Spinning an Apple until it Explodes at 28,500fps - The Slow Mo Guys

The Slow Mo Guys
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Compressed air can be used to levitate rounded objects. Sometimes said rounded objects start spinning so fast that they give up on being round objects. Gav films all the action over 1000x times slower than real time. Check out KiwiCo.com/SlowMoGuys and get your first month free!
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Spinning an Apple until it Explodes at 28,500fps - The Slow Mo Guys


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Nov 29, 2020




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The Slow Mo Guys
Dan is still unable to enter the US by air due to Covid. Don't worry, though. I've heard reports that he went underground and started tunneling this way in April. - Gav
The World In Slow Motion
Nathan Carlson
Nathan Carlson 7 days ago
The LOOK on your face!
DEVIL WOLF 13 days ago
Gav is single till April I guess
ArgueMax DotCom
ArgueMax DotCom 13 days ago
Thanks. I was just about to ask.
Andrew Kline
Andrew Kline 18 days ago
@Thomas Mortimore shut up
Daijobu 2 hours ago
:O so neat!
Joshua B
Joshua B 8 hours ago
Incredible that it is happening so fast that the apple has cleared the frame before he reacts.
Dan: please cut my apple in half! Gav: 4:10 at 0.25 speed
Alistair Wright
Waste of apples when there are so many starving people round the world.
TSMBailey Howcroft
Why dose gav look like jesus 😂
ghost- carnage
These videos look so dope at 120hz and max res. Thank God for my s20
B.T. Express
B.T. Express 2 days ago
After rewatching this video for the third time, I've just noticed that the apple actually splits perfectly down the stem @4:12. Absolutely mental.
The Galactic Time Traveler
2k vegans disliked this video for fruit cruelty
Sruli K.
Sruli K. 4 days ago
You guys should try a bale of hay down a hill. something like this:ruvid.net/video/video-AMOl3H1XS4U.html
प्रबुद्ध माथुर
Humans are too slow.
Joshua Vitollo
Joshua Vitollo 4 days ago
After learning about femto-photography I'm wondering what would happen if that tech was used to capture proof of ghosts? People claim to see balls of light so wouldn't it make sense to find a Haunted Location and try to use femto-photography to capture one of these balls of light?
VividActivIT 4 days ago
I'd like to see the same thing with an apple dipped into aluminum. How fast do you think it'll spin? :)
Sam Eastgate
Sam Eastgate 5 days ago
After reading the comments. I feel the need to say that I'm pretty sure he says bakin', not bacon
Sam Eastgate
Sam Eastgate 5 days ago
Unfortunately I only buy mutant cube apples so I can't try it.
Josh 1
Josh 1 5 days ago
!!! You have to do a video with Mat from Demolition Ranch. !!!
Асхаб Мулаев
Iron Sphere Walk: Jesus uses spin on apple Copyright free.
b font
b font 5 days ago
The stupendous memory reassuringly decide because tree gergely skip times a half scent. curvy, vagabond earthquake
petronics2454 6 days ago
I subscribed in order to support you and special thanks to your good friend Destin on Smarter Every Day. I love the science you explore and the "Slow Motion" capture filming is amazing. Thanks so much and God Bless. Pete
stuffnbits 6 days ago
Please! When possible, remake this video: ruvid.net/video/video-a7WwrMgGTzo.html
TactiCookie 7 days ago
Gyro is that you?
C Smith
C Smith 7 days ago
Very cool. Thanks.
Chris Yu
Chris Yu 8 days ago
So how many RPMs was it turning at before tensile failure?
rewolff2 8 days ago
Gav. FYI: The reason you feel as if something in your observations has gone missing is because it has! You flinched. Whenever you blink your eyes or adjust their direction, your brain edits that instant out of your timeline of observations. Personal observation: When I was about 15 and got my first glasses.... It turned out that before that I couldn't observe say anything more precise than say a degree of resolution. So what's the point in blanking out the movement when your eye has arrived at the new position accurate to a degree. Nothing! With the new glasses the vision was a lot better so for a couple of days I'd see the whole world shake and bounce around as my eyes were still "almost" pointing at the new location....
abishek narayan
abishek narayan 8 days ago
Did he say "baking" or "bacon" ?
