Star Wars: The Last Jedi - What Went Wrong? - Wisecrack Edition

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Welcome to this Wisecrack Edition on What Went Wrong in Star Wars: The Last Jedi!
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Apr 28, 2018

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Comments 12 685
Titus Robinson
Titus Robinson 4 hours ago
I had a better story than both movies and All original Characters Die immediately and Rey and Kilo are Twins both Force Sensitive but one is evil or jealous and there is more Jedis from Luke’s Training. It is Star Wars to whole thing is as much a parallel to our world “Wars”. So yes you will always need the Jedi and to remove everything we know is to literally destroy Star Wars. Disney after this Trilogy Needs to in 3-5 years do a Prequel to the prequels seriously and show the eternity of Star Wars. Like something that takes place 100 or so years before. This universe needs to expand. This universe needs to have a history even told before.
UchihaYT Vlogs
UchihaYT Vlogs 10 hours ago
100% agreed. Mark Hamill warned us
Ian Edmonds
Ian Edmonds 11 hours ago
You've made the best argument for sw3 embracing the whole sw2 stuff. I was not sure at the end of sw2. Luke Skywalker deserved better. Maybe the things you've described might save things. Here's hoping. Luv and Peace.
Zambletons 16 hours ago
So basically the movie contradicted its own revolutionary message and ended up having no message at all :/
Toxically Masculine
i get your whole analysis of the themes and the unique storytelling. on paper it sounds like it'd be a good story. but the reality is just that harping on social justice themes is simply BORING for anyone who isn't already obsessed with social justice. and it's not even entertaining to those people, they are just looking for validation, and if the movie validates their most treasured beliefs they're going to interpret it as a good thing
Marion Dorsey
*TF are YOU talking about?!!* 😕 TLJ IS TOO DOPE. The portrayal of Luke is what I wanted to see, him shook up on his knees! NOT some ol' fan fiction bullshit, like him pulling STAR DESTROYERS outta space using the force.😂😂😂 And I KNOW that's exactly what MOST of the haters wanted to see. And it is for THAT reason that I'm sooo glad Hollywood doesn't usually listen to fans!😎 ...Otherwise, there'd just be an awful lotta over the top DUMBASS movies being made.
Dalton Rios
Dalton Rios Day ago
All I'm going to say is fuck Rian
Fyne Loveday
Fyne Loveday Day ago
This is definitely not what went wrong with the film.
Dr Blue
Dr Blue 2 days ago
Rian Johnson allowed politics and leftist ideology to permeate his already flawed vision of Star Wars, duh. I was under the impression that this was a matter of record at this point......Hey Hollywood, stop putting your shitty political commentary in my fucking entertainment, you paste eating retards....
verse vica
verse vica 2 days ago
1000 wrongs don't make a right.
Carlos Spicy Weiner
Spoiler alert: everything
LearnAlliCan 3 days ago
15:38 did anyone solve it ? and why did you pick it?
BossGaming101 3 days ago
So basically, we should cheer for kylo?
-a- 3 days ago
Slovenian philosopher, well played
Merlin D. Wizzard
I kinda hate to break it to you folks. But, Star Wars was never really any good. It was semi-interesting. But, it doesn't seem to know what it wants to be. Daisy Ridley is fine af. And that makes that one worth watching. But, other than that, the only ones any good were the ones that followed Anakin's story line.The rest of them are not worth watching for free.
