spoiled rich kids on tik tok

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reacting to spoiled rich kid tik tok
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Jul 11, 2020




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Badwolf 05
Badwolf 05 Day ago
you would get punched if you did this in the North East
Roger Rabbit
Roger Rabbit Day ago
Beethoven had his critics too keithy, let's see if you can name 3 of them?
patrick blake
patrick blake 4 days ago
Interesting these fat chicks don't look at skinny people and say it.... gross
patrick blake
patrick blake 4 days ago
Tok tik is just a machine for people to get CP.... disgusting...
Anti-Social 5 days ago
I envy the scoobydoo door
thisismalus 6 days ago
That’s not a house that’s a b &q
NoName 8 days ago
the start is just people flexing their 3 most expensive things..
Purple Fate
Purple Fate 8 days ago
Those pink nike x ofwhite shoes are the cheapest on the market
Loco 9 days ago
I wouldnt say that all these kids are spoilt, only the “want it i got it” kids
Unidud3 11 days ago
On the one with the fake watch the car they sow is totally different than the one on the computer
swifty 101
swifty 101 11 days ago
To be honest out of all them I think most would go with the warehouse with the cars hot tub😂
Daisy Reid
Daisy Reid 13 days ago
Will, love, he is meeting all the players of west brom, the football team
daisudaisu 13 days ago
Will this is your best video
Ben Wiggin
Ben Wiggin 13 days ago
"Its not a house, it a B&Q" words of wisdom from the wise man himself.
Big Steve
Big Steve 14 days ago
MIKE Spillane
MIKE Spillane 18 days ago
Kane Games
Kane Games 19 days ago
6:21 I dont think anyone wants birds shiting in there house
Blackpill Truth
Blackpill Truth 19 days ago
I’m not hating on them I do want this sort of money one day the only thing I hate is when rich people are ugly, there is litterally no excuse for people to look like shit when they’re rich.
Ca Ca
Ca Ca 20 days ago
5:02 he speak english but he is in Paris ? Whut? It’s a locations i’m sure... AND because i’m French and i can tell you that his home is a restaurant or a « bateau mouche » oui on les appelles comme ça...
Georgia G
Georgia G 20 days ago
umm the girl with pigtails in the second video isn't 6 hahaha that's his girlfriend(1:14)
DigitalHarmony 20 days ago
That voice will be in my head for the next week. “Everybody has that one thing in their house that everyone thinks is so cool. Could be a hidden cabinet, a little movie room, a gadget. But ours, is this.” Goddamn it.
Gubby 20 days ago
I wanna watch this whole video but I can’t stand both of these sound effects, the “I want it, I got it” and “everyone has that one cool thing in their house”
TxX AssassiNz
TxX AssassiNz 21 day ago
It's a deerstalker, Will. A detective's hat is called a deerstalker.
Chase_sno 21 day ago
i lasted 3 mins and now i have lo leave the video
Dunnhier 22 days ago
4:17 i thought the *coolest* part of the house will be the fridge ... get it?
Forat Al Janabi
Forat Al Janabi 22 days ago
I have a normal house. You guys are just weird.
Serge Gnabry
Serge Gnabry 22 days ago
Will doesnt know west Brom, like fam how
Rob_lilley 557
Rob_lilley 557 23 days ago
What’s his obsession with putting Surley not...
Alpha _
Alpha _ 23 days ago
5:09 can’t even lie he sounded like doofenshmirtz
KneeCapsy 24 days ago
7:30 it's fake he cut the video when he open door
DaRobloxAddict 24 days ago
Playmentic 24 days ago
7:09 737 800
Tommy Butler
Tommy Butler 24 days ago
Do some more lad
Raya McDowall
Raya McDowall 24 days ago
Is he welsh??
Don Ochetti
Don Ochetti 24 days ago
1:09 That girl is defo his gf creeep
mvvpvals 24 days ago
Spoiled rich kids r dumb if they say Dad, i wanted a blue ferrari, bcz u can just paint it u rich idiot
Yellow Lemon
Yellow Lemon 25 days ago
Half of this house are definitely vk rental houses
Spinning duck
Spinning duck 25 days ago
This just turned into a house review
LUFC. Tommy
LUFC. Tommy 25 days ago
How many hours have you spent going through your for you page to find these videos will how many
Hung Breadstick
Hung Breadstick 25 days ago
Come on mate even I have a urinal
cloneZy_ _
cloneZy_ _ 26 days ago
3:19 fake AirPods
kadir in the hood
kadir in the hood 27 days ago
Bruv imagine w2s seeing this vidd
ATTY 21 27 days ago
Me when my mum gets me a packet of crisps: “I want it, I got it”
Goose from Animal Crossing
Kylie Trudgian
Kylie Trudgian 27 days ago
3:06 to 3:09
Alex Booth
Alex Booth 27 days ago
7:09 I’ve seen bigger flight simers setups
Y A 27 days ago
Sooooo many funds ads
HirosKag 27 days ago
You can hear coming out of my cage when they were showing off the cool parts of the big houses
Chase Hudson
Chase Hudson 28 days ago
Most of them live off their parents by the time they leave they would be living in a council house
Charlie _
Charlie _ 28 days ago
Tbf the I want it i got it one with literal professional footballers is quite cool
Phillip Harriman
Phillip Harriman 28 days ago
7:09 WhY tHeY gOt A fKiN bOeInG 747 iN tHeIr GaRaGe? will it’s a 737 you nonce
Kersensaus 28 days ago
i love that will watches danny gonzales
Tracey Jeanne
Tracey Jeanne 28 days ago
6:20 I put it in slow motion to see it better & that sound he makes sounded really funny lmaooo
Onion Boi
Onion Boi 28 days ago
I will simp for sssniperwolf
Cheese Man
Cheese Man 29 days ago
Wills secret part of the house is belle delphine
Leen Harbour
Leen Harbour Month ago
the coolest thing in my house is a jar full of dead cockroaches
Onyxiate Month ago
Are we not gonna talk about how Will pronounces Urinal?
