STAR WARS Rise of Skywalker Trailer BREAKDOWN! Palpatine & Leia Explained!

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Star Wars Episode 9 THE RISE OF SKYWALKER released its first teaser trailer, filled with mysterious clues pointing to Star Wars history -- Emperor Palpatine, the Death Star, Leia, and Lando Calrissian! Erik Voss breaks down all the details you missed in this latest Star Wars trailer from director JJ Abrams, returning from The Force Awakens, taking back the reigns after The Last Jedi. Why is Kylo Ren repairing his broken mask? What do Rey, Poe, and Finn want from the ruins of the Death Star? How will the film depict Leia after Carrie Fisher's death? How could Force Ghosts play a key role in this story? And what does the title "The Rise of Skywalker" secretly mean?
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Comments 100
Jacob E
Jacob E 37 minutes ago
I hear George is helping with this one but I don’t know if it’s confirmed
Davy Maekelberg
Davy Maekelberg 6 hours ago
Elrik Vonreg's TIE Fighter
Lauren Gaudet
Lauren Gaudet 7 hours ago
gem speeder XD
gem speeder XD 18 hours ago
Lion El Jonson
Lion El Jonson 20 hours ago
They shouldn't have carried on after the ending of ROTJ, they should have just made a trilogy set in the old republic era with malgus or something. I'm really getting tired of stormtroopers and rebels.
Jeff Johnson
Jeff Johnson Day ago
Let "The last Jedi" die. worst movie of any of the series. Period. This one can't help but be better.
Guillermo Osorio
The last Jedi should be built upon, it was a good as it gets in breaking the establishment pop trend... that’s what I loved so much about it.
Guillermo Osorio
Keep the damn helmet in pieces come on.... that was epic!
felgen2 Day ago
A little Retcon, a little rebuilding, but a lot of repair to the Star Wars universe/franchise.
Lanwarder Day ago
What are you talking about kylo ren and Snoke don't know about Vader' humanity? Kylo Ren knows Vader is his grandfather since he calls him that way and knows that Vader was human at some point since Kylo knows both Luke and Leia to be his mother and uncle.
Arrbyy Day ago
Speaking of breaking down...
Play Coleslaw
Play Coleslaw 2 days ago
Rey is leia clone
Angarsk100 2 days ago
No Disney, you broke SW (a 50-year old beloved franchise) beyond any repair. not even paying for hype will bring it back. hyped:0, Interested:0, will watch: 0.
PhantasosX Games
in 1999: No George Lucas , you broke SW ( a 20 years old beloved franchise) beyond any repair!
怪我ドル Z O M B O I D
No one's ever REALLY gone...
Canadian Jake
Canadian Jake 2 days ago
16:05 "You skywalking clod!"
mcdonaldm73 3 days ago
Disney and Kathleen Kennedy have just about killed Star Wars. Sadly, I have little hope for Rise of Skywalker.
Kevin Kelley
Kevin Kelley 3 days ago
Just not excited at all.
Shane Wallace
Shane Wallace 3 days ago
Still pissed how Disney just gets rid of with Luke with a vanishing act. Nothing like Disney to ruin a beloved character that we have lived with since 1978. Great job...next they will ruin Avengers....oh wait! Next will see Palpatine come back as a transgender. Go figure!
Kage Muir
Kage Muir 2 days ago
Im pretty sure he wanted out... Han too... Halfway through filming Force Awakens, Harrison Ford was like "F*ck it, Kill me off, Im done." and Mark Hamil did the same in Last Jedi
Kevin Kelley
Kevin Kelley 3 days ago
They only bring back the old characters just to kill them off. Lame Disney. Lame.
Roell Martinez
Roell Martinez 3 days ago
Matt Green
Matt Green 3 days ago
Am I the only one that knows that Rey is Kylo's twin sister? C'mon, where are the real Star Wars fans?
Daniel Dalton
Daniel Dalton 3 days ago
Retcon. But why or how would Obi Wan’s ghost go from looking like he did when he died to Ewan McGregor? There better be some sort of explanation for that.
Yuet Lee
Yuet Lee 4 days ago
Who gives a $hit?
