Star Wars: The Last Jedi - What Went Wrong? - Wisecrack Edition

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Welcome to this Wisecrack Edition on What Went Wrong in Star Wars: The Last Jedi!
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Written, Directed, and Narrated by: Jared Bauer
Edited by: Andrew Nishimura
Motion Graphics by: Drew Levin
Produced by: Emily Dunbar
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Apr 28, 2018




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Comments 80
Karl Fagerstrom
Karl Fagerstrom 12 hours ago
3:27 is absolutely Hamill's Senator Stampingston voice. I almost expected him to say "Gentlemen"
bettocornu 23 hours ago
Pure garbage, this movie was!!!
Tafhimul Hossain
Tafhimul Hossain 2 days ago
They should've given us the Vongs from legends
Swag Fire365
Swag Fire365 2 days ago
Official Simbah
Official Simbah 3 days ago
If cinematic movies are going to be this much problematic I’m probably gonna stick w/ what Netflix puts out 😩
JP theGR8
JP theGR8 4 days ago
Disney squandered the last opportunity our world had to see Mark Hamill give the performance of his life within these three movies. That is the single biggest shame of this all. It’s truly mind boggling how many stupid people are in places of power when it comes to media.
Thomas Hartwell
Thomas Hartwell 6 days ago
"Slovenian philosopher." I see the resemblance to Zizek now. _How do I hit undo?_
Christian Swensen
While all the highbrow stuff may be correct in its facts, it is incorrect in it's conclusion. It's really a lot simpler than all that. Star Wars is a product. A product must have a customer- it is the customer's willingness to pay, not the arbitrary price set by the seller that ultimately determines value. At the beginning of the new trilogy, the customers considered the value of the Star Wars brand to be very high. Then, they didn't get what they wanted. Then, they were insulted. Then, the entire story that they came to watch was undone. ...and so the brand value is now about equal to Milli Vanilli. The fans never left. The brand abandoned them.
FM_27 8 days ago
1) they transformed Luke from the one who redeemed Vader to a guy who tried to kill his emo nephew because he sensed dark side in him and then threw away his lightsaber when he could sistem everything 2) they made Rey op in lightsaber duel and in Force using when she barely trained against a rock 3) they cut out the best part of the duel between Phasma and Finn, limiting their charachter development and kept the scene of Luke's indipendent life 4) Snoke passed from being a misterious sith lord to an arrogant guy who wore a golden dress 5) Leia Poppins scene. I mean, Carry Fisher passed away, why did they decided to make this scene when they had found a good way to make Leia exit the saga? 6) Admiral Holdo, Rose Tico and of course the insane and useless search for american comedy scenes! Excluding this, star wars 8 is a good movie, and you opened my eyes about Kylo Ren
Dash Crow
Dash Crow 8 days ago
I just wish it had stayed on target til the end. I was legit intrigued until it started backsliding.
Roach Damascus
Roach Damascus 8 days ago
"We need a radical change" Yeah, maybe. There's probably no time to think it through. FUCK IT! Any radical change will do, and this handsome young man seems to know what he is talking about!
emperor palpatine박정희
nooooo! she is my grandmother
artman2oo3 9 days ago
Sorry, after the multitude of unskippable ads I had to stop watching less than halfway through.
TheScientoonist 10 days ago
The problem is the good and bad aren't made up words. Sure, the Jedi in the old republic were very flawed and had reached the peak of their hubris, but LUKE in the Old Trilogy LEARNED this lesson (through a very difficult arc) and learned to keep both aspects of the dark (passion, attachment) while adhering to NONVIOLENCE, and the respect for life, family, etc. This false interpretation of "balance" leads a lot of people to believe that the galaxy has to have equal amounts of Sith and Jedi, but that's not true. Killing corrupts the force user and is a crime against nature in this universe. The Last Jedi doesn't seem to understand this at all, and decides to use Luke as a scapegoat for everything shitty it wants to project onto him.