DragonTurtle9999 3 days ago
The only thing I disliked about t last Jedi were the lack of smoke backstory and admiral "let the crew think we're all gonna die so they get desperate and start a mutiny"
B Eazi
B Eazi 3 days ago
3 words Christopher Nolan Approach
nail carter
nail carter 3 days ago
I’m sorry for the hack , but I needed the brilliant . .Org plug so thanks
GrendelMTL 4 days ago
(After end of vid) Yeah, no. I'm gonna stick with the following scenario: Rian Johnson: I Can't wait to remake Empire! JJ Abrams/Disney: Dude, uh, we can't do that this time, the fans didn't really like it for Ep7 RJ: BUT BUT! I have all these Storyboards already! JJ: Hey, Those are some of my Fav scenes too!!! But... Naw man we can't! We need a NEW Story! RJ: What if I can give you a story with THESE Scenes in it? JJ: They can't be exactly the same! As much as I love Hoth, I don't wanna get yelled at for redoing it! RJ: What if it wasn't ICE This time? .... Here's hoping Rise of Skywalker turns out better... :/
GrendelMTL 4 days ago
"Rian Johnson isn't interested in recycling old Star Wars" Really? Cause his Movie looks like "Rian's 12 Favourite Star Wars Scenes Recycled!"
Jose Boris
Jose Boris 4 days ago
After watching this I even like The last Jedi even more
Shinndig 129
Shinndig 129 Day ago
It's secretly brilliant, but people don't want something introspective.
Corey Mckee
Corey Mckee 4 days ago
*reads video title* Lucas signed a deal with the devil. Thats what went wrong.
pumpkinsdontcry 2 days ago
Slave traders
JASON P.  Roberts
JASON P. Roberts 4 days ago
Terrible movie
Christian Lafrance
I really wonder what Disney saw in Johnson, a guy with no real consistent filming history except some really crap things and they chose him to not only destroyed a complete 40 years Saga with one movie (TLJ) but chosen him to establish the next SW Standards for next movies in a new adventures WTF! sources:www.imdb.com/name/nm0426059/
Shazbot 5 days ago
Ray is an incredibly lame character.
Yh Ong
Yh Ong 5 days ago
Actually, the OG heroes are farmers and smugglers.
Mr Scross
Mr Scross 5 days ago
Good luck finding people to support this garbage the next 40 years.
Dennis S
Dennis S 5 days ago
I find the work of Carl Jung and Robert Johnson very telling as it explains what we are seeing in politics today. Clinton loses the election but because of her Ego cannot except her own failings so she must have a Scapegoat, in this case, Russia, and why stop there when you can just Scapegoat everyone who voted for Trump calling them racist. Then enters RUvid, again the left must find more scapegoats which is what we are seeing with RUvid going full Nazi book burning by deleting 100's of channels
Ry Visla
Ry Visla 5 days ago
I damn near walked out of this movie! Felt nothing like Star Wars
charles mcgrew
charles mcgrew 5 days ago
Star Wars was always the saga of one: Luke Skywalker. How he went from farm boy to hero, how he became the farm boy, and what happened to him. Once makers strayed from that (and the 'prequels' could have been only one movie, I don't care what George says), it fell apart. Now that Luke is dead, what is the point of another movie?
Webbs Kruiser
Webbs Kruiser 5 days ago
I''ve always believed that The Force is the true antagonist and has been subtly manipulating the universe to do its bidding by bestowing random buff/nerf during Force user's battle. Probably all this is part of its cycle of reproduction or something.
Zeon Remnants
Zeon Remnants 5 days ago
funny how he didnt want to re tread previous films yet theres so many scenes ripped off from rotj and esb
Frank Castle
Frank Castle 5 days ago
Woman and beta males
MrBolas33 5 days ago
They turned Luke into a pussy
Gershom Tan
Gershom Tan 6 days ago
Honestly I have and always will hate Rey as a character. She clearly sees the truth of the matter and chooses to continue feeding the vicious cycle. She’s the real villain in my book.
James Leffel
James Leffel 6 days ago
They made a shitty movie. That's what went wrong.
Skaarxiong1 6 days ago
What went wrong? one word. Disney. The End.
mrq1701 6 days ago
umm.... What was the answer to the riddle?
StarKiller AKA Galen Marek AKA The Apprentice
I mean, I'm not saying that TLJ is a bad movie per se, I'm saying it disrespect already-established characters and situations
Samir 4 days ago
The movie is incoherent and the entire plot operates on unbelievable conveniences, and incopetent antagonists. The acting is poor, and there are even huge coreography mistakes that slipped through editing.
