Star Wars: The Clone Wars - Final Season Official Trailer

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Check out the trailer for the final season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Coming to Disney Plus Feb. 21.


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Jan 22, 2020




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Boogiepop 5 hours ago
1:04 Asoka sensing order 66? and 1:55 Rex and Asoka during order 66?
Dorito gaming
(I don't care if it is clone wars)
Allykins17 2 days ago
I keep playing those scenes from Revenge of The Sith over and over again in my head. I don't know if I'm ready. I just don't.
Thailan M
Thailan M 3 days ago
So this takes place during ROTS
DozyProductions 6 days ago
Wait... The fly now? Jk I know they're mandalorians
ConvexSpys 8335
ConvexSpys 8335 7 days ago
That's Lame I have go get Disney plus to watch the last season of one of the best Star wars TV shows way better then Rebels.
Captiankirk games
The real Star Wars
Mrweclaw8 8 days ago
There’s some unresolved plotlines and there’s 40 episodes left and story arcs that they didn’t animate, that’s enough for 2 more seasons and they all take place before the seige of mandalore. I really hope they animate more of them if they get enough attention on disney+ because they gave us more when it was cancelled after season 5. Lost missions is only half of season 6 though. These 12 that we’re getting would make up the other half of season 6 because it’s not a full season. We were supposed to have 8 full seasons altogether. They should animate it all because it’s the last piece of George Lucas’s story. We saved the clone wars, now we must #CompleteTheCloneWars
ociNNico 8 days ago
Realizes there isn't Grievous *confused coughing*
Ahsoka Tano
Ahsoka Tano 8 days ago
I love the Clon Wars But why they gave her green sabers ? She need the green sabers back like in the book I love Ahsoka why did they do that
DinoDual99__Seppy Bison
Who here thinks Disney made this for Maul to have his former glory.
Shv Limo
Shv Limo 9 days ago
One of the things I want from this season is to know how Anakin got his scar on his eye
vaf12345 10 days ago
I literally cried when I heard a new season is coming out im so hyped!
Play time
Play time 11 days ago
am i the only one who feels the hope for star wars again?
Late To The Game
Late To The Game 12 days ago
There are tears
Skorch Row
Skorch Row 12 days ago
Depa Billaba and Kanan Jarrus? 0:24
SirPhill TG
SirPhill TG 12 days ago
When will the final season show on TV? Very sorry bcuz I am not updated.
Jordan JG
Jordan JG 14 days ago
If this ain't finished on RUvid I'm sure many fans will be angered
James Davis
James Davis 16 days ago
Let's just hope they don't pull a Season 8 of Game of Thrones on us all.
Nerd Empire
Nerd Empire 14 days ago
James Davis The Sixth Season was under Disney too and that Season was fricking awesome
James Davis
James Davis 14 days ago
Do you not see what I'm hinting at? It's called bad writing. All it can take is one lousy season to ruin Anakin, Obi-Wan, Ahsoka, and other characters. This is the first Clone Wars season under Disney's PC brainwashing cult. So, excuse some of us here for being so skeptical. Rebels and Forces of Destiny are childish trash.
Nerd Empire
Nerd Empire 14 days ago
James Davis That wouldn‘t make sense. In this Season we‘ll see Order 66
This is how the prequels were better then any Star Wars movie
A Free State
A Free State 17 days ago
This trailer gave me chills
Captiankirk games
Captiankirk games 18 days ago
I got reason use Disney plus now
Captiankirk games
Captiankirk games 18 days ago
So ready what date
Levi Gomez
Levi Gomez 18 days ago
They should Make a non canon star wars where Anakin doesn’t kill mace windu and the old republic along with the Jedi order Remains .
BlueRaccoon27 19 days ago
What will happen to Padmé at the end of this show? Is she going to be safe? Will she be alright?