Emily L
Emily L 11 days ago
Maybe the Star Wars universe is incapable of beating evil fascist regimes because JJ Abrams has no original ideas
Vinay Karri
Vinay Karri 11 days ago
I have a question ,what did u think Rey should have done when given the chance to end everything by kylo ren...in the last jedi
Aidan Clare
Aidan Clare 16 days ago
Hmm I'm not sure if I agree. For one, it's predicated on the notion that the primary thesis of the film is that the shadow, which is presented as taking a kind of Third Way, holds the key to disrupting the cycle of violence. I think the film presents this as the antithesis, and uses the actions of Luke and DJ as an illustration. DJ presents the notion that good and bad are 'made up words', implying that he distances himself from allying himself with either First Order or Resistance, using the weapons trader to demonstrate that both sides commit a greater injustice by letting these kind of people profiteer from war. He helps Finn and Rose, but he also gives them up to the First Order. Narratively the film rejects DJ's philosophy; his indifferences and self-interest do not result in a better world. It's the old adage "if you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything". Similarly, Luke rejection of the Jedi's dogmatism is largely because he sees their failure reflected in his own. He feels shame and self-loathing because almost kills Ben Solo, and fails to keep him from turning to the dark side, like the Jedi of old. But he was wrong; Luke's obsession with the events of the past blind him from taking action. The burning of the books are a visual metaphor for 'letting the past die', which in this case is not letting old narrative structures die, or rejecting the dogmatism of old, but of not letting the past define one's future (echoed in Kylo Ren telling Rey the truth about her parents, although Rey's is a different arc). After that he believes he needs to take a stand. So the film rejects both DJ's and Luke's philosophies which, while similar but not quite the same.
Lilith Matriarch
Lilith Matriarch 17 days ago
I actually like that things "turned around" philosophically so quickly. It underscores how difficult it is to consciously break from habit and how easy it is to pursue your new goal in all the same ways you pursued the old one, and insodoing reaffirm everything you're trying to leave behind. It demonstrates that people are fallible and change is difficult. The film presented us with the realization that change was necessary but when it came time to implement the change, everyone fell back on old habits. If Episode IX had continued this line of thinking and showed characters making small changes to affect big results, we as the audience would have grown into the new concept of Balance with the characters. Also, having the characters struggle to let go of their dualistic instincts reaffirms implications made about the Force throughout the franchise - that the Balance of Light and Dark is as important as the Light and Dark themselves. For all of Star Wars' dedication to ideas of existential duality, the Force has an interesting habit of manifesting in triads - Light/Dark/Balance, Jedi/Sith/Renegade, Daughter/Son/Father, Ashla/Bogan/Bendu. The duality of the Force is in its dualistic essence compared to its triadic manifestation - in other words, the Force *exists* in only two states, Living and Cosmic, but it can be *manifested* in three ways - Light, Dark, and Balance. So, devoting wholly to the concept of Balance would in and of itself unbalance the Force - existence needs paradigmatic personifications of Light and Dark as much as it needs the paradigmatic personification of Balance, or else the whole of the Force is not being satisfied, just as the Force itself is in essence the harmony of Cosmic and Living. So, having the characters retain some of their dualistic tendencies underscores the need for the *whole* of the Force to be manifest, and it allows us to move forward into the new Balance-minded era of Star Wars without completely abandoning the dualistic poetry of OG Star Wars. In this way, "The Last Jedi" actually *honors* and *incorporates* its own heritage from the older films (+ "The Clone Wars") into the new, gray philosophy of its own evolution, far from the flippant, irreverent mockery that most haters accuse it of (once you set aside the comedic tone of the film, that is, which in and of itself is another avenue for the film to evolve Star Wars while paying homage to its heritage - "The Last Jedi" is the epitome of "you have to be able to laugh at yourself if you are to respect yourself"). And THAT, in addition to all of the excellent points so eloquently made in this video, is why "The Last Jedi" is a freaking masterpiece, and why Rian Johnson deserves his own trilogy (which, to the surprise of no one, I am completely hype for).
Matthew Schincariol
In short: Right Idea. Wrong execution.
hankster0878 18 days ago
The sequels were horrific. Absolute trash.
Literal MacGuffin
Literal MacGuffin 19 days ago
Do I agree with you: yes. Do I still love this movie: also yes.
