Stadium Opening, Grapple Spots, New Maps & More! (Season 5 Trailer Breakdown!)

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The new Season 5 Trailer for Modern Warfare is here so today I wanted to break it down in great detail and share everything noteworthy that I noticed! What are your thoughts on this trailer and the upcoming season?
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Aug 3, 2020




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Delboy Kinobi
Delboy Kinobi Month ago
Why has this just popped up in my notifications?
Mut4ntG4m3r Month ago
urzikstan mp map clearly is a glimpse at the upcoming BR map :D
Kalburt Dallof
Kalburt Dallof Month ago
How can I unlock the ghost character from this trailer??
Jon Aguilar
Jon Aguilar Month ago
Waiting for Terminal!
Deniz Gunes
Deniz Gunes Month ago
Yeah hospital needs an another entrance to the top
The Anonymous
The Anonymous Month ago
Who is that operator at 3:59 ???
Lut Zed
Lut Zed Month ago
I just download the update today,i was thinking wow what did i do to have been selected to experience it early...then the download finished and it just wait there not installing...bruhhhhh Edit:Its live now,Lerch is like ultimate Martin Lee alter ego
en Month ago
So I can't land on Stadium glass and prone till my first loadout drop anymore? This brings my chances of winning from 0.01% to 0.00%. Uninstalling.
Darth Vader
Darth Vader Month ago
Honestly I could've cared less about them adding zip lines to the tall buildings in Downtown if theres already zips and stairs inside almost all of them. They needed to fix the ATC Tower at Airport by adding more than one way up. Great video as always Ace!
Just Danny
Just Danny Month ago
Stadium , war zone’s tilted towers
hotrodsather Month ago
Not too excited about the remington 700....
Jason Graczyk
Jason Graczyk Month ago
The rifles recoiling barrel at 3:45 reminds of me the GM6 Lynx. Potentially a new sniper? Or is that something that semi-auto .50 cal does and I never noticed?
ilov3ohio2002 Month ago
So will the stadium be open in Ground War? I don't think you can even get to it never mind.
Sino Shohe
Sino Shohe Month ago
Players who are able to afford to download the massive game size are very fortunate...I'm so much interested but given my internet access I have to be contended with CoD Mobile...enjoy the awesome game people.
BeastMastre aka NinjaDar
The stadium will also have the ascension lines. How do I know this? Well, it's not something in this trailer, but I've kind of known the ascension points were coming since the CoD blog post image a month ago where everyone saw that the stadium roof was going to open up. If you look at the top left of the stadium in that pic, you can see the cable mount between two banner posts. This trailer just confirmed it for me. Now I'm just wondering if that damn ATC tower is going to have one.
Kristin Elizabeth
Is the train from Golden Eye 007?
john mazuera
john mazuera Month ago
Honestly if they can jus make it so I don’t have to play promenade 90% of the time on ground war I’d be grateful. Its like the game knows which maps you like best and jus refuses to let you play them...why tf?!?!? Also the freezing during the cruise missiles sequence is SO annoying.
Logical Eye
Logical Eye Month ago
They need to focus more to get rid of hackers
Jan De Kock
Jan De Kock Month ago
Is it just me, or did the Kar just get nerfed?
Matt Jefferys
Matt Jefferys Month ago
I’m excited for it. I love how this game keeps expanding/changing. It helps to keep me from getting bored with it, which would usually happen with all games by this point. All for it 👍
Dannie ray jr
Dannie ray jr Month ago
Tristin Pash
Tristin Pash Month ago
Grapplers are cool and all until you are going up one and some camper put a proxy mine.
bronnos cots
bronnos cots Month ago
APC9 is looking like another MP7/ Fennec but the AN94 leak looks sick. The 2 round burst looks like it’s gonna he annoying.
bronnos cots
bronnos cots Month ago
twitter.com/bktoor_/status/1289226296430477317?s=21 they fucked up the sights though :(
Sam Read
Sam Read Month ago
Mast chf
Mast chf Month ago
They need to make garandthumb a cod operator
Domeo Month ago
They got my guy from the handgun training videos in the game 🤣🔥
Shahin Qaderi
Shahin Qaderi Month ago
Someone in reddit pointed out a helicopter was carrying 5 person (including the pilot) in the warzone map. Could we have a 5 player team for warzone in addition with quads?
Jeremiah Fues
Jeremiah Fues Month ago
Disappointed that they didn’t make any significant changes to the Warzone map. One reason why Fortnite has garnered so much success is their ability to keep things fresh by changing the map. Fingers crossed the map changes more with season 6.
Anthony Graybill
is that ghost skin new or what??
Steve Jones
Steve Jones Month ago
The game has been ruined by cheats. Will never play another.
Jason Siegfried
Jason Siegfried Month ago
Not sure if anyone else has commented about this but the MW3 map that might be Oil Rig is Offshore. It was a DLC map that came fairly late, maybe the final DLC pack, and I loved that map. So hopefully it is a remake, but I can’t tell either.
