Split Love | Rudy Mancuso & Maia Mitchell

Rudy Mancuso
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Jun 4, 2017




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Comments 60
Rudy Mancuso
Rudy Mancuso 3 years ago
Diana Setiawan
Diana Setiawan 7 months ago
Can I ship you two?
Athena Marinette
Athena Marinette 8 months ago
the 497th comment
Uzair patel
Uzair patel 9 months ago
2nd part please
Uzair patel
Uzair patel Year ago
That was cute
Oscar Rodriguez
Kushagra Gup
Giulio Deie
Giulio Deie 2 days ago
What's the name of this song?
Harjas Singh Banga
your videos have some kind of charm in them
Global Vlogs
Global Vlogs 3 days ago
Part 2 pls
Tayyab Waseem
Tayyab Waseem 3 days ago
He is literally fighting with the tooth paste
Hanna Wirena
Hanna Wirena 3 days ago
You can't end it just like this bro. We need part 2 :::::
Julia Somers
Julia Somers 3 days ago
Okay but who tf sleeps with socks on
Michael Tjandranaya
2020 anyone ?
super Z
super Z 4 days ago
Nunca se bañan
Gowtham Muthusamy
*Hey it looks like we don't talk anymore from Charlie Puth* 🥺
LoLunicorns Aj
LoLunicorns Aj 6 days ago
Omg I'm crying I love this
Geethika Rajiv
Geethika Rajiv 8 days ago
This video makes me happy and everytime i am down i watch this . It makes me feel like there is someone for everyone , we haven't just met them yet .
WiggleFN 8 days ago
Imagine at 0:39, Lisa Guerrero showed up and said: “why are you hogging seats?”
Tricia Ramgoolam
Tricia Ramgoolam 8 days ago
I have a feeling Rudy composes these songs for her. And then they do the video together.
Qutub Kothari
Qutub Kothari 9 days ago
I want part 2
David Baszucki
David Baszucki 9 days ago
fr tho im 9 years old i have a crush my name is akira she almost has the same name to me her name is alika
Alyssa Dinh
Alyssa Dinh 10 days ago
Cast of foster kids
Skigi 10 days ago
10k Subs without any video
This video show you how sweet is love
Yo dad at my Sandwich
Am I the only one who had to watch this 2 times
Brandon Aguilar
Brandon Aguilar 11 days ago
Jeff Wittek camo
Brownieboyzz 7474
Brownieboyzz 7474 11 days ago
no one gonnna see the fact he was untangling his earphones and then scrunched them back into a ball to get on the train?
Esteban 11 days ago
R they still together?
shreejan thapanwfffgy
This is an anime called your name
carlos amorim
carlos amorim 12 days ago
lucas byers
lucas byers 13 days ago
their life is too boring😁
Brianna Bradley
Brianna Bradley 13 days ago
Who would've thought they would be boyfriend and girlfriend I thought her and Ross lynch would have got together but I knew that would never happen 2020??????????????? P.S 2016 was the best summer ever
Brianna Munoz
Brianna Munoz 13 days ago
Omg I love “The Fosters “ so much
SAD GAMER 14 days ago
Wow that would b woaaaaa can u imagine what people do in this word they do it exactly like you like like but u dont know it wow. A twin out there is actually out there for everyone.
Luana Thomsen Luciano
The people/person that narrated this video is kinda funny, but also cringey. go turn the text on *i'm warning you, it's funny*
hRnz 202
hRnz 202 15 days ago
What a sad meaning... When the girl who ment to be in your life is just front of you.. But too many things in your way to met her...
basic 15 days ago
2:13 made me ball of tears. there was a connection between them and it's gone.
shah alam
shah alam 16 days ago
Why is this giving me “we don’t talk anymore” vibes
I liked it but it’s kinda depressing
Indianboii123 18 days ago
This is an actually good video, but it was ruined by some stupid tik tok ad at the end
Gaming Wz
Gaming Wz 19 days ago
95% singles...wathing this..😂
Koala Carter
Koala Carter 19 days ago
Who sleeps with socks on? Not me
Vivian Thach
Vivian Thach 19 days ago
I forgot that jeff and rudy dating actors and the actors are in the same show too
Chloe Smallwood
Chloe Smallwood 20 days ago
what is jeff wittek doing at 1:10?
Icing Frost
Icing Frost 21 day ago
Wait that’s Brittany from mortified-
hta 21 day ago
I have a big crush on rudy 😑 who more?
hta 21 day ago
I love him
sammy escobar
sammy escobar 22 days ago
did they break up?
Sam Logan Fitness
Sam Logan Fitness 23 days ago
From this to, Diego interviews Mike Tyson
꧁Blue Senpai꧂
꧁Blue Senpai꧂ 24 days ago
Does anyone know that they’ve been dating for 4 years now
Döndü Bayraktarogulları
bölmüş aşk
HaLiMa BiLaL
HaLiMa BiLaL 25 days ago
Who is in quarantine
Kybalion 25 days ago
Who sleeps with their socks on wtf
Apurv Jadhav
Apurv Jadhav 25 days ago
And then they lived happily ever after, separate.
Sevia Ardhita
Sevia Ardhita 26 days ago
sometimes we have to give up what is not for us :)
Luka Shubitidze
Luka Shubitidze 26 days ago
00:42 cool momant
Shaune Higgins
Shaune Higgins 26 days ago
Tyanna Taylor
Tyanna Taylor 26 days ago
🌷😫💔😭 so sad at the end and not the rest of the parts to.
Linnea Halfar
Linnea Halfar 26 days ago
I love the music ♥️
Xxjaylex Red hood
Xxjaylex Red hood 27 days ago
This is my favorite video
Alejandra Gomez
Alejandra Gomez 28 days ago
Y es así que sin decir ninguna palabra hizo que me encantará.
Hyper shadow The hedgehog
Hey itz Sophia
Hey itz Sophia 28 days ago
Why is this sad
Alsaferr لا pail
Alsaferr لا pail 28 days ago
😃❤ LOVE ❤ 😃
Action Ethan
Action Ethan 28 days ago
Hey what an amazing video rudy
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