SPY HACKS AND TRICKS || Funny And Cool Spy Ideas by 123 GO!

123 GO!
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Does that wall look weird to you? Yep, we’ve got a spy on our hands. Don’t worry, we’ll show you all our sneaky ways.
Do you secretly wish you had what it takes to be a spy? Now you’re one step closer! Which trick do you want to try first? Let us know down below in the comments!
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This video is made for entertainment purposes. We do not make any warranties about the completeness, safety and reliability. Any action you take upon the information on this video is strictly at your own risk, and we will not be liable for any damages or losses. It is the viewer's responsibility to use judgment, care and precautions if one plans to replicate.
The following video might feature activity performed by our actors within controlled environment - please use judgment, care, and precaution if you plan to replicate.

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Jul 13, 2020




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Comments 100
Glen Barwick
Glen Barwick 9 hours ago
123 go:"atleast I look cute tho" Me:"no your not"
Microsoft confirmed Dulalevi Original
1:00 but no one waste glasses
Arthemma Gaxiola
Arthemma Gaxiola 18 hours ago
I still wonder who is that voice it's a very nice voice
anu goel
anu goel 21 hour ago
Bjhe aaoege msg to do this but I love it and lows and lows and contact details for
Alishba Hassan
My little pony
Carlos Portillo
Why is she looking at her texts is she a bad girl
Carlos Portillo
Sophia : NOOOOO!!!
Carlos Portillo
Banah Rweishdy
Banah Rweishdy 2 days ago
Yeah sure it’s fine but guess I little bit ok got it
Bailey Barnard
Bailey Barnard 2 days ago
Let's 123 GO into these vids
Carlos Portillo
Good pun Bailey 😅😅😅
Pelican 2 days ago
Saboorah Akhtar
Saboorah Akhtar 2 days ago
I really hate Sophia
Sai Patra
Sai Patra 2 days ago
Hi am Aashi
RuthyAnn Korab
RuthyAnn Korab 2 days ago
No you’re not cute you’re evil
antoinette moreno
Love you Too baby girl I miss you 😙 much 😘💓💖💖 SO waiting on her for me and I can get you in the loop as well 😉 I love it ❤️❤️🤠☺️❤️☺️💓🙂😜❣️💕😉❤️🤠☺️😜😉🙂😊💗❤️☺️😉💗💖☺️❣️💕💞💘🙂😜🤠💞🙂😜❤️☺️ like
antoinette moreno
LOVE 💞💘😍😍😘💐😘😘😢😢😢😢😢🙏🏽😘😘😘😢🙏🏽🙏🏽💙💙 LoL
Miranda Simmons
Miranda Simmons 3 days ago
Miranda Simmons
Miranda Simmons 3 days ago
Myx18 3 days ago
this bad boi channel copied someone
Kushal Govalkar
Kushal Govalkar 3 days ago
Vishnu Priya T
Vishnu Priya T 3 days ago
Don't make English videos
Sandra Jewel Bobiles
Sofia is so bad
Nataraja Gowda
Nataraja Gowda 3 days ago
world's best Spy gadgets
Gavin Asuncion
Gavin Asuncion 3 days ago
Gavin Asuncion
Gavin Asuncion 3 days ago
artistic impression
triggered insaan should try this..............................
