Spin The MYSTERY Wheel Challenge! (1 Spin = 1 Dare)

Jazz and Tae
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Oct 15, 2018




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Jazz and Tae
Jazz and Tae 2 years ago
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Rajyiah Shields
Rajyiah Shields 13 days ago
Keyhki shell 😍🥰😎
Gabrial Angel
Gabrial Angel 13 days ago
@NatureVeee hhhahans
Gabrial Angel
Gabrial Angel 13 days ago
Cool video jazz tae
Rajyiah Shields
Rajyiah Shields 22 days ago
Keyhki shell
Naeveha Jackson
Naeveha Jackson 22 days ago
Jsymezuheeussausnssysndydyhr rzyrdzyd rs
Mary Livingston
Mary Livingston 3 hours ago
I m Mariah and i m a kids i see it
guadalupe ventura
Beautiful Harrison
Beautiful Harrison
U gay
cassandra pierce
cassandra pierce 4 days ago
I really miss seen you all day
travante scavella
travante scavella 11 days ago
You can seek a good one for the
Gabrial Angel
Gabrial Angel 13 days ago
Brianna Jones
Brianna Jones 13 days ago
tae slaped da hell out of jazz
ljones2684ljlj 14 days ago
Don't do it
Jenika Walker
Jenika Walker 15 days ago
i know that
Nyzaria Stanley
Nyzaria Stanley 17 days ago
I love y’all videos
Abbygail Chia
Abbygail Chia 21 day ago
Aniah jordan
Aniah jordan 22 days ago
Whaz so funny
Aniah jordan
Aniah jordan 22 days ago
The way she say bye
Kendra Lynn
Kendra Lynn 25 days ago
Are they both girls? I’m cunfused
Games with Sham
Games with Sham 25 days ago
Yes ofc they are....
shahavaneka wings
shahavaneka wings 27 days ago
Honesty Rose
Honesty Rose 27 days ago
im about to hit that whoa
Orianna Smith
Orianna Smith Month ago
When jazz was tw3rking he nearly fell of the chair 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Shelia Mostella
Shelia Mostella Month ago
MXAUGf was 🐴🦖🐯🦈🐨🐻🐰🦏🦛🐳🦍😍🥺👎😭
Jordan Neil
Jordan Neil Month ago
Ruben Durant
Ruben Durant Month ago
Dmmvvc , nnbbccv🤗😗😚
Kabrionne Park
Kabrionne Park Month ago
You got to much dip on your chip
Andre Rashod
Andre Rashod Month ago
Why would you want to kill him why would you want him to cut your favorite thing that means you don’t even care about anything do you want them to have that I’m not a mean why would you want him to cut it
Yolanda Martinez
All this Spin the wheel video's aee disgusting.
Millie Clarke
Millie Clarke Month ago
Is the one in a blue shirt a girl
Leah Haze
Leah Haze Month ago
Still 💛💛💛
Tyson Gaines
Tyson Gaines Month ago
I watch y’all everyday y’all are the funniest people ever I love y’all so much and I got something for you press this right here down here. press my name here okay and everyone can watch my stuff so pls do that okay. (Tysongaines)(LOVE TYSON)(LOVE GOD)(YALL ARE THE BEST)(YALL ARE FUNNY THE FUNNIEST 😂 )(but I need love on my channel I got two subscribers and like on two or three videos got 1 like 😂🤣😅not funny😭😢😱🤯so if you goo to my channel give me support pls man I will love that(thank you)(“love y’all the ones who support me tho lol”)love yall.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!pls give me 💗 love I would appreciate it
Devon Morgan
Devon Morgan Month ago
jazz dont bite tae agin like you feel me
cheryl hamel
cheryl hamel Month ago
i love you guys
Keneil Lewis
Keneil Lewis Month ago
Lanayia Hall
Lanayia Hall Month ago
Theo Baptiste
Theo Baptiste Month ago
3:14 it sound like something break lolol
amber bell
amber bell Month ago
Tae slapped jazz and i rolled of the bed
Shondrica Monique Farmer
Hi my name is sanaya Skinner big fat are y'all coronavirus I can't go to your house I hate this I have to use my mom pay tohave a good day I'm going to test you when you text
Shondrica Monique Farmer
Shondrica Monique Farmer
Sanaya so course I said it's a big fan of y'all give me something to shout out I love you give me something airpod a phone give me something turkey in the stuf the boy was a boy boss like that
Nicole Williams
Nicole Williams 2 months ago
I’m just here bc I miss the vids jazz and tae please post again
Nicosia Warren
Nicosia Warren 2 months ago
Jordynn Perry
Jordynn Perry 2 months ago
It was so funny when she slapped her
Keekee Rich
Keekee Rich 2 months ago
Tae is pretty team Tae all day not jazz🤔🤧
Rakia Chapman
Rakia Chapman 2 months ago
De’Ajah Johnson
De’Ajah Johnson 2 months ago
Mom is meaty I, don’t got to whom. Too bad they have to be at work at five or four or seven or two so we can get there at two or six or whatever so let me get it to me or text you r and she said that she finna was a good morning ☀️🌞😃 is a
