Spill Your Guts: Harry Styles & Kendall Jenner

The Late Late Show with James Corden
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Late Late Show guest host Harry Styles challenges Kendall Jenner to a game of Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts, in which the two ask each other very personal questions and face a choice: answer truthfully or eat whatever is in front of you. Will cod sperm and a salmon smoothie force them to spill their guts?
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Dec 10, 2019




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Comments 100
The Anonymous
The Anonymous 4 hours ago
Can we do Louis and Harry *PLEASE*
sisi dabaghy
sisi dabaghy 6 hours ago
resident evil 2 remake
Jimbo0411 6 hours ago
She said Kim wasn’t the worst parent even though Kim forgot about North when leaving a hotel only to realise later and go back for him
Jacob Koelle-Pittel
When you realize Harry isn't filling her guts anymore 🤧
Apani Rowe
Apani Rowe 8 hours ago
Tom Holland and Zendaya need to do this
Sofía Mazapán Sandoval
Kitso Ramara
Kitso Ramara 12 hours ago
I love this show I watch it everyday
Stq Larry
Stq Larry 12 hours ago
I definitely did not search for this and watch it for the hundred times 😻
Ιωάννης Πεπές
KingUman30 13 hours ago
yeah eh
Soagile Soagile 22
Soagile Soagile 22 13 hours ago
Normal people: lets eat from Nandos, McDonald's, kfc etc Celebs on late late show: lets eat bull penis, cod sperm,salmon smoothie, scorpian, birds saliva Even Bear grills wont dare to eat penis and sperm. Gotta appreciate Harry for keeping a straight face while eating
Soagile Soagile 22
Soagile Soagile 22 13 hours ago
I never really noticed how cutely Harry says"""""""" okey"""""""" Love that accent
JanaXO D
JanaXO D 18 hours ago
is no one gonna talk ab Harry’s nail OMGG?!??
Nia Lawrence
Nia Lawrence Day ago
Am I the only one who didn’t know Kendall and Harry dated? Just me? Okay,
Leonela Rodriguez
Caitlyn Does Art
Harry: "Who's the most unlikable supermodel?" Kendall's Mind: (Kendall you can do this. You have to say Camille. But she's Harry's ex. Fine i'll do it the easy way out.) Kendall: "I have the answer, I can't say it though."
Camilia cellbeo
C.M. Schultz
C.M. Schultz Day ago
they still seem like a couple tho
C.M. Schultz
C.M. Schultz Day ago
June Day ago
We cant just pretend the salmon smoothie is a nice peaches and cream smoothie lolll Also one of the few? Kendall is the only Kardashian without kids lolll
marissa jvngntmsjjv
take a shot every time harry says ok
avery Day ago
7:01 are we not gonna talk about how cute that laugh was
Mayanne Roseau
Dejane lynch
Dejane lynch Day ago
Let's be honest, this isn't the first time you're watching thisssss❗😥
Madison Rose
Madison Rose Day ago
he said that last one, "BRO CODE"
Sara Day ago
Harry walked through fire for 1D members
Nidal Bradlow
kendal: betwee- harry: *C H O M P*
daaniibabyee Day ago
I’m still tryna find out what song is about her in his recent album 3:14
Dwayne Welgemoed
forgive me father for I have simped...
dorothy valery
noes too
noes too Day ago
Dont like kendall but gezuz the comments... ok Harry's more popular way to point it out geez if you like him more just comment about him no need to drag her down even if you dont like her idk. I always hear ppl say shes overrated when literly googling her or typing her name on yt only negative things pop up. 🤷‍♀️ I dont know much bout her I know shes spoiled/a brat but I've seen her walk on tv once and she wasnt even as bad as everyone says ppl need to lean back and calm.
noes too
noes too Day ago
ruvid.net/video/video-rzB7ZnnxqdI.html thats the vid🤷‍♀️ btw 😂
Omonide Adegbite
Harry : And we have here a Giant water scorpion Kendall : *That's the worst one* Also kendall : *Chooses the Giant water scorpion For Harry to eat*
Lil Grande
Lil Grande Day ago
Lina Efthimiopoulou
I hate Kendall Jenner😝😝😲
Kiya Singh
Kiya Singh Day ago
and we wonder how corona started....
Qöx MSP Day ago
The last ine that Harry Styles ate was so gross. He could just eat the leaves instead LOL
chloë jade
chloë jade Day ago
the fact I come here daily to watch this
John Reese
John Reese Day ago
This hit different when you found out they dated
troubl3 Mak3r
troubl3 Mak3r 2 days ago
seventeen reaction
Leidy Encarnación
He’s amazing 🥰
Anais Cruz
Anais Cruz 2 days ago
Little Mix NEEDS to do this pleaseee❤
vope arlert #TeamB
Omg i'm larries but i ship em in this vd as helllll they r so real together...nd just look at Harry's react when he just know that the question will be a comparison btw the members ommmg i adore this friendship💜💜
Devany Lewis
Devany Lewis 2 days ago
"Which songs on ur last album are ab me" sorry to break it to you BUT YOU ARE NOT LOUIS TOMLINSON..ur welcome😄
Cameron Handmaker
1000 years ago....... I have an idea!!!! Let’s make eggnog and save it so that in a 1000 years, James Corden will use this in spill your guts of fill your guts!!!
Micaela Ferratto
Micaela Ferratto 2 days ago
harry todo el video: okey
It's Leo
It's Leo 2 days ago
emm honey, kendall any of the songs is not about you sorry to break it to you but do you now Louis Tomlinson?