UnoGambino Month ago
Thought this was Harry channel maybe new cos of the name S2W W2S
Matthew Wisewell
And I thought my 3 roomed council house was sickk 😔
500 subscribers challenge for this hard-boiled egg
Wait a minute, did he call a urinal a "ur-i-nel" 😂 10:19
Officer Moo
Officer Moo Month ago
I want it I got it 😁😁
HoneyBeeKayla Month ago
I didn't know u knew who Sssniperwolf was 😂 I'm a fan of her too
Wyatt Sullivan
Wyatt Sullivan Month ago
Drugs are nice
FaZe McCarthy
FaZe McCarthy Month ago
7:09 that's an amazing pc
Daily dose of tasty memes
5:01 but like she just doxedd herself tho
Ro17 Month ago
A telescope???? What, are they living on the moon?
Mr person
Mr person Month ago
U should do a collab with Danny gonzalez
Bobs Burgers
Bobs Burgers Month ago
Will Goes Through a lot of teen girls
Micah Vobora
Micah Vobora Month ago
7:10 that's a very strange 747, I'll tell ya that 😂
Sports Maniac
Sports Maniac Month ago
his name backwards is w2s hmmmm
That's What We Call The Good Life
3:20 the AirPods are fake
Heidi Hall
Heidi Hall Month ago
Do you know if your dad gives your wrong Color Lamborghini just spray paint it the color you want
Heidi Hall
Heidi Hall Month ago
Lol 😂
Simpue Nimue
Simpue Nimue Month ago
yeah, normal thing that, happens to me everyday!
JaylowLP Month ago
Every girl who makes tiktoks like this has not earned her money herself - its just the things her man provided her with. Because nobody who has worked for It would do shit like that
Kellie Collier
Kellie Collier Month ago
I think that girl is candy Ken's girlfreind
Dark_light101 Uwu
“Its not a house that a B&Q” will 2020
Lia Afonso
Lia Afonso Month ago
Clint's Tosh official
Am I the only one that enjoys Wills 'EH'?
yohasoy Month ago
6:21 😂🤣😂🤣
Fia Month ago
he really do be out here lookin like steve from minecraft lol
million solo シ
3:41 😂😂 fake shoes
Greg K.
Greg K. Month ago
You're one of these spoiled kids, the stupidity of these youtubers is unbelievable
kâyden Month ago
Said the kid who has no subs
MrHotdog 961
MrHotdog 961 Month ago
Your my fraviout youtuber
ItzOl1v3r12 Month ago
You mixed up ur name from W2S
Prem Nair gaming
Willne got a square ass head
Prem Nair gaming
Willne is not funny didn’t laugh
FredBrick Month ago
iPhone 7ss are for poor people lol so are most of those other phones Lol I have a climbing wall but I practice on it
FredBrick Month ago
Are those razer headphones?
Norah Vyste
Norah Vyste Month ago
yOrMoOm Month ago
Me: "Mom I want 1$" Mom: "gives 1$" Me: "God I'm the chosen one."
Gucci Toaster :]
Gucci Toaster :] 9 days ago
Go away american
Bandito Person
Bandito Person Month ago
I’m amazed! Your so lucky having $1!
Surferkitty 123
Surferkitty 123 Month ago
One whole dollar... the possibilities are endless
Bunille Month ago
Imagine getting $1 :o
Nathaniel Looney
3:20 those airpods are so fake
Lekima Tuvakasiga
Love your vids
Cull garizza
Cull garizza Month ago
Shout out Black Ops 1 🐐🐐🐐🐐
Jack Street
Jack Street Month ago
Tf they expecting the avengers to land through the roof
Lucas Adams
Lucas Adams Month ago
1.69 mill 😂
Gillian Pellegrino
why is will low key kinda cute tho😅
Rose Benton
Rose Benton Month ago
when i realized will watches danny gonzalez 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳
FPP_Liam Month ago
Whispa Boy
Whispa Boy Month ago
3:49 no wonder they want it
Josh Rice
Josh Rice Month ago
3.20 fake airpods 😭😭
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