Dead account
Dead account 2 months ago
U guys u look like sister and brother because u have the same skin tone and and u both have braces
Nikhiya Chandler
Nikhiya Chandler 2 months ago
“I thought we was doing the explicit version” 😂😂
Lyric Henley
Lyric Henley 2 months ago
😂😂 jazz got slapped hard
Brenda Lynch
Brenda Lynch 3 months ago
When tae slapped jazz I was cracking up😅😅😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Harlem Daee
Harlem Daee 3 months ago
no cuz SEND ME BACK TO 2018🥺🥺not me sitting in 2020 missin the old videos
Girl Girl
Girl Girl 3 months ago
team Jazz ❤❤❤🙏🙏🙏🏠🏠🏠
Verlencia Abbington
Verlencia Abbington 3 months ago
When jazz sniffed the supreme headband it was funny 😄
C I 3 months ago
Girl hot sauceaint tht spicy I could have a shot of saracha rn lol I can handle any spice tf
Sadie Spear
Sadie Spear 3 months ago
are you bouth grils
Michelle Pate
Michelle Pate 3 months ago
Jazz said girl what u do the spilt
2 Savage Kings
2 Savage Kings 3 months ago
Candice Benson
Candice Benson 3 months ago
Blue shirt 👕 are you a boy
Solange Davis
Solange Davis 3 months ago
She slapped the hell out u 😂🤣
Kyree Toliver-Walker
OMG the way she was lap dancing on her was funny and then they fell off the chair
Cardraniese Thompson
Do tea have a Baby 🤗
Gacha__girl Life
Gacha__girl Life 3 months ago
TRistan roke fan Green
she talking about she dont want a ill but she into it
Cathyren Vasquez
Cathyren Vasquez 3 months ago
pick kiss
Brittany brassell
Brittany brassell 3 months ago
Niccola Casey
Niccola Casey 4 months ago
Nobody : Jazz: slap tae on the floor Tae: on the floor “gets up” Slap me so hard I gotta year came out
Dandra Griffiths
Dandra Griffiths 4 months ago
Jazz act rachet
mia tolson
mia tolson 4 months ago
%&9%&§^| love y'all
Shanice Davis
Shanice Davis 4 months ago
When Tae slapped Jazz I was freaking weak 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂🤣🤣🤣🤣 when Jazz was giving that lap dance 🤣😂😂😂😂😂
Pizza retard
Pizza retard 4 months ago
Hello my fellow friends your next
no simp army
no simp army 4 months ago
There a copy cat btw they just changed the cover a little bit
CUt Jesus
CUt Jesus 5 months ago
Awwww buddy 😭😭😩
Shirley Sawyer
Shirley Sawyer 5 months ago
2020? Anyone
Shameka Moore
Shameka Moore 5 months ago
Dang she slapped you good lol
Alma Bravo Herrera
Alma Bravo Herrera 5 months ago
Flash me in cremra
mahalia Buckner
mahalia Buckner 5 months ago
Mîłîâñä Gämëß
13:23 or 13:16 jazz slap tae to hard but still tae slap jazz so hard
Kamryn Harris
Kamryn Harris 5 months ago
Latriesh Farmer
Latriesh Farmer 5 months ago
monir taeb
monir taeb 5 months ago
U 2 are half lesbia....
the mermaid cuties
the mermaid cuties 5 months ago
But jazz you can't tweak
the mermaid cuties
the mermaid cuties 5 months ago
Sub_if_you_ have_a_life_
Jazz be lookin like a worm on the floor with that lap dance 🤣🤣🤣😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂
Taani Reynolds
Taani Reynolds 5 months ago
Hey man who was a little bit more than happy.
Javour Wright
Javour Wright 5 months ago
I can't breath🤣. That Was A Hard Slap ✋! Danm!
luffnan 5 months ago
Jas Nation
Jas Nation 5 months ago
I’m y’all biggest supporter I have been subscribed to y’all RUvid channel sense last year y’all couple goals I have on post notifications
Life With Miya
Life With Miya 6 months ago
She said the neck on fire😂😂😂
Tiuqe Tiuqe
Tiuqe Tiuqe 6 months ago
Hi take and jazz love you guys have a blessed day
Ka'Mara Keys
Ka'Mara Keys 6 months ago
I'm dead bro when she fell out that chair and said let me serve u up
Aubrey Beasley
Aubrey Beasley 6 months ago
Anyone here in 2020...... no...... just me....... ok then
octavias245 6 months ago
That’s wrong that’s wrong
Shaniyah Hunt
Shaniyah Hunt 6 months ago
I swear tae smacked the heck out of jazz
SpazZo G
SpazZo G 6 months ago
Hahaahahahahauhahahahahahahhahaha this hade me dead
Kimeyah Coakley
Kimeyah Coakley 6 months ago
I'd like unfollowers and followed
ICY BJ 6 months ago
Are you gay
FlexionAllyson 6 months ago
keitha edwards
keitha edwards 6 months ago
A afsffvj M
Ashley Marie
Ashley Marie 6 months ago
That lap dance 🤣🤣
KIDFF 6 months ago
Who’s watching this in 2020
Armani Miller
Armani Miller 6 months ago
Yo you and her gay
Kadaren Cooper
Kadaren Cooper 6 months ago
You are gay
lovenie 6 months ago
That sounds slap was a money maker
•cherry blossom•
The way jazz was twerking🤣🤣🤣
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