" (
Grayto 12 hours ago
Nice knock-off Dune music
Brian Fuller
Brian Fuller 19 hours ago
Johnson's vision is basically a nihilistic one. .
samotbrandon Day ago
To me, it seemed more like an episode from a tv show than a big budget movie. I felt like, "I waited all these years for this?"
samotbrandon Day ago
6:14 Lmao I only saw the movie once. Now I'm questioning if that part happened in the movie, even though I know it didn't.
Console MonsterX
The Last Jedi isn't just an objectively bad "Star Wars" movie, it's an objectively bad movie, period. It's literally a B movie with a AAA budget that it flushed by bringing in a guy with no experience and a terrible record of writing and directing. But, they wanted someone that was willing to push the leftist propaganda that they wanted in it so, they let Ruin Johnson be the guy to ruin the franchise. I mean, all he's ever done was Brick, Looper, and wrote 2 of the worst episodes of Breaking Bad. there's literally not enough room to write everything wrong with this movie beyond the objective. If I got into why it's a bad "Star Wars" movie too, holy shit, I'd be typing for hours and hours.
andrew kilik
andrew kilik Day ago
I really enjoyed The Last Jedi. I thought it had alot more of that star wars magic, much moreso than The Force Awakens, which i felt was a brilliant film aesthetically, but utterly soulless.
Spunky Brewster
Star Wars: The Last Jedi - What Went Wrong? DISNEY. That's all you need to know.
Aaron H.
Aaron H. Day ago
You gave this movie way too much credit...
lunarvision Day ago
This is a very interesting & smart analysis. For all TLJ’s flaws (forced wokeness, silliness); I must agree it made bold choices in an attempt to move progress the franchise. I just wish the execution was more focused.
Reverend Saltine
Could not understand a fckng thing here....
Colin Böttger
Truth hurts
Vlodec Day ago
Or to put it another way.....it's a crap film.
Lucky Man
Lucky Man Day ago
I appreciated what The Last Jedi was trying to do, and even prefer it over The Force Awakens (which is a non-entry as far as I'm concerned). However, the finished product is almost completely unwatchable and I've realized it's probably wiser to just scrub all the Disney Star Wars, call the franchise done at a tidy, mostly enjoyable 6 films.
LordAugastus 2 days ago
What went wrong: Disney as a mega corporation is like the evil empire, eating up independent merchants depicted as the good guy rebels. As Disney the owner for fox news a known peddler of both corporate and military propaganda. Now the films just need to muddy any concept worth caring about from previous movies, otherwise it would require serious brand and social responsibility management on this media behemoths parts.... Supporting the corrupt system that feeds of dearth and distraction of gov sanctioned war efforts. Grey areas of good and evil, shit villians, and weak heros (lots of luck, lots of script, characters in new films are difff even old ones because they are....)> The american capitalist system behemoth media giant disney as a conglomerate of US wealth oligarchy, do not want socialism, do not want the fascist like corporate run of the gov, so now the films, represent this. Propaganda on the big screen. Subverting olf empire bad rebels good story tropes, motivations, drives, charecters, story arcs and political conflict, in order to paint a dark reality of the real world where good and bad are just business as usual ajust as it is in current model of capitalism.... Shrug.exe
Gonzalo Navas
Gonzalo Navas 2 days ago
The 5000 people wo disliked this video didint spend a DIME in Galaxies Edge
Alastair Crosby
Alastair Crosby 2 days ago
OMG, Luke does look like Zizek...
Billy Hill
Billy Hill 2 days ago
Yeah, let the past die, yet Disney basically recycled every storyline and character from the originals? Now they're finding out that they're new "woke" version, isn't selling shit.
Lord Colin
Lord Colin 2 days ago
Shill bullshit. Fuck you wisecrack.