a random account
a random account 3 days ago
I hate that girl that log into that other girl stuff
Madisyn Bryson
Madisyn Bryson 4 days ago
did yuo know that when she dumps the cup out the balloon is like teal the it turns to pink, what
Shhaurya Kumar
Shhaurya Kumar 4 days ago
It is
Blanca Jimenez
Blanca Jimenez 4 days ago
Me when I'm trying to get my dads phone: hehe •∆• My dad: Hey don't you dare grab my phone Me: bye bye ;-;
Shona Swift
Shona Swift 3 days ago
Shut up about those kind of texts
Ximena Medrano
Ximena Medrano 4 days ago
You cod spie on her gast discis your self
Nehemias Aragon
Nehemias Aragon 5 days ago
I want to hear you real voices I'm tired of someone has to talk for you please
Barbie VLOGS
Barbie VLOGS 5 days ago
Wow u got some witty spy hacks!!😆 Hillarious too
Jenefa Mae Balaba
Archita Lala
Archita Lala 5 days ago
I hate 123 and 123 school
Aubriella Fuentes
Why does Sofia say what a long day but the other girls phone said 4:14 am
5555 Subscribers Without Any Videos Challenge
Literally 1 % people who are reading.........May you parents live happily healthily for more then 💯 years😇❤️💙❤️🙏😇
Taylor Joan
Taylor Joan 6 days ago
I willy hate sofia
• The Unknøwn Slytherin •
Sarav V
Sarav V 6 days ago
Hi my name is. Ryan was a good Boy
Carlos Portillo
Punit Bawkar
Punit Bawkar 6 days ago
I love Sophie’s drawing
kochurani joseeph
Kelvin Ng
Kelvin Ng 6 days ago
Aise Deniz
Aise Deniz 6 days ago
Why can’t Eva mind her own business during this video can you all agree?
Nat Lie Enriquez
Nat Lie Enriquez 6 days ago
l love you eva you ar the best
Isabel Cruz Fuentes
*dateshub.ru?v=qdph7XaOUL8* 0:45
SIAAN GOYAL 7 days ago
Nishi Art And Craft
I like the glasses hacked
Aaron Reed
Aaron Reed 7 days ago
siddhartha raina
siddhartha raina 8 days ago
SPY HACKS AND TRICKS || Funny And Cool Spy Ideas by 123 GO!
*dateshub.ru?v=qdph7XaOUL8* 5:44
Shalini Rao - Kathak
You are indian plz say
kai yin Chong
kai yin Chong 9 days ago
Mean stupid Sopfia
Nahid Akhter
Nahid Akhter 9 days ago
I Like read books
Tushitaa Jha
Tushitaa Jha 9 days ago
Did any one noticed when the balloon fell from the cup it was green and when she saw it....... it was pink ! How come😂😂
Aeryn 9 days ago
is it just me or did they just copy troom troom or troom troom copied them?-
Angela Talbot
Angela Talbot 9 days ago
You are the best
KyLaCyr Ungab
KyLaCyr Ungab 9 days ago
Rachel Chow
Rachel Chow 9 days ago
This is how many people want to hear their real voices⬇️⬇️⬇️🤪
punjabi youtuber
punjabi youtuber 3 days ago
@Charlotte Zubert charlotte what a name
Miabibi De Sagun
Miabibi De Sagun 3 days ago
And meee to pls
Haley Parker
Haley Parker 4 days ago
Neharika's World
Neharika's World 4 days ago
Me !!!
Vijay Gupta
Vijay Gupta 5 days ago
kassem nizam
kassem nizam 10 days ago
These hacks works well for them but in real life they dont work really well
Leah Ashe fan
Leah Ashe fan 4 days ago
@kassem nizam oh
kassem nizam
kassem nizam 6 days ago
I mean these hacks are working well for the main people in these videos but in real life they dont turn out well
Leah Ashe fan
Leah Ashe fan 6 days ago
What do you mean???
Alice Owen
Alice Owen 9 days ago
Daniel James
Daniel James 10 days ago
MISS GIANNA,s channel
Hey 123 go keep making videos
Rowza Aman
Rowza Aman 10 days ago
Joan Soler
Joan Soler 10 days ago
Eva if mean because she is not allowed to listen
Garlapati Rajesh
Garlapati Rajesh 10 days ago
JANICE MCCORD 10 days ago
I love love you too the moon 🥳🤩😌😜😝😛😋😚🤜🏻🦄🦋🦄🦄🦋
Avanthika. K A
Avanthika. K A 10 days ago
Fom avanthikaka
Avanthika. K A
Avanthika. K A 10 days ago
Eava is buttyful
sarah imran
sarah imran 10 days ago
A lot of people said Eva is mean but I do not think she is mean all those people who said Eva is mean I think she is probably a really nice person in reality
claudia carrillo
claudia carrillo 11 days ago
Hi 123go
Aniela Bieniek
Aniela Bieniek 11 days ago
Guess what if you put up and do not touch sign it just makes people want to open it On this case go in the room just if you don’t put up a sign they not gonna go in your room so then they don’t know what you hiding
Kei'hanni S
Kei'hanni S 11 days ago
Azizur Suman
Azizur Suman 11 days ago
Why did miss apple bee wear her students glasses?!
