Spin the MYSTERY Wheel Challenge w/GIRLFRIEND!! (1 Spin = 1 Dare)

Riss & Quan
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Jul 15, 2019

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Comments 516
Clement Wirekoh
Clement Wirekoh 11 hours ago
i really love this video.....u guys are lovely together😘
Nana TV Show
Nana TV Show Day ago
Hi I’m new here but i already like the Chanel
Darcel Sanchez
I love u guys
badjan Elizabeth
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👍 nice one i really enjoy you guys
best ringtone only
Hi I am Fazil from Kuwait your all videos nice thanks
jayda& janae
jayda& janae 4 days ago
Holy shit😍the lap dance y'all guys litt😂😍
Thelma Oluchi
Thelma Oluchi 5 days ago
You guys
Okusi Dare
Okusi Dare 5 days ago
damnnnnn quan, riss knows how to twerk so bad wtf
Jordan Hines
Jordan Hines 5 days ago
Y'all should get married
Shawn & Shay's World
Hey yall im new here glad i ran into yall love the video
Willzine Benz
Willzine Benz 6 days ago
I love you guys 😊❤ Your videos are awesome 😘 My boyfriend and I love watching you ❤But im all the way teamrissa and he is teanquan 😂😎
Zawadih Hamza
Zawadih Hamza 6 days ago
I like this couple rissa and quan all the way from Tanzani iwish one day to be like this guys mwaaa!!!!
jj rank
jj rank 6 days ago
o shit 7 :06 minutes in the video and I am like u cannot be serious 🙈
tjihana tjakuva
tjihana tjakuva 7 days ago
Keep it up guys....
sephina usman
sephina usman 7 days ago
Don’t lie who else watched that lap dance more than once 😲💦
11 Savage
11 Savage 7 days ago
Y’all should do a hickey challenge
Sky Kefela
Sky Kefela 7 days ago
arpit zone
arpit zone 8 days ago
Both of you are best
Philisiwe Nyawuza
Why dislike this video 🤔🤔... People have issues 😒😏
Shamequa Hinderson
She already suck your toes
Destinee Black
Destinee Black 10 days ago
Y’all is so cute 😘
Maria cecilia Hoyos
Wtf fuck when he laped dance 😍🤩😌 omg bruh I thought he was just going to shake his bottom and thats it but nah 😂😍🙊🙊🙊
Priscy Bella
Priscy Bella 11 days ago
Omg😍Quan that Lap dance tho❤️
Shaday Williamson
Shaday Williamson 11 days ago
your lab dances were great
Jelroe Wyatt
Jelroe Wyatt 11 days ago
Hahahahahahahahahahah 😂🤣😂🤣
Jelroe Wyatt
Jelroe Wyatt 11 days ago
Yes 🤣
Sialkoti Malik
Sialkoti Malik 11 days ago
I am Pakistani in dubai
paballo nyambosi
paballo nyambosi 14 days ago
damn that lap dance though
Ïżżÿ sarkodie
Ïżżÿ sarkodie 14 days ago
i just started watching tonite and i love them already
Niyah Niyah
Niyah Niyah 14 days ago
I love you guys
Samira Mustapha
Samira Mustapha 15 days ago
Strip 😂😂OMG!!! He did it so perfect 😂😂😂
Shifah Williams
Shifah Williams 15 days ago
Luv u guys u make my day
Jalen Jones
Jalen Jones 17 days ago
I would love to see a lie detector vid from u all
Lisa Johnson
Lisa Johnson 17 days ago
Omg Y'all are so damn cute together especially when quan does the lap dance.
Lotoya Stanford
Lotoya Stanford 17 days ago
I hate to you
Tuana Hillard
Tuana Hillard 18 days ago
Good lap dance Quan
Ziya Lovick
Ziya Lovick 19 days ago
He got them joggers on you don’t like 😂😂😂.