Karlo Tvrtko
Karlo Tvrtko 6 days ago
The cycle continues. Until they denounce ideologies of Jedi and the Sith cycle of wars and slaughter will continue forever. Force must be destroyed even that means 90% of life in the Galaxy will die. Thats why I like Gray Jedis and philosophy of Kreia. You should watch this video. ruvid.net/video/video--Z0S0Z8lUTg.html
Run Run Shaw
Run Run Shaw 7 days ago
1 thing that killed it for me was Laura Dern with purple hair.
SkaiaSkull 7 days ago
The extended universe has always pointed out how the force needs to be balanced. the grey Jedi (or according to my theory, Skywalkers) have been about balancing the light and the dark. not snuffing out one side or the other, but achieving perfect balance.
Ice Guy
Ice Guy 7 days ago
Ultimately, Rian Johnson is nihilistic, standing for nothing, understanding nothing. All else aside, tearing out Luke's moral compass puts a lie to all of Star Wars.
this guy
this guy 7 days ago
your analysis of this movie was far more enjoyable to watch than the actual movie was. Getting food poisoning and bleeding out of my anus for 3 days was far more enjoyable than watching that movie was.
ThatOneGuy63 7 days ago
I like this video but I'm also sick of the egalitarian schtick people keep trying to insert into TLJ about mechanics and janitors being the main characters instead of royalty. Since when did Anakain, a slave boy, become "royalty"? And where does his moisture farmer son fit into this "royalty" framework? And when did his best friend, a smuggler, become royalty? You've got Padme and Leia as the only royal bloodline characters in those films. The new films have Leia, still royalty, and Ben Solo, born into that royalty aka the same breakdown of royal vs everyday people as the first 6 films.
EloquentTiger 7 days ago
If we don't want to tell Star Wars movies anymore, than we shouldn't tell Star Wars movies anymore.
Theodormarlo Hembra
I was so pumped at first when i heard about snoke having a big role in this movie and rey getting some training but all of that was thrown out the window
PANYHK 7 days ago
Mike Linder
Mike Linder 7 days ago
I can't believe how lame and dorky you fags are. Letting the past die has nothing to do with the outside world of the franchise. It just exists within the context of the film. You're dumb af.
Matt H
Matt H 8 days ago
It's like you can taste the fights with the studio. "I want to do my own thing!" "That's okay as long as it's the same thing."
noob noob
noob noob 8 days ago
Making history die doesn't work. Any time people try to kill history, bad things happen. Same goes for stories. If you don't respect what comes before, you end up with a bad sequel.
Fred Hicks
Fred Hicks 8 days ago
Nothing. Nothing went wrong with The Last Jedi other than geeks who can't figure out how to grow up.
Cheese Burger Kid
Hollywood. Keep your stinking politics out of entertainment.
pumpkinsdontcry 2 days ago
Hollyweirds days are numbered. Don't worry.
TagusMan 8 days ago
The Holiday Special from 1978 told us that Star Wars was nothing but Space Shit. No one listened.
Derrick Nichols
Derrick Nichols 8 days ago
Where did rian Johnson go to school @. How did he get a certificate saying he graduated from college. While watching movie it felt as though I was looking @ a blank screen
Remiel Pollard
Remiel Pollard 8 days ago
I just chalk it up to Disney fan fiction and stick to the books. The old ones, of course, not the Disney fan fiction ones. All of this "Balance in the Force" stuff is done properly in those books. It's actually done best in KOTOR II, but the books go there eventually as well, and do it properly.
The Film Whisperer
I didn't have a problem with Luke CONTEMPLATING killing his nephew (especially since he didn't go through with it). But the biggest sin was that Luke Skywalker basically FUCKED OFF from the whole galaxy and did nothing for...I guess 20 years? No, THAT is not Luke. Luke would attempt to correct his mistake. Or, why not have Luke go down a dark path, you know? Have him go hunting the Knights of Ren (yeah, put THEM in the movie!) one by one, on a killing spree. Have him travel the galaxy, brutally beating and interrogating people to find Kylo Ren. Just have Luke SKywalker do SOMETHING man! Instead of "Family Guy" parody type stuff (green milk). GODDAMNIT!