OriginalDarkMew Month ago
Grapples will be as broken as the elevators, but it could at least give you a 50/50 shot of which is being camped if they're alone. But a team covering both, good luck dealing with that 😆
OriginalDarkMew Month ago
Ooo~ R700! Yesss~
OriginalDarkMew Month ago
Never thought down town would be blown up. Would fuck up the ground war map, unless they copied the old one and kept that in only ground war, but still wouldn't make sense.
Hexon Month ago
Is nobody going to bring up how much of a copy the train is from apex legends
UKlethal247 Month ago
3:03 are they explosive rounds? On a 2 round burst or single shot?
Superplatypus11 Month ago
4:46 the operator flying the helicopter has a Canadian patch, maybe a new mil-sim skin?
Timothy Dellapelle
I think the rig map is more like a black ops 2 dlc map, I don’t remember what it was called. But the layout from your video looks like that map
A Davis
A Davis Month ago
Ace you missed a new game mode, Capture the flag
TheXclusiveAce Month ago
CTF has been in MW before
Spencer Packard
Spencer Packard Month ago
I think it would be cool if they would let water come into play. Add wet works in the ocean/lake part of the map or possibly an oil rig. The only think I liked in blackout was boats and water so I think it would be cool in warzone
Joshua Carr
Joshua Carr Month ago
Chopper pilot @4:47 looks like Canadian Special Operations Forces Mil-Sim
Bobby Bessette
Bobby Bessette Month ago
Imo, any map is better than Prom. I instantly back out.
Joep Eijkemans
Joep Eijkemans Month ago
I believe the oil rig is from mw3 spec ops, with the juggernaut mission
BLACKMAN Month ago
You missed something unusual 00:33-00:34 quadbike has something red underneath it and when they jump over train looks like nitro or could be just coloured exhaust fumes. Who knows
knee grow
knee grow Month ago
Woke up im banned for no reason season release
Hamish Lang
Hamish Lang Month ago
can you please do a gun guide on the crossbow
Keaton Del Mundo
The big guy in sunglasses w/ AN-94 is realworldtactical’s tony sentmanat. A literal beast. Watch his stuff!
M Wadud
M Wadud Month ago
How dare you not talk about birb finisher
Teletubby Po
Teletubby Po Month ago
Why no terminal or highrise
Darion Akins
Darion Akins Month ago
Blowing the roof off of stadium, good now fut bol will be played in the elements and weather, as most sports should be
CmonCmonEileen Month ago
Why is he not talking about the golden mask man letting loose a crow on the camper? I've rarely dipped into Season 4... have I missed so much😳
Jeepers boocs
Jeepers boocs Month ago
In the trailer it shows a few people using the rytec so I’m pretty sure they fixed it
Matthew McKenzie
Suldar Harbor gives me csgo vibes
S K Month ago
Need Crossplay Off on Xbox
IProDB17 Month ago
take a look at the dragunov stocks, the pkm snatch grip, the model shotgun xrk true grip, and some other unique attachments that are small you missed, in the dragunovs case just completely wrong description and stats for the stocks as I swear the skeleton and vlk lightweight ones help ads more than the supposed ads stock which actually gives more stability.
Saiyah Month ago
already knowing there’s gonna be hella teams hiding in stadium
Ahanuf Uddin
Ahanuf Uddin Month ago
But they won't add a good anti cheat. Hmmm
Jen WildSide
Jen WildSide Month ago
New maps, new weapons, AND SAME LOW ANTICHEAT...Wow it's going to be great to play this new season with the SAME CHEATERS.
Dr Muffin
Dr Muffin Month ago
Can’t wait for the new dog takedowns 🐕
Josh Hurley
Josh Hurley Month ago
I liked it. I think it looks good. I was most excited for Remington 700/M24 but it looks like WZ will be lit. Ppl complaining about "pace" irks me. If someone wants full throttle crackhead Gfuel snorting meth smoking Adderall fueled chaos then play MP. BR is more about tactics & planning, or BR should be.
RyanNowitski Month ago
dude the inside of train station is going to be that map from BO2, Express
MasterDroper 2812
They showed the spaz shotgun on the train
BonesTheCat Month ago
MAC-10 is all I want.
neondemon Month ago
i was hoping to see new vehicles, maybe a tank or Different helicopter.
Guiltia_sin Achilles
That ghost's takedown is kinda gay tho
It's Me
It's Me Month ago
The SE5 roadmap literally says "New warzone map" "Urzikstan" and I'm so confused why this isn't getting more hype and attention.
