Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts w/ Jon Hamm

The Late Late Show with James Corden
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Jon Hamm and James Corden take turns choosing between answering very personal questions or eating stomach-churning foods, like bird saliva.
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Each week night, THE LATE LATE SHOW with JAMES CORDEN throws the ultimate late night after party with a mix of celebrity guests, edgy musical acts, games and sketches. Corden differentiates his show by offering viewers a peek behind-the-scenes into the green room, bringing all of his guests out at once and lending his musical and acting talents to various sketches. Additionally, bandleader Reggie Watts and the house band provide original, improvised music throughout the show. Since Corden took the reigns as host in March 2015, he has quickly become known for generating buzzworthy viral videos, such as Carpool Karaoke."




16 окт 2018

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Комментарии 5 057
Valhalla Час назад
If he farted in my face I'd still find him charming.
Elise rubio
Elise rubio 2 часа назад
*Spill the tea James you twat* or at least swallow, no one likes spitter
Constance 3 часа назад
You should add a sheep or monkey brain, they're quite popular!
janis lafreniere
janis lafreniere 5 часов назад
I’m referring to the blood thingy that looks like head cheese, not the hamaconda.
janis lafreniere
janis lafreniere 5 часов назад
Ummm spongy.. looks like it could gag a maggot.
Mysterzia Secret
Mysterzia Secret 6 часов назад
Jon is so funny omg😍
PoiPoi Afuck
PoiPoi Afuck 10 часов назад
But does he like hockey?
Aly 12 часов назад
I want Jon Hamm in me GOOD LAWDDDDDDDD
Crystal B
Crystal B 13 часов назад
You can practically smell the alpha male aroma through the screen with Jon, lol.
Topher TheTenth
Topher TheTenth 17 часов назад
Suppose it IS penis jerky. Who is the guy who jerks the penis?
Topher TheTenth
Topher TheTenth 17 часов назад
Adam West, Lewis Wilson ...
veggiesaremurder 20 часов назад
Chili cheese dog smoothie? That doesn't sound half bad. Am I pregnant?
Deanna Poe
Deanna Poe 20 часов назад
james never eats anything ..........................
Tyler Catton
Tyler Catton 20 часов назад
this man is insane
Esteban Rodriguez
Esteban Rodriguez 21 час назад
victoria gabriel
victoria gabriel 21 час назад
George was the worst batman!
Keneth Nekundi
Keneth Nekundi 23 часа назад
get bear grylls on the skit
Maria Mironova
Maria Mironova День назад
I almost had a panic attack when he ate the tarantula. arachnophobia things
Mae Standley
Mae Standley День назад
10:17 Two Jimmys and a Stephan sounds like a sitcom 😂😂😂
Herve Louon
Herve Louon День назад
Bale was sooo good and Clooney sooo bad, that was not difficult to answer. Everybody was thinking : Clooney, Affleck, Bale.
Noelia Jaime
Noelia Jaime День назад
Sexy AND smart.Just Yummm.
Bruno Domingos
Bruno Domingos День назад
The best S.Y.G. or F.Y.G. ever!!! This guys rocks!
Cher Poston
Cher Poston День назад
Dear Jon, I nearly threw up on that chili cheese dog.
britney bustos
britney bustos День назад
DO RUvidRS !!
Iniya Vendan
Iniya Vendan День назад
that tarantula cRoNcH tho
drivinghome День назад
Viet Bui
Viet Bui День назад
The last question disgusted me. If you ask a woman her measurements on live TV, whether it is a joke or not, you would get called out as sexist, rude... yet it's perfectly fine to ask a man how long his p***s is? The double standard... I expected more from James Corden! Will not watch his show from now on.
Gho St
Gho St День назад
*Stares in the camera for 5 seconds* Crowd - “wooaaaaaahhh hahaha” wtf is funny about that
Tina Michele
Tina Michele День назад
Get Tom Hardy to do this please!!!
Ella Jones
Ella Jones День назад
James should have James Charles on her
Adri Mira
Adri Mira 2 дня назад
No disrespect to John Ham...but if y’all rly wanna make this game interesting. You should put Cardi B up there and ask abt Nicki or vice versa😂
Kris 2 дня назад
I'd rather eat the tarantula than have to touch a live one.