James L
James L 8 days ago
How you explain stupid movie to become memorable? Give more mind twisted bull blabla theories, so captivated audiences become the next zombies apocalypse
James L
James L 8 days ago
What went wrong ... everything Psychopath theory/story as it's told... Hahaha
David Heinemann
David Heinemann 8 days ago
What went wrong? Your expectations? TFA setting it up to be lame?
Stripey Arse
Stripey Arse 9 days ago
11:16 If they'd had the bottle to have Rey join the darkside, that would have "Subverted muhspektayshunz" in a good way.
Stripey Arse
Stripey Arse 9 days ago
Then again, Kylo mudered his Dad like an asshole in the previous movie.
Stripey Arse
Stripey Arse 9 days ago
9:15 Blackwater? How very Shrubian.
Stripey Arse
Stripey Arse 9 days ago
Rian Johnson, wanted to create a divisive film, though. ruvid.net/video/video-bO9m1-j26kU.html
?????????????? 9 days ago
4 words, disney, and new producer
AF 9 days ago
There’s a lot more wrong with it than just this especially since the prequel era Jedi were NOT good jedi the entire point was they had lost their way “it’s not the Jedi way!” So the entire point about the failure of the Jedi is wrong cuz for a thousand generations there was peace it’s only when the Jedi lost their way that things went wrong. But focusing on these points this movie was WAYYY to meta, it was just a great big debate about what should Star Wars be and never just actually was a movie it was all commentary both on Star Wars as a franchise and poorly done political commentary that added up to making Poe suddenly sexist (despite his undying loyalty and respect to Leia in TFA) and making him stupid and careless, in other words they took a good character and killed him and replaced him with a character that exists entirely to represent toxic masculinity, in doing such a disservice to the character and story they also actually hurt feminism with this movie cuz it made us look like clowns, ANND in the end Huldos plan that did not need to be secret in the first place and only caused problems, fails entirely, so what message does that send? Women have ideas but they’ll always fail? That’s not a good message but when your drawing all this attention to her as somone were supposed to see as a hero and then you do that? It backfires. And forget the chemistry between Rey and fin this movie decided we can’t get that interracial no we need to keep our minoritues together by introducing a extremely stereotypical manic pixie dream girl Asian girl who’s ‘quirky’ and ‘adventurous’. This movie attempted to redefine Star Wars increase representation of non whites and push a feminsit message, Instead it was offensive to all those points, An insult to Star Wars, an insult to Asian and black people by making fin and rose take the place of talking dog in the story, And insulting to feminism by implying that femism is just stupid anti men women who think they’re smart but actually get thier allies blown up
FuryanJedi13 10 days ago
I'm hoping that one day in the future, Star Wars gets rebooted and they tell a better story the second time around. Of course, the way things are going, I wouldn't be surprised if they screw up the reboot as well. (Sigh) To think one of the most successful and iconic franchises in history has been reduced to this. It's tragic.
Larven Karlsson
Larven Karlsson 10 days ago
The original trilogy sucks balls
Stripey Arse
Stripey Arse 9 days ago
Fair enough. Different strokes and all that. Aside from "muh cliches" or "muh 70s/80s SFX", what was it you disliked about the orig trig?
Larven Karlsson
Larven Karlsson 10 days ago
I actually loved the last jedi
cornerofthemoon 10 days ago
You're giving Roundhead way too much credit.
Gabriel Perez-Ariza
I really enjoyed this video. It was a rational discussion about the Last Jedi without falling into the emotional responses that most Star Wars You-tubers tend to fall into when it comes to the Last Jedi. You analyzed the good with the bad and were able to point out both sides of the argument. I respect the risks Johnson took but I have never really seen where he contradicted himself so I'm glad this video allowed me to see that. Great content!!!