Vivider Monkey
Vivider Monkey 2 days ago
Look i know i'm late to this comment section party , but if it serves to anyone, The darkside users are the ones who bring on the most interesting questions about the nature of the conflict that rises on the galaxy of star wars and the ones that get closer to understanding it and as such it might be worthwhile for a Wisecrak Edition ;) "wink"
Tigerman1138 3 days ago
Here is why I hate “STAR WARS” in everything from TFA and beyond. You have since ROTJ...and YEARS to think of new things. A killer virus which birth sided sim to capture and a third faction of mercenaries? A killer new alien species? A weapon of massive power like an EMP able to target side areas? A new mineral which if captured could stunt another side? Nope. Drrrrrr Death Star III: the ultimate hacky idea. Okay, shake it off. TLJ show me big stuff. No. “Infinity ice cave” ripoff of Yoda’s “reflecting tree.” Also shameless Battle of HORH II.
Tigerman1138 3 days ago
Needed change or whatever the other choice was? I chose neither. It was the death of Star Wars for me.
Mellohomie 123
Mellohomie 123 3 days ago
any reylo hoes out there
TheaterPup 3 days ago
Still, I wouldn't say Star Wars wasn't complicated, there was the whole bit of "a certain point of view."
Eternal Emperor Valkorion
That is true that the sith are as powerful as the Jedi that’s why the dark side is more powerful because it’s shared by only 2
SuskenHizamura 3 days ago
I underatnd what you wanna say but i dont think that they thought that deep.
ADD Me On's
ADD Me On's 4 days ago
# waiting until episode 9 is 1.00 on red box!
Dee Nick
Dee Nick 4 days ago
I wish I could agree with you...but while it was just ok to sit through the first movie, the second has surpassed it by just being just dreadful... In some ways I would like to know how bad the third one is going to be but at the same time do I want to spend hard earned money to watch another ruined story so that a talent-less director gets rewarded (By the way I include Disney as well in the count...)
Phant0mNights 4 days ago
Yall overthinking stuff
Sammy DeGuido
Sammy DeGuido 4 days ago
He tried......but damn he failed
Stuart Hollingsead
^.$$ 6:44 The concept of light and dark balancing out has been present throughout the entire history of star wars. Light vs Dark and the razor's edge you can walk tipping either way. This is why the Darth Bane created the rule of two. In order to concentrate the power of the dark side into mostly one individual, and then with an apprentice who will eventually overtake the master. This is why Darth Plaguis book is so good, because they try to manipulate the Force in favor of the Dark side, as symbolized by the Canted Circle and then the force balences itself by giving birth to Anikin... a through back to the age old story of a virgin birth.
JediCary11 5 days ago
You are giving R. Johnson WAY TOO MUCH credit. He's not smart enough to want to do anything that you say in this video. He simply wanted to create controversy by deliberately making something he knew would tear the fandom in half so he would be "famous". In previous interview he said a movie is only successful if 1/2 the viewers love it, and 1/2 the viewers hate it. This horrible man destroyed this franchise with a single movie. And Kathleen Kennedy will be terminated and forced to leave once Episode 9 is over so someone new can take Star Wars over and try to start over with a clean slate. You're quite intelligent, but you are trying to make this idiot director smart as well. You're trying to assign qualities to this idiot that he doesn't have!!
Jonathon Boon
Jonathon Boon 5 days ago
If kylo has found balance with his shadow why has he joined mass murdering space nazis rather than run off to be a morally ambiguous smuggler?
Kevin McCabe
Kevin McCabe 5 days ago
Why do people think that movies should have fan service? You know what you get when writers and directors care about fan service? You get Game of Thrones seasons 7 and 8. The fact that the writers didn't give the time of day to any of you youtube jockeys' fan theories honestly makes Last Jedi a better film.