Rohan Roshan
Rohan Roshan 4 days ago
What if the emperor is skywalker?
christian hinde
christian hinde 4 days ago
Can we just ignore everything last Jedi obviously explain snoke cause he came in force awakens
Dhas 4 days ago
I hope Kylo Ren will Turn in into the Lightside
cool dude
cool dude 4 days ago
Damn papatines laugh has so much power
Aivottaja 4 days ago
God, what a shill.
weallbfree 5 days ago
I remember Luke clearly stating at the end of Ep8, "I am NOT the last jedi."
BRZ Tommy
BRZ Tommy 6 days ago
I don't have the narrow mind of a Jedi, I accept all the Star Wars films to their fullest. Only one who accepts both aspects, the light and the dark will become one with the force. 🤓
MyManateeMan 6 days ago
Kel Olson
Kel Olson 6 days ago
I hope they bring back anything Anakin related. They bring back Darth Faders March😂
Neko Rivera
Neko Rivera 7 days ago
Palpatine is anakins father....the original skywalker...
Neko Rivera
Neko Rivera 7 days ago
Red and black is a Maul colored tie fighter....
TommyTucker110 7 days ago
Where is R2-D2 :(.
School Account
School Account 7 days ago
Your theory about the title is awesome!
elfordgaylord 7 days ago
hey nimrod luke skywalker said in the last jedi i will not be the last jedi
Wicked Internet
Wicked Internet 7 days ago
That is not how force spirits work skip this comment if you don't want to hear some nerdy Star Wars stuff but No Jedi had learn about it for centuries until Qui Gon who as one guided Yoda to be taught who passed on the knowledge to obi wan who spent two decades in Exile learning app then saved anakin's conscience at the Brink of disappearing. Luke Probably learn it in exile. Sadly Mace Windu never learned it neither did Leia and that child in episode 3 would never of Learn it
laura mcdougal
laura mcdougal 7 days ago
good picture of REAL Sebastian Shaw Anakin !!!
Max bGregorydj9lnk
maybe the broom kid is a skywalker??? we never know
The Shipper
The Shipper 8 days ago
Everyone knew that Anakin and Luke were related. What people didn't know was that Vader was Anakin.
The Shipper
The Shipper 5 days ago
+The Shipper for your comment
The Shipper
The Shipper 6 days ago
Erm, for what?
Larry Johnson
Larry Johnson 8 days ago
Why wasn’t mace windu a force ghost?
Darren Reiley
Darren Reiley 7 days ago
The canon's not super clear, but the force ghost thing seems to have come about because Quai-Gon discovered how to do it, then communicated it to Yoda during his meditations, who taught Obi-Wan how to do it. (Episode III at the end, Yoda tells Obi-Wan "Training I have for you..."). Therefore Mace Windu never learned that trick.
Jeff S
Jeff S 8 days ago
5:50 kylo Ren takes down someone who is running from the battle a coward
Jeff S
Jeff S 8 days ago
I have three words "it's a trap!"
foodshipnine 9 days ago
I think the entire dialogue that Palpatine will actually deliver in this movie was given in it's entirety, in this trailer. It's just a hype mechanism.
gary stewart
gary stewart 9 days ago
Star Wars without Vader it’s like beer without alcohol.
gary stewart
gary stewart 9 days ago
Star Wars is three films, and they are not special edition. The rest is garbage, or as Lucas would say poodu
Dovaking1904 PUBG
If sith spirits attach themselves to objects like you said in the video maybe palpatine’s spirit is attach the the Death Star as a whole, so whenever someone comes across the death star wreckage like Rey and the rest of the team did, they’ll have many encounters with the spirit of palpatine and hear his famous cackle or laugh.
kippari 9 days ago
Stephanie S
Stephanie S 9 days ago
No retcon, build on it. To retcon what someone else did to please 😭👶🏼👶🏼👶🏼👶🏼👶🏼 is stupid.