Ferroequus Domain
Ferroequus Domain 10 days ago
Suddenly the Prequels don't look so bad.
Kat Steve
Kat Steve 10 days ago
Also the little fluffy puffen/birdy things..................adorable!!!
Kat Steve
Kat Steve 10 days ago
Everything was wrong!! Except for the Crystals Foxes, they were awesome!!!
The Film Whisperer
It would have been nice to see a...FIREFOX!
Patrick Wentzell
Patrick Wentzell 11 days ago
Luke is not a quitar an Disney should get a clue about things in the Star wars universes
Gardner De Aguiar
Gardner De Aguiar 11 days ago
Good points, however... To me, Star Wars was never meant to be a study in Jung, and Johnson's approach (the way you've explained it, at least) was just way too high-brow. It's always been about the Hero's Journey -- the hero struggling, overcoming adversity, and finally defeating his foes and reaping the spoils. People always want to see that, especially in a tale like Star Wars. Flipping it on its ear pretty much destroyed the saga, while at the same time (in my humble opinion) disrespected the previous characters' arcs.
Neil Rosenau
Neil Rosenau 11 days ago
The only way they can save Star Wars, is to hire Patty Jenkins, (Wonder Woman) to film and direct the next Star Wars.
nicolashrv 11 days ago
You should literally make another video regarding the constant jokes in the movie.......each scene with a dramatic situation, has a joke in between which cuts the tension, as if Rian is not cappable of handle stress and needs and feels everyone should see traumatic episodes as a joke, rejecting to feel human emotions. When Luke is asking Rey were did she came from, and then she says "nowhere" and in the end they put the joke of "ya, that's pretty much nowhere"..... When they start the assault on the cannon and people is being killed, they start to show how the ships fall aparts, and their floors crumble under them..... The "yo' mama" jokes (again, another situation where they make the villains to be clowns, making them annoying, not threatening. The "do you feel it?" and then smack her hand with a plant......that would have worked if it was the ONLY joke, but the amount of this stupid tension-breaker makes it annoying.....it's a "here we go again!".
nicolashrv 11 days ago
This was actually my first big complaint about the movie (second was its lenght and boringness)........with the Casino scene, they literally show Palpatine was just a pawn, so was Leia......not only pawns, but naive stupid ones with child-mentality, who caused pain and death (Leia also) just in the name of moral codes, while other people got rich with their quarrel. This not only made the previous movies look like pointless garbage, but also failed miserably to change the focus of the dilema........they GO BACK to the pointless quarrel, instead of fighting against those rich capitalist........they basically just destroy one of their casinos, in a planet with thousands of casinos, and stealing 10 horses, like if they will not be able to capture them back........this is like a kid laughing because he stolen a toy from his friend who has 1.000 of them.
Han Lockhart
Han Lockhart 11 days ago
It`s sacrilegious nonsense. Rian just wrote shite.
Jeff Hall
Jeff Hall 11 days ago
Simple Answer: Every thing!
livetotell100 11 days ago
Luke was "the new hope", and look what Disney did to him? They turned him into a bitter, sarcastic, coward who only thinks about himself. They ruined his character to the point where I could care less if they make any more Star Wars movies.
Marcus Roele
Marcus Roele 11 days ago
I hope there's a big, fat, sassy, black, woman Jedi in Episode IX who cracks jokes and says, "Oh no you didn't!" a lot. HAHAHAHAHAHA I cant get enough of that shit HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. (This is who they are catering to. This is the average U.S. viewer that has been dumbed down by desegregating schools and reality television.)
jmgmarcus 11 days ago
Rian Johnson is awful. The Phantom Menace is better than this pile of shit by a country mile.
