Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts w/ Jon Hamm

The Late Late Show with James Corden
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Jon Hamm and James Corden take turns choosing between answering very personal questions or eating stomach-churning foods, like bird saliva.
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Each week night, THE LATE LATE SHOW with JAMES CORDEN throws the ultimate late night after party with a mix of celebrity guests, edgy musical acts, games and sketches. Corden differentiates his show by offering viewers a peek behind-the-scenes into the green room, bringing all of his guests out at once and lending his musical and acting talents to various sketches. Additionally, bandleader Reggie Watts and the house band provide original, improvised music throughout the show. Since Corden took the reigns as host in March 2015, he has quickly become known for generating buzzworthy viral videos, such as Carpool Karaoke."




16 окт 2018

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Комментарии 5 777
alberto032973 3 часа назад
Kevin hart and huge Jackman
alberto032973 3 часа назад
Kelly ripa
alberto032973 5 часов назад
Adam sandler and drew Barrymore
alberto032973 5 часов назад
How about tim allen and tom hanks on the same episode woody and buzz lighter on the show would be awesome
zack roller
zack roller 12 часов назад
Idk who jan hamm is but his savageness makes me wanna look up some movies hes been in and watch them
Maria 28
Maria 28 18 часов назад
Do it with Hugh Jackman please 🙏
Adam McNeilly
Adam McNeilly 23 часа назад
JDM was an amazing choice, but Jon Hamm would have also been an amazing Negan. Love to both of the lads
Foster Singleton
Foster Singleton День назад
Jonn Hamm is the mann!!!
The Crimson Cure
The Crimson Cure 2 дня назад
You need to do a segment with Ken Jeong!!
Memes Complications
Memes Complications 2 дня назад
8:34 now that right there is a statement.
Sourabh Chakraborty
Sourabh Chakraborty 2 дня назад
That guy is a real sports man he ate all the food not like put it in your mouth and throw it away.
PAATTTYY A 2 дня назад
Jon is a savage
Garret Osborne
Garret Osborne 3 дня назад
He's like a poor mans Mike Rowe. 😀
MiBay 4 дня назад
James fill your guts stop spitting everything out if you aren’t going to answer! Haha
Pabloneitor Studios
Pabloneitor Studios 4 дня назад
8:10 Kevin Spacey.
Polat Alemdar
Polat Alemdar 4 дня назад
Where is Margot Robbie?
Eva Sulistyo
Eva Sulistyo 5 дней назад
That is a MAN right there 😂
Rhys Tech Reviews
Rhys Tech Reviews 5 дней назад
I’m from Australia so when he said chilli cheese dog I thought he ment actual dogs
Isabella Amezquita
Isabella Amezquita 5 дней назад
I would like to bring to attention the way John is sitting at 3:02
Little Bee
Little Bee 5 дней назад
The questions for James are always the same.
Patricia Ocso
Patricia Ocso 5 дней назад
I liked him a lot on Baby Driver and Keeping Up with the Joneses 🖤
JCBEST 6 дней назад
Sean Mesler
Sean Mesler 6 дней назад
I would answer every question. Especially if I had to eat a tarantula.
Sharon Olukoga
Sharon Olukoga 6 дней назад
don't hate me but I never heard of this guy but.. ...I just fell in love.
Bill Day
Bill Day 6 дней назад
He needs to get Blackie Lawless from W.A.S.P. or Ozzy Osbourne lol. Those guys would ace this game given the things they've eaten, just give Ozzy some bat's blood jelly or something
Arif 6 дней назад
He's fucking hot already but that BDE is INSANE
Richard Nixon
Richard Nixon 6 дней назад
James: How was it? Jon: *T H I C C*
Cody Blaisdell
Cody Blaisdell 7 дней назад
At 5:27, I watched James clap his hands and laugh and thought "Shut up James, you fat circus monkey" and I swear to god I've had tears coming out of my eyes for about 10 minutes laughing
Trem Raka
Trem Raka 7 дней назад
HallunX 7 дней назад
It's not eating, it's chewing... Dafuk?