Cameron Fox
Cameron Fox 20 days ago
My problem with it was that they didn't change it enough; in my opinion rey should have joined kylo and they should have left both the imperials and rebels to die
Harp Noah
Harp Noah 23 days ago
Maybe if he directed the third one it would’ve ended the way you liked
Anthony Titone
Anthony Titone 25 days ago
What a waste of potential
ANON 29 days ago
No. Imo, Rey found balance between dark and light, while Ren was simply seduced by the dark side. This is why he wanted to use his powers to rule the galaxy, whereas Rey would be at peace not to rule over it. But to restore balance, she had to amplify her light side to counter Ren's dark.
tatters !
tatters ! Month ago
So what went wrong is JJ ruined rians brilliant masterpiece? I stopped it after 10 min straight of blowing rian
victor fessler
victor fessler Month ago
I think this new Star Wars is sacreligious to the Jedi way and is garbage that subverts values of good and evil for lukewarm.
Andrea Malabag
Andrea Malabag Month ago
“Subversion” works if it’s done properly and does not completely break the established story of a prior movie. This movie, it seems to me, like Johnson did what he did to spite JJ Abrams for no apparent reason.
Dragone Flix
Dragone Flix Month ago
the answer on what went wrong: nothing, cause damn it if tpm and aotc arent considered going wrong now a days then this isnt either
Andrew Hiner
Andrew Hiner Month ago
It’s kinda shocking how you seem to almost recognize the point but still completely miss it. Kylo Ren is not supposed to be correct or sided with when he states to “let the past die,” he’s taking an extremist position that the film itself is not supporting. Ultimately, the film is critiquing and deconstructing the core elements of Star Wars in an attempt to either reaffirm them or improve on them. The message of the film is actually centered around accept your past and moving on, specifically with failure. Luke learns that while he might be right in that he failed and the Jedi were flawed, that doesn’t mean that he shouldn’t live up to the legend that he needs to be to keep the resistance alive. Rey realizes that despite Ren’s desire to stop the binary Jedi/Sith system, he still is on a path towards evil. She realizes that the concept of “good” stretches far beyond basic terms of frameworks, and that even without the Jedi or Sith, Ren is still in the wrong. The characters learn that they must accept the past with all its failures rather than simply killing it, that’s the whole point.
TheWarrrenator Month ago
It bugs me that you applied Jungian critique to this film but not Marxist. TLJ was my favorite of the three new films. If we study the mono myth further, it is part of the hero’s journey to eventually become the wizened elder. I liked that Skywalker became complex, the drunken uncle archetype, that he had regrets and is ultimately redeemed. The new Star Wars is trying to inject a little bit of existentialism into the old moral dualism diatribe and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.
Zman Jace
Zman Jace Month ago
Idk why I rewatched this but it's just made me mad the Mark Hamill will never get to play the old Luke Skywalker he deserved the chance to play... and that Kylo was a waste of a good character and actor.
Callum Hall
Callum Hall Month ago
this movie rocks. loved it when i first saw it and opens up so many new areas for the star wars story to go.
Fraser0605 Month ago
Title: Star Wars The Last Jedi, What went wrong ... Me: Everything
Danshaku Lawrence
Star Wars 9 (Duel of the Fates, what's TROS?) was meant to elaborate on this to some degree where Rey learns to embrace the concept of accepting light and dark, while Kylo Ren just goes on a power rampage (I haven't read the script, only summaries). It's not a perfect sequel to Star Wars 8, but it's way better than how TROS just continues the polarizing of good and evil.
Riccardo Arpea
Riccardo Arpea Month ago
try to lure people into the cinema by cashing in on nostalgia, then feed them the whole "let the past die, kill it if you have to" rhetoric. what could possibly go wrong, i wonder... jokes aside, the sheer idea of trying to be progressive by constantly reselling a 40-year-old ip is a contradiction in and of itself. rehashing past glories is lazy and unoriginal, but if you do it right people might like it and will spend money on it. want to push for innovation? then do something new, and do it good, so people will like it and will spend money on it. try to mix the two things in the worst of ways and people will see it as you shitting all over their nostalgia, so they won't like it, and possibly they will stop spending their money on it. it's that simple.
M567dk Month ago
Too many twists for one Star Wars film. Honestly while this is all well and good to explain and explore there’s too much for one film to handle. Especially when it’s one in the middle of the series.