Tay Hong Tin
Tay Hong Tin 11 days ago
# # @ @
lyly Abbas
lyly Abbas 11 days ago
lyly Abbas
lyly Abbas 11 days ago
Debra Guedesse
Debra Guedesse 11 days ago
I HATE it😅😢😡😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠🔥🔥🔥🔥
Reilley Woo
Reilley Woo 12 days ago
That’s a nice comment
Tian Flajsman
Tian Flajsman 12 days ago
You know that you can buy red glasses T_T
Christine Pingel
Christine Pingel 11 days ago
Well you know we can take long to get to the store if you don't live by a store and if you don't have enough money for grasses for red glasses you can't buy them so that's easier
Katie Sequeira
Katie Sequeira 12 days ago
1:31 hey that’s the girl from 5 minute crafts
Katie Sequeira
Katie Sequeira 3 days ago
Anurag Singh 😂 🤣
Anurag Singh
Anurag Singh 3 days ago
Katie Sequeira yes hahahahahaha
Gandhar Acharya
Gandhar Acharya 12 days ago
Stupid Videos!!!!!!!!!! Your Videos Are Just Like 5 -Minutes Crafts And Like Their Videos Your Videos are also meant to be roasted!!!!!! THIS CHANNEL IS STUPID!!!!!!!!
Patricia Ojo
Patricia Ojo 12 days ago
great show
Linda Lilyana
Linda Lilyana 12 days ago
And other youtubers are more better than you
Linda Lilyana
Linda Lilyana 12 days ago
Troom troom is way more better than you
Linda Lilyana
Linda Lilyana 12 days ago
You just coppy other youtubers like troom troom or jianhao
Linda Lilyana
Linda Lilyana 12 days ago
Ceira Roberts
Ceira Roberts 13 days ago
Fun fact:people who watch this need to have the best weighting to Wright so small on or glasses
Rupchan Ali
Rupchan Ali 13 days ago
Trebuchet cfdsawe
XxCaremel_ WolfiexX
9:26 Eva has the same headband as mine
1 1
1 1 13 days ago
My brother has a passport and I try to go on it and I did
1 1
1 1 13 days ago
I have a class I'm am have zoom
1 1
1 1 13 days ago
I sqiying on my brother has a girlfriend and me to on my class I like him
Yesenia Madrid
Yesenia Madrid 14 days ago
I want to try the stem and the letter
Mike Cropper
Mike Cropper 14 days ago
Dyshaksjff HD. Shs😘😍😍🤩🦷🦷
Carla Soreano
Carla Soreano 14 days ago
I always watch your videos Ian a big fan
Carla Soreano
Carla Soreano 14 days ago
Can i get 1 sub before 2021
Fun fact: half of the people including me going through the comments didn't even watch the whole video .
pablu suprapto
pablu suprapto 14 days ago
spy hacks and trick glass red
Beast playz funny moments
I hate the people it's so cringe I hate it and please don't use your voice plss add music I hate it and the face of those people especially the boy one is ugly like if you agree
KillerSup 14 days ago
I know Sophia is acting odd
ariane c requita vlog
Wow nice the glasses is the red is pretty fashion nice ilove to 123 go
Basilia Melendez
Basilia Melendez 15 days ago
I am a big fan
neha bhaskar
neha bhaskar 15 days ago
I like it was so nice
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