Sarah Marie
Sarah Marie 2 дня назад
This nasty game should be played between the presidential candidates during a debate. lol
Lillie Watkins
Lillie Watkins 2 дня назад
James should totally do a spill your guts or fill your guts with Harry Styles
Lane Loureiro
Lane Loureiro 2 дня назад
TAG was the beeast movie, what was james talking about
Jessica Donoho
Jessica Donoho 3 дня назад
Everyone’s always hitting on the show but I mean, it makes me and other smile so, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
April Flores
April Flores 3 дня назад
Cassandra Marshall
Cassandra Marshall 3 дня назад
#TheLateLateShowWithJamesCorden can you please do spill your guts or fill your guts with Noah Centineo
Isabel Amazinggg
Isabel Amazinggg 3 дня назад
11:00 Its at this point where I just assume that the food is fake. James seems to enjoy taking a huge bite out of all of the things on the table, and he most of the times gets actors on this so...
Guille Rivera
Guille Rivera 3 дня назад
okay but i still wanted to know the size sorry not sorry
ItGloRiouS 3 дня назад
half the food on the thingo looks fake
Jhully Amilly
Jhully Amilly 3 дня назад
do you know what y'all need? me to choose the questions and me to choose the foods, then boom.
Flenif2247 3 дня назад
Jon Hamm **swoon**
Leon Chen
Leon Chen 3 дня назад
Bird saliva is actually a very expensive dish in China
bamboo 3 дня назад
Jon Hamm is soooooooo hot
HailG3 3 дня назад
Holy shit this man did not come to play
Livio88 3 дня назад
Caroline TXBQ
Caroline TXBQ 3 дня назад
now I can see him as Batman
Flying Phoenix
Flying Phoenix 3 дня назад
Christian Bale is the best Batman ever.
Dovi 4 дня назад
Such a charismatic guy
T_lialialialia 4 дня назад
LMAOOO “ yes yes well, tag “
Raja Rexin
Raja Rexin 4 дня назад
So funny! In Germany we actually have pork thung and cow blood mixed together as a normal sausage 😂
Pirilu 23
Pirilu 23 4 дня назад
It is always lame... nobody ever answers anything
Sweet Creature HS
Sweet Creature HS 4 дня назад
You need to do this with Harry Styles!!!!!
Hana Hayakawa
Hana Hayakawa 4 дня назад
Esse cara é insano
Jessie 4 дня назад
James never spills the tea :((((
47icecream 4 дня назад
5:04 got some mad harmony going
Jackie Dowden
Jackie Dowden 4 дня назад
they ask james the same 3 questions every damn time and he never spills the tea 😑
vanessa perez
vanessa perez 4 дня назад
How was he never famous before mad men I will never understand.
Lar sen
Lar sen 4 дня назад
It you wanna know the sizes of the man penis just check the thumb from the begin to the tip, its siences proven
Roxanne S.
Roxanne S. 4 дня назад
the man did *two* shots of hot sauce
Gemini Jackson
Gemini Jackson 4 дня назад
I see Jon Hamm, I click! 😍
johny xciv
johny xciv 4 дня назад
To all the producers of this show who actually read the youtube comments. This game is really cool, but have 2 different guest play this game only, Corden is great but his questions aren’t as juicy, but he can just be the hype man on the side. Just an idea.
Laura DLC
Laura DLC 4 дня назад
Finally a guest that actually eats the stomach-turning stuff in front of him. Indeed, they should stop doing this segment if the host has no intention of ever "filling his gut." What is the point, Mr. Corden? At the very least, at least change the name of the segment. Let's be honest, anyone can put anything in her/her mouth for 3 seconds and then spit it out.
Angelo Kelly
Angelo Kelly 5 дней назад
James should do this with Bear Grylls xD
Taka Ono
Taka Ono 5 дней назад
I won't lie, when he downed both glasses and stood up... I got a little turned on.