Muthi nhlema
Muthi nhlema Month ago
Subverting expectations isn't tantamount to great storytelling. In fact, ironically, subverting expectations is now becoming a trope.
Redbrew Month ago
Some of these ideas would have been fine if done componently. The movie is packed with technical errors, plot holes and misanndry. Nothing is wrong with growth, it's poor movie making.
eduardo anaya
eduardo anaya Month ago
Worst Star Wars creation ever... I mean comics, cartoons, films... all of it... Utter Garbage...
weroperson1 Month ago
"Ryan Johnson's not interested in rehashing same old Star Wars" ....recreates the Battle of Hoth. I DO want a new take, but that movie WASN'T new or original!
AndHelloAgain 12 days ago
there is zero similarity with actual battle of hoth. throne room scene however was similar.
mara s
mara s Month ago
The youtuber, the critical drinker did a video on the topic of themes in movies. In it he describes how if you go into a movie with the intention of portraying themes, you're essentially going to fail. The reason being, you're story will be bent and twisted to fit the themes, rather than writing a story and just let the themes emerge naturally. This, in turn makes the themes come across "unnatural". I.E, you're being beat over the head with a sledge hammer with the themes, rather than treated like an intelligent human being. For example, the whole war is not black and white theme. In TLJ you have the heroes go on a detour to a casino planet where Rose essentially gives the audience a lecture about the FO subjugating the galaxy and DJ banging on about the grey area of war. Yet, we never see the FO interacting with the locals. So we get no sense of what life under the FO is like. Contrast that to A New Hope or Rogue One where we have scenes where the authoritarian storm troopers interfere with the ordinary lives of the locals of Tattooine and Jedah. These scenes have no dialogue. The former makes it a theme, yet does it in such an off putting, in your face way. The latter's are simply a few scenes that allow your subconscious to process what life is like for people under the empire. Thus, the two films who do not attempt to make it a theme, actually do a better job of depicting that "theme". The same with trying to show the rebellion are just as bad for buying weapons from the same people as the FO. Again, this is DJ giving Finn a "lesson". Again, not allowing a scene to speak for itself. Yet, take the introduction of Cassian Andor in Rogue One. He literally shoots an informant dead in cold blood to stop the guy from talking. Then later you get a scene where the rebels are about assassinate someone and then will happily let their own die, again, to save the rebellion. Yet, again, the latter's depiction makes for better storytelling and better depictions of the "theme", because they're not treated as themes, but just something the viewers subconscious will pick up on, that, without realizing it, educates the them. The whole Ewoks/Vietnam metaphor. People instinctively knew they were looking at a technologically advanced empire being thrashed by a less sophisticated society. We instinctively understood technology doesn't guarantee you victory. Anyone could connect the dots. No one needed to give a commentary about it. This is part of the reason people reject the political messaging in this trilogy. We're not treated as adults capable of understanding through visuals and metaphors. We're treated as children who need to have things spelling out for us. Big flashing neon signs telling us what to think. So no, TLJ isn't the first to make a point to show the grey area of war. It's simply the one that brags about it.
Daniel Miller
Daniel Miller Month ago
The answer is everything. Thanks for watching.
Metrion77 Month ago
Here's the big problem. THE MONOMYTHS WORK. The original Star wars trilogy were not deep movies. It was a feel good movie series that did not need to be complicated. Don't inject moral grey areas into a series where we don't know nor do we care why the Emperor was evil. If you want to make a movie where the bad guys are the good guys and vice versa, cool. Don't slap the star wars logo on it.
AndHelloAgain 12 days ago
what are you talking about? introduction of lando and darth vader being lukes father introduces grey area.
Hunter Month ago
The thing about The Last Jedi is how bad it truly is, even after years I still find new things about it that make no damn sense, it just gets worse & worse with time. The idiots that defend it are even worse. What director that’s given the keys to a franchise purposely alienates half the fan base? There’s no way it wasn’t done on purpose
Alex Cardosa
Alex Cardosa Month ago
The ideas where there but the execution failed because all the padding.
mike grady
mike grady Month ago
TLJ is an abomination!