Enzo Bertozzo
Enzo Bertozzo Month ago
Can't find the roadmap anywhere
Kerim Tuncel
Kerim Tuncel Month ago
They added fkn Karim Benzema in the game 😂
RogerRabbit Alex
What’s up with the bird at 4:00
xswolfee Month ago
Looks like we’re getting a fukin bird execution 😂😂
bolec Month ago
You should definitely be able to shoot while you're still on the grappling hook. Waiting until the animation is done is equal to waiting until you're dead.
cbf6shot _tsi
cbf6shot _tsi Month ago
Suldal Harbor??? Isn't that a map from cod ww2
redneck gamer
redneck gamer Month ago
Nobody is talking about the masked guy who says "guess whose back" anybody have any speculations?
Mlungisi Dlamini
Installing update on ps4 rn
sam k
sam k Month ago
Biggest issue/problem is the East side of the map. Prison, Farmlands, Lumber, etc... that part of the map is just trash. I appreciate the effort and changes. But If they improved that part of the map, they could even increase the player count. As more parts of the map would be worth dropping to. Currently I feel like I am stuck being able to only drop on one half of the map. That is if you are actually trying to kill other players. Other spots, after the first fight or two, you are normally stuck traveling half way across the map for more action. I feel like it just takes some of the flavor out of the game.
progressive7777 Month ago
Tony Sentmanat -new operator :)
Alex Ayush Ryder
0:31 , that operator is holding a spas 12
Alex Ayush Ryder
It’s seems to me a model 680 with the 6 rounds mag castle
Tekaka18 Month ago
Haven't there ben a operator from the campaign every season except 1 and there's still Farah that's important to the campaign that could come out soon?
Kali Constantine
I subscribed to your channel because I love how simple and clear you do your breakdowns keep up the good work man
Sugar Bear
Sugar Bear Month ago
Hey did you guys not see the ammo coming out off the AN94 it was like explosive and red, check the vid when he is in the stadium after the sniper
Kings Trap
Kings Trap Month ago
Cause tents are proper cover..
Nishanth S
Nishanth S Month ago
2:57 that’s clearly a sniper rifle but is it the R700 though?
It’s a rytec amr
Ryan Griffing
Ryan Griffing Month ago
I RREEAAALLLLLYYYYYYY want to see night maps!! NODs, PEQs, etc.
Lechqu Month ago
They should’ve given us a proper grapple hook rather than dedicated grapple spots. Dedicated grapple spots can be easily camped. Not much of a so-called counter. But of course, Joe Teapot loves his camping so there’s no way he’s going to give us an actual viable way to counter it lol
David Clark
David Clark Month ago
Quoth the Raven, “Nevermore”. Look it up.
Cristian Month ago
Why is their no Mexico 🇲🇽 Flag?
Zach Brown
Zach Brown Month ago
Hey Ace love the content! As of today idk what’s wrong with MW it seems every multiplayer match I get into on shoot house or shipment there is a huge input delay and onscreen delay. What I mean by this is I’m quickscoping and the response time from when I hit my shot and when the enemy dies is off. This delay is especially noticeable when quickscoping and makes the game unbearable to play. It would be awesome if you could look into this, thanks!
Anybody else notice what looks to be a drum mag on the m13?
mrfutbollover1 Month ago
there is a tank on the train
Josh Oblander
Josh Oblander Month ago
Did anyone else notice the viking looking guy with his shirt off in the livestock portion? Is that a new operator?
ZedsDeadZD Month ago
I am actually more excited about trainstation opening than the stadium. Ots so annoying to walk around this thing if you have to.
Jayz 4 Dayz
Jayz 4 Dayz Month ago
Wish they would add weather dynamic to the map. Something like pubg.
BLACKMAN Month ago
@Jared Willard life is not bug free, im glad they just keep putting out new stuff, was getting bored
Jared Willard
Jared Willard Month ago
I wish they'd just fixed their bugs before adding all this new stuff lol
BLACKMAN Month ago
@Top Gun Darien you know this bro!
Top Gun Darien
Top Gun Darien Month ago
BLACKMAN BF was ahead of its time bro
BLACKMAN Month ago
I wish they had destructive environment and alternation of weather like in BF4
Brogan Worthington
Still not a single new rocket launcher😡. Only one new sniper so far
Martin Serralunga
Broo, love you vids. Greetings from arg🇦🇷
Hrh Bros-Gaming
Hrh Bros-Gaming Month ago
There was a spas 12
Kevin Rupe
Kevin Rupe Month ago
I hope the crow execution knocks the guy off the building. That’d be epic.
John Smith
John Smith Month ago
Can't wait for another single lane groundwar map🤣 ..
Mercury Month ago
I will always watch your video first than any other youtuber, cause you keep it short, consice and straight to the point 👍
Gerald Zhou
Gerald Zhou Month ago
Hey ace can you observe the sniper rifle in the hands of the siper camping up in the tall building in the trailer? it looks quite different from the other sniper rfles.
Tha DiscyPaL
Tha DiscyPaL Month ago
i may be reachng but that oil rig might be from mw2 where shepard sent them with the hostages wrapped in c4s
Nick Huff
Nick Huff Month ago
How do we expect the APC-9 to perform?
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