DINOLOVER6717 5 дней назад
Yooo.....bubble guts 🤭🤭 Jon you know you was on the toilet 🚽 toot toot
Derrick P
Derrick P 5 дней назад
He’s such a man (southern belle accent) 😂
Jessica Tyrrell
Jessica Tyrrell 5 дней назад
Lisa D
Lisa D 5 дней назад
I don't usually comment, but Jon is a BOSS and that is how the game is played.
Liv Learns Life
Liv Learns Life 5 дней назад
If anyone feels like treating themselves to more Jon Hamm, may I recommend the video "Jon Hamm's John Ham".
Mathilde Caron
Mathilde Caron 5 дней назад
I kind of want Post Malone to do this next
mounica l
mounica l 5 дней назад
Want Meryll streep to play this game !
Rick Gonzalez
Rick Gonzalez 5 дней назад
He could fill my guts.....👀
Ice Montano
Ice Montano 5 дней назад
Sky M
Sky M 5 дней назад
I lost it when James sang my hamaconda ohh this was great 😂
Vitus mw2
Vitus mw2 5 дней назад
i mean we all know Bale is the best Batman xd
Jan-Erik Strøm
Jan-Erik Strøm 5 дней назад
I know many many people who eat pickled pigs feet. Mad, all of em mad.... christmas in norway is a madhouse. We're all quite mad here... yes, yes we are... *shudders*
Mary Easter - Stephanie Chu
Mary Easter - Stephanie Chu 6 дней назад
Please stop making fun of Chinese delicacies such as bird saliva and pickled pig's feet as they are genuinely not that bad and bird saliva is actually very good for the skin!
Mary Easter - Stephanie Chu
Mary Easter - Stephanie Chu 6 дней назад
And FYI Bird saliva is not actually bird saliva but rather edible bird's nest which are solidified from saliva from a bird and what you are eating is the bird's nest essentially boiled in water to create a liquid! So you aren't really eating that much saliva at all!!!!
Fucking JON HAMM everybody!
Amber Tenney
Amber Tenney 6 дней назад
I feel like if any of those three talk show host were in James's seat, they would have answered.
Basil In the Forest
Basil In the Forest 6 дней назад
John Hamm being real since day 1. 💛
yaro42 6 дней назад
Jon Hamm is a God, he literally acts like a damn God. Jared Leto is Jesus in the other hand
stop 6 дней назад
Ratzel BlackStar
Ratzel BlackStar 6 дней назад
he is BATMAN !!!
Courtlin 00027
Courtlin 00027 6 дней назад
Out of all of the guests this guy has, without a doubt this dude is the GOAT. I have seen all of his guests take a sip out of a smoothie or hot sauce and spit it out with dude downed half of a nasty shake and took a whole shot of hot sauce. 👍
Linda Carmignani
Linda Carmignani 6 дней назад
Jon taking the double shot OH MY GOOD GOD
Antonio Hood
Antonio Hood 6 дней назад
i would’ve exposed myself
Marko Foreskin
Marko Foreskin 6 дней назад
What's the point if he spits it out? You already put it in your mouth, just eat it.
satvik arya
satvik arya 7 дней назад
James looks like Winnie the Pooh
Billy Reynolds
Billy Reynolds 7 дней назад
Christ, haven't you guys gotten sick of this idiot yet?
Fah Angelis
Fah Angelis 7 дней назад
Maaaaaaaaannnnn a whole new respect for Jon Hamm
Alexis Suzanne
Alexis Suzanne 7 дней назад
Best so far
Kenza Kettani
Kenza Kettani 7 дней назад
Now I wanna see Harry Styles playing to this game, I can already hear him swear...😂#HarryStyles #LateLateShow #LateLateStyles
WhoNeedsPants 7 дней назад
Yeah, this just looks like Thanksgiving in the south. ...what's ewwww?
Sofia Piuzzi
Sofia Piuzzi 7 дней назад
Jon Hamm is the definition of Daddy.
Jane Guarnera
Jane Guarnera 7 дней назад
My mother always told me try something once, a second time down the road.
Stefania Colon
Stefania Colon 8 дней назад
The Hamm is a bad ass motherf*cker
Alla Abdulgader
Alla Abdulgader 8 дней назад
Christian bale all the way
alkietheduck 8 дней назад
Has Jon Hamm been on First We Feast's Hot Ones??? 8:26 guys. Respect.
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