BigBadMoFo G
BigBadMoFo G 18 days ago
BlueRaccoon27 it seems, in his anger. Vader....kills her.
Sarboi 4023
Sarboi 4023 18 days ago
Reese K
Reese K 19 days ago
JBSamurai 19 days ago
🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Harutyun Johns
Harutyun Johns 19 days ago
The orange helmet really doesn't match with the blue markings on the body armor
Cringe Boy
Cringe Boy 20 days ago
Cartoon Network: Cancels Clone Wars Netflix: Revives and cancels Clone Wars Disney: "Every choice made has led to this."
Javier Mendoza
Javier Mendoza 20 days ago
A moment of silence For the ones who never lived to see this
Thinkz- Speedz
Thinkz- Speedz 20 days ago
Think if rex tried to kill ahsoka. It could be complex and emotion filled. Would be great.
Neo 20 days ago
We know how the ashoka vs maul battle goes because of rebels
Stathis Kout
Stathis Kout 20 days ago
What about General Grievous?
ZlayaSeledka 20 days ago
1:34 Keynon Jarus?
Lxmon Bee
Lxmon Bee 21 day ago
I’m mainly excited to see more Anakin and Padme moments. And know that she pregnant..Dang he must of been busy during the past years lol
Patrick Beres
Patrick Beres 21 day ago
The shot of Obi-Wan at 1:13 is so so cool
Nicholas Grandfield
Man anakin looks like anakin now
Nathaniel Neveu
Nathaniel Neveu 21 day ago
this look infinitely better than the new trilogy
AG_ mk7
AG_ mk7 21 day ago
Weird how Count Dooku isn't in any of the trailers 🤔
Cranky Luke
Cranky Luke 21 day ago
Imagine getting prequel memes in the clone wars..."hello there"
D3V1LGota 21 day ago
disney better not have put a kiddy filter over my favorite show
Firenado 21 day ago
Did general grevious die or some sht?
Jordan N
Jordan N 20 days ago
Firenado This takes place before and during revenge of the Sith.
Matthew Steiner
Matthew Steiner 21 day ago
Okay, but we know Ahsoka and Maul will both survive, so where's the tension in that fight?
johnmichael2692 21 day ago
Matthew Steiner the tension is it’s gonna look badass especially Ahsoka she clearly survives it all, as she is one of the best
M. Black
M. Black 21 day ago
Ahsoka vs maul looks fire af
Jackattack809 21 day ago
Looks like it has dark themes but kitty action.
Datnigga kermit
Datnigga kermit 21 day ago
Kanan jurrus and his master. 0:24
Quicks1lvr 21 day ago
Just finishing up the latest season of this series. It's just too crazy to think this is coming now
PierogiBoy 21 day ago
Darth mauls animation looks absolutely amazing
Striker Echo
Striker Echo 21 day ago
PierogiBoy Ray Park is providing Mo-cap for him.
Ray Brundridge
Ray Brundridge 21 day ago
Dismal disney will NOT get a single dime from me, instead I'll be watching this online for free.
Striker Echo
Striker Echo 21 day ago
Ray Brundridge Honestly I hate to say this, but I’d recommend subscribing to Disney + if your going to watch the final season. Not for Disney, but as a sign of respect for the creators who put the time and effort into creating and giving us what we had waited many years for.
Eddie Fortson II
Eddie Fortson II 21 day ago
When this drop
Justin Avila
Justin Avila 21 day ago
Who else knows what going to happen because of star wars rebels
Striker Echo
Striker Echo 21 day ago
Justin Avila And now there’re rumours going around saying that a sequel series to Rebels is in the works.
Southhs5115 21 day ago
Southhs5115 21 day ago
Southhs5115 21 day ago
M.Bordeux 21 day ago
I thought it already ended with rebels
M Guy
M Guy 21 day ago
I'm scared. I want this to be great like the series before Disney bought Star Wars. I saw elements that made me feel hopeful & at the same time despair. Disney you better don't mess up.
Theprime984 21 day ago
It has been too long!!!!!
ИСКАТЕЛЬ 21 day ago
Почините Асоку и ее световые мечи.Повстанцами нести начало
Alvaro DeG
Alvaro DeG 21 day ago
Who here appreciates both the 2003 and 2008 Clone Wars?
Rohan Lal
Rohan Lal 21 day ago
0:24 There is Kanan with his Master
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