Spirited Away Revealed: The Real Mythology & Folklore Explained!

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Spirited Away is one of my favorite films and possibly the best film from Studio Ghibli. In this video, I will do my best to uncover all the Mythology & Folklore referenced in this Anime Masterpiece.
Please let me know which mythological reference you noticed in Spirited Away
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Nov 16, 2019




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StoryDive 4 months ago
Check out my breakdown of the mythology behind Princess Mononoke: ruvid.net/video/video-f53ZCld72FI.html Avatar: The Last Airbender ruvid.net/video/video-ZrKGg6a7riM.html & My breakdown of the PROPER way to say "Ghibli": ruvid.net/video/video-pl9Q2yx7ppI.html
Max PlaysGamez - Shares Gaming Experience & Stuffs
Date Of Comment: 8th Of May 2020 I Remembered Little Did A 7-Year-Old Me Knew This Was The *Most Magical, Inspirational, Beautiful, Detailed Lores & Mythologies Ever Told In An Anime Film...* When A Female Primary School Teacher Of My Primary School(Which I Had Forgotten Her Name) Decided To Load Up This Movie On A Screen Projector And Show It To My Entire School, Which In A Little Town, Back Then We Know Very Little About Technology, Back Then, There Was No Smartphone. However, The School Ended At The Scene Where Chihiro Saved Haku From Those Paper Dolls That Attacked Him... It Was My FIRST Anime Film That I Had Ever Watched. For Years, My Mind Was STUCKED On That Scene. I've Been Wondering "What Happened After That, What Was The Film's Name...?" I Thought I Would Never Be Able To Find This Film And Re-watch It Ever Again, As It Will Remain In My Childhood Memories Forever, In FRACTURED, DISTORTED Note Of My Life, But Yet BEAUTIFUL At The Same Time... It Was As If There's A Hole In My Heart That Can Never Be Fulfilled If I Never Finish The Film. For Years, I Find This Movies' Emphasis On The Various Themes Of Real Life, Such As Consumerism, Social Status Quo, Greed, Gluttony, Growing Up And Many More... IRONIC REFLECTION And Yet TRUE To What's Really Happening To The World Around Me, In It's Very Own UNIQUE, WONDERFUL Ways Of World-Building & Story-Telling That Demonstrates The Film Producers' Mastery Of Incredible Story-Producing Craftsmanship... Even If I Haven't Finished The Movie. Until Year 2016, I Was Just Simply Scrolling Through "Anime Movies" Section Online. Then, There It Is... The Image Of Chihiro In This Thumbnail(But With Orange Glowing Hue Background) Caught My Attention, It Was As If The Memory Flood Gates Had Opened, A Sudden Gush Of Chills And Goosebumps Floods My Brain And Throughout My Whole Body. The Title "Spirited Away" Called Upon Me, It Was My True Calling All Along... Seconds After, I Downloaded The Movie, Sit Back And Watched It As It Unfolds. But This Time, In A Fulfilled,Completed Fashion. After Finishing The Movie, I Am SATISFIED, I Felt WHOLE, I Felt COMPLETE. The Once Empty Hole In My Heart Is Fulfilled, The Experience Was Simply EXOTIC. It Was My FIRST Anime Film That I Had Watched, It Was The FIRST Movie That Made Me Actually Cared And Feel Related About The Characters. It Felt REAL, And It Still Is For Me To This Day. I Had Even More Questions Than I Had Before About The Film After I Had Finished It -- "What Were The Inspirations For These Creatures, These Characters?", "How Did They Manage To Give An Unspeakable Variety Of Meaning To Every Single Thing, Every Single Event That Had Happened In This Film In Such Beautiful, Coordinated Fashion?"... I Began To Search For My Answers As I Dug Deeper Throughout Various Platforms, Video Analysis, Mythological Stories... Now You Know Why I Am Here. #RUvidAlgoritm Anyhow, For Those Who Had Read This Far, Thank You For Your Time And Patience, Thank You For Reading My Story. Not Only That, StoryDive, I'd Like To Thank You For Your Research On *Spirited Away,* I Get To Learn More Every Day. I Wish You The Best Of Luck Every Day, Peace Out And Much Love.