José Gregorio Zapata
"Let the past die" and Disney is bringing Emperor Palpatine back an naming Episode 9 after the hero tjey mistreated because they wsnted to subvert expectations, becauze they wanted to convince us you dont need to be special or have royal blood or any kind of struggle to be a hero. Alas The rise of skywalker Ft. Palpatine
jhon doe
jhon doe 12 days ago
Disney hires incompetent people to CONTROL THEM!! when you hire a REAL ARTIST they tend to want to do things their way, and disney doesn't like that
JTaylortrois 12 days ago
I'm not so sure that they backtracked on their deconstruction of the series. I think Snoke, Luke, Ren, and Rey all come to the same conclusion, that the Manichaen struggle between light and dark is pointless and all four respond in their own way. Snoke, I suppose, was conservatively trying to accumulate power for himself while manipulating his enemies into conflict with his rivals (sort of reminding me of Thomas Jefferson's conservative argument for slavery: if you hold the wolf by the ears, don't let go), Luke retreats into radical pacifism rather than further compromise his values or escalate the conflict and both their approaches come to nothing. With Ren and Rey it's nihilism vs (Christian?) moralism. Ren approached the force with the fervor of a religious fanatic but with that faith suddenly broken he lost the ideology but kept the fanaticism (oh look, a contemporary rightist) and now wants to burn everything down so he can replace it with himself, the only thing he now trusts. Rey realizes this and so rejects him. Rey sees that the Jedi are most useful by way of their moral example and what the galaxy needs is the empowerment of the masses.
Student Freeman Morgan
I feel really bad for the kids who have to grow up on the new trilogy, unlike us who spent our weekends on the old trilogy
smakfu 12 days ago
The question isn’t whether it was sacrilege or a needed reset of expectations. The question is how did they manage to make such an incoherent plodding mess? It’s not the subversion or subtext, or the failure to wholly commit to that theme that makes TLJ so dreadful; it’s the wretched character development, bizarrely terrible dialog, awful pacing, ill-placed attempts at humor, unlikeable new characters, inexplicable Mary Sue heroine that invites no emotional investment, Star Wars universe destroying plot-holes, boring and preachy sequences that do nothing to move the narrative forward, illogical special effects and, last but not least, a story that basically amounts to the worlds slowest spaceship chase sequence. It’s a bad movie; badly written, badly directed and badly acted. It’s so bad that it may have killed the franchise.
Jonathan Conant
Jonathan Conant 12 days ago
I just added a like. So by your logic, the force should cause someone to create a dislike, to maintain the Jungian balance. Either that or repress their action and then project it on someone else. Crap! I shouldn't have clicked on like! Doing something good always results in someone else's malevolent action. Right?
Randy Tate
Randy Tate 12 days ago
I read Jung and Campbell's work. There is a really good reason why A New Hope works and The Last Jedi does not. You can, as you did, offer a diagnostic around the Jungian idea of *"incorporating the shadow"* but this is completely irrelevant. That's a literal circumstance within the functional psyche. It's applied, in the real world. Star Wars, however, is a myth. A story. It's metaphorical. *This* is how the human mind consumes *narrative*. Our functional psychological structures are literal, they're not a narrative. To convey in narrative format, some remedial action embodied in the character of Been Solo *does not work*. We leave remedies to doctors in clinical settings, and leave stories to script writers, using our metaphors and mythologies. Rian Johnson went literal, in a format meant to be metaphorical. Aside from the narrative being complete nonsense (even if it was a stand-alone movie), he tried too hard to do something new. It was a hard fail. He should have tried to come up with an original story, not an original was of telling it. It might be original to give an orchestra no written music and just have them play random notes. That will be a new format but that doesn't mean it will be good.
teskio 13 days ago
It wasn’t that bad, it went beyond simple premises.... it would have been even better if we got rid of the fat Asian chick, the stuttering idiot and the whole stupid casino part.
Andrew Emmett
Andrew Emmett 13 days ago
“For over a thousand generations, the Jedi Knights were the guardians of peace and justice in the Old Republic”. Long time... Compared to 2. Star Wars endured years of mismanagement, surviving on old (good, mind you) Lucasarts work and EU literature. Lucasfilm shows they have little understandingof their source material from the top. Johnson was hired for the wrong genre of film for his take on filmmaking. Put TJL in a stand-alone l, in a sci-fi instead of fantasy, you’ve got a relatively good film. What it was, though, was completely out of place. Add the fact its action sequences looked like they’d come straight from a broadway musical. Now we’re supposed to call new force users “Skywalkers”. Lucasfilm is the problem.