LadyDoomsinger Month ago
I would have preferred the sequels focus on the chaos and lawlessness of a post-Empire galaxy, as the new republic tries to glue the pieces back together, despite of old grievances and blood feuds, while also fighting to legitimize itself with no real claim to power, other than being the model predating the Empire and the only alternative to anarchy. Basically I would've liked it to be a story about the founding of the New Republic and its growing pains.
Colton Ruscheinsky
Fucking nothing!
Janaki Butterworth
I remember really enjoying TLJ when I saw it in theaters. I loved that it was trying something new and somewhat thought provoking. I was not a huge star wars fan at the time so the direction they chose to take Luke's 'heroic' character in didn't piss me off, like it did those who were accustomed to seeing luke as the valiant hero. That being said, having watched many videos of people discussing the movie, and reading many comments where people call the movie shit, I've come to realize that the movie is extremely flawed. But still, I respect that it tried something. The other two movies in the sequel trilogy didn't do that.
Triple_D Month ago
Wasn't the moral to reconcile with the past and how it shaped today. Luke is the way he is at the beginning of the movie because he can't forgive himself for the mistake of almost killing his nephew in a moment of weakness and push to the dark side. Poe and Rey see the rebellion and Jedi has Heroes an Legends but so wrapped up in that they can't see the flaws or weight of that idolization Kylos speech about letting the past die is him ignoring the path he took to get where he is because he trying to rebel from his legacy. Yoda spells this other the past is a good teacher.
N English
N English Month ago
Save 16 minutes, the answer to what went wrong is "They made it"
Circunvalación Month ago
I'm arriving quite late to this but, what Rian Johnson tried to do is pretty much what the EU did with Luke and his new jedi order. Luke recognized that the old ways needed to be reformed and updated, not entirely discared, and teached their students to tamper the dark side, accept and come to terms with their emotions, and not just fear the darkness as something to be destroyed there where it dares to appear. That, of course, led to more drama and conflict, the peak of it being the rise of Darth Caedus, but nonetheless, Luke's journey during the EU explored that very integration of the shadow, as Jung called it, without becoming a cynical and sore old man in a self-imposed exile, and that's where I think the problem with this film and all its apparent philosophy lies: "The past is never dead. It's not even past." William Faulkner,. while culture, on the other hand, in this case the Jedi and Sith cultures/religion it is in fact dead, and what its needed its not their destruction but their evolved revival, and to "kill" it all its the same as throwing the baby out with the bathwater, which also reflects modern/postmodern approach to culture, religion and the old "systems". To tear the whole building down its not useful and to be so adamantly sure that there's nothing useful to learn, and worhy of preserving, from the past its the most adolescent of attitudes possible. At the end, the film chooses to preserve something without really presenting reasons for it.
Daniel Merlos García
This is an interesting video and thus there goes my like. On the other hand, I think you didn't fully understand the movie. Not every story needs to have a message or an aesop which ties it whole. TLJ simply brings up different themes to make the characters and the audience reflect on them. It's not that the last third of the film contradicts the messages of the first two, but instead that the characters evolve in different ways: Kylo becomes fed up with everything and only caring about destruction, but also about Rey; Rey lets go of his past in a different way, by having closure on his parents' abandonment of her; Luke, although bitter, depressed and ashamed because of his and the Jedi order's failures, comes to terms with his own legend and admits that the Jedi have good things worth conserving
Titus Lucretius Carus
This is actually an interesting position to take. I think this video takes jungian thought way too dogmatic, first using it as a means of explaining the drama, but then using it normatively to argue that it's bad for not following the schema (arbitrarily put on it). Really, Rey's taking up the legacy of the jedi and preserving the books could be taken as an argument that Luke's outright rejection of the good/evil binary is too radical, and what we really need is reformation of these categories. Ren could then be taken as someone living completely beyond good and evil in a nihilistic void, purely focusing his efforts on violence. If this guy would have gone all-out Jung, he could have positioned Rey as someone learning the value in order and Ren as someone spiraling into chaos; Finn meanwhile needs to similarly learn nuance and that things aren't just black or white by not outright committing suicide because he sublimated his ego under the rebell cause.
