Split Love | Rudy Mancuso & Maia Mitchell

Rudy Mancuso
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Jun 4, 2017




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Comments 25 223
Rudy Mancuso
Rudy Mancuso 2 years ago
Diana Setiawan
Diana Setiawan Month ago
Can I ship you two?
Athena Marinette
Athena Marinette 2 months ago
the 497th comment
Uzair patel
Uzair patel 2 months ago
2nd part please
Uzair patel
Uzair patel 5 months ago
That was cute
Oscar Rodriguez
Oscar Rodriguez 6 months ago
Kushagra Gup
Holly Hanlon
Holly Hanlon 20 minutes ago
Omg I cried
CringyVibez 25 minutes ago
I thought it was going to be a happy ending...but nooooooooooooooooooo.... 😕😯
Soie Kwon
Soie Kwon 42 minutes ago
2020 anyone?
KianSzn 2 hours ago
This was amazing😢‼
WITH BERİL 3 hours ago
Girl is so beautifull❤️
Dana !!
Dana !! 5 hours ago
Is she the girl from teen beach
Kamy EXOL 6 hours ago
Then what?!
Dylan Meier
Dylan Meier 6 hours ago
God bless
Spin03a 6 hours ago
Снимай вторую часть или я звоню в полицию.
Ronja Sofia
Ronja Sofia 8 hours ago
Why is everyone ignoring the fact that these people two girls are from the fosters? Btw I love this video
stargirl forever
stargirl forever 9 hours ago
0:43 they crossed each other
DarkspeeD что-то ещё?
That was awesome!
baby_ saline_spray•3•
why do they sleep with socks lol
jael lugano
jael lugano 18 hours ago
Shoutout to those who take showers in the morning and sleep with their socks!!!!
Sienna Ddungu
Sienna Ddungu 18 hours ago
Who sleeps with socks 😤🤮🤮
Powerpofgurls 101
Powerpofgurls 101 19 hours ago
Was that Callie and maydiana
Yerkemay Sagyntay
Yerkemay Sagyntay 21 hour ago
Блядь,надеюсь знакомые не увидят это.Как же хочется любви взаимной.Где мой человек?!
Frania Chairez
Frania Chairez 23 hours ago
Sad rudy just wants a love life
Aliza Fatima
Aliza Fatima 23 hours ago
Enjoy_ kat
Enjoy_ kat 23 hours ago
Это мило😍
AngieRpRoblox Roblox
That is so sad
Alexandra Martinez
See if he never met lele and her little annoying group and was just by him self then we would’ve liked him more cause lele just ain’t it and she’s not funny but Rudy is different just my opinion
Qwerty 069
Qwerty 069 Day ago
Where’s ya eyebrows at?
Gaby's Videos
Why do they sleep with socks?
Un rato con Mariam
Wow I love it
stacy roush
stacy roush Day ago
her hand when she read the book was looked weird
Itz Cory :3
Itz Cory :3 Day ago
This makes my wonder how many times did i walk by a stranger who might actually be the love of my life and i didn't even notice them.
Ангелина Маврина
look like Арина Данилова и Миша Смирнов
an sew
an sew Day ago
Too much toothpaste!!!!!
Hajra Munir
Hajra Munir Day ago
The guy that the girl was datimg is jeff
Ik I'm really late BUT Y'ALL SLEEP WITH SOCKS ON!?!?😂
JokesFails Day ago
Menudo Crack Rudy🔥
Saa GT
Saa GT Day ago
Similar one has happened to me once.
Руслан Нодиров
Что за дебилы в носках спят?
Ceren Şişman
Charlotte Jarvie
i l got watched teen beach movie yesterday no joke! 😂😂 . maia is in it
Soy solchi
Soy solchi Day ago
Quiero ver mass
nEon. Day ago
Me in 14 years old : THİS İS ABOUT ME
Tea Just Tea
Tea Just Tea Day ago
But they passed by eachother so many times every other time so we can only assume they met the next day and he returned the book and they went on a date, fell in love, and lived happily ever after.
A.R.G Life
A.R.G Life Day ago
PART 2222
Cookie Dough_YT
Did we just ignore the fact that he missed the train for a book
MGDavis 19 hours ago
Are we gonna ignore the fact they sleep with socks on 😂😂🙂
Megan Jones
Megan Jones Day ago
Omg I crying 😭
Filipe Marques
Parte 2 please
Sammi Atkins
Sammi Atkins Day ago
Do you no what this is.... ☯️ Twin flame love...... The other half of your soul........ They are two people living so insync with each other..... An it isn't till you both start looking for love that you two will come across each other an the first stare into each others eyes is electric, powerful , deep unconditional love.......... An even if they walk out of your life very quickly.... The universe will always bring them back to each other.... Till they both connect again like yin an yang...... ❤️....... We all have one.... But we don't always meet them in our life times
Reee kid
Reee kid Day ago
Am I the only one that noticed that the two girls on the date were from the fosters in Netflix?
Moon Light
Moon Light Day ago
It reminds me the song "We don't talk anymore".
Erika Jurado
Erika Jurado 2 days ago
Hey aren't the two girls from fostsers
Pure cheesecake
Pure cheesecake 2 days ago
Hİ C 2 days ago
Aga b
snehal v.
snehal v. 2 days ago
Oh god 💔
Αρχοντια Καραντζή
1:10 this is Jeff from David Dobrik vlogs😄😄
Nightingale Forever
Reminds of "We don't talk anymore" by Charlie puth ft. Selena Gomez music video but this one is deeper and cuter
DD Williams
DD Williams 2 days ago
Wait this video is 2 years old and RUvid recommended it to me. Smh. It was really good though.
DD Williams
DD Williams 13 hours ago
@laila kh I'm being recommended a video 2 years later by RUvid. I'm shaking my head at RUvid
Matavia Caydence
Matavia Caydence 19 hours ago
Julian playz
Julian playz 2 days ago
Why fave vid
ab c
ab c 2 days ago
Isabelle Roman
Isabelle Roman 2 days ago
Omg u got the girls from the fosters
Lucas blog
Lucas blog 2 days ago
Recordando a mi ex
Arlene Veloz
Arlene Veloz 2 days ago
Oh, wow! This was so unexpected and sad at the same time. 😭Good video! 👍
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