Bartholomew 9 days ago
Ep 8 "let the past die, kill it if you have too" Ep 9 " fix the past fast, glue it if you have too" *Oof*
Sam Alexsander
Sam Alexsander 9 days ago
ooooo plz if emperor is alive plz bring back VADER he is one of the most AMAZING darth
Marleyyy 6 days ago
No in pretty sure people would be angry for vader to still be alive, I think anakin should come back as a force ghost instead
ace man
ace man 9 days ago
You definitely know how to break it down glad I find this video you kind of think like me a little great vid
Paul Gehlert
Paul Gehlert 9 days ago
Mate. You are a tosser trying to pump his own tyres. Get off, go away, get a life.
Kingplayer 3112
Kingplayer 3112 9 days ago
And darth plagues is a real sith
Kingplayer 3112
Kingplayer 3112 9 days ago
Qui gon learned the force ghost power and told yoda and obi wan and obi wan taught anikan skywalker so no mace windu
MrMoorkey 9 days ago
Fans: Ep7 - Too similar. We want 8 to be different. Ep8 - Not same enough. Go back. Ep9 - Is that a Death Star? Tie interceptor? We have a bad feeling!
Michael Ross Pearson
You should write a book 'How To Overthink'
Cisco Duncan
Cisco Duncan 9 days ago
I used to get so amped for any Star Wars trailer. But now I’m not jumping up and down. I hope this is good but the last two were so bad. We’ll have to see. Thanks for the video.
Caroline Peterson
Caroline Peterson 10 days ago
if po and rey don’t kiss, i think i’ll cry
Dessie Life
Dessie Life 10 days ago
If jar jar or one of his kin don’t make it into the episode it will fail
Dessie Life
Dessie Life 10 days ago
Me thinks
lol Dragonfru
lol Dragonfru 10 days ago
I feel like Star Wars will pull a twist which at this point is very common in movies now, where Rey is somehow related to the Skywalkers and possibly adopted because we never really got a full and detailed explanation of Rey"s "parents" other than they junked them for water. Another theory is maybe Rey marries (yes I know) Ben Solo aka Kylo Ren and making Rey ultimately related to Skywalker but in-law.
idk 10 days ago
Really good theories! Ty
c bass
c bass 10 days ago
dont believe the hype young padawan if jj still directing it will fail
C. Loh
C. Loh 10 days ago
Both, as to Retcon the controversial plot twists & to Build on them!
carlos bowe
carlos bowe 11 days ago
While JJ is excellent at fixing things he's not the best at wrapping things up, so I actually have high hopes for this movie--as long as it leaves room for another trilogy starting with Episode X...
carlos bowe
carlos bowe 11 days ago
we've seen eight damn movies, people--if you can't tell that the Falcon is dropping OUT of hyperspace in this footage then you can't be helped...
carlos bowe
carlos bowe 11 days ago
that hunk of Death Star--if that's what it is--has to be from the second DS, which means that they're on Endor. Since that moon was primarily forest, the destruction of the second Death Star would have set most of those forests on fire, starting an extinction-level event as well as creating a permanent rainy cloud-cover like the one shown...
Billy B
Billy B 11 days ago
rey and kylo have a dance off, ghost anakin throws ghost palpatine down a ghost pit, and darth jar jar was c3po the whole time.
Jonathan Fowler
Jonathan Fowler 11 days ago
That Chewie caption was HILARIOUS!
Thomas Burt
Thomas Burt 11 days ago
What training did Luke pass on. He didn't teacher jack. A cloud city, desert planet, and then lush planet. JJ is giving us Return of the Jedi 2.0. Ty JJ Binks.
Weird Brick
Weird Brick 11 days ago
Those desert scenes look like Tatooine based on the moisture harvesters
Matt Hamilton
Matt Hamilton 11 days ago
this is delightfully nerdy and I'm here for all of it. thank you for putting this together!
Robert Blizzard
Robert Blizzard 11 days ago
The rise of Skywalker - is Vaders rebirth. that's why they are going to the death star they had his DNA is stored there.
YeahhDan 11 days ago
i want all of the last jedi retconned...
teeahtate 11 days ago
Always good reviews
G L66
G L66 11 days ago
Glad you showed the shot of the OG Jedi ghost with the first actor who played Anikan, not Hayden Christensen... may he name never sully Star Wars again
V Bear
V Bear 11 days ago
The balance that is required is that there can only ever be two Sith, a master and apprentice. Same rule applies to the Jedi. Rey is the Sith Lord. Kylo is the Jedi master. Their conflict is within themselves as they each come to grips with who they are.
carlos bowe
carlos bowe 11 days ago
Same rule does not apply to the Jedi. While a Master can only have one apprentice, there can be more than one Master.