Dennis Earle
Dennis Earle Month ago
You actually make that movie sound interesting. Stop it! It's crap! :-) Keep up the great work! How's that for ambiguity! Thanks for the psychology references. I had no idea. Peace.
Maria Vittoria Guimarãis Inácio
I don't understand anything about this new trilogy, everything is so messed up. I like it but at the same time I don't like it !! Argh
Arthur Brandão
Arthur Brandão Month ago
Star Ward deu mole no IX pq o VIII eh muito bom soube trazer coisas novas para o star wars
vsGoliath Month ago
"It was a Jedi master who was responsible for the training of Darth Vader." Wow, way to fucking dunk on Obi Wan. Hey jackass, he trained you too, you know! Last time I check, you really liked old Ben.
vsGoliath Month ago
So here's a question. Did Han, Luke, and Leia just never bother to tell Kylo that Vader was redeemed and died a good guy? Like they never felt the need to mention that and that he killed Palpatine as Anakin Skywalker? Cause I feel like that really would have put a damper on the whole "trying to be like Darth Vader" thing if he knew.
Corey Leonard
Corey Leonard Month ago
So what went wrong with The Last Jedi is that it forced you to think critically...
man of lemancha
man of lemancha Month ago
Last Jedi was a pile of shit of a movie. Shit on your fans, shit in character and movie development,shit in holding to what the old characters would actually do , and shit in writing.
Assimodo got the Mojo
The nail in the coffin was JJ Abraham's (?) decision to pick up the "everything is repeating itself" theme: *It makes itself obsolete* At first it seemed to be a smart choice as the first Disney RL-Films had major success. A success which would just go downhill from there. The problem which this brings is the following paradox: Why should I watch a (soft) reboot of a series of films that are already critically and time approved masterpieces? It's way more clever to do something completely new like "Clone Wars" (making the prequels watchable / Show actual war, while expanding lore and characters WITHOUT just relying on the main films), "Rebels" (New target Audience, different tone, lore/ different perspective) and "the mandalorian" (different genre / tone). Conclusion: If you want to make good Star Wars, you have to change/ add things and/ or expand the already existing things. You have to give a different perspective and create own myths. While were on the subject: That was the thing that killed a part of star wars: The "Subversion of expectations", which is a clever idea, but fantastically poor executed: It's like you go to McDonald's and order a Cheeseburger, but the clerk just gives you an empty box, smiles at you and says: "Didn't expect that, buddy?", Only to have a different clerk show up to give you a pile of dogshit and say: "Didn't expect that either?". Long story short: Star wars is a space opera. It's in it's pretty nature to be simple and dramatic. Over the top and epic. It has a mythos, heck it is a mythos! You just can't take this ONLY CONSISTENT REPEATING THING (which irony!) and throw it out the window, without changing the entire tone, story structure and approach to Storytelling. Or without even addressing it. Cynicism and epicness are a contradictions in theirselfs. If you want to do something, go full circle! Shows like "Rick and Morty" and "Bojack horseman" are proving that it works. Cause they compensate the cynicism by deconstructing it through their flawed and 3Dimensional characters and making it a part of them and their struggle. The new trilogy doesn't have the characters to carry this or more likely doesn't give them the chance. In either way has the new trilogy an identity crisis, because it doesn't know what it wants to be. It introduces ideas just to drop them in the same breath. It's the magnum Opus of capitalistic cynicism! Star Wars is not repetition. It is that only at it's worst. Star Wars is change, Is expansion. It's a simple but wonderful mythos, that can have the courage of trying out new things and expand on the already existing stuff without relying on it. Disney dropped their pants when they obliterated the old canon. They admitted that they were creatively bankrupt and wouldn't be able carry on the torch as they're lacking the passio, the understanding and the courage. They didn't watch over Star Wars, they tried to press it in a mold it just doesn't fit. Before Disney, Star Wars was a wild collection of Stories from before a long long time, from places far far away. Of course there were some stupid things, but also things that were so great, that they are still or again canon. I Hope the empire will loose this battle and either pull itself together or perish under it's own idioty.