Rifat Islam
Rifat Islam Month ago
!!!!!!!!!ATTENTION PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!! message for this channel's owner: Brother I am grateful that you work hard to make this video. if I could support your Chanel by donating then I would have definitely done that but i can't. My final message is there are some people who are grateful for work and effort so keep it up I hope you understand what I am trying to say peace
Ren Taylor
Ren Taylor 2 months ago
Can you do Akira?!!
Dragon maid
Dragon maid 2 months ago
You must do totoro
Kandy Lam
Kandy Lam 2 months ago
please do Howl's Moving Castle
D-man 16 hours ago
ooof i couldn’t watch the full video bc his pronunciation of Japanese words/names was atrocious 😔
Christoph MÜLLER
Great helpful research to one of my favorite films. Thank you so much!
Crunchy Pochi
Welgum to our bazz
Am I the only one who tries to memorize ever single kami names that are mentioned here but ended up failing
Just wait till you see grave of the firflies
mrs_axs Day ago
NariEdits Day ago
Maybe no-face is considered to have no specific qualities/personality hence no "face" and mimics the environment around him to find a sense of belonging as he was alone at first, ignored and lost. Which is why as he said, at the bath house he was greedy but at zeniba he was polite.
Markus Möttus
Markus Möttus 2 days ago
If I could go to the Spirit world as depicted in Spritited Away I would stay there forever, mostly because the lack of humans tbh..
谷野えみ 2 days ago
Zeniba’s lamp is a tribute to Disney’s Pixar for helping Studio Ghibli with the English dubs
eva edits
eva edits 2 days ago
The stealing the name and forgetting it and that meaning you can never return to the normal world also happens in the never-ending story by Michael ende
Krispy 3 days ago
I heard this movie was about child trafficking and that just made me sad
Kiddo And Old Fart
The beat of the background music is so loud, it distracts from what the narrator is saying
Father Ted
Father Ted 4 days ago
I notice lots of parallels to Narnia as well: the idea of passing into a different, more religious, world. Lots of Western religious imagery in the land of Narnia, whereas Eastern religious ideas are present in Spirited Away.
Qiao Zhou
Qiao Zhou 4 days ago
Spirited away is a good movie
Tofu Mr
Tofu Mr 4 days ago
wait... i thought this story was referring to the red light district...?
Ezekiel Aderaw
Ezekiel Aderaw 4 days ago
No face is the jungian equivalent of the shadow
myYT Acc
myYT Acc 4 days ago
Did anyone find out about this gem on Cartoon Network in like 2005-08?
Nowhere 4 days ago
If I don’t understand it by myself then it’s not a good movie, I don’t know why this movie is so popular
lightseer 4 days ago
This is the Japanese Alice in wonderland and I love both movies.
Jueng oficial
Jueng oficial 5 days ago
:Spirited Away(2001) full movie played>>t.co/OqE77aAF09?Spirited-Away/kangen ----------------------------------- Leurs états de santé respectifs les empechent de s'approcher trop pres l'un de l'autre.??
tyler johnson
tyler johnson 5 days ago
What happened to her parents at the end?
Gamer Gamer
Gamer Gamer 6 days ago
Sorry , but the grave of fireflies is far better than this, I just watched both....
Yarie Ah
Yarie Ah 6 days ago
thats the reason why spirited away is my most fav in ghibli.
Emily Yu UwU
Emily Yu UwU 6 days ago
When kanmaji says “it’s love...” me and my sister was laughing 😂 ssssssssooooooo much!
Khemmonta Varodom
Nice video...