Hjwah hh
Hjwah hh 7 дней назад
From that day to the end of his days He must be called: Jon “the hot sauce” Ham
Justin Wilcox
Justin Wilcox 8 дней назад
should be called spill your guts or fill your trash can half the time they dont swallow the shit their supposed to eat
Mia Mori
Mia Mori 8 дней назад
DAMN HE IS A MAN NO BS!! Absolute Alpha dammnn wow 😂 😂
nick powell
nick powell 8 дней назад
John hamm is a badass for that.
Hash Slanging Slasher
Hash Slanging Slasher 9 дней назад
He never answers and never actually swallows the food 😒
Henry Metz
Henry Metz 9 дней назад
fuck this sauce is kind of the hottest thing you can possibly find an Hamm just drinks to shots of that
Green 10 дней назад
Damn i love it when the guests aren't bitches and actually swallow whatever they get. There should be a rule that the bucket is only for when you can't hold it down.
Mr. Sushimi
Mr. Sushimi 10 дней назад
Boi I love tag tf
Shirin Niazi
Shirin Niazi 10 дней назад
Tarantulas and other impossible things are I think fake
Paulo Moraes
Paulo Moraes 10 дней назад
All is see is Bruce Wayne, that guy from gotham here!
H H 10 дней назад
they didnt answer one fuking question. shame
Universal Unicorn
Universal Unicorn 11 дней назад
Ibrahim Kouzahia
Ibrahim Kouzahia 11 дней назад
I loved tag
aimz0909 12 дней назад
Experiment Eight
Experiment Eight 12 дней назад
8:32 Don Draper mode activated
stargoop 12 дней назад
Is it just me or do their smoothies always sound like something that would be fun to try (hey remember the Jones soda 2005 Thanksgiving Holiday pack) That smoothie proves that liquid diets aren't always low calorie or healthy
Megan Jansky
Megan Jansky 12 дней назад
I love James but he always spits his food out. That is cheating.
Teresa Knight
Teresa Knight 12 дней назад
Y’all should have to eat the whole portion and swallow!!!!!!
Psycho Bergmuis
Psycho Bergmuis 12 дней назад
Kevin spacey would have been a safe answer
Commenting 12 дней назад
GOOOOOSH, james is acting in the same way in every video!! Why is he even doing this stupid game if he never answers the damn questions?
Debbie McLaughlin
Debbie McLaughlin 12 дней назад
This is so funny!!!
Yannik Kerig
Yannik Kerig 12 дней назад
The cow blood and tongue jelly is just normal blood sausage lol. That's just normal food I eat for breakfast where I come from..
whataboutredlorry 12 дней назад
This segment is so fucking boring now. NO one answers anything - and they do the same 'bit ' each time where they start going "well... if I were to rank it... well then..." and then just eat the food.
Gantor990 13 дней назад
Tomorrow morning news, Jon Hamm said to be killed by a chili cheese hotdog smoothie, hmmm sound suspictious
Tyler Fitzgerald
Tyler Fitzgerald 13 дней назад
HatlessMuffin 13 дней назад
I don't think I ever seen anyone as cool as he is wow.
Charlotte 13 дней назад
cant they ask James questions hes actually able to answer? at this point we all know hes always gonna eat the thing and not answer lol fair enough if he doesnt want to offend huge celebrities but there must be other questions to ask that are also awkward n difficult but not offensive to anyone else
Grey Studios
Grey Studios 13 дней назад
I think instead of "penis jerky" he meant "jerky penis"
Jamless Biscuit
Jamless Biscuit 13 дней назад
„How was it?” *„T H I C C”*
William Rohmeyer
William Rohmeyer 14 дней назад
This is fake as fuck no way that dude would have been able to continue after that hot sauce fuck this shit I'm out
Nautilus1972 14 дней назад
Deep fried tarantula belly and ask James:"Do you deserve the fame and life you have now?
Jez 14 дней назад
Get Kevin Hart on Fill your Guts or Spill your Guts pleaseeee 😂
jimbo mcgill
jimbo mcgill 14 дней назад
Tarantula is a delicacy in Cambodia. I'd love to try it.
Hana Hana
Hana Hana 14 дней назад
Definietly no more eating for me anymore.
Nathan Cummings
Nathan Cummings 14 дней назад
John Hamm is a savage
Marc Valeros
Marc Valeros 14 дней назад
The man is a walking chunk of hormones and testosterone Jesus he's manly as fuck.