Werrf1 Month ago
I think you're overthinking this. Rian Johnson didn't have any interest in revolutionising the philosophy of Star Wars. He's a troll; a vandal; a Herostratus. He didn't have any interest in revolutionising the philosophy of Star Wars, he just wanted to gain infamy and notoriety as the man who destroyed it.
Kameron Donaldson
its okay to kill the past but not let it stay dead. because if the past dies, then nobody can learn from history. those who learn from history must do so from reenactments.
koti nebieridze
koti nebieridze 2 months ago
fuck this movie fuck the entire new trilogy this is a disappointment for every star wars fan
Mal Sealy
Mal Sealy 2 months ago
Mr Jung and Johnstone I’ll raise you TURIYA- The Fourth State. What would Mr Campbell have suggested??
He-Man !
He-Man ! 2 months ago
Does ANYONE know the music in the backround of this video?
Albert Åkesson
Albert Åkesson 2 months ago
Wisecrack is right. The sequel trilogy had no identity of its own. It's a farce from the prequel trilogies with no attempt of making them any justice. Too bad really.
Alex Bennet
Alex Bennet 2 months ago
Nothing went wrong, you guys just don’t like change.
Arthur Brandão
Arthur Brandão Month ago
Esses caras não sabem apreciar filme diferente
Arthur Brandão
Arthur Brandão Month ago
E vei o filme ficou muito bom porra
Montan Thills
Montan Thills 2 months ago
What music are you using in this video? I want to have a pure listen.
GothicDafne 2 months ago
Coming here from the TROS video, I think Rian Johnson did right, leaving the way open for Episode IX to finish the progress or "revolution" of SW, but instead, JJ made a retcon for a hollow rehash and ruined everything, which is why people laying blame on Rian about not letting anything for JJ to work it is dumb, he left plenty to work with (finding the true balance in the force, doing away with the old system that does nothing but recycle conflcit every few decades etc.) but JJ didn't pick up on any of it and thought he could deliver a nostalgia bait and "fix" things that TLj supposedly broke (that didn't need fixing), and he failed, hard.
guguigugu 10 days ago
is there anything JJ hasnt ruined; that guy is a menace by this point.
AndHelloAgain 12 days ago
@GothicDafne JJ actually set in stone that luke went to exile disconnected from everyone because his student turned to dark side yet people blame RJ for it.
Karina Figueroa
Karina Figueroa Month ago
Thank you
GothicDafne Month ago
@vsGoliath What Rian did was the result of something JJ brought to himself in TFA he didn't set up shit in there other than his infamous "mystery boxes" which by definition can interpreted however the hell anyone wants, he set up a bunch of mysteries that had as much chance of being one thing or another, he didn't set anything into stone (I suggest you search the averted, defied, subverted, zigzagged and played with trope term means) and Rian simply interpreted them how he thought things would make the most sense, setting the bases for a new storytelling to be born on the SW franchise taking the old events and taking to their logical consequences, rather than just rehash it into a new version of Ep V, which is probably what JJ expected, but that's no ones fault but his own for again not clearly setting shit other than mysteries... maybe Disney fault too for letting him 🙄. Bottom line, the one guilty of doing retcons left and right to fit an old narrative that just doesn't resonate with new audiences anymore (old fans can complain all they want, but Disney was interested on bringing in new people not keeping the old ones happy) and ended up ignoring everything that was clealry and specifically set up and said in a previous movie, was JJ not Rian, you only need to look at their track record in other projects to see who is the actually good writer and who's is at best mediocre.
vsGoliath Month ago
But that's exactly what Rian did to JJ! In Force Awakens, JJ Abrams left a bunch of open ends and stories for the next director to tell a good Star Wars story. Instead, Rian tossed those plot hooks off the same cliff as Luke's lightsaber and screwed the entire trilogy in the process because he wanted to write fanfiction, not Star Wars.
Bojack Norseman
Bojack Norseman 2 months ago
What if...and stay with me here...the angry man who wants to burn it all down may not have all the answers, and the woman is going to with the people fighting fascism?