Waning Faith
Waning Faith 12 days ago
Thanks for the 17 minute brain WANK....your observations of the obvious were uninspired, I hope your channel fails.
DD's Bricks
DD's Bricks 12 days ago
5:05, that ship is Rey's parent's ship form Force Awakens.
GoGo88764 2 days ago
I thought it looked a bit like an A-Wing
School Account
School Account 7 days ago
It's actually really similar!!
Jesse Stirling
Jesse Stirling 12 days ago
In terms of your query: build upon themes of last movie vs. retcon? I'm hoping that J.J. Abrams fixes everything. Last movie stunk. Worst of the franchise. Here's to the redemption of Luke Skywalker's character; the most earnest Jedi in the galaxy!
Richard Scanlon
Richard Scanlon 12 days ago
Anthony Mcmillan
Anthony Mcmillan 12 days ago
My theory is that the prophecy states that anakin is the chosen one which is correct so since palpatine still lives I think anakin will come back for one last battle to finish the prophecy
Pierce Hassler
Pierce Hassler 12 days ago
if you read the comics palatine has hundreds of clones of himself in stasis?
Чалкер Грифон
We gunnu ignore the boy that used the force at the end of The Last Jedi
kalamataLJS 13 days ago
You lot do know this is made up stuff and you could have spent your time researching into historical events
Mark House
Mark House 13 days ago
I've been watching this thing since 1977 I was 16 years old when it all started I am now 59 this is the longest saiga I've ever watched in my entire life I hope you wrap everything up before I die I would love to know what happens next and on that note it would be nice if I could be in Star wars Ben's I watched it my entire life that would be an honor keep up the good work Lucas I have a great day
carlos bowe
carlos bowe 11 days ago
right there with you. I saw Star Wars when I was 8, so I too have seen every movie IN the movies, and it would be nice to see a nice, clean bow put on this series before I die...
James Fraley
James Fraley 13 days ago
Does anyone really care about SW anymore? I have seen the last two films and I enjoyed the last, but I have no interest in this story thread anymore. I don't feel there are any real stakes, and I have no connection to the newer characters (proof of this lies in merchandise sales). Marvel massively elevated the blockbuster film which illustrates how these connected stories should be built over time. But like junkies, it seems SW fans keep hoping the next film will be better. Disney should just go back to the drawing board for SW and then rebuild the franchise in a few years.
The Cranky Old Geek
Have you heard the info about the next trailer at SDCC? The Kinghts of Ren have their own Edna Mode that does their wardrobe. *Facepalm*
K W 13 days ago
I am the biggest Star Wars fan
Moe Modii
Moe Modii 13 days ago
Richard Rogers
Richard Rogers 13 days ago
Ankins saber is blue and Luke made his green one so shouldnt Klyo have his grandfathers light saber
Richard Rogers
Richard Rogers 13 days ago
They better have R2D2
Scotty Morris
Scotty Morris 13 days ago
I'm getting the "1000 generations live in you now" is an attempt to fix how Rey has such great powers without the training.
WhistleAndSnap 13 days ago
Boy howdy I hope so
Chandler Castleberry
That was a clone wars star destroyer. It had a red stripe.
Paul Thomas
Paul Thomas 14 days ago
Where's R2 D2 in this trailer? He isn't in any of the scenes at all especially in the Group adventure?
CheekiChebureki 14 days ago
D-O's sole existence is to sell more merchandise
Helen Rantanen
Helen Rantanen 14 days ago
"Youve failed your highness. I am a jedi. Like my mother before me."-kylo ren
RobBoOst Ph
RobBoOst Ph 14 days ago
Enjoyed the vid. Awesome thanks!
Eric Brown
Eric Brown 14 days ago
At this point I think this story is pure shit and no clue how they fix it
Nathan Lemire
Nathan Lemire 14 days ago
Luke's lightsaber is green.
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