Qweq Qweq
Qweq Qweq 6 days ago
You're really giving Ryan Johnson too much credit, as if he's somehow a secretly brilliant master of philosophy, psychological theory, and filmmaking. Trust me. He's a giant fat headed moron. It's never going to be a healthy, good choice to try to understand anything about an idiot like that or what he does. The smartest thing to do I still just ignore and forget about him. He's no Shakespeare. More like that guy who made, "the room".
Levi Bond
Levi Bond 6 days ago
I don't understand, you're just describing why this movie is great
No Bozos
No Bozos 6 days ago
Ryan Johnson ideology: Shitty ideas = progress.
O.S.I. Intelligence
I get what you are trying to do.....but you are saying a lot just to say this movie is bad and everything about should be destroyed and burned
Benjamin Bruemmer
There's no clear moment when Luke returns to his original view of morality? I'm pretty sure it was when he was visited by the ghost of Yoda. As for Rey, she may be more comfortable with her inner darkness than a typical Jedi, but she never agreed with Luke that the Jedi should end. She went to Kylo to turn HIM to the light side. She never had any intention of betraying her friends in the Resistance.
Will Hammers
Will Hammers 7 days ago
Let's just be honest... This film is all about erasing the male-dominant past in our society... As a straight white man, I get up every day and go to work and support my family... I guess that makes me an oppressor....LMAO
Diablo X Machina
Diablo X Machina 7 days ago
So Rian Johnson seems to not understand Star Wars so much, he has Kylo talk about the Sith in the present tense. They died 30 years ago, and Snoke/Kylo are not Sith. Or atleast they weren’t Sith before this movie. Kylo should have said “Snoke. Skywalker. The First Order. The Jedi. The Rebels....let it all die”. But no. I can’t seem to think of one thing he did right in this movie.
Ipoco 7 days ago
In original trilogy you know who's good and who's bad. In the prequels you think you know, but the Jedi are actually the bad guys pushing Anakin into the dark side. In the new trilogy, you have no idea what the fuck is going on..... So, progress I guess?
Fesno 7 days ago
Back when 'Last Jedi' had premiered, I remember reading a user review/comment on Imdb by a guy who as he said was seriously ill probably terminally, and was a big long-time fan. He described how pumped he was before episode 8, as he couldn't wait to see it, especially Luke, and he was going on race against time as it was one of his last wishes to see Luke again as a Jedi master. Then he described how when he went to the theater (with difficulty because of his illness), and saw the movie, it just broke his heart so bad, how it depressed him, and then he felt his extreme sadness actually worsen his health. He didn't express anger or hate on his comment, but you could tell how genuinely wrecked inside he was and how deeply disappointed. It was so heartbreaking for me to read this. I don't know what happened to the guy, but bless him wherever he is... When I read his comment, episode 7 disgusted me even more. Now, when I hear people say, "hey I loved the Last Jedi", "I think Luke was perfect in Last Jedi", and so on, I think about this guy's wrecked soul and I get upset. It is revolting to me, when someone says they get pleasure out of seeing Luke toss his legendary father's lightsaber in a parody fashion, milk a seacow's tit and drinking green milk in a disgusting manner, or him whining for a whole movie, and dying from a heart attack, all alone on a rock, and describe this as "perfect". It's so disrespectful to all the people that loved this character, It just sickens me. I think of this pure fan, who had a wish before he died, the same wish as millions and millions of other fans, to see their beloved character 'Luke' again as a beacon of hope, as a wise and powerful Jedi Master, only to have that judicious wish destroyed by some guy called Rian Johnson. And now this honest Star Wars fan probably has left this world with a wrecked soul. How disrespectful this movie was to all the people who cherished this mythos, this character, how this movie literally trolled these people. This is what episode 8 did. It broke people's hearts. It depressed them, it destroyed everything beloved by millions of people. What they did with this movie, is, and will always be, unforgivable.
