Spin the MYSTERY Wheel Challenge w/ Wife!! (1 Spin = 1 Dare)

Pantons Squad
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Spin the MYSTERY Wheel Challenge w/ Wife!! (1 Spin = 1 Dare)

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Oct 11, 2018




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Comments 80
A Latham
A Latham 2 days ago
Malinda was like boy bye 🙄🙄🙄
A Latham
A Latham 3 days ago
Team malinda 😊😍💕
Fedlense Michel
Fedlense Michel 4 days ago
When it land on twerk Melinda went down with it
N. Barbara Matthews
Team Malinda .... all day ..... everyday
Jamari Turner
Jamari Turner 5 days ago
he side somthing in sow his moth
Zi Haiya Barksdale
Zi Haiya Barksdale 10 days ago
Life with Tionnah
Life with Tionnah 10 days ago
Don said stop and then he dance So funny
Tt Johnson
Tt Johnson 11 days ago
Both teams
Princess Gaga
Princess Gaga 12 days ago
Can I’ve yaya friend
Dee king7 thomas
Dee king7 thomas 12 days ago
Team Dom team Dom
Jason Andrew
Jason Andrew 14 days ago
Team. Malinda
Shirley Sipho
Shirley Sipho 14 days ago
Hey Pantons, why don't you guys role play on an episode, all day, pretend to be each other, ha!
Lorenzo Woods
Lorenzo Woods 14 days ago
Team malinda
Fultz 15 days ago
Team Don
Jamari Turner
Jamari Turner 16 days ago
I love panton parent
January Xiana
January Xiana 16 days ago
I am a kid ok
Jayla Hernandez
Jayla Hernandez 19 days ago
can live with you because i8 love you so much
Chanty maria
Chanty maria 21 day ago
team malinda. all day and every day
lakisha bell
lakisha bell 22 days ago
Team Melinda
Cookie swirlz
Cookie swirlz 23 days ago
danggg don laughed hard af
Lily the Gymnast
Lily the Gymnast 23 days ago
Team Malinda you got this I wish I can be in the family. I love you guys
Rhonda Davis
Rhonda Davis 24 days ago
LadyTayy Brooks
LadyTayy Brooks 25 days ago
Gloria Gibson
Gloria Gibson 26 days ago
Team malinda
Kayla Unicorn Queen
Team malinda
Tamya Bell
Tamya Bell 28 days ago
Team malinda
Daphne Ude
Daphne Ude Month ago
Michael Ibe
Michael Ibe Month ago
If you guys are the best and I like you you're intros that you do
Kh Mc
Kh Mc Month ago
Teen don
Kh Mc
Kh Mc Month ago
Melinda you should do a yeye broke her arm prank on Dj and dawn
Renesia Bender
Renesia Bender Month ago
You guys are the best ❤️ I love you guys slot💖💖💜🖤❤️💓
Jennifer Marsh
Jennifer Marsh Month ago
malinda is cute in side her hert
Justin Greaves
Justin Greaves Month ago
Team malinda
Marion Grier
Marion Grier Month ago
I love you baby
malinda you should do a prank on don about you ain't waking up send that on social media because i can't have social media periodtt
J family KIDS
J family KIDS Month ago
Keshon Jenkins
Keshon Jenkins Month ago
Ok thanks for the hell you are so sweet and very much for the hell 😍
Kalia Wilson
Kalia Wilson Month ago
Ayeshia Jackson
Ayeshia Jackson Month ago
Team malinda
Ja'Reaka Moore
Ja'Reaka Moore Month ago
they are so cute
Mona Flourish
Mona Flourish Month ago
fazila Queen fazila Queen
Where is yaya and dj
Emmanuel Amodeni
I love the panton squad. Their the best.🥰😀😁😍
Ophelia Bartlett
Malanda can dance
Kalita Bryant
Kalita Bryant Month ago
Team Malinda
Lailani Lynch
Lailani Lynch Month ago
don said he doesnt beileve you
Ciera Robinson
Ciera Robinson Month ago
Ciera Robinson
Ciera Robinson Month ago
Ciera Robinson
Ciera Robinson Month ago
Malinda twerk on that ass 🍑😍
Nyriana Kelley
Nyriana Kelley Month ago
Team malinda
Crystal Randolph
He said no
Skylar Williams
Skylar Williams Month ago
You guys just sleep in the pool for 24 hours
Mattie Jackson
Mattie Jackson Month ago
Hey all
Queen Parks
Queen Parks Month ago
Do a prak on done whil he sime prak maild team
Henry Month ago
team don wird vid
Nikkearah Turner
Malinda a extream spin the wheel challenge
Movie world
Movie world Month ago
sorry its 2020 i only new you were youtubers in 2020 only im so sorry
Quanitra Light
Quanitra Light Month ago
Ebony Garner
Ebony Garner Month ago
The panton squad is the best
Ebony Garner
Ebony Garner Month ago
Ebony Garner
Ebony Garner Month ago
Ebony Garner
Ebony Garner Month ago
Ebony Garner
Ebony Garner Month ago
Sandra Eugene
Sandra Eugene Month ago
Princess Nyenye
Princess Nyenye Month ago
Team Melinda
I love your video s😻😻😻😻😻😻👯👯👯👯👯👯👯👯👯👯👯👯👯👯👰👰👰👰👰💃💃💃💃👌👌👌👌
Leago Silabele
Leago Silabele Month ago
Leago Silabele
Leago Silabele Month ago
Cortnie Higgett
Cortnie Higgett Month ago
Melind is gowhen
Dwayne Anthony
Dwayne Anthony Month ago
Dwayne Anthony
Dwayne Anthony Month ago
Kylenacreate Maye
You suck
Kylenacreate Maye
I did not mean to say that
Tabitha Stuart
Tabitha Stuart Month ago
Team Malinda
Apex Hacker
Apex Hacker Month ago
He whisper he didn't believe you
Malik Bolds
Malik Bolds Month ago
Team Malinda
chrishayla mckenzie
hi team yaya
Tyren Williams
Tyren Williams Month ago
Team malinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnda
GA Peach
GA Peach Month ago
TEAM Melinda
Trudy Hannam
Trudy Hannam Month ago
Like if you love your parents 👭
Chloe Grant
Chloe Grant Month ago
Who is scrolling through the comments and watching the vid don't lie 😁
Cookie swirlz
Cookie swirlz 23 days ago
Fedia Samedy
Fedia Samedy Month ago
I be loving Panton squad pranks and them🥰😍😘♥️♥️💜🖤💙💚
Rodnell Kent
Rodnell Kent Month ago
And unicorn mean yaya
Rodnell Kent
Rodnell Kent Month ago
Team malinda but also team unicorn
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