Spin the MYSTERY Wheel Challenge w/GIRLFRIEND!! (1 Spin = 1 Dare)

Riss & Quan
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Jul 15, 2019




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Comments 606
shiron badwah
shiron badwah 5 days ago
Rissa cheated she don't want no damn hicky 🤣🤣🤣🤣
shiron badwah
shiron badwah 5 days ago
Oh shit that dance 🥺♥️‼
Zaki Amiour
Zaki Amiour 5 days ago
I like your body 😋
Leone Gatogo
Leone Gatogo 9 days ago
Fun moe4
Fun moe4 9 days ago
At 9:04 I don't know riss just said.
Nicole Smith
Nicole Smith 11 days ago
y all is so funny I love when yall do the challenges videos
Nicole Smith
Nicole Smith 11 days ago
ok I see u Quan with the lap dance
yacsul isol
yacsul isol 13 days ago
At least her armpit was shaved and his was all nasty and hairy.....
Fatima Sidiyot
Fatima Sidiyot 16 days ago
She soooo FAT
Malusi Mabona
Malusi Mabona 18 days ago
Rissa uu look alot like tiana toys and me
Malusi Mabona
Malusi Mabona 18 days ago
U guyz are a perfect couple
Charisma Mitchell
Charisma Mitchell 22 days ago
Nice lap dance Quan lol. I even like both of y'all reaction to licking one another armpit well I almost died. Love and respect all the way from Trinidad
Charis Gilmore
Charis Gilmore 23 days ago
He said suckin toes is his thang 😍😍 Thats grown man shit!
Charis Gilmore
Charis Gilmore 23 days ago
I laughed hard asf this entire video 😂
Tight-eyez03 26 days ago
What the f**k
Shamar Canzater
Shamar Canzater Month ago
Good game i love you I'm Layla
Stickbot Warriors123
Everyone pause at 10:14 and tell me what you see
Charlotte Rue
Charlotte Rue Month ago
When Rissa picked Quan's armpit. I started coughing and literally throw up on my bedroom floor. My aunt told me to clean it up *LMAO* but *that shii nasty*
Micah Bell
Micah Bell Month ago
Fiona muthoni
Fiona muthoni Month ago
Never felt more single
Marlon Chambers
Marlon Chambers Month ago
Hi guys
Samantha Thielemann
Liza Chayasirijirapak
5:37...when they fell at the same time....😂😭
Jacob Jordan
Jacob Jordan Month ago
There lap dances were so cringey omg lol
Kimszy _23
Kimszy _23 Month ago
Y'all are dope asf love y'all
Tatiana Fisher
Tatiana Fisher Month ago
Yes I want to see it
rebotile nthodi
rebotile nthodi Month ago
10:12 while some of us sit holding candles😑😂😂😂😂
Darionna Neely
Darionna Neely Month ago
Now we all know Quan could be a magic mike dancer. Like when he did that lap dance i was like whaoo there partner😳😬😮
iiAestheticllyMe Period
3:53 when the video starts ur welcome ✌️😂😎
ShazaibKhan_ 2 months ago
Jada Williams
Jada Williams 2 months ago
I love watching them kiss
Danny 2 months ago
im ur 10kst like
mohamet wardi dayib
mohamet wardi dayib 2 months ago
Ilove this couples
Tier Polar
Tier Polar 2 months ago
16:04 lucky dude
Naa Lamiokor Addy
Naa Lamiokor Addy 2 months ago
Rissa prank quan with viagras
indilla uwizeye
indilla uwizeye 2 months ago
Twerk team quan
Johnleekilla 2 months ago
Delano Stanford
Delano Stanford 2 months ago
You guys are the best 😊✌
Rely&Ruthy&Lya GironGirls
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