Not a Mobile sprout
Thanks gyro
MohawknRocks 8 days ago
Get with the "Gun Drummer"(another tuber) to film his drumming and guns.
Adrian Stephens
Adrian Stephens 8 days ago
Cox's ? Superb photography!
Wracky 9 days ago
Saw Bobby Duke float a screwdriver like this, completely out of context. I guess he saw this video :D
the running man
the running man 9 days ago
You should do a watermelon next
A. Beall
A. Beall 9 days ago
I wonder what it would look like to spin a globe, like a Christmas ornament, filled with chalk dust or paint.....?
kidsnextdoor 9 days ago
I'm digging the beard you look like thor
Tearonic 9 days ago
Simon Shabab Gill
Great experiment and great details are given but just add info about phenomenon in simple words also so people like me can also understand 😂
Priscilla Merrow
Priscilla Merrow 9 days ago
That was amazing. Even my one year old said "wow" as the apple split.
Aegon Targaryen
Aegon Targaryen 9 days ago
We need more nope speed videos
Jannis Adamek
Jannis Adamek 10 days ago
Who doesn't know Mutated Cube Apples :D Nice video
101francis101 10 days ago
So the outer edge of the Apple was spinning at roughly 80kph, which is slower than I would have guessed.
Kyle Hagen
Kyle Hagen 10 days ago
casey wood
casey wood 10 days ago
If it were dry it might not come apart. I feel like it's acting like a centrifuge
Mohammad Sajid
Mohammad Sajid 11 days ago
28500FPS still can't see air.
John Pfeil
John Pfeil 11 days ago
Do a coconut.
Jason Baby
Jason Baby 11 days ago
Very many apples were harmed in the making of this video
Danie Mostert
Danie Mostert 11 days ago
Kiwi Co is horrible. They have these amazing boxes but doesn't ship to SA
Ce Lo
Ce Lo 11 days ago
The modern fruit ninja.
solar wing
solar wing 11 days ago
Rip apple tho
RuggBuggPubgm PUBGM
Shoot a shotgun slug at super high slow mo Like so they can see this comment
Robert Hands
Robert Hands 11 days ago
Next up, melons!
Maxx Excaliber
Maxx Excaliber 11 days ago
How about trying this with an orange?
Tugboat Adventures
Tugboat Adventures 11 days ago
I'm curious is there's any coronation between the apple splitting at 6565 rpm and the 5252rpm phenomenon with engine dyno numbers.
Ben Wilson
Ben Wilson 11 days ago
amazing! now do a melon
Chris Rodriguez
Chris Rodriguez 11 days ago
6500 rpm. That's about the same speed a cast iron crankshaft could fail.
alpha reaperion
alpha reaperion 11 days ago
So this is the true power of the spin
OsoASeks 11 days ago
What about the fact that, at 04:11, the apple tears verticaly in half, then the little piece to the left tears almost in the same "imaginary axis"?. As if there was an invisible vertical saw/knife that slices in 2 movements, first to the back of the room, then towards the camera. (Hope I made my idea/observation clear :P) PS: Pardon any grammar mistake, English is not my native language
Saroopashree Kumaraguru
Why is Dan missing in many videos ???
Will Davis
Will Davis 12 days ago
So assuming the apple is breaking because of the liquid inside it? Would make a great science project to determine if it's the liquid being pressed to the outside or the air pressure tearing at the uneven edges.
Nepenthe 12 days ago
Woah the pieces split in golden ratio
Nepenthe 12 days ago
Edit: i mean the proportion
Micah Chaney
Micah Chaney 12 days ago
Definitely worth it, got yourself a new subscriber
Khrtt Artrahht
Khrtt Artrahht 12 days ago
Do a tomato, yo!