G Ren
G Ren 2 months ago
This criticism doesn't work, the ENTIRE point of the title "last Jedi" is to be purposefully misleading, the film isn't trying to tear down the old ways, thats what the villain wants, the point is to redefine the jedi and take it to a whole new level. Rey joining Ren may have worked but either it would be way to hard to end that thread in just one movie left or it wasn't built up enough. Luke being a hero and a legend doesn't go against its ideology, it IS the ideology, the ideology of killing the past is what the film goes against, its not trying to be the last jedi, its trying to be a redefinition of the jedi. The director himself stated that its not about killing the past but redefining it, taking the good from the bad, Luke was wrong, and valuing the old ways of star wars while kicking out the bad is the purpose. And for the video to not give any credence to this possibility and state it as contradiction rather than intention is not good criticism.
Joseph Haas_4230130
Joseph Haas_4230130 2 months ago
I think Sequel fans would agree with the rest of the fandom . . . if you didn’t oppress us. The new actors were harassed! That’s when you know that you are doing something wrong. I do respect your views, but I’m deeply upset with how sequel haters express them. I used to be a hardcore Star Wars fan. Now the toxicity of the fandom has driven me away. I am starting to return to my favorite franchise. I just hope the fandom can reunite, apologize for its cruel behavior and maybe recognize TLJ and TROS for the parts it did get right.
Cyriss Smith
Cyriss Smith 2 months ago
The idea that the original Star Wars series was supposed to be black and white about Good and Evil is fucking stupid the main villain, became the main character and was redeemed, Luke have to use the dark side to beat Vader in the last fight and then he uses the light to choose not to kill him. Inter balance between both sides is the point of the series, and that's what Rian Johnson is going for with both Rey and Kylo as they both teeter on the edge struggling on which side to go to because they were falsely taught in storys that heros have no faults and villains have no soul. You forget there was supposed to be another movie after this. If someone other than that fuckface JJ had the last movie, they would have exploited that and had the dark side of the force itself be the main villain and the story be about the two of them becoming a grey order together after a deep struggle or at least one of them doing that after a fight to the death but no we had to ruin the franchise instead because JJ Abrams is a piece of shit.
Cyriss Smith
Cyriss Smith 2 months ago
Okay first of all the force awakens was shit because its a worse remake of ANH, and a lot of The Last Jedi was fixing that, secondly Luke in The Jedi is 100% right about the Jedi, and it's not shiting on the other films when the prequels were made to show how fucking wrong Obi-Wan and Yoda were the whole time. The first six movies, in chronological order, is perfect in showing the faults of both sides of the force; Qui Gon Jinn being the exception when he followed the will of the force and was still a good person without repressing emotions like a psychopath and condoning the fucked up shot the Jedi did. In the climax of Return of the Jedi, Luke was told by Obi Wan and Sidious that he was supposed to kill Vader. He didnt. He wasnt following the Jedi when he did that, he threw the lightsaber and took his own path similar to Qui Gon (I think the parallel of them both having green lightsabers was connected, but irrelevant). When he throws his father's lightsaber in this it's no fucking different and it doesnt shit on the established movies at all. The movie only shits on Force Awakens for being recycled shit the fans already seen, rebranded, and that movie had it coming. And the cantobite stuff is important because that's the harsh realitys of our wars, run by Plutocracys. War profiteering introduced in a franchise about war shouldnt be frowned upon. Last Jedi is by far the best Disney Star Wars movie because its the only one that isn't either an expensive rehash, Nostalgia baiting, or in the case of Rise of Skywalker complete and utter horseshit in every way, especially for shitting on the main threwline of the first six movies Anakins redemption and the fall of the emperor
Bam98 2 months ago
This is where the movie starts to get smart.... 😂😂😂😂😂.GOOD ONE
Ethan Wilcox
Ethan Wilcox 2 months ago
Maybe Kylo Ren is supposed to be the good guy. Maybe he really was the change the galaxy needed, but Rey, who is the “good” guy, takes the good, righteousness of the Jedi, along with it’s shortsightedness. It’s all very complicated but I think it all reverts back to the Star Wars good guy vs bad guy trope, but this time, the Last Jedi blurts the line between that good and that bad
Natasel 2 months ago
A feminist was in charge. Frankly it’s amazing it took 2 movies before it became clear how much of a pointless shit show Disney made Star Wars into.
Mitchell Lerich
Mitchell Lerich 2 months ago
I bet Johnson was forced to backpedal by disney
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