Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts w/ Hailey Bieber

The Late Late Show with James Corden
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James Corden and Hailey Bieber take turns asking each other very personal questions and are given the choice: answer truthfully or eat whatever food is in front of them. Foods include a bull's penis and bird saliva.
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7 фев 2019

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Комментарии 6 725
Zainn Alahmad
Zainn Alahmad Час назад
dude this was way more boring than I expected, I expected actual shit and all I get is stupid questions about the Baldwins, which I btw don't know any of, except for Hailey obviously, clicked off from the second minute..
Caitlin Kelly
Caitlin Kelly 3 часа назад
She is the most beautiful sweetheart
Anun Anun
Anun Anun 5 часов назад
Of course it’s boring she is nothing without JB
ari 8 часов назад
i have actually never heard her speak before and i’m in love with her voice, it’s so soft and idk how to describe it i just love it
Luki 9 часов назад
Do it with Bear Grills😂
Haya Alsaadi
Haya Alsaadi 11 часов назад
The tea was cold sis🤷🏻‍♀️
Jeremie Casianan
Jeremie Casianan 12 часов назад
Their eating a lil’ piece of history!
Sarcasm Entries
Sarcasm Entries 13 часов назад
*Hailey already knows what a bull's penis tastes like ,isn't she Justin's wife* ?
M G 17 часов назад
she looks more like billy than she does Stephen lmaoooo
Noah Tran
Noah Tran 19 часов назад
Y’all should add fish sauce
Emily Saunders
Emily Saunders 22 часа назад
I’m with Hailey! I liked the dreads! Xoxoxo
Walterini 22 часа назад
I get why she is with Bieber, she seems thick as two short planks
Davie Singh
Davie Singh 23 часа назад
She is so gorgeous😍
Tyradaisy 23 часа назад
those 1,000 year old eggs are actually probably like 1,003 years because no one eats them
T.T MOB День назад
Yeah she woulda been a bad wife/girlfriend if she picked which picture of Justin's was the best ❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️
iliass День назад
please invite tom holland next
Hans Hvaffornoget
Hans Hvaffornoget День назад
i´d fuck her
zielonyhamburger День назад
James is always spitting the food, he’s cheating
Isabella Ruiz
Isabella Ruiz День назад
Hailey looks beautiful! But come on James you’ve written harder questions than these ones.
Denise Hiltebrand
Denise Hiltebrand День назад
why is everyone hating on her looks. I guess some ppl are still oldschool and marry for love.
GeoBerserker День назад
weakest one, boring and short, you asked 3 questions, and one of them was about hair?
Donald J. Trump
Donald J. Trump День назад
She ain't even pretty. What did bieber see in her
Zahraa Al maliki
Zahraa Al maliki День назад
She’s so cute
Lyra Cutay
Lyra Cutay День назад
What Happened to her 👃?
Milly Z
Milly Z День назад
No one literally knew she existed until she got married to Justin. stop making random (and/or stupid) people famous.
Sabine Wilson
Sabine Wilson День назад
5:43 and that is why he married you. Lmao
oldbay2 День назад
Bird Saliva is good for you and an expensive delicacy
Aaliyah Steward
Aaliyah Steward День назад
She reminds me of Tina Woods
Yandery HerreraGarcia
Yandery HerreraGarcia День назад
She is so nice
Skye Dragun
Skye Dragun 2 дня назад
what's with the questions barely anything was eaten
Jackson Reis
Jackson Reis 2 дня назад
Where the fuck do they find this shit? One sec let me grab some bull dick out of the fridge
Alexis Allegar
Alexis Allegar 2 дня назад
Are her and Justin together still
rafa ribeiro
rafa ribeiro 2 дня назад
JB watching this will be like, "what the F is in your mind that was suppose to be the easy one"
VIN A 2 дня назад
james needs to do a spill your guts or fill your guts with steve harvey omfg
toufik kun
toufik kun 2 дня назад
This is the first time I hear her speak and i wish I didn't
JSYK 2 дня назад
Olivia Kerr
Olivia Kerr 2 дня назад
You wouldn’t get anything out of bear grylls.
Peyton Johns
Peyton Johns 2 дня назад
I love her omg
Chazz Boy
Chazz Boy 2 дня назад
Who marries Justin Bieber 🤮 idiot
K Gaskins
K Gaskins 2 дня назад
I am so tired of seeing people being famous only because their parents are famous. I even gave her the benefit of the doubt and thought "well, she is a model..." but she is only a model because her father is well known. I get so tired of "celebrities", like her, being forced upon me. ahsjhsgh
shylar hope jones
shylar hope jones 2 дня назад
Long hair furckin disgustaing
Oliver Lieberman
Oliver Lieberman 2 дня назад
I hope she gets divorced so she can get her fucking name back, Baldwin actually carries wait and will for many years Bieber seems to be burning out it also sounds like a name a child made up when naming a pet rat.
rumor gossip
rumor gossip 2 дня назад
tbh this is the most boring eps because of her
Purple hearts For Vsoo
Purple hearts For Vsoo 2 дня назад
Isn’t this Kendall’s bff?!