Vincent W
Vincent W 6 days ago
I think no face is a Nopprabo
Blood From Spain
Blood From Spain 6 days ago
Fantastic video and analysis. I think there were some possible hints of Christian or Old Hebrew Bible scenes in Spirited Away as well such as the ending of the movie where Kohaku warns Chihiro to NOT look back when leaving the Spirit Realm very similar to the Biblical story with Lot and his wife as she looked back and became a pillar of salt. Also NoFace tempted Chihiro several times throughout the film as did the Devil when trying to seduce Jesus being bribed with Gold & other things. The movie focused heavy on Japanese mythology but there were definitely some scenes left open for interpretation on the ideas origins due to similarity.
kwc dread
kwc dread 7 days ago
This movie used to scare me when I was 5.
Batoul Kasem
Batoul Kasem 7 days ago
amazing analysis 👏🏼👏🏼
Hugo Dhia
Hugo Dhia 7 days ago
What about Chihiro's parents? What do they remember after going back to be humans?
A Celestial Witch
I would love to watch a video covering when Marnie was there. I do feel it touches on astral travel when she looses Marnie a lot
Daria Bobrova
Daria Bobrova 7 days ago
you did a great job!
Asenath K
Asenath K 7 days ago
When I was four, I watched this and Haku became my first love. I had never seen a boy so handsome, kind, and reliable. My taste has changed over time but Haku will forever make my heart flutter.
Camille L.
Camille L. 7 days ago
Once you eat the food of the spiritual realm, the mundane world now forbids you to enter back again and that your soul will be trapped in the spiritual world forever. It's the same belief system we have here in the Ph when it comes to engkantos offering you sweet candies/treats because they want to claim you..
Aditya Nugraha
Aditya Nugraha 8 days ago
Japanese folk lore is just like the ancient scp foundation-ish
morgan glenn
morgan glenn 8 days ago
It is fire I will defend this movie to anyone who says this isn’t a good movie
0:56 Everybody: oh it’s kinda cute! Me: *...corona?*
Peter Swinkels
Peter Swinkels 8 days ago
The amount of research going into this must be insane.
pink cotton ball
pink cotton ball 8 days ago
Spirited away and I are of same age 😁
cindy montes
cindy montes 8 days ago
I use to have a big fat crush on haku as a kid, am I the only one?
Riot of the Dream Catcher
You should try doing "Howls moving Castle"
Chad Alphabeta
Chad Alphabeta 9 days ago
the lore , the mythology , the phantasy blended with superb animation and masterpiece music into cinematic perfection
Peter Lee
Peter Lee 9 days ago
No-Face is a spirit within the spirit-world just like those on board the train, that's why No-Face wears a mask to be seen because it's a onryo-kei. Realms are multi-layered.
Sam japanese
Sam japanese 9 days ago
How to another enjoy this movie. All Ghibli anime Children→Funny anime. Adult→Find ethics and philosophy. Pro→Find ethics and philosophy and metaphor=truth hidden story. Japanese professional analysis ↓↓↓ ruvid.net/video/video-ikgZSe6bw0c.html I hope you to know the real awesomeness of truth.
Colorful Creamii
Colorful Creamii 9 days ago
I don’t care what ANYBODY says no face is super wholesome and super adorable and I will never not love him. He didn’t mean to hurt so many people🥺 he just had the hungries
Spring Ranch
Spring Ranch 10 days ago
Vially Lejap
Vially Lejap 10 days ago
The distraction spell is not sakura petals. Its peach blossom. Its from korean culture that this blossom can hurt spirit.
Azearass 10 days ago
I remember when i used to watched this again and again when i was little, because of how interesting it is...this movie always has a place in my heart😩😭💖 childhood days
Mrs. Potato Head
Mrs. Potato Head 10 days ago
I watched this movie somewhere before and after that I thought it was my dream for a long time lol
A Rottie
A Rottie 10 days ago
I believe No - Face to be a representation of the ego. Not inherently good or evil. However, he/she is but an illusion of sorts.
AldwinThePanda 11 days ago
Name of the song pls?