Tega Esevohare
Tega Esevohare 19 days ago
Where tf do I find a bad bitch like dattt
Mohamed Hossein
Mohamed Hossein 19 days ago
Gaaloy xabado somali ah sidan cml nolosha ila fahanto iso qabta😭😭😭
Shania Gopie
Shania Gopie 20 days ago
I love u the best
Luci Storrs
Luci Storrs 20 days ago
Eveveyone who puts👎is a poop
Andre Hernandez
Andre Hernandez 20 days ago
Using girlfriend as clickbait
Negra Brasil
Negra Brasil 21 day ago
Tô viciada em vcs....bjs do Brasil
Jasmine Allen
Jasmine Allen 21 day ago
That lap dance tho Quan lol
Ansuze By
Ansuze By 22 days ago
Hema Maraj
Hema Maraj 22 days ago
Y'll please DON'T leave each other because i'm gonna die without your videos
Tristian Parker
Tristian Parker 23 days ago
I freaking love you guys❤️💋
Tcharno Daniels
Tcharno Daniels 23 days ago
Hi❤️❤️❤️😀 I love you ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️💙💙💙💍💍💍💜💜💘💘😍😍🥰🥰
Randy Thomas
Randy Thomas 24 days ago
I love it
MIA Thegg
MIA Thegg 24 days ago
Can wait to play they Game with my girl friend
Gara Chine
Gara Chine 24 days ago
The lap dance was hilarious 😂
SPICY ZAY 25 days ago
The slow grind😂😂😂😂😂
Mahider Kassahun
Mahider Kassahun 25 days ago
Snow Blacc
Snow Blacc 26 days ago
8:06 Quan coughing coz he licked Rissa's armpit 😂msm
Doreane Hayes
Doreane Hayes 26 days ago
I want to see the fact that after Rissa did that lap dance and they basically just ended the whole video lol you know what they about to doo
Willem De vlam
Willem De vlam 26 days ago
I love them,they are the best couple ever❤❤❤❤😍😍😍😍
Mody Salva
Mody Salva 27 days ago
Lady T
Lady T 27 days ago
I was dying the whole video you guys are bomb!
Queen Jasmine
Queen Jasmine 27 days ago
Quan really can exaggerate oo🤣
Ashley Cherry
Ashley Cherry 27 days ago
Yes I believe her ♥️🤟🏽 & i love y’all my favorites
Prianka Jagaysor
Prianka Jagaysor 28 days ago
I with do lap dance
Jessica Thlologelo
Jessica Thlologelo 28 days ago
Best video ever 🤩😍😘always watching it before I sleep 😊😋
layla nayla
layla nayla 28 days ago
Do a video on lie detector please
Kevin Wright
Kevin Wright 28 days ago
I love u rissa and i believe u
philly13900 28 days ago
That lap dance had me in cloud 9🤣🤣
Bev Beach
Bev Beach 28 days ago
Juleen Johnson
Juleen Johnson 29 days ago
i like it
Makubu Malotane
Makubu Malotane 29 days ago
Retta Lamy
Retta Lamy 29 days ago
I believe
Shernelle Joseph
Shernelle Joseph 29 days ago
Ouuuuuuu tht lap danceeeeee rissa faceeee
Hilde Kaitungwa
Hilde Kaitungwa 29 days ago
I love you all but #teamriss all the way from namibia
margarita Wanza
margarita Wanza Month ago
So cute 💞💞💞😍
aman ullah
aman ullah Month ago
Really love ur gf
aman ullah
aman ullah Month ago
So Fantastic body is ur gf bro
Kebrina Josiah
Kebrina Josiah Month ago
Husband and wife kissing So sweet. Lap dance😍 by quan Suck toe😷 Lap dance😘 by riss Can you do a surprise birthday party please
Yvonne Month ago
Lie detector test!!!
Maryy Thoo
Maryy Thoo Month ago
Lol he must be a leo i can see the cockyness lowkey 😂😂😂
Briana Brown
Briana Brown 28 days ago
Lol he is
Mercy Wamboi
Mercy Wamboi Month ago
wow the lapdance was lit,,,,, quan u gat that right
Ayafg Emad
Ayafg Emad Month ago
5:51 😂😂
Johannes Shayuka
Guys you're the couple of the year
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