2012endofanerror 7 days ago
Fesno That was incredible. Thank you. You summed it up perfectly on a very understandable, heartfelt level. I think you hit it on the head when you said ‘disrespect’. I fear this entire industry has been so super -saturated with the lowest forms of human life that they lack any semblance of comprehending the term ‘respect’ more less how to act upon the concept. It’s truly a tragedy, that buy some sick twist of fate the most uncreative, Unsophisticated, lazy, narcissistic humans living have found their way to this livelihood. Maybe we should take their advice and destroy everything old- eradicate the Hollywood system and the entertainment industry as it stands now and start fresh. Probably 80% of the people in this comment section could’ve written a better movie.
David Farr
David Farr 7 days ago
the NEW Star Wars JUST SUCK.
Danns Productions
I truly thought that Rian Johnson was the right guy to direct this movie but I have been proven wrong. The Last Jedi contradicts everything that happened in the original trilogy. Luke overcame his darkness at the end of Return Of The Jedi and to see Episode 8 tell a lazy ass story about Luke trying to kill his nephew because he saw darkness in him is just out of character and a repetitive scene from Return Of The Jedi in the trone room when he was about to kill Darth Vader.
Anthony Emrick
Anthony Emrick 8 days ago
I think a Retarded, Blind, Idiot Orangutan could have written and directed a Better Film
Anthony Emrick
Anthony Emrick 8 days ago
The line where Snoke tells Kylo to take his ridiculous helmet off, was THE ONLY line/scene that I can remember having Actually liked and is Probably the ONLY scene I actually
Enthar Gaming
Enthar Gaming 9 days ago
Greater mass
Enthar Gaming
Enthar Gaming 9 days ago
It was bad.......really bad
Daniel Hinton
Daniel Hinton 9 days ago
Well put together, enjoyed it.
Name Change
Name Change 9 days ago
A fresh take would have at least have to be entertaining
Mrcloc 10 days ago
At least Daisy Ridley is a reason to watch...
poloshirtsamurai 10 days ago
7:59 SJWs right there.
Bass life
Bass life 10 days ago
The Knight of Green
So we subvert expectations only to unknowingly start back at meeting them, good job you played yourself
YaBoyNienNunb 10 days ago
Except The Last Jedi doesn't use different plot points than the originals.. all of its story beats are just rearranged things from the previous films. Canto Bight = Cloud City DJ = Lando Beginning of the film = Escaping Hoth Battle of Crait = Battle of Hoth The Snoke throne room scene is LITERALLY at some points line for line and shot for shot copying the Emperor's throne room scene. There's so many more but you get the point. This video brings up other good points but saying that the plot points aren't similar is just wrong.
D X 10 days ago
Wow, what a boring, pretentious video!!
pablohanc 11 days ago
What went wrong? Everything.
Daniel Topp
Daniel Topp 11 days ago
Great analysis. I think Ren was right about one thing: Disney needs to burn down the franchise and start fresh. Get some top notch talent into the screenwriting department - I would recommend Christopher Nolan or someone of this caliber. Fresh ideas into the old Star Wars universe with some quality writing would reignite the fans interest. Hopefully it can be salvaged after the excrement that was the Last Jedi.
Blue Greenish
Blue Greenish 11 days ago
I just wish that the copyright on this movies was only 28 years as it should be so we could finally make a decent r rated star wars with a plot that makes sense
Michael Germano
Michael Germano 11 days ago
"Snoke is darth maul before we know anything about him" Darth Maul was Darth Maul before we knew anything about him
Christian Wilson
Christian Wilson 12 days ago
My problem with TLJ is Rian may have been trying to be portray these complex ideas, but he fundamentally changes the logic, or Canon, of the universe of Star Wars. My problem is that Rian acted as if he could make a film that was in the Star Wars universe but he could pick and choose what parts of the universe he wanted to be Canon.
MinqApoc 12 days ago
More than a year has gone by. It's still garbage. Utter garbage. The garbage of garbage.
Ramon LeBlanc Harts
Star Warriorz Rian Johnson is NOT a Star Wars filmmaker
Alan Li
Alan Li 13 days ago
Right on.