Hailey Blocka
Hailey Blocka 12 days ago
I love gav's face after the apple exploded in the first clip 😂
Parzi val
Parzi val 12 days ago
I wonder if it works any round fruit or vegetable
gamer87 13 days ago
people have resorted to blowing up apples for entertainment during quarantine.
Kyle Moore
Kyle Moore 13 days ago
same thing with a watermelon!!!
Tea Total
Tea Total 13 days ago
How many RPMs for this to occur with a human body?
andy tupman
andy tupman 13 days ago
Wate I’m confused I haven’t seen any of there vids in a couple of years and I’m baffled at how mahusive his nose is it just me or can you see it to
Derek K.
Derek K. 13 days ago
I'd really love to see them play a video game with the controller in the shot to show how the input lag from the controller is shorter than human reaction time.
HADI H. 13 days ago
Did you notice that both apples split in 3 pieces?
chumleyok 14 days ago
Bit boring this one.
david kimani
david kimani 14 days ago
get me, bursting a gas cylinder.
C. Erico
C. Erico 14 days ago
3:21 itchy but not itchy
C. Erico
C. Erico 14 days ago
I didn't know Jesus loves apple and slow mo
Misfit Marauder
Misfit Marauder 14 days ago
Up Next: Lets see what happens if we spin a human at mach 6
Tim Apple
Tim Apple 14 days ago
You happen to know a guy named Rhett?
филя 14 days ago
now i know how to share an apple without having a knife
EMAI TV 14 days ago
2:13 oh that smile
stan waiyan
stan waiyan 14 days ago
so fake! so much Greenscreen!! 🤣🤣
kyrril crepeele
kyrril crepeele 14 days ago
can u imagine balling someone up and doing this to a person?
Robert Black
Robert Black 14 days ago
Whoda thought an apple could have so much energy
Amtuman 14 days ago
2:26 "does this look like the face of mercy?"
Stefan Constantin Dumitrache
You're spinning it wrong!
I like my own comments
I really thought that was Rhett in the thumbnail
michal versluis
michal versluis 15 days ago
You don't even realise your screen is dirty before this
Sky Skel
Sky Skel 15 days ago
thats spinning at at 100 miles per hour or 161 km per hour if you are wondering
Aidan McKeever
Aidan McKeever 15 days ago
Why did it blow my mind that I just realized Gavin is part of slow mo guys. That's awesome.
Daniel Gomez
Daniel Gomez 15 days ago
If I just say "wow" will people get the reference?
A B 15 days ago
Angle Grinder rpm’ s
Raghu Naidu
Raghu Naidu 15 days ago
i m krishna
i m krishna 15 days ago
Do you believe... Inception's Time in 3rd stage of dream was faster than this😜😂
Roniram Brandão
Roniram Brandão 16 days ago
Jesus loves everyone
Gamma Life
Gamma Life 16 days ago
Do they always explode into three pieces?
Chris Becker
Chris Becker 16 days ago
Oh, can we use this to destroy asteroids?
Mogloop Studios
Mogloop Studios 16 days ago
"how to cut an apple perfectly in half"
Sang Trinh
Sang Trinh 16 days ago
I like how “I need to call Alabama” is code for “I need to borrow Destin’s camera”.
holden rasmussen
holden rasmussen 16 days ago
Btw I did the math and I believe the Apple was going 12,374kph or 7,688mph
Nuno Pereira
Nuno Pereira 17 days ago
How can you be a mix of Rhett from GMM and James from The Hacksmith
Deadshot 17 days ago
bang Yusup
bang Yusup 17 days ago
Orang indo komen masa gua sendiri
Kyle Oliva
Kyle Oliva 17 days ago
Did anyone else think the title meant Iphone?
nadun lochana
nadun lochana 17 days ago
Nope speed should be taught in schools. Let's make it official
Jacob Griffin
Jacob Griffin 17 days ago
5:16 this goes to show how insanely fast a cars engine moves. I mean u can clearly see how fast the apple is spinning and that’s only 6500 rpm. Compare that to the pistons in a car and that’s pretty average. Imagine the piston in your engine going all the way down and then back up again in the time it takes for this apple to spin once.
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