Qidek 11 days ago
Sen in Polish means a dream 🙂
Dr snoes
Dr snoes 11 days ago
Kamaji is represents dr eggman from sonic
Ma Fl
Ma Fl 11 days ago
It’s a brothel
MrMikk532 11 days ago
In Japanese, oba-chan/oba-san/ba-san means grandmother. I personally call my grandmother Ba-ba- (baabaa) which is pretty normal. Baba (pronounced differently) also is used to mean hag in Japanese.
Tulika Hathi
Tulika Hathi 12 days ago
I am sorry but I am confused. If Haku is a Kohaku river so this Kami can take a form of River dragon too? Like these forms are interchangeable?? Also, Haku forgot it's OG name and became like a slave to Yubaba (apprentice), so the Kohaku river dried up?....because no memory of identity & no freedom??
carmelita pati
carmelita pati 12 days ago
ummm i think head is atama and not kashida
J C 12 days ago
fucking commies
Graphite Smudges
Graphite Smudges 12 days ago
the ending is a reference to the ancient greek myth of orpheus and eurydice (when he tells her she mustn't look back)
Elie Monet
Elie Monet 13 days ago
I don’t know why, but when I was kid this film hit me emotionally so much. I got some weird, kinda negative ( I don’t know what to call it) feelings first, but I couldn’t stop watching it. Now it’s my one if the favourite film🌟♥️
s* القرني
s* القرني 13 days ago
مررررررره حلو
TabassumTasnim Auroni
I have a question. How did she recognize her parents from a group of doppelgänger pigs? She gave correct answer to Yubaba in the climax. How??
Eduarda Buainain
Eduarda Buainain 14 days ago
What a great video! Thank you so much!!
MangoMan Power
MangoMan Power 14 days ago
they could be yokai search it my favriot yokai are Oni yokai. some are cute af and some are scary af you have been warned
Eden Webley
Eden Webley 14 days ago
Such a beautiful movie with beautiful meanings. It will always be a special movie to me and ‘one summer day’ will alwaysss have a place in my heart.
Wan Kenubies
Wan Kenubies 14 days ago
Please do about the flying machine from ghibli.😭
l0ner bôy
l0ner bôy 15 days ago
i like that he just basically said "screw that. spirited away is the BEST film to ever exist. periodt." like yes boii
Aguslians Art
Aguslians Art 15 days ago
I love Studio Ghibli movies, i have drawn Spirited Away Characters and also Totoro, you can watch the video on my channel thanksss
Green-black Skull
Green-black Skull 16 days ago
Recently when i searched for art around yokaii on internet, searching for nopperabo lead to the no face character. That's really missleading.
Tom 16 days ago
The character that appears in Spirited Away is based on Japanese Shinto. Shinto is a Japanese folk religion that has been passed down since ancient times.
Im a Potato
Im a Potato 16 days ago
Is it just me or does the English version of the movie (animation isn’t different it’s just the words are said in English) actually fit when they speak better than the Japanese speaking
Hanson Choi
Hanson Choi 17 days ago
Kaman looks like Dr. Egg from Sonic Someones got to agree with me
Hunter Bales
Hunter Bales 17 days ago
is that lofi in the background?
Hunter Bales
Hunter Bales 17 days ago
@StoryDive wow, thanks for replying!
StoryDive 17 days ago
In the video description.
Fearair 17 days ago
In greek mythology Hades also tricks persephone into eating food from hell, which means she has to stay there, not sure if this is a common theme or not but thought it could have something to do with it at 5;40 ?
BFF LOVE!29:) 17 days ago
Have you done Howl's moving castle? I'm not sure if it fits your standards on what films to breakdown, but I think it'd be nice.
biggy cheese
biggy cheese 18 days ago
there's only one thing, a very minor and nitpicky downside: the plot doesn't have *too * much in terms of plotpoints. but, see, that's ok. it doesn't *need * a strong plot. Games like LittleBig Planet prove that point
LALA 18 days ago
Your explanation is quite amazing 👏👏
Tyvienska __
Tyvienska __ 18 days ago
Periodt 💋
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