Janina 14 дней назад
This blood and tongue thing is really delicious. Many people in Germany eat it as a topping on bread. 💁🏻‍♀️
•Moon Mochi•
•Moon Mochi• 14 дней назад
George will always be the best BatMan.
Hunter Reese
Hunter Reese 14 дней назад
He always acts like he’s about to answer then eats at the last minute to make his self look cool
SsilenceTv 15 дней назад
John ham is going ham hahahahahahha I’m so good
Sdf Sef
Sdf Sef 15 дней назад
how come everytime i watch these i fell like they get scripted to eat a certain item at a certain time frame and react a certain way
Stefania Rahn
Stefania Rahn 15 дней назад
answer the questions jesus
Diego Serafin
Diego Serafin 15 дней назад
Lil' Lil
Lil' Lil 15 дней назад
Who thinks he should do this with Rett and Link from Good Mythical Morning?
Brown Eyed Girl
Brown Eyed Girl 15 дней назад
The Hamaconda😂 I kinda wanted know😉
sheezarero art
sheezarero art 16 дней назад
This man is a legend
Daniela Rivera
Daniela Rivera 16 дней назад
The man. The myth. The legend: Jon Hamm
chefaaron77 16 дней назад
Every guest makes corden look like a pussy at this game.
Anna Harkin
Anna Harkin 16 дней назад
What is in the chilli dog thing?
sparkygroover 16 дней назад
I think they shouldn't be allowed to spit the food/drink out :D
Angel Daigrepont
Angel Daigrepont 16 дней назад
It would be awesome if James actually answered the questions and gave us the dish!!! And Jon is awesome!!! He is a beast the way he did those shots. Lol lol it also should be a rule that if u eat or drink it u can’t spit it out. U have to swallow it. Lol
Bobby Taft
Bobby Taft 16 дней назад
James Corden wimp
Bobby Taft
Bobby Taft 16 дней назад
who jon hamm
Sarah Gutierrez
Sarah Gutierrez 16 дней назад
What a fucking badass.
Matthew Bottcher
Matthew Bottcher 16 дней назад
Batman question is easy: 1. Christian Bale 2. George Clooney 3. Ban Affleck
Rosendal Jr.
Rosendal Jr. 16 дней назад
he could kidnap me issok
amal zuhair
amal zuhair 16 дней назад
1 Christian Bale 2 Ben Affleck 3 George Clooney Not that hard of a question
alberto032973 5 часов назад
How about tim allen and tom hanks on the same episode woody and buzz lighter on the show would be awesome
WolfClaw27 2 дня назад
Aaron Bellman
Aaron Bellman 2 дня назад
Ben Christen george
PAATTTYY A 2 дня назад
I really think Ben Affleck was the worst
sandvich48 6 дней назад
jermster17 naw for his time period, solid pure west
Ben Maliqi
Ben Maliqi 16 дней назад
Savage like Rihanna
VocAnime Otaku
VocAnime Otaku 16 дней назад
I wish you could do this game with the avengers cast....
Nerfboi1 17 дней назад
8:33 - 8:41 when he drank the hot sauce I flipped out
Pyro The Tiger
Pyro The Tiger 17 дней назад
Jon Hahn is the skip the dishes guy write
Sports rugby and a fish 778
Sports rugby and a fish 778 17 дней назад
What a legend 🔥 🔥
sofiani4ever 17 дней назад
Mr. Jon Hamm + hot sauce = 🔥🔥🔥 Rrrrrrrrr.....
Double o-seven
Double o-seven 17 дней назад
how pathetic of you as the host to have the choice in his punishment and you give him what he wants? he chooses hot sauce and you allowed him too? the fuck is the point?
ScraftyPants 17 дней назад
"Now, you've had bull penis" I would have said "all my life" and glanced downwards XD He totally missed a great joke there.
YONKO BEAST 17 дней назад
This dude took 2 shots of hot sauce.
Rodrigo Longhi
Rodrigo Longhi 17 дней назад
I'm straight but ... damn.. Jon Hamm is handsome ashduuhasduhasduh
Gibson Spidle
Gibson Spidle 17 дней назад
Good video but if I get another god damn ray liota commercial I’m gonna fucking break my phone.
Exotic_Ghoul 17 дней назад
damn, this guy is a legend
Dr. Autismo
Dr. Autismo 17 дней назад
He hates tag
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