Ansharul Hakim
Ansharul Hakim 2 дня назад
Man now I know why Justin Bieber choose her to be his wife
Hessa Alenaxi
Hessa Alenaxi 2 дня назад
She is so dull 😑
Ramona Boner
Ramona Boner 2 дня назад
Ummmm their marriage will last longer than this segment
Wilth 2 дня назад
That’s a loyal ass woman right there
justin bieber
justin bieber 2 дня назад
I hoped that Selena who married with Justin but not Hailey 😞💔
Klaudia Sołtysiak
Klaudia Sołtysiak 2 дня назад
EagleGoneMad 2 дня назад
This was so bad
Emily Ward
Emily Ward 3 дня назад
The last name change still surprises me ❤️
Little Bebe
Little Bebe 3 дня назад
Erika Hoffmann
Erika Hoffmann 3 дня назад
Hailey looks so happy and in love ❤️✨✨
Franziska S
Franziska S 3 дня назад
I actually like rollmop really much😂 In Germany you can buy it in every supermarket
Bayn Zayn
Bayn Zayn 3 дня назад
Oh Wow she is so fake
xXSpiKeXx24553 3 дня назад
She looks like 39
Izabela Dantas
Izabela Dantas 3 дня назад
The worst one ever.
Piorun 3 дня назад
Before Justin no one knew who the fuck she is... Now she's everywhere :P
shantelle 3 дня назад
honestly the dreads were fantastic on justin
Krypton 114
Krypton 114 3 дня назад
Wow only 4 questions
Sophia Alexis
Sophia Alexis 3 дня назад
That need one with lili reinhart and Cole sprouse
818snowhite 3 дня назад
This one sucked!!
Valeriaa 3 дня назад
This has to be fake, it’s her husband, they’re supposed to be best friends therefore it would be easier for her to choose since he wouldn’t care
Maya Marie
Maya Marie 3 дня назад
I agree with her on the whole dread hairstyle he looks “HOT”
nevy channel
nevy channel 3 дня назад
This one was boring af.
Fight Ostin Fight
Fight Ostin Fight 3 дня назад
I’m so sick of seeing this fat fucking British queer Corban on everything. What the fuck is the fascination with this guy?
Katy Biller
Katy Biller 3 дня назад
I wonder how Justin would feel if he watched this😂
Katy Biller
Katy Biller 3 дня назад
The 1,000 year old egg seems false
Lucy O'Neill
Lucy O'Neill 3 дня назад
Really wish people would spill what they earn. Just really nosy.
Wermacht Macht
Wermacht Macht 4 дня назад
Invite Tom Holland
Marshall Grande
Marshall Grande 4 дня назад
Get r Kelly on this show he gone have to eat allllll that shit he will avoid EVERY question
ale guillen
ale guillen 4 дня назад
Fatha A
Fatha A 4 дня назад
ANY SMALL RUvidR WHO WANTS TO HELP EACHOTHER GROW?✨✨✨ Please subscribe and I will too your channel🧡🌐
C3lina_ R3b3l
C3lina_ R3b3l 4 дня назад
We stan a PR "married couple" god. He should of asked her some juicier questions and asked about her fan page for beiber
Mnight 4 дня назад
i like how the questions are always related to who she is and what she does since NO ONE KNOWS xD ....
hailzey 4 дня назад
Awe I love her so much
Deborah Obasih
Deborah Obasih 4 дня назад
Did she just say “ shush “ to the audience??? Wtf
luana 4 дня назад
"First of all... He's so handsome." *Cringes*
Rasmus Sinzenhauser
Rasmus Sinzenhauser 4 дня назад
Here is something you can put in next fill your guts swedish surströming.
eduard1215 4 дня назад
Shes so boring
Astri Danuantari
Astri Danuantari 4 дня назад
Hailey is so pretty on this video
Kylah Anderson
Kylah Anderson 4 дня назад
Ivanna Montella
Ivanna Montella 4 дня назад
Can you do this whit selena Gomez?
Karishma H NiazKilam
Karishma H NiazKilam 4 дня назад
Middle one was best
Daniella H
Daniella H 4 дня назад
Hayleys beautiful and really sweet 💎💎💎💎💎❤❤❤❤
high_reacher 4 дня назад
She clearly wanted to say justin looked the worst with the long hair, but didnt because thats his look now 😂😂
Tash Jey
Tash Jey 4 дня назад
I know I will never get used to the fact that Haley is Haley Bieber. *Never.*
Kylie Yuen
Kylie Yuen 4 дня назад
The bird saliva and thousand yr old egg are both delicacies in China, and quite expensive too.
Salma Mohamed
Salma Mohamed 4 дня назад
6:30 'I tHiNk He LoOkS GoOd In All oF tHEm' cringe 😂
dave m
dave m 4 дня назад
02:58. Damn I just looked that commercial up that she endorsed for that travel spot. I wouldn’t of been laughing knowing it was a scam
Isabella A
Isabella A 4 дня назад
I was waiting for a question about Selena
Antonette Cross
Antonette Cross 4 дня назад
Wait , Justin and Hailey got married
Edward Kinsey
Edward Kinsey 4 дня назад
This might as well be called chatting and hardly eating
ZACH301 5 дней назад
wow thats really respectable that she gave the money to charity after learning how much of a failure that was. Commendable move.
Kazuto Kirigaya
Kazuto Kirigaya 5 дней назад
So that's what she sounds like
sheepbutt 5 дней назад
She’s a bieber fan. Lol
Miss Nxs
Miss Nxs 5 дней назад
This is the first time I am hearing her speak
GOD 5 дней назад
I'm so high I thought the title said Halle Berry. Who the hell is Hailey Bieber?
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