Dwain Morris
Dwain Morris 13 days ago
Dave 13 days ago
I would agree with what was said..., but if it isn't broken..., why fix it...
AJA Music
AJA Music 13 days ago
The more I think about it, the more I realize the sequel trilogy was doomed from the start of TFA simply because they skipped events that significantly altered each main character's arc trajectory. By the end of ROTJ, Luke is a Jedi, saves his father and helps to destroy the emperor and Empire, and Han and Leia can love happily ever after in a freed galaxy. Episode 7 comes along and nope! Han and Leia split up, Lukes hiding cuz his nephew went dark and bested him, later finding out Luke tried to kill him and blames it on the Jedi order itself, shits on the Jedi and Obi Wan, and the Forst Order basically bullies the galaxy without little pushback from the Republic and then they just end the Republic, all because of events that happened in between???? Episode 7 could have been about those events that turned their lives to shit, and where they go from there. Start the trilogy with the bad guys winning and MAYBE the characters as we know them now might ha e been acceptable.
सुयोग पौडेल
Once upon a time in a galaxy far far away..... [TAAAA DAAAAA]"Real HouseWives" Directed By Rian Johnson. Produced by: Kathlin Kennedy. First scene: Luke throws the light saber away, and grabs his Johnson. Luke: "I don't need your vibrator, I can handel my Johnson my self very well. If you are not going to show me your Kennedy then I have some milking to do down by the sea."
Santiago Segura
Santiago Segura 13 days ago
Piece of shit movie
Rj W
Rj W 13 days ago
There was backpeddling because the story was set up to show our characters at their low points where they had become jaded and gave up on the ideals they believed in. The Jedi were eff-ups, but the core of the Jedi is still good. Like gave up because of everything he’d seen and experienced and after nearly murdering his nephew by following dogmatic Jedi principles about destroying the dark side and not letting attachments get in the way, and this causing the extinction of his academy, he fell into a deep depression where he blamed the Jedi for everything. But that wasn’t fair and it wasn’t right, and both Rey and Yoda helped convince him that even with all the bad, the Jedi are still a force for good and the best defense against the evils of the universe. This his last act that would cement his legend and spark hope once more in the galaxy. Rey, also, grew to face darkness and was able to resist it. There was an entire scene in Ach To about that, and about how terrified Luke was that she did that. I fully believe that we’re going to see a much more balanced force using Rey in Ep 9 as a result. And she didn’t join Kylo at the end because that was a false choice. Her joining him wasn’t her ONLY option, and her turning from him doesn’t mean that she’s reinforcing the trope of good vs evil. Because Kylo, at this point, is becoming pure evil. Her joining a fascist regime that will enslave and oppress the Galaxy isn’t an option for Rey, and in fact offered Kylo the chance to walk away before he fell too far to the dark side. He refused, so he too failed to let go of the past. So we’ll see what Ep 9 brings, but I don’t think it’s as cut and dry as this review makes it out to be in regard to the heroes journey. But I suppose we’ll find out soon enough.
HanginWithSnakes 13 days ago
10:47...you're welcome.
Novak Kavon
Novak Kavon 13 days ago
I find entire idea of yhe new sequels stupid and lazy not one thing in this movies is original ,i mean you continue the story ofcourse the story we love ...but they just freaking copied the original story not continued it ...so lazy ...people attacking game ot thrones writers for rushing game or thrones but we should be happy they coming over to star wars cause this is just lazy dumb no originality complete destruction or the story...luke skywalker is the most powerful jedi in existence and yet he a bitter old man that gave up on everything just idiotic ...follow the story morons let the events unfold don't copy paste shit then edit with s9me d8fferences that acctualy are not even differences .. hashtag i hate Disney hastag long live phantom menace fckers
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