Madison Harrill
Madison Harrill 2 days ago
It would’ve been great if she said Harry was the most surprising in her dms 🤣🤣🤣
Noelle Christine
Noelle Christine 2 days ago
do u think that food is actually real
fatima 13
fatima 13 2 days ago
I wondered about it too
Samantha Edwards
Samantha Edwards 2 days ago
This is my comfort youtube video istg I watch it about once a week
Aashik and ashwin pokharel pokharel
Hey, is James absent 😂😂😂
nikiysa iraas
nikiysa iraas 2 days ago
Erm...... OK
25_lj kirtik
25_lj kirtik 2 days ago
that bull’s lucky tho
Melek Y.
Melek Y. 2 days ago
Supriya Singh
Supriya Singh 2 days ago
im watching this during my zoom class and ITS SO DAMN HARD TO KEEP A STRAIGHT FACE
Silver Skye
Silver Skye 2 days ago
I thought the salmon smoothie was the best one but then again I never ate salmon
Ulya Azra kamila
Ulya Azra kamila 2 days ago
Nobody: Harry: "yea,ew" 😂🙏
Rosy Rivas
Rosy Rivas 2 days ago
This is my favorite video ever
Harrys last question i would have done the same
kac 3 days ago
Louis: 👁👄👁
Nazwa Qurrata
Nazwa Qurrata 3 days ago
Kendall so beautiful
makayla white
makayla white 3 days ago
I’m genuinely confused on how someone could be so perfect omg
Mari 3 days ago
The fact Kendall Jenner lost her virginity to Harry styles, what a dream😞
Jackie Kalivas
actually she didn’t, and even if she did i don’t think she would share that information
The Gibbler
The Gibbler 3 days ago
tons...nadie va a hablar de lo tierno que se oye harry diciendo" OK"?
Emma Almeida
Emma Almeida 3 days ago
K but like low key 🚢🚢🚢🚢🚢🚢
Virginia Jones
Virginia Jones 3 days ago
Harry really said nope🤭 on that last one (I also love how none of them do that to each other)
Otitna onaicul
Otitna onaicul 3 days ago
the fact that i’ve watched this so many times and i never get tired of it 😂
Havisha Ail
Havisha Ail 3 days ago
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Rocio Terradez
Rocio Terradez 3 days ago
this has become one of my favourite videos ever to exist
ʟᴇxɪ ʀᴏsᴇ
I’ve watched this like 13 times and it never gets old
Lydia Sun
Lydia Sun 3 days ago
No one realizes how Harry chooses the easiest ones for Kendall?
pallavi raj
pallavi raj 3 days ago
Video blocked in my country Me an intellectual .. using vpn to just watch Harry 🤩😻
Marissa Riggs
Marissa Riggs 3 days ago
María Belén
María Belén 3 days ago
7:02 awww🥺
ashutosh kumar
ashutosh kumar 3 days ago
netflix: are you still watching? Someone'es daughter: To spit or to swallow, that is the question
Rita Guarguagli
Rita Guarguagli 3 days ago
5:00 at 5:10 so funny
Rita Guarguagli
Rita Guarguagli 3 days ago
7:01 so cuteee
N!nja Clan
N!nja Clan 3 days ago
she is so skinny, she needs to eat, no offense.
Miilan Magiic
Miilan Magiic 3 days ago
Gioia Franzl
Gioia Franzl 3 days ago
I love that she couldn't finish the question about the boys because harry knew he wouldn't answer it...
Samreen Liaqat
Samreen Liaqat 3 days ago
Harry said okay like a 10000 timesss aaaahhh😂😂😂😂😂 ugh but he’s sooo cutee!!!
Rizki Nur Insan Ilahi
The fact is this one is the cuttest one for those people who has play this game
Ancella 3 days ago
literally the most attractive man i swear to god
Sandy k
Sandy k 4 days ago
I ship, don't ask.
Roman Million
Roman Million 4 days ago
star wars trailer
Ola Jesus
Ola Jesus 4 days ago
lo he visto como100 veces pero nunca cansa
she reminds me of Tori vega from victorious
Sofia Magalhaes Tavolaro
"in your last album, which songs were about me?" damn Kendal all of them are for louis duh
JuanCarlos Reyna
JuanCarlos Reyna 4 days ago
oh....one of the jenner's......
Musa Pusa
Musa Pusa 4 days ago
Don’t look at me like that 🥵✌🏻
Oliver Vegas
Oliver Vegas 4 days ago
He’s very crazy man !! 😂😂
eu 4 days ago
they should invite billie Eilish to play this game
Pixie of talents
Pixie of talents 4 days ago
Harry: here we have bug trifle Crowd: uhhhhh Harry: yeah uhhhhh Harry: Jellyfish Crowd: uhhhhh Man I was so laughing hard 😂😂🤣
Ileri Ogunboyo
Ileri Ogunboyo 4 days ago
Why is he so adorable I keep watching this
Anastasia Petropoulou
Imagine this with Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev... Now that would be spicy
C 4 days ago
7:16 just cuz i love this
Fabienne`s Life
Fabienne`s Life 4 days ago
Am I the only one who wants to know the 1D question ?
The gaming guy
The gaming guy 4 days ago
What the intro in 0.25 speed
Hireath Namus
Hireath Namus 4 days ago
If and only if Bears Gryll was here i know he would be so happy.
Mokshyada Thapa
Mokshyada Thapa 4 days ago
is there someone who loves to listen harry telling pakhyo oh it's me only
Hashim Sabri
Hashim Sabri 4 days ago
Is they still together?
Meryem 4 days ago
Harry Styles you cannot be like Johnny Depp okay?!
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