Manweor 13 days ago
I also wished they explained the geopolitical situation. So much of the movies (I am including ep 7) is based on it but you literally have to look for explanations in other books. Like, seriously, people still confuse (even in this video's comments) the rebellion and the resistance. Because the difference was NEVER even hinted at. And as you mention, the fundamental struggle of the movie is just discarded in the middle. Had Rey taken that hand and become the leader of the First Order I would have forgiven them basically everything. But no. The had to play safe for the 3rd movie. this is what happens when there is no trilogy vision. This is not a trilogy, it s just movies stitched together, with the added issue that the have to maintain the farce of being a trilogy.
Lion Lion
Lion Lion 13 days ago
I would have liked if rye said yes to kylo Ren offer. I didnt like that they build up to one ending just to throw it all away.
Will Of Khonshu
Will Of Khonshu 13 days ago
Will Doherty
Will Doherty 13 days ago
Ok WTF!!?!! This guy wants to say that the original trilogy "didn't move forward because after the Empire another nazi type evil Gov took place." You mean in the story that you made in episode 7? How can he say that the original trilogy is responsible for this shitshow of a sequel trilogy? They had literally thousands of stories in hundreds of books written by tons of different authors to choose from.(and none of which contradict each other,) Yet they decide that "nope. None of that happened. We're going to pick and choose places and people from that and make up our own ridiculous shitty stories without holes so big you can fly the Death Star through them. Lol Fuck i hate Disney and what they've done.
Eduardo Rajabally
Eduardo Rajabally 14 days ago
George Lucas is a great storyteller, but lousy director. The I, II and III movies are terribly directed and suck. These Disney movies were made for fans that will like almost anything connected with the franchise, The first one is a poor copy of episode IV. The Last Jedi is not good because the story is weak, new characters have no charisma and the whole plot lacks any kind of logic...
alex1vid 14 days ago
I dunno but I still wasn't a big fan of the prequel either. I felt like more needed to be done to make Anakin more likeable (obviously before becoming Vader). Making him a 'good friend' in my book is hey, having a beer, having some cool adventures where he saves his buddy's life, they laugh together, share in/overcome at least one tragedy together in context. It adds complexity to his character and makes his descent into the darkness all the more powerful. But it felt so rushed, so forced... he was more a hormonal teenager than "a good friend" like Obi Wan said in the original trilogy. Same motif carried on to the last one... brooding luke, rinse/repeat...
mouse mickey
mouse mickey 14 days ago
"forced diversity" the 'ole woke/broke shit . this movie is absolute political garbage . made ONLY to "maybe" sell some toys .
Andrew A
Andrew A 14 days ago
Political correctness
Simon Randall
Simon Randall 15 days ago
How did they film C3PO with one arm with Anthony Daniels in the costume??
Connor Johnson
Connor Johnson 15 days ago
It would be interesting to have seen ray join Kylo.
Soligen Music
Soligen Music 15 days ago
So.. this turns out to be a bad attempt at a good idea that no one wanted. Good vs Evil is great in Movies, it's a Movie, only an insane person would live in the real world like that, I respect Rian's decision and goals here, but, it's a Movie, an escape from reality.. I feel like SJW's, White Knights, overtly Leftists and the latter seem to want a beige Universe, where everything is checked, censored or controlled to fit their inability to be free and open to a wider imagination. That is the issue with the Last Jedi, it wants to be realistic in a Franchise that was never about that, it was about a Story, and that Story has been molested and twisted and then presented back to us in a Beige, uninspired boring package... I think ultimately, Rian would've been better suited to the Director role and a different writer coming in and bringing the sense of wonderment out would've been the way to go. Remember, he thinks most haters are man babies, maybe he has just lost his inner child wonderment..
Nathan Grefiel
Nathan Grefiel 15 